Sex Mix Fix: Frankie replacement CD

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ZTT Records yesterday posted a message on their Facebook page, on behalf of Salvo Music, informing purchasers of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s Sex Mix compilation, how they can go about getting a replacement ‘disc one’ of this set, that corrects the error with the the first five tracks.

As regular readers will be aware, incorrect masters were used for the tracks relating to the original Welcome To The Pleasuredome cassette single (disc one, tracks 1-5) – the audio used had the left-hand channel mirrored on both right and left sides. Not exactly ‘mono’ but not stereo either. Only tracks 1-5 were affected.

Thankfully, the correct masters have now been found and Salvo are offering purchasers of Sex Mix a replacement disc one. Here are the options to get a replacement physical disc:

  • • SEND your current disc one (no packaging or disc two) to Salvo, Union Square Music Ltd, Unit 1.1, Shepherds Studios, Rockley Road, London W14 0DA, United Kingdom. Provide a return address and they will send you a replacement disc by first class post.
  • • SEND a scanned copy of your receipt (or other proof of purchase) to the address above, and provide a return address and they will send you a replacement disc by first class post.
  • • EMAIL a scanned copy of your receipt (or other proof of purchase) to info@unionsquaremusic.co.uk. Obviously, provide a return address and they will send you a replacement disc by first class post.

Initially, it looked like you had to send the disc back, but Salvo have relented on that requirement and said it isn’t necessary. The last option (email) is clearly the easiest method, particularly if you are not based in the UK.

It is likely that stores will continue to stock the ‘wrong’ version of Sex Mix for the near future, until stocks get depleted. For your reference, there will be one or other of two codes on the discs featuring the tracks with one channel repeated on both sides, and they are: *053731 and *055114. The code on the new discs is: *056837. These codes can be found on the underside of the disc in the ring around the centre.

In addition, those who bought digital downloads of the album can now download an updated version at the store from which it was originally purchased.

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Neville Godwin

Receipt sent off.

I just want to say a big thank you to you for keeping on top of this and for keeping us informed.

Also as mentioned by others, well done to Salvo/ZTT for resolving the issue, probably swallowing their profit margin in the process.

Paul English

Replacement disc arrived today – all good. Decent service.

Paul English

Ordered Sex Mix from Amazon UK this week. It arrived today. It’s the mispressed disc one so I have emailed Union Square Music looking for a replacement.

Maballes Aiken

Yes, Amazon UK still selling the mono version, mine was shipped 10 February and it’s the old version, interestingly Amazon may have had a few complaints as it is currently not available from Amazon only external sellers.


I held off buying this until the other day. It arrived from Amazon this morning, and was sadly the ‘mono’ version.


Its The 8th
and a big thank you Salvo
Cd came (Matrix code 056837)
” Lets get That Stereo Turned Up”


Got an e-mail from Salvo on friday the 4th,
They are going to send out my new cd today the 7th………
cant wait ………..


Sent email today the 4th Jan….2013
Fingers crossed


Emailed Christmas Eve when my ISP decided to get my broadband back, and it arrived today!!! Fantastic service, although why they sent a single CD in a paper sleeve in the world’s largest jiffy bag is beyond me……..

Sterling Cote

Emailed request on November 27, arrived in US on December 19. So don’t give up. They did respond to my second email sent 2 days ago. Way to go Salvo!

Barry Murphy

Finally got my copy this morning after 5 e-mails and no response. I had initially contacted them on 22 Nov so don’t give up if you haven’t received it yet

Paul stamper

Typical of me too impatient, the cd arrived today, as I said in the other post I emailed them last Friday (30th) so pleased its arrived

Scott t

I sent my Amazon confirmation on 22 nov.still waiting for the new disc 1! Sent several emails to union square and got one back telling me they will send it this week.heres hoping! Purchased the Japanese Frankie said while I’m waiting….

Robert Wilson

I’m disappointed to report that, despite forwarding both Amazon order confirmation and delivery invoice on 23 Nov, I’ve received neither replacement disc or confirmation email. :(

Paul stamper

I forwarded my proof of purchase from amazon to the email address info@union on the 30th and haven’t received a response or replacement cd


I mailed my disc (from Germany) – and received the replacement CD five days later. Well done, ZTT people!

Gareth P

Ditto for me – e-mailed a scan of my Amazon order confirmation on Saturday, it arrived on the Tuesday. Fair play to Salvo for that.


Got my replacement disc last night – everything as it should be! emailed Salvo on Thursday after seeing the article, cd was posted Friday! I didn’t receieve any acknowledgement from Salvo to the email, but they’re obviously ready and acting on the issue :)


Wow, AT LAST! I guess the delay was to do with sourcing the correct masters (again) and getting it right this time. I shall finally purchase this set, and if necessary get the “fixed” CD from Salvo. Many thanks for the heads-up on this, Paul.

Seth Hollander

what if your disc A has 055114 ? I will include the disc number with my replacement request email, so I suppose they will tell me if that is a good disc or a bad one, but I thought it strange that the disc is neither of the two numbers you mention above, and I imagine I am not the only person seeing this….
P.S. In a soundfile editing program, I observe that the L and R channels do appear to be identical in the affected tracks.

Paul English

Good news but I’ve still not bought this yet. And when I order one from Amazon I’m not going to know if it’s the right version or not until it arrives…

James Pigg

Are they acknowledging emails or just sending the discs out? I’ve emailed them but had no reply….

Chris Lancaster

Edwin, you’re not strange. If we had an independent record store within 50 miles of where we live, I’d also be buying CDs from a real shop!

Edwin Straetemans

I am still a person who goes weekly to his favorite small independent record storeI don’t get proof of purchase with details of every cd I buy. Sorryyyyy. Call me weird, call me strange, but I am still buying a physical product in a real shop :-)

Chris Lancaster

I suppose ease of finding receipt or proof of purchase depends on whether one bought the CD in person or online. Having just emailed off a PDF of my order summary from Amazon, I’m (hopefully) happy. Well done to Salvo/ZTT for locating the masters, burning new disks, and making replacements available. I’m sure that many (larger) companies wouldn’t have bothered.

All Salvo/ZTT have to do now is bring out a reissue of The Heart of Darkness by Hoodlum Priest, and I’ll be a very happy man :-)

Edwin Straetemans

I have posted my disc today. Although I live in Belgium and it costs me money to send it, I did. Pity tthat Salvo aren’t an easy company like Edsel or Strut where you only have to send an email a nd you get the disc. Who still has the receipt or a proof of purchase after all this time since the release ? I don’t/didn’t have it anymore….

Tom Gardner

As someone else has already said, many thanks for making sure this is publicised.

Steve Marine

Thank you so much for mentioning the codes!


Thank you Paul once again for bringing this to the attention of fans. I probably would not have noticed if I wasn’t subscribed to your newsletter or “Liked” your Facebook page.