Second chance for the Thin Lizzy box

The box is back in stock

Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends 6CD+DVD box set

If you missed out on the recently out-of-print Thin Lizzy Rock Legends package – one of SDE’s best reissues of 2020 – then you’re in luck, Universal Music have made some more available to fans.

The 6CD+DVD set covers the band’s whole career and features an astonishing 74 previously unreleased tracks (99 in total) including demos, radio sessions, live recordings and rare single edits. The audio was newly mastered by Andy Pearce and this was compiled by Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham and Lizzy expert Nick Sharp.

The DVD features the hour long ‘Bad Reputation’ BBC documentary and the band’s legendary performance on the Rod Stewart ‘A Night on the Town’ TV Special from 1976.

As can be seen by the SDEtv unboxing video (above) this box is enormous and comes with replicas of the nine tour programmes bound into a hard-backed book, the very sought-after Phil Lynott poetry books, four prints by legendary Lizzy cover artist Jim Fitzpatrick and a book containing quotes by all the members of the band about their experiences playing with Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, along with some famous fans (Slash, Lemmy, Joe Elliott, Geddy Lee, Billy Corgan, Bobby Gillespie etc.) talking about the band.

Rock Legends is available now and you can order from the SDE shop (we will ship in 2-3 days). Other options below.

CD ONE The Singles

Whiskey in The Jar – 7″ Edit
Randolph’s Tango – Radio Edit*
The Rocker – 7″ Edit
Little Darling – 7″ Single
Philomena – 7″ Single
Rosalie – 7″ Mix*
Wild One – 7″ Single
The Boys Are Back in Town – 7” Edit*
Jailbreak – 7” Edit*
Don’t Believe A Word – 7″ Single
Dancing in The Moonlight – 7″ Single
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song – 7″ Single
Waiting for An Alibi – Extra Verse
Do Anything You Want To – 7″ Single
Sarah – 7″ Single
Chinatown – 7” DJ/Radio Edit*
Killer on the Loose – 7″ Single
Trouble Boys – 7″ Single
Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 7” Edit*
Cold Sweat – 7″ Single
Thunder and Lightning – 7” Edit*
The Sun Goes Down – 7” Remix*

CD TWO Decca Rarities

The Farmer – Debut 7″ single
I Need You – Debut 7″ single B-side*
Whiskey in The Jar – Extended Version Rough Mix*
Black Boys on The Corner – Rough Mix*
Little Girl in Bloom – US Single Promo Edit*
Gonna Creep Up on You – Acetate*
Baby’s Been Messin’ – Acetate*
1969 Rock + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Buffalo Gal + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Suicide + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Broken Dreams + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Eddie’s Blues/Blue Shadows + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Dublin + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Ghetto Woman – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Things Ain’t Working Out Down at The Farm – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Going Down – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Slow Blues – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

CD THREE Mercury Rarities

Rock and Roll with You – Instrumental Demo*
Banshee – Demo*
Dear Heart – Demo*
Nightlife – Demo*
Philomena – Demo*
Cadillac – Instrumental Demo*
For Those Who Love to Live – Demo*
Freedom Song – Demo*
Suicide – Demo*
Silver Dollar – Demo*
Jesse’s Song – Instrumental Demo
Kings Vengeance – Demo*
Jailbreak – Demo*
Cowboy Song – Demo*

CD FOUR Mercury Rarities

The Boys Are Back in Town – Demo*
Angel from The Coast – Demo*
Running Back – Demo*
Romeo and The Lonely Girl – Demo*
Warriors – Demo*
Emerald – Demo*
Fool’s Gold – Demo*
Weasel Rhapsody – Demo*
Borderline – Demo*
Johnny – Demo*
Sweet Marie – Demo*
Requiem for A Puffer (aka Rocky) – Alternate Vocal, “Rocky He’s A Roller”*
Killer Without A Cause – Demo*
Are You Ready – Demo*
Blackmail – Demo*
Hate – Demo*

CD FIVE Mercury Rarities

S & M – Demo*
Waiting for An Alibi – Demo*
Got to Give It Up – Demo*
Get Out of Here – Demo*
Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend – Demo*
Part One: Shenandoah*
Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go*
Part Three: Danny Boy*
Part Four: The Mason’s Apron*
We Will Be Strong – Demo*
Sweetheart – Demo*
Sugar Blues – Demo*
Having A Good Time – Demo*
It’s Going Wrong – Demo*
I’m Gonna Leave This Town – Demo*
Kill – Demo*
In the Delta – Demo*
Don’t Let Him Slip Away – Demo*

CD SIX Chinatown Tour 1980

Are You Ready? – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Hey You – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Waiting for An Alibi – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Jailbreak – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Do Anything You Want to Do – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Don’t Believe A Word – Tralee (12/04/1980) *
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Got to Give It Up – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Still in Love with You – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Chinatown – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
The Boys Are Back in Town – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Suicide -Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Sha La La – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Rosalie – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Whiskey in The Jar – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*



Four songs never before commercially released recorded for a Rod Stewart TV special in 1976.

The Boys Are Back in Town
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song


Never before commercially released 60-minute documentary made by Linda Brusasco and first broadcast on BBC4 in September 2015.

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Andrew Greenwood

ha ha. Because I’m very stupid I thought oh yes, I was toying with buying that, I’d better get it now.
I discovered when I came to put it on the shelf (note: only £77 new and sealed from Music Magpie) that there was already one there!!!
what I thought was my remembering the unboxing video was me actually unboxing it (but not getting round to playing it)


“Hard Luck Stories” by Richard and Linda Thompson is also getting a second (again limited) print said the newsletter of my local record store today…

David S

Received mine today, thanks Paul

Anthony Flanagan

Received mine this morning. Thanks again Paul.


One box that has not “come back” is the Bowie Five Years one, still waiting and waiting….

Mic Smith

Missed out on this last year due to there being a lot of other equally desirable things out at the same time. Spent a few evenings over Christmas hoping to find a second hand copy at normal price but of course there was no chance…. really pleased it’s back in stock and looking forward to getting it for my birthday in a couple of weeks time.


Hi Paul…
Would you have any idea if the Thin Lizzy at the BBC box set will ever be reissued again ?


I’ll second the call for a new run of Tears for Fears Seeds of Love box. I pre-ordered as soon as it was available, but by the time I was notified that my order was cancelled (never came in stock) it was aftermarket only in the $150-$300 range. Would love to have another chance at it since I have The Hurting and Big Chair sets.

Jonathan Riley

Do we know how many copies tbis print run will have and if once it sells out is that it


I don’t think ‘once it sells out that is it’ exists anymore. Townsend Music also have copies of this available and it all amounts to desirability… The Queen coloured vinyl box set also became available after its initial run. Ultimately companies can print as many as they want, the initial ‘run’ is merely a starting point. If the demand is there, no company is limited in its desire for your money…and herein lies an issue.. If you cannot trust that a release is limited and a ‘once only’ release, you (as a company) risk losing a (buying) audience for a product that has a shelf life limited by that of its (apathetic through experience) audience! Some bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Bowie will always shift some units, others such as Thin Lizzy, regardless of the material, less so!

Jonathan Riley

my point exactly, The only release lately that has seem like it is truly limited is the Shakespeare sisters box since it was only sold on their site. (a copy of only the dvd nothing else in in the box included went for over $100 alone after shipping on ebay)

I feel once something is limited if it is truly is, once it sells out of however big the print run is, then that’s it and if they want to rerelease it, follow the model of the rerelease of the last tears for fears sets, wait a few years and then rerelease them.


One of the best boxes I have! I‘ve got mine since last saturday. Highly recommended to buy.


Thin Lizzy Collected 3Cd, originally released in 2012, will be reissued next week. Listed at amazon.

Maybe interesting to add to release calendar, Paul.


To be honest almost all of the stuff on this box are demos for tracks I already have. Is it really essential given that I have the albums with the final masters?

Don Cooper

To begin with, CD One has versions unique to their respective format.
The demo’s are a treasure-trove of the band realising the path to those ‘final masters.’
This is an Essential Lizzy-oeuvre release.ats.


If you’d like to audition the set, it’s up right now on Youtube.
I’m not that familiar with the band’s catalog, just the hits. That said, three discs into the sequence, I’m really enjoying it.


Ordered this from SDE only a few more £ than adding to the Amazon £ Sales Mountain!

Don Cooper

As I mentioned on Steve Hoffman Forums Paul, this will continue to sell big once Eagle Rock release the DVD/Blu-ray/Digital versions of Emer Reynold’s superb Philo/Lizzy documentary.
Get your second re-press orders in quickly! ;-)


Highly recommended, and so pleased that those who missed out are getting a second chance. This box is perfect as it’s nicely presented, has great sound quality, is realistically priced and is mostly unreleased. It’s the best career spanning box set I have ever bought.

Kim King Larsen

I can nothing but agree.

If you like Thin Lizzy, you should purchase this box. You will not regret it!


Not sure the EBay crowd will appreciate this being reissued but I do and ordered from you !


Thanks Paul received today, great service. Definitely be using you again!


Paul, do you know if Universal will do a second printing of the Tears for Fears Seeds of Love box set? Luckily, I have a copy but I know plenty of people who didn’t get one before it sold out.


Ahhhhh – I’d given up hope on this one – great to see it re-released, and ordered (from you of course!) without hesitation!!


Arrived safely this morning – great box set, great service, and great to be able to avoid the evil empire – Thanks Paul!!


Question about the prices table (COMPARE PRICES AND PRE-ORDER). It is very useful, it’s a very good idea/tool and a quick reference for all of us, indeed, but would it be possible to have it udpated every time you access to your SDE page ? automatically I mean….


This is great news, as I had passed on it first time round, expecting the usual price drop over time, only to find it very quickly vanished from all retailers completely! Couldn’t even find a single copy for sale on Discogs. Ordered it this time!

Paul Mac

Can only echo what Paul has said, this is a superb box and if you missed out on it, jump on it now!!


Excellent… missed this first time around waiting for the price to drop. BTW just bought from Music Magpie – they have it for £77.59 (only 2 left in stock though so you’d better be quick)

Wayne K

Be careful with Music Magpie. I live in the U.S. and had to return defective product. Paid with PayPal and PayPal suggested tracking. Music Magpie elected not to sent me a return label. I sent with tracking as per instruction. Music Magpie had agreed to honor all the terms of PayPal in their agreement with them. They chose jot to in this case and shorted me about on the shipping. I don’t trust them at least for international orders and the item wasn’t as described (even worse).

I will not do business again because the problem was created when the item wasn’t as described and for not nonor(ng their agreement with PayPal.

Tom m hans

Thanks Paul. Ordered from Germany to the US. Great Box. Excellent value. Live at BBC next, please.