Secure a SIGNED copy of Andrew Ridgeley’s forthcoming memoir

Signed copies available again

Wham!‘s Andrew Ridgeley is releasing an autobiography in the autumn called Wham! George Michael & Me: A Memoir and you can pre-order a SIGNED copy.

Publisher Penguin Random House says the 368-page hardcover volume “tells the inside story of Wham!” and covers the very early pre-fame years up until the Wham!’s The Final concert in 1986 – including “the scrapes, the laughs, the relationships, the good, and the bad.”

SDE is hoping to get to talk to Andrew about this book later in the year, but in the meantime you can pre-order it below with SIGNED copies available from Waterstones in the UK. The Waterstones copies also exclusively have ‘WHAM!’ ‘sprayed’ on the page edges (see image below).

Wham! George Michael & Me: A Memoir is published on 3 October 2019 via Penguin Random House.

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How can I get a signed copy???


What a fuss, Andy Ridgeley wrote a book many yts ago about wham George Michael and me. This one is a memoir whom George and me. Andros has also written book/s. One st least when gm was still alive.


Should be an enjoyable read but don’t expect anything too insightful. Inner circle very focused on keeping George squeaky clean. Kenny’s interview and talk of drugs didn’t go down well with the family, and of course we have the infamous “on extended holiday” in Switzerland during his lengthy rehab stint. I think Kenny definitely has the more interesting story to tell, and Fadi would you, but his credibility is shot given his behaviour since George’s passing. Let’s hope David Austin actually does justice to George’s legacy on future releases. Things moving about as slow as they did when George was alive, though new music around the corner I believe in the Last Christmas movie.


Kenny more interesting story to tell, hopefully he will be honest about his own issues too! Not like he’s squeaky clean!

Luke Jackson

They did a bad photoshop job on the cover to make it look like George is wearing a black t-shirt. This is the original image:
comment image


I knew it looked wrong! Couldn’t work out why, thankyou.

Colin Harper

Can anyone seriously doubt that Andrew is one of the greats?

John McCann

Elvis, Dylan, Beatles and Andrew well you’ll get no arguments from me and im sure no one else could seriously doubt .

Colin Harper

Yes. I think Elvis, Bob and the Beatles just about make the cut – but Andrew, wow. The guv’nor. His talent is hard to fully comprehend.

John McCann

If there was a mount Rushmore of music our man would definitely be on it,,looking slightly more tanned than the other guy’s

Michel Banen

Andrew was 50% of WHAM! and I already have a George michael autograph so I HAD to get this signed book which was mailed out yesterday. Awesome tip Paul !!! I check this site daily and obtained some amazing items and got some great deals because of this fantastic page !!!!

John McCann

I would say he was 40%, pepsi 3%, Shirley 6%..and choose life t-shirt guy the remaining 1%


…and don’t forget Dee Cee Lewis!

In fact George and Andrew had a close family of friends around them who contributed massively to the music, particularly Deon Estus and David Austin!


if you get the audible version – it’s read by Andrew Ridgley himself. Always a good idea for music auto-biographies.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Here’s hoping he doesn’t do a “Roger Waters” and sign them as Billy shears, Albert Einstein or any other name other than his own!

and no, my name is not Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

Love from Harry Mudd.


Thank you for the heads up Paul! Ordered!!

Paul Sharman

I love reading music autobiographies and have ordered this one. Andrew was as important to Wham! as George was and it doesn’t matter that he didn’t go on to be as big as George afterwards.

He seems like a nice chap whenever I’ve seen him interviewed


Some unkind comments here. They seem to parrot the ignorant disrespectful press back in the day.

Andrew co wrote Wham! Rap, Club Tropicana & Carless Whisper. He also did the look of Wham & did such things as designed the cover of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. That song title also came from him. It was also his joint decision to give the profits of Last Christmas to charity. That would be many millions.

Plus Wham! broke up by the time he was 23. I don’t know whether he retired by that age or could live off the profits but that is pretty remarkable. George Michael as he said in the documentary A Different Corner considered Andrew Ridgeley to be the more fortunate of the two.

Hope you get to interview him Paul. He is doing a signing on the 5th. If you want question ideas just ask.

John Barleycorn Must Go Go

SDE missed a trick, the title for the posting should have been…
“Signed copies of Andrew Ridgeley’s book: Take me up before I go go…“


Already on Sale in Adsa for £10.00

Ashley 23

Thanks team – have ordered a signed copy. Am (just) in my 50s so grew up with Wham!. Looking fortyo what should be a great read


There are also signed copies of Pete Townshends first novel available £20 on Waterstones website. Surprised they are still available been there a few weeks now.

Raj Tiwari

I was surprised as well that they were still available…Got me a copy as well


Just ordered and it IS the ‘signed edition’.
Ordered from Canada, so not sure if that makes a difference as to availability. My confirmation email does indeed state that it is the ‘signed edition’ that I purchased as per below:
“Thank you for placing your order with us; the details are below. We’ll let you know when your order has been sent out.
Title: Wham! George & Me: Signed Edition (Hardback)
Author: Andrew Ridgeley
Qty: 1
Price: £20.00
Availability at time of order: Awaiting publication”


Yep..signed edition still available from Waterstones. Got mine a few minutes ago. After the payment, I got a confirmation e-mail in which said that I ordered the signed edition.

Chris Squires

my apologies then to Shane below, I take it back, but the Waterstones webpage does say “Not Available”, weird.


I am really looking forward to this!

Once I have read this, I’ll re-read George Michael’s ”Bare”, which is ESSENTIAL reading for everyone!

From Andrew’s book I’m hoping for more insight into funny stories such as the fake bar-room brawl which resulted in Andrew’s broken nose – which we all know was a cover-up for his nose operation.

It would be great to also have details of any studio sessions which resulted in any unreleased tracks!


Micheal (not George)

“ESSENTIAL reading for everyone”
Why? I never cared for George Michael, either with Wham or solo. Don’t see the Point in reading about the experiences of someone who means nothing to me. Would you read a book about a singer whose Music gave you nothing???


@Michael (not George)
Quote: “Don’t see the Point in reading about the experiences of someone who means nothing to me.”

But you saw a point in reading a thread/post about someone who means nothing to you.

Strange, n’est pas?


Erp…that should be “n’est-ce pas?”

Embarrassing n’est-ce pas?


Then don’t buy it, simple really.

Alan Mitchell

I subscribe to Mojo magazine and have read some witty, insightful and genuinely interesting interviews with such a variety of musicians, many of whom turn me off musically or at best fail to light a spark. So I’d argue the opposite old bean.


Thanks MusicFan. I didn’t know about that autobiography “Bare”. I just googled it and even if this autobiography is pretty old (1991), I found one interesting comment on Amazon :
“This book confirmed everything I ever thought and pictured George to be. George Michael is a complicated, conflicted soul who wants to be loved and accepted for the person he is, not the persona he has been portrayed as in the media and by record company honchos. Loved reading about him as a child & teen, learning about his family and friendship with Andrew Ridgely. I wish George had an easier time through his life and career. Just because you have immense talent, wealth & connections doesn’t mean life is a cakewalk by any means.”

Frankly it makes me want to read the book. Just like I went to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody last year (even though I’m not really a fan of Queen or Freddie Mercury), I think superstars like that (Freddie Mercury, George Michael, David Bowie, etc.) often have an interesting personality, life and their childhood, path to success and fame is often worth reading (or watching on film). Simply put, they’re like a novel’s character (Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights for example) so you don’t need to like their music to read their autobiography or watch a biopic about them.


I doubt there’ll be any info about studio sessions unless he was there pretending to sing and play guitar as well!


Signed version still available as far as i can see

Chris Squires

Nah, sadly not. Waterstones, like many companies keep unavailable items visible and make the “Not Available” or sold out line so small you often don’t see it until you’ve tried to order it.

I’d completely forgotten about this book and had ordered the signed copy when Paul first mentioned it in April.

Lead times are getting so long now I regularly forget what I ordered 4 months ago….


Anyone after a Signed and Dedicated copy of the book, hop over to goldsborobooks.com they are based in London and specialise in signed books, still on pre-order at the moment £20 + postage and available for the 10th October, bit more expensive than Waterstones (Sold Out) but worth it if after a dedicated copy.


Not a big fan of Wham or George, but Andrew has played it perfectly, never moaning about the record industry, or his bandmate, no drugs or affairs or scandal (as far as I remember) as you say Paul collecting the checks and living a happy life, it’s now his turn to tell the story.
He comes across a real gent, fair play.


It’s about time! I would love to read his side of the story. A bit sad indeed really to read the Andrew bashing here.
Not looking forward to reading the deficiencies in the narrative due to omissions that some may perceive (akin to what we read about the box sets) but that’s what makes for a dialogue, doesn’t it? Or does it?


Not a fan of Wham (I like some of their songs though) but it was a huge band and George Michael’s life is an interesting one. I think only Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna were as big as him in the 80s and he’s the only non american in that list. I admire his solo work and he didn’t hesitate to file a lawsuit against his record company in order to be free to produce the music he liked.

Some harsh comments about Andrew Ridgeley here. I think he’s been a class act over the years. He never “cashed in” and never talked trash about George Michael to make easy money. He could have started a tribute band after Wham broke up in 1986 and he could have made 2 or 3 books about Wham when George Michael was at his peak and selling millions of albums. Since there’s a post about the Jam’s compilation Snap, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler released “Our Story”, a book about the Jam in 1993. The book’s cover, art work and design was inherited from the Jam’s first album and you had the name The Jam on every page of the book. I bought the book a few years later on sale for only £1 ! I have the book presently in my hands and I think Paul Weller could have easily filed a lawsuit against them as on the front and back cover everything is made to make people believe it’s a Jam book and all members contributed. Then in 2005, Rick Buckler formed The Gift, a band playing Jam songs and 4 years ago he wrote his autobiography : “That’s Entertainment: My Life in The Jam”. You could say Rick Buckler’s cashing in but not Andrew Ridgeley.

Gareth Pugh

Fair comment although, having read Rick Buckler’s autobiography, I can’t blame him for trying to make some (literal) capital out of his having been a member of the Jam. It’s quite a ‘riches back to rags’ story in places.


…could have started a tribute band…lol, priceless!

Jp sanders

Could go the Bruce Foxton route and called his tribute band – From the Wham !


Excellent!! Can’t wait to read it. Ordered the signed copy. Really looking forward to this. Hope you can do an interview with Andrew. Thanks Paul!!!

Chris Squires

No Andrew…. No Wham!
No Wham!…..No George Michael
It’s as simple as that. There’s loads of tortured geniuses out there who have never been heard and it’s possible the history of George would never have come to fruition without Andrew.
Really looking forward to this and after I made the same comment about Andrew’s solo album as Kevin did below someone challenged me to listen to it again, which I did and it was far better than I remembered (I did buy it back in the day). Ok it’s no Faith or The Secret of Association but it’s a decent album. I have heard far worse by supposedly better artists. Plus of course I am sure Andrew couldn’t care less as he seems like a really nice bloke who got his life together and seems quite happy…. plus he married a ‘nana so it’s all bloody roses as far as I can see.


Ordered. A bit worried that the Waterstone checkout and order conf makes no mention of the autograph.

I think a lot of you need to find another reason to complain, since when is an autobio a cash-in? He even waited almost two years after George’s death.


Apparently Debbie Harry has a book coming out at the same time!

I’m a huge fan of Wham! and Blondie and George and Andrew and Debbie, so I’m looking forward to reading them.

I say ‘read’, but I’ll probably cheat and get the audiobooks, lol. Depends on who’s reading them.

Here’s an Amazon link for Australian SDEers:


Nasty comments :( I ordered mine, thanks Paul. Signed copies are now sold out / not available.

Russ Parker

No, he’s not “cashing in”. Wham was George Michael AND Andrew Ridgeley.
He played guitar and co-wrote 1/3 of the singles Wham released, including Careless Whisper which became one of the biggest selling singles of all time.
Was George cashing in on his success when he wrote Bare? No, he was telling his story as he wanted it to be told. Now Andrew can tell his and I for one can’t wait to read it.


Ordered. Looking forward to reading it. Hope you get to interview Andrew Ridgeley Paul. He seems like a lovely gentleman. I’ve been collecting Wham! on & off since 1984.

Wayne Olsen

Wow. 368 pages. Is this just part one?


He must be living off Wham royalties but this is just a cash grab from a bankrupt artist.


That is really is not fair. No one is making anyone read his book. Why the hate? Are you jealous?

Chris Squires

To be fair, it’s been 33 years since they split. So your daft, spiteful comment doesn’t really make sense. Yes, it’s an opinion, but not one that would hold up even under an easily distracted 3 years old’s interrogation.
I think 33 years is a decent amount of time to be able to tell your side of a story, don’t you?
Also it is “HIS” story. It’s about Wham! Andrew was at least half of Wham! if not more than half of what made Wham!, Wham! It’s not a biography…… It’s an Autobiography. If Wham! were just George, we wouldn’t still be talking about it 30-odd years later.

Michel Banen

Wow, another treasure I was able to (pre)order because it was mentioned on this site !!!

THANK YOU !!! Awesome find, thanks for the tip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a disgrace what was Andrew thinking, no CD not purchase for me!

Yes I’m being sarcastic :)

Kevin Galliford

Any word if Brett Anderson will be doing signed copies of his next book due in October? I hope so but no word of anything yet. As for Ridgeley, let’s all be grateful he’s not doing another solo album shall we!


Ah – so it’s ok for Andrew to cash in as long as nobody else does. Now I understand.


There isn’t anyone else who can. George is dead.


Can’t wait to read this. Would be great if they could time this with a new Wham! compilation or some album deluxe remasters!


Thank you so much.

I had this on preorder from Amazon for my wife.

Now cancelled it, she will be chuffed to bits on Christmas Morning.


Thanks Paul. Your website has become such an important source regarding new physical music releases and related matters. Ordered!