Sheryl Crow / Be Myself

Sheryl Crow returns next month with her 10th studio album Be Myself.

The album is co-produced and co-written with her long-time collaborator Jeff Trott and sees her return to what might be called her ‘classic’ sound after the Country excursions of 2013’s Feels Like Home.

“I really wanted to get back to how I got started on my second record and third record,” Crow told Rolling Stone earlier this year, adding, “I wanted to revisit that sound and that feeling. It was a complete blast and the most effortless thing I’ve ever done.”

Listening to Halfway There, the first track to be promoted from the album, you have to say that she’s certainly been successful in recapturing the spirit of those earlier records. Part of that might be down to Crow also persuading engineer Tchad Blake (who worked on the Sheryl Crow and Globe Sessions albums) to come over from Wales and work on this new record.

Sheryl Crow kicks off a US tour next month in support of Be Myself. The album itself is released on 21 April 2017.

1. Alone in the Dark
2 Halfway There
3 Long Way Back
4 Be Myself
5 Roller Skate
6 Love Will Save the Day
7 Strangers Again
8 Rest of Me
9 Heartbeat Away
10 Grow Up
11 Woo Woo

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Target seems to release a Version with 3 extra Tracks. … any Information on this?


I’m looking forward to hearing some true Sheryl sound. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Detours, as that was a “return” to her roots and is one of my favorites. SC and TGS definitely are collections that represent some of hee best writing, but i still love CC. Wildflower was a strange departure, but I’ve actually come to love that album and been listenting to that one a lot lately. I see what she was going for – I hear a lot of Beatles love song influence. But, for me Detours was her last GREAT work. Memphis and FLH had a couple tracks that still had her sound but overall, just not there and I wasn’t feeling them.

The first track off the new record doesn’t seem too promising (lyrics are a bit way too cliche) and the vocals are too much to the front and doesn’t sound mixed well, but I’m still really looking forward to the new record. It will definitely be a release day purchase.


I agree, DETOURS was excellent… I was a casual/singles fan before that album drew me in and hooked me – and I’ve since explored her back-catalogue.

Robert Picard

This just in from CD Japan….the three bonus tracks that will appear on the Japanese CDs of “Be Myself”. Chances are these are the same as the Target Exclusive release.

Complete album listing for “Be Myself”

1 Alone In The Dark

2 Halfway There

3 Long Way Back

4 Be Myself

5 Roller Skate

6 Love Will Save The Day

7 Strangers Again

8 Rest Of Me

9 Heartbeat Away

10 Grow Up

11 Woo Woo

12 [Japan Edition Bonus Track] Disappearing World

13 [Japan Edition Bonus Track] The World You Make

14 [Japan Edition Bonus Track] Long Way Back (Acoustic)


Judging from the single I’m gonna love this album. SC and GS are two of my favorite albums. This sounds like it jumped out of that time period and landed in 2017.


Been a fan since TNMC so I’m always looking forward to new material and she’s been pretty prolific compared to other popular artists. She’s unlikely to get back in the spotlight though as it’s been going downhill for her in that respect since 2002’s “C’Mon C’Mon” when she played the Superbowl if memory serves.



Love all her stuff bar C’mon C’mon which was a bit formularaic – Feels Like Home was great, quite happy with that vein but will certainly pick up the new one.


Hopefully it will be good, Globe Sessions is excellent but I think the title suggests marketing and suits had a lot to do with this over artistic needs. Last time she had a release she said “I’m doing country from here on out, that’s who I am, I’m now just a country artist”. No one cares, no one buys it. “Hey guys, just forget what I said last time, now I’m myself, honest”. We shall see…


How does this fit in the super deluxe edition scope though? There are no deluxe editions here and it’s not a reissue?
There are other artists releasing new albums, why include only Sheryl? It’s your blog but still would be good to know if there is a criteria here

Friso Pas

Back to the old sound….sounds always good to me. Really liked the earlier albums.

Eric M.

Her self-titled album is an all-time favorite of mine, so I’m piqued; however, the lead single sounds more like ‘C’mon C’mon’ melodically, and her Memphis album stylistically. It isn’t bad, but I think what one can’t account for in trying to recapture an old vibe is that it’s the artist’s POV that dictates the general attitude a work exhudes. Sheryl is clearly in a better place in 2017 than 1996, but I can’t help but miss the darker irony present in those early works.

Expecting this to be good, but not quite great.


I still think of ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’ as her second album, with the first of course remaining unreleased. It’s out there in the webernets. “I Only Want You Near Me” os one of my favorite songs of hers from any album. Wish it would get a proper release someday.

Robert Picard

Check out Sheryl Crow’s website for a limited signed lithograph and album for $34.99US


She`s a class act, I`ve been with her music from the start, love it. This is welcome news. I was going to say Sheryl Crow was a `guilty pleasure` but b@ll@cks to that. I`ll have to make room on the `C` rack for that L.P.

simon taylor

Is this her first vinyl release? I would love to have her 2nd album on double vinyl. Surely those early albums must get released on that format eventually. I played ‘Sheryl Crow’ again recently. Absolutely superb. I think the last album I bought was Wildflower. Saw her at Hammersmith Odeon about 10 years back, she encored with the Bond tune. Makes sense to return to her core sound, for record sales if nothing else, she has been a bit off the radar.

Chris Squires

It was one of the highlights of last year for me was getting some Shania Twain on Vinyl. So many of these mid / late 1990s artists have NEVER had a Vinyl release and country music is particularly guilty at giving up on vinyl very early. (please come back CMT Europe – I miss you!).
There are quite a few multi-million selling, brilliant, country / crossover LPs that would really benefit from a first outing on the black stuff. (Mavericks / Dwight Yoakam / Sheryl / Hal Ketchum / Suzy Bogguss etc)


Wow, what a great song. Love the positive lyrics. Very much needed here in the USA right now. I hope she makes it back in the spotlights. Her output has been consistantly high quality. My favorites are “Sheryl Crow” and “Globe Sessions”. This song very much sounds like that.

Howard Trigg

I think the lead single is weak unfortunately. And as much as I love album 2+3 (some cracking singles off them), for me Wildflower is perfection and has genuine longevity.


The Globe Sessions is one of my favourite lps so fingers crossed this is anywhere near as good. Most of her stuff since then has left me cold, apart from some of C’Mon C’Mon which was decent.


Agree 100%, her second and third albums are wonderful. Looking forward to picking this up.