Semisonic / Feeling Strangely Fine / expanded 2LP vinyl

First time on vinyl • Double album with bonus tracks • 20th anniversary

Semisonic’s second album, Feeling Strangely Fine, is being reissued on vinyl for the first time for it’s 20th anniversary. Even better, this is a double vinyl package with bonus tracks.

The 1998 album features two brilliant singles in Closing Time and Secret Smile although Singing In My Sleep is also pretty good and was a minor hit in the UK.

The late nineties was very much the era of the CD so the album wasn’t issued on vinyl in any territory. The good news is that rather than just bung out the standard 12-track long-player, the label have added four bonus tracks that were part of the album recording sessions and issued as B-sides at the time (‘Long Way From Home’, ‘I’m A Liar’, ‘Beautiful Regret’, and ‘Making A Plan’). In fact, since there were no vinyl singles either (just CDs and tapes) all sixteen tracks here are making their vinyl debut! (Note that Universal are also reissuing it on CD too).

After some delays, the expanded 2LP anniversary vinyl edition of Feeling Strangely Fine will be released on 30 November 2018. You can pre-order a copy from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

1 Closing Time
2 Singing In My Sleep
3 Made To Last
4 Never You Mind
5 Secret Smile 4:39
7 Completely Pleased
8 This Will Be My Year
9 All Worked Out
10 California
11 She Spreads Her Wings
12 Gone To The Movies

Bonus tracks

13 Long Way From Home (1998 B-Side)
14 I’m A Liar (1998 B-Side)
15 Beautiful Regret (early composition)
16 Makin’ A Plan (1998 B-Side)

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I hope they reissue ‘All About Chemistry’ too! That’s one of my favourite albums and has never been on vinyl either.


What a naff album cover.
I always think end of 90’s indie dross with Semisonic, Embrace and Travis a league above/below them. Only knew the singles, mind. Secret Smile is half-decent, I guess.


Gone to the movies on that album is a little gem of a song

Larry Davis

I originally got into Semisonic when they opened for Aimee Mann on her 1996 I’m With Stupid Tour…this was when all they had out was the “Pleasure” EP and were due to release their brilliant “Great Divide” album, which I STILL think is superior to the albums that followed, even tho both are great powerpop too…thru Semisonic, I also discovered their arty precursor band, the much-written-about Trip Shakespeare which featured Dan’s brother Matt Wilson, kinda like the Minneapolis version of the Kiwi Finn brothers, Neil and Tim of Split Enz…Enz were artier and more idiosyncratic than Neil’s more popular and straightforward (but still great) Crowded House…just like Trip vs Semisonic…and anything Dan writes is great, either for his solo albums or others, like the Dixie Chicks and Adele and more…plus his voice is distinctive and pitch perfect…happy about this deluxe but I doubt the others will get similar treatment, as they were not big sellers…


I saw them around the same time, Larry. It was a free show in Vancouver which The Verve Pipe headlined. I had received a review copy of the Pleasure EP for the uni paper, and was quite into that, which drove me to attend the show.

Agreed that Pleasure and Great Divide are stronger, and also your assessment that they are less likely to be reissued. A vinyl Best Of would be fantastic.


Very much the same here. I’ve been a fan of all things Dan and Matt Wilson related since someone played me Trip Shakepeare’s Across The Universe in about 1991. Had to wait until Semisonic’s first UK gig at the 100 Club just as Feeling Strangely Fine was released to see them live. After they split up, there was then a lengthy gap until Dan Wilson did a solo UK tour a few years back. The Finn brothers comparison is a really good one. Anything that either of them is involved with is going to be highly recommend – Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The Twilight Hours, Dan solo, Matt solo, Dan and Matt together …. 8^)

Don S

Semisonic lead singer/songwriter is also the co-writer and piano player on Adele’s “Someone Like You”. His solo albums (studio and live) are brilliant, including his self-covers album that includes the aforementioned song.

And as good as “Strangely Fine” is–and I will be getting this–I feel that the next album, “All About Chemistry”, was a much better album. Stronger songs and even a “concept” of sorts.

You cannot go wrong with any Dan Wilson!

Paul Kent

Great album. I still believe Never You Mind should have had a single release!

Rene Rojas

Indeed Jan. Transferred from CD single to iPhone years ago though. :)


No remix by The Orb? Missed opportunity.


Late 90s remixes? No ta!


It was released as a b side at the time. One of their first.

Steven Campbell

Exactly! I have that remix by the Orb on a CD single and was hoping when I saw a reissue of this album that it would appear again but alas no!


Is the Orb remix any good, Jan?


It’s not bad at all, very early prototype for the Orb we know. They also did Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart’s Lily Was Here.
Quite a curio.