Shakespears Sister / Singles Party

Duo reconvene after over 25 years. Signed CD sets available.

Shakespears Sister are back. Back. BACK!

Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey have patched up their differences and about to hit Rock’s highway later this year for a short tour.

The duo have also announced details of a compilation entitled Singles Party (1988 – 2019), which rounds up all their 45s together as well as featuring two new numbers ‘All The Queen’s Horses’ and ‘C U Next Tuesday’. A two-CD deluxe edition features an array of remixes, rarities and bonus tracks.

Originally forming in 1988 after Siobhan fled Bananarama, Shakespears Sister racked up a number of hits across the end of the eighties/ early nineties, including ‘You’re History’, the eight-weeks-at-number-one smash ‘Stay’ and accompanying album Hormonally Yours. However it all went a bit sour went Siobhan announced cheerio to Detroit at an awards ceremony over 25 years ago, which was news to Detroit at the time, leading to a somewhat undignified separation. Siobhan occasionally carried on with the name in later years, but both her and Detroit finally sat down with each other last year and decided to bury the hatchet and resume operations again.

The duo play a number of UK dates later this year and you can gain access to a ticket pre-sale if you order Singles Party through their official store. Initial orders for both standard and deluxe 2CD come with a signed photograph, so that’s perhaps an even better incentive.

Singles Party (1988-2019) is released via London Records on 19 July 2019

Compare prices and pre-order

Shakespears Sister

Singles Party - 2CD deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order

Shakespears Sister

Singles Party - standard CD


2CD deluxe of Singles Party

Singles Party (1988-2019)


1 Break My Heart (Remastered)
2 Heroine (Remastered)
3 You’re History (Remastered)
4 Run Silent (Remastered)
5 Dirty Mind (Remastered)
6 Stay (Remastered)
7 I Don’t Care (Remastered)
8 Goodbye Cruel World (Remastered)
9 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (Remastered)
10 My 16th Apology (Remastered)
11 I Can Drive (Remastered)
12 Bitter Pill (Remastered)
13 Pulsatron (Remastered)
14 Bad Blood (Remastered)
15 It’s a Trip (Remastered)
16 All The Queen’s Horses
17 C U Next Tuesday
18 Stay [Acoustic Version] (Remastered)

CD2 *deluxe edition only
1 Cat Worship
2 You’re History [Catz ’n Dogz Remix]
3 You Made Me Come to This [HMD Pulsatron Mix]
4 Pretty Boy (Remastered)
5 Mr Wrong (Remastered)
6 Remember My Name (Remastered)
7 Do I Scare You? (Remastered)
8 Excuse Me John (Remastered)
9 Singles Party (Remastered)
10 Heroine [Heavenly Mix] (Remastered)
11 Black Sky [The Black Dub] (Remastered)
12 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone Dub] (Remastered)
13 Goodbye Cruel World [BTO Remix] (Remastered)
14 You’re History [Brothers In Rhythm Remix] (Remastered)

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[…] ‘All The Queens Horses’ and ‘C U Next Tuesday’, have already featured on their recent Singles Party compilation, but appear here as different mixes and this also marks their first outing on vinyl. […]

Fraser Mummery

Best track listing cross referenced with Wiki, discogs and my own previous Shakespears Sister purchases.
Disc 1
1. Break My Heart (You Really)
2. Heroine
3. You’re History
4. Run Silent (Radio Mix)
5. Dirty Mind (1990 Version)
6. Stay
7. I Don’t Care (7″ Remix)
8. Goodbye Cruel World (7″ Remix)
9. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (7″ Version)
10. My 16th Apology (Single Version)
11. I Can Drive
12. Bitter Pill (Radio Edit)
13. Pulsatron
14. Bad Blood
15. It’s A Trip
16. All The Queen’s Horses
17. C U Next Tuesday
18. Stay (Acoustic Version)

Disc 2
1. Cat Worship
2. You’re History (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
3. You Made Me Come To This (HMD Pulsatron Mix)
4. Pretty Boy
5. Mr. Wrong
6. Remember My Name
7. Do I Scare You (Clean Intro)
8. Excuse Me John (Clean Intro)
9. Singles Party
10. Heroine (Full Length Heavenly Mix)
11. Black Sky (The Black Dub)
12. Break My Heart (You Really) (Full Length Shep Pettibone Dub)
13. Goodbye Cruel World (BTO Remix)
14. You’re History (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)

Brian Ingraham

I’m really JUST GLAD that something new is being released…I again was one who thought the SH And HY deluxes would have been a pleasure owning…I guess too much hope might have been a downfall-as they were not released! I think an Sacred Heart deluxe with a 2nd disc of Acoustic rerecordings by them BOTH would be a great compliment cd-screw the mixes! And how about this setlist by the REGLAMP of Shakespears Sister
1. Excuse me john
2. I Hate you now
3. Boy
4. Older Sister
5. I never could Sing anyway
6. Sunday
7. Opportunity Knockers
8. Drag Queen
9. Pulsatron
10. Bad Blood
11. You saw me FALLING…
these being TOTALLY RE-RECORDED BY BOTH-Or a LIVE CD OFFICIALLY RELEASED. I’d like some options. Even their demos on physical cds are a coveted things. What do you think girls: CAN WE GET ALONG & WORK FOR REAL NOW? Love Brian. PS {Both Cosmic and Matterz were fabulous}

Jeremy Rance

I have just the seen the video for the new single . It’s truly magnificent, with all the past realationship, video and lyrics reflections , avid fans like me will be beyond happy
I truly hope this leads to more material
Not gonna lie , it left me quiet emotional as the sacred heart and hormonally yours albums were my late teens and 20s perfection
Those who say , why did she walk away from the Bananarama reunion will now hopefully appreciate why


Will there be a vinyl release?


Glad they’ve kissed and made up but I only know two songs on this album.

James Blair

I’m with Patrick Menard re: the Shep Dub of “Break My Heart”. Only the UK promo 12” has the glorious piano solo in full at the end.
Any way of checking with the label whether this full unfaded version is used here, Paul?
(I’ll be buying it regardless ,of course…!)

Diarmuid P Dineen

£5 for postage from their seller site? No thanks


Was going to order through the artists store, but nobody can get away with charging £5 for postage on a CD

What? Fahey? Worry?

Siobhan Fahey – wasn’t she every teens tasty dream date back in the 80’s or was that just me?


You and me both, mate.


Same here!

Patrick Menard

I hope the Break my heart (Shep Petibone house dub) version they used is the one from the UK 12” promo and not the UK 12” remix…. on the ”promo” the dub was longer by over a minute


Am I the only one who is often disappointed by this “signed” items? Often there is no proper signature – just a shorthand symbol (is this the right word in english?) like 2 Letters (for ex. SB for Sarah Bareilles or NoJo for Norah Jones) or the first name (Kief – for Kiefer Sutherland).


With all due respect, have you ever tried signing thousands of things? lol
I haven’t either, but I can imagine that it’s pretty soul-destroying. So as long as it’s the authentic signature of the person, it’s difficult to really complain, but that’s just my opinion.

Although saying that, I do want to give a shout to Toyah and Simon Darlow who furnished FANTASTIC signatures on my Crimson Queen CD booklet, but I look at that as more of a bonus than a given.


No, I never tried signing thousands of things (and I am not sure if the artists do that – I guess they sign maybe some hundreds?). Anyway: I think they should do it right or let it be. Better sign less items. But that is just my feeling. But I also have great signed items for ex. by Juliette Lewis or Beverly Knight. So it looks to me like it is possible to do it “right”.

Michael Haskamp

Awesome news. Always loved the girls, “Hello (Turn Your Radio On)” is one of my all-time-favorites. Just bought tickets with a Meet&Greet for the London-Show. Can’t wait ! <3

John in Manhattan

I’m in New York City and seething with jealousy.


Also wondering if they’re using 7″ mixes instead of the album version? Whatever happened to the deluxe editions of Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours? The former will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in a couple of months. I was hoping they would’ve released that as well.


very boring just offering it on cd formats, wheres the vinyl and cassette?

Steven Campbell

Vinyl I could understand but cassette? Really?


I would rather have their albums as expanded editions with extended remixes and b-sides. Not interested in just a compilation.



But bought this because that’s all there is at the moment


Really looking forward to this. I wonder if an album of all new music is on the horizon too. That would be awesome. Hoping for a vinyl version of this new compilation, and vinyl reissues of their original albums. It makes no sense in this day and age to put things out on cd only. I tried to order off Amazon in the UK and it said ‘cannot be sent to Canada’. That’s weird. Then I checked Amazon.ca and it’s listed there, but as ‘currently unavailable’! Clearly a little patience is needed.

Patrick Menard

Order from their website… I’m in Montreal and I had no problem ordering…and you’ll get the autographed picture with it :)


For this release, Amazon UK don’t deliver to Japan for some reason.

Went to the artist’s site, but it forced me to register to complete the purchase, and when I tried to register with my info, just came up with an error page.

Guess it’s time for the “have it sent to a UK friend and have them send it on to me” route. Sigh


And for those interested in the acoustic version of Stay (which is fab), there’s the old collection Long Live The Queens! – The Platinum Collection

Don’t know why one of the amazon.co.uk entries is attributed to Gnarls Barkley??!!!?!

And Siobhan’s Cosmic Dancer acoustic set is awesome, even if it doesn’t have Stay on it!

Patrick Menard

Bought the deluxe as sooon as i saw the news on youtube actually…. They’ll probably use the singles mix ..but i don’t care about that personally…. what I’m excited about are….

16 All The Queen’s Horses….. (new track)
17 C U Next Tuesday …………..(new track)
CD2 *deluxe edition only
1 Cat Worship…….(new track) at least never heard of it
2 You’re History [Catz ’n Dogz Remix]… New remix
3 You Made Me Come to This [HMD Pulsatron Mix] ….. (New remix)
11 Black Sky [The Black Dub] …………….. First time on cd
12 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone Dub…. First time on cd

at first I thought they were releasing a singles box set…kinda like Bananarama’s bunch of hits….was excited to finally get all their remixes on cd…but then realised it was a 2 cd compilation…. but super psyched to get new stuff !!!


is “Black Sky [The Black Dub]” the Underworld remix? I hope so, I have a crappy mp3 of this and its glo-ree-us

Robert Laversuch

Perfect. Got the deluxe signed ed. Cannot wait.


Not shipping in France … Damn it !

Bananarama Fan

Are these actually the single mixes or the album versions – Dirty Mind album version is much dull compared to the fantastic single remix they released – run silent also has a superior singles mix……..as with Goodbye Cruel World.


I’m so excited about this release. Love Fahey and Detroit have made up. A shame they never got more attention in the US. I like ‘Stay’ but it’s not my favorite from them.


Do we know what versions will be used for this? I just watched the DVD of the videos that came with their last collection a few months back, and some of the audio in the videos was preferrable to the album versions. I would love if this contains those mixes (assuming they are the actual singles versions) rather than album mixes.

I seen to be in the minority that I thought SS was better as Siobhan by herself, but anything that gets us new material from this band makes me happy. Wasn’t C U Next Tuesday already a b-side on a single at one point though? I don’t have my discs in front of me, but I thought it was on the It’s a Trip EP. Or was that C U Tonight?


It’s going to be a bigger crowd at Symphony hall here in Birmingham this year, than Song’s from the red room tour at a decade back & to answer your question i love all of their music,but Song’s from the red room is my favourite album& my partner’s Hormonally yours…..Siobhan is the Magic .

Phillip Fogel

I can’t tell you how exciting this is. I met Siobhan at the meet and greet in London on the Bananarama Reunion tour which was incredible, she was so nice. I saw Shakespears Sister back in 92-92 in Montreal. There’s something special when Siobhan and Marcella get together it’s like Dave & Annie from Eurythmics they are great alone but absolutely incredible together. I wish it was a whole new album but I’m looking forward to the two new tracks. I ordered the deluxe with the signed autograph, very cool.

Patrick Menard

Hey I was there too!!! I was dead center in front …elbows on the stage…. not even 3 feet from them…. It was a GREAT show!!! It was so loud right in front with Marcie’s guitar blasting in my face lol !!! I still have both t-shirts they had for sale….

Pete {in Australia}

THANKS, as ALWAYS Paul. Wake up this morning, check your email first, and WOW!!!! Super excited. Just tried to order CD, without hesitation, alas the site has issues. This news is GOLDEN. has certainly started my day off happy.

Billy D

$8.50 shipping to the US? YIKES!


$8.50 shipping from UK to US is cheaper than shipping a CD in the opposite direction.


Hamicle is correct. For example, I’m currently looking at ordering a 95-cent single-disc soundtrack CD from US retailer SAE where the postage to the UK would be $13.

joel ivins

cheaper to pre order on amazon uk and have it sent to the us, than to order it on their website

Billy D

Wow. C U Next Tuesday is soooo 20 years ago.
Idk, a 2 cd best of when they only had two albums as the original duo? And so long after their demise. (If you’re gonna get it why not just buy the deluxe? It looks like a nice book.)
I’m sure the rabid handful of fans that are left will gobble this up. The casual listener from the US will only remember Stay.
Speaking of Stay, Marcella’s 2015 modified for the dance floor update was unneeded. (There are a bit of sour grapes associated with that project. I was trying to contribute, but her manager was unavailable to give the stems to me in time or was merely avoiding me.)
So buy whatever you want. I don’t care. Gotta go. The adderall has kicked in.


‘C U Next Tuesday’ eh…… tsk, tsk…


Will this get a vinyl release?


Genuinely exciting news – deluxe CD ordered, but mainly to get in on the pre sale for tickets which starts tomorrow at 9am. No mention of where they’re playing yet though..


Very curious as to which versions of I Don’t Care and Hello are being used for this release. So exciting they’re together again.


Ordered the signed standard cd….Very nice !

Paul Cummings

Well worth it for the Stay acoustic version alone – a friend had this on a cd single years ago and I’ve only ever seen it up to now on YouTube

Glenn Roger

I am absolutely thrilled Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey have patched up whatever differences they had. Shakespeare’s Sister was awesome back in the day and it was heartbreaking when they broke up. Siobhan seems to be chilling out as she gets older, first she reunited with Bananarama which was a shocker now we are viewing this reconciliation with Marcella. I am stateside and I’m getting tickets to one of their upcoming shows and doing the London thing so that should be magical. It is my hope that they keep the candle lit and go forward with yet another fresh new Shakespeare’s Sister album. And on top of that we should see a live compilation from their upcoming shows hopefully. This news made my day!!!


I’ll definitely get this, but I’m disappointed that we’re not getting an expanded Sacred Heart or expanded Hormonally Yours. Way overdue.

Tom M

Supposedly Siobhan was working on this years ago but it never came to fruition. Glad to have this, though. It’s a good start.

Joe Mac Pherson

Done! I ordered the very deluxe edition, with the signed photograph!
Paul, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about this new release. For U.S. customers, the total cost for the best version available, is $28.49.
Thank You, once again, Mr. Sinclair!


This is just the most glorious news this year!!!!!!! Siobhan did some brilliant stuff after the Marcie years but to have them back together AND get new material….. that is just the BEST!!!!

Goodbye Cruel World – probably one of the best videos ever made, and a banging track too!

Long Live the Queens!!!!!!!!


Which version of “Hello (Turn Your Radio On)” have they used? I prefer the single version actually, and with new tracks here, a CD is rather enticing. I just wish they had done vinyl because with a single mix of “Hello” and new tracks with everything else remastered, it would have been a no brainer.



I really like/d the Songs From The Red Room album – always thought it should have been far better known than it was.

(Btw, doesn’t Townsend’s default P&P on this [1st class at £5] feel a touch steep – their cheapest rate is £4. I don’t expect Amazon-style free but I buy enough online to think…. hmmmm!)

Tom M

Packaging is probably bigger (therefore costlier) because of the signed photograph. Did you know about “Songs From the Red Room” 2LP for Record Store Day?


I’m still waiting on the arrival of my copy of the SFTRR LP. Strangely, I was thinking of that very order when I shuddered at the P&P: the postage for the SFTRR and Unkle 10″ (from Banquet Records) combined was only £4.20, and I can’t imagine a deluxe CD and photograph are larger or heavier than a double LP! If I recall correctly the £4 1st class is actually tracked (but a day slower) while the £5 is fast but not tracked. Which is a tad odd.


I know the song “Singles Party” wasn’t a single, but it still seems like the title track should be on the main disc, not the bonus.


I see the 2cd price at 19.99 still im ordering. Its been way too long! Welcome back


If you order from the Artist’s Store (actually TM Stores) they will charge 8 € for EU delivery, which is VERY expensive for a CD.
I cancelled my TM Stores order amounting 26.67 (EUR) and I pre-ordered from Amazon for a total of 18,56 (EUr) = 8,11 € gain! All this in the first 12 hours the item was listed….

James Barker

Signed Deluxe Edition Ordered! Remixes that were not released on CD too! That’s a first!! Best news I’ve heard in a long time! They were brilliant together and not so great as solo artists. Hopefully the chemistry will be there and they get a new album in the works and sort out getting those remastered versions of the first two albums finally sorted and released! Long live the Queens!!


Does anyone know why a British band is using a Spanish web store.

May explain the high shipping costs to UK. It’s £5 for the deluxe 2 disk or £3 for raw single disk CDs.

Also something weird. The site says the deluxe is £14.99 but when you add to the basket it changes to £15.14

So all this means you are paying just over £7 for the signed photo vs Amazon. Think I will do without.

Alan B

It’s run by Townsend Records which are based in Lancashire I believe. They have always had the Spanish web address suffix for some reason. Their postage rates have always been high, probably the highest of the online webstore operators but they do pack them well and their customer service is excellent. My gripe has always been they probably make more profit from the postage than they do from the CDs or vinyl.


Really looking forward to hearing the new tracks and seeing them live, was just a wee bit obsessed about them, back in the day.


Why do I love the title “All The Queen’s Horses” so much??