Shakespears Sister / Ride Again

New EP from the reunited Stay hitmakers

Shakespears Sister continue their general ‘we’re back’ activities with the announcement of a brand new EP.

Ride Again is a five track CD and vinyl release is due out in October and features all new songs that they wrote during sessions at the Joshua Tree, and recorded with producer Nick Launay earlier this year.

Two of the numbers, ‘All The Queens Horses’ and ‘C U Next Tuesday’, have already featured on their recent Singles Party compilation, but appear here as different mixes and this also marks their first outing on vinyl. They’ve recently revealed another track, ‘When She Finds You’ which features bequiffed Sheffieldian crooner Richard Hawley, and it’s quite marvellous. Let’s look at the video evidence of its marvellousness:

The other tracks ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ and ‘Dangerous Game’ remain slightly mysterious for now (unless it’s a cover of THAT ‘Time To Say Goodbye’, which could actually be amazing with Marcella’s set of pipes).

Ride Again is available on either CD or white vinyl. Hats off to London Records for supporting physical EP releases. As well as signed options listed below, the official store has a CD+vinyl EP bundle.

Ride Again is released 25 October 2019

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Shakespears Sister

Ride Again - CD EP


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Shakespears Sister

Ride Again - 12-inch white vinyl EP


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Shakespears Sister

Singles Party - 2CD deluxe



  1. Time To Say Goodbye
  2. When She Finds You [with Richard Hawley] (EP Mix)
  3. C U Next Tuesday (Perfect Mix)
  4. Dangerous Game
  5. All The Queen’s Horses (Video Mix)

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I’m truly looking forward to hearing the new songs.
But I was a bit surprised NOT to see any new remix from “Hormonally Yours”.
I’ve been wondering for a while: Was the HY tapes part of the 2009 disaster at Universal?
A New York Times magazine article titled “Here Are Hundreds More Artists Whose Tapes Were Destroyed in the UMG Fire” explains it all
That would sadly explain why we’re still waiting for an expanded edition of NY + why none of the HY tracks were newly remixed for the “Singles Party” 2CDs.


The ending little note at the end of the video says so much.

Michael Gribben

These new songs are fantastic and well done getting physical releases as well. Wld seriously love the expanded/deluxe versions of Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours to finally get a release.


Can London Records finally release a super deluxe version of Sacred Heart…it is and should be about the fans…come on London….GET CRACKING…

PS…an artist approved version!!!

Michael Matysik

So good to have the girls back, loving their new sound and material


A superb reunion! Fresh, unembarrassing, impressive…..


Oh dear this sounds awful a dated retro sound that is nothing at all special I’m definitely not wanting to hear this again…I’ll continue to play my Ric Ocasek and Cars CD’s thank you.

Stuart Ansell

Other opinions are available.

Kevin from Edinburgh

I’m firmly in the ‘Marvellous’ camp on this one. Best thing I’ve heard in, well, years. The last time I heard something and had to look for it online to hear it again was Boy George’s King of Everything. Or was it a track from The Last Shadow Puppets? Maybe there’s a thread to these tracks…. maybe there are retro elements to each of them. But dated? No.

Mike the Fish

You’re not liking “a dated retro sound” and listening to albums 30 to 40 years old instead?


Yes but some of those 80’s synth laden songs still sound really good and are not dated, point being the first 2 Jean Michel Jarre albums Oxygene and Equinox are without any doubt timeless and ahead of their time and still sound modern today plus Oxygene is 42 yrs young this year.

Mike the Fish

You’ve kind of got me there.

Michael Chapman

Mixes aside, can we anticipate the song (with Hawley), on the album?

Mad Daddy

I hope they stay with me this time


“C U next Tuesday”? Are they trying to tell someone something? Clue, it rhymes with James Blunt.

SDE Hall of Fame

I think people probably worked that out…


The intention is for the copies on Townsends to be signed.

Mike the Fish

Wow! Really like the video too. Loving Siobhan’s voice on this. Wow.


Paul can u talk of the reissue 3cd of Sparks Gratuitous Sax… And new best of 3cd… Thank u


Wow, this is amazing news! Thanks so much Paul…can’t wait!!


It’s so nice to have them back! Loving their new material. :)

Robert Laversuch

Got the signed white vinyl and CD combo a couple of weeks back. Cannae wait


I saw this on Townsend as signed editions the same as I saw the Sparks’ Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins reissues! Exciting times ahead!