Sheryl Crow / Live at the Capitol Theatre: 2017 Be Myself Tour

Sheryl Crow / Live at the Capitol Theatre 2017 Be Myself Tour

Sheryl Crow will issued Live at the Capitol Theatre in November, an audio-visual combo package that celebrates the final show of her 2017 Be Myself Tour.

Available as a 2CD+blu-ray or 2CD+DVD digi-pak, this release showcases 21 songs from Crow’s back catalogue including hits like ‘All I Wanna Do’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and ‘If It Makes You Happy’ as well as songs from the Be Myself album, such as the title track, ‘Halfway There’ and ‘Roller Skate’. A new composition, ‘Atom Bomb’, also features. The show was filmed on 10 November, 2017, at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.

It’s pleasing to see blu-ray/2CD as an option, especially as it is cheaper than the DVD combo set at the time of writing! I saw Sheryl Crow on this tour and she was in fine form with a very good band.

Live at the Capitol Theatre will be released on 9 November 2018 by Wienerworld.

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Sheryl Crow

Live at the Capitol Theatre 2CD+Blu-ray


Compare prices and pre-order

Sheryl Crow

Live at the Capitol Theatre 2CD+DVD


Tracks (on CDs and DVD/Blu-ray)

CD 1:
1. Everyday Is A Winding Road
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. All I Wanna Do
4. My Favorite Mistake
5. Be Myself
6. Long Way Back Home
7. Run Baby Run
8. Can’t Cry Anymore
9. The First Cut Is The Deepest
10. Atom Bomb
11. Halfway There

CD 2:
12. There Goes The Neighborhood
13. Leaving Las Vegas
14. Strong Enough
15. Heartbeat Away
16. Roller Skate
17. Best Of Times
18. If It Makes You Happy
19. Soak Up The Sun
20. Midnight Rider
21. I Shall Believe

DVD/Blu-ray Special Features

Includes a vintage Black and White ‘Flashback’ introduction of many legends who have graced the Capitol Theater stage over the years, interspersed with exclusive interview segments with Sheryl recently filmed at her Farm in Nashville, TN.


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It’s a shame that is just Dolby D 5.1 audio on the blu-ray and not HD Master Audio.

Anthony Parker

After buying this release around 18 months ago, I’m still undecided if I rate it highly or not.

Sometimes I feel her voice, all of a sudden, cannot do justice to her older songs now. Last night, I wondered why I was on with that train of thought but I still turned the concert off before it had finished, grumbling to myself, if anything. Unfortunately, my long standing mental illness has made me feel ambivalent to a number of albums over 20 years or so which I figured would be safe bets to enjoy.

Sheryl Crow has helped me along with most of my adult life and there’s not much I’ve missed out on from her back catalogue.

Is Sheryl close to riding off into the sunset? Personally, I hope not but this 2 x cd/DVD set still has me scratching my head, if anything. I even took in a show from Sheryl’s ‘Be Myself’ tour and I loved it. 2 accompanying friends with not much experience of Sheryl’s material, also said it was one of the best concerts they had been to, ever!

A nice dilemna to be in, I remind myself. The power of music is something I don’t ever plan to take for granted.


Who’s in the band? And a shame she had to lower the key in some songs, but no stopping ageing unfortunately. Even for women.


Sorry, we only were allowed to spend five bucks on the cover design. :P

David M

Not really a fan of hers, but I have seen her live 5 times I think! Four times supporting The Stones and once R.E.M. I recall her live band were excellent, was about 15 years ago though.

Paul Mac

Wienerworld? Really? Was Todgerland already taken? :)


Doesn’t seem there will be a US physical release?


I guess you’ll have to move to Canada. :-)


She is already saying she is going to record a final farewell studio l.p.!


Surprising. She only 56. The Rolling Bones are now in their 70s and are surprising still touring. A bit easier to record and album than to tour.


This should be excellent–I hope we get the Blu Ray option in the states, as there have been recent releases where the rest of the world gets Blu ray as an option, and we only get a DVD version. If that happens this time, I hope there’s at least no region locking.

I’d love to see a reissue campaign starting with album number 2 (since Tuesday Night Music Club already has a good reissue from a few years ago). Even better, it would be great to get an official, properly mixed release of the shelved debut album. I have a bootleg of that, but the mix is terrible and mostly mono in the right channel with almost nothing in the left at all. There are some good songs on it, and it should get a fair release.


Excellent. if only it was on vinyl. Be Myself sounds excellent on vinyl and I suspect most of her output would, especially those first three albums.

Simon Taylor

Good tracklisting. Saw her live a fair few years ago at Hammersmith, she was very good.

Would like to see her self titled second album be issued on double vinyl. That would be an instant purchase for me. One of my favourite albums. Surely there’s room now for her back catalogue to get vinyl releases?


Racking my brain to recall when it was I went to see her live. Did she tour the UK for the Globe Sessions album? Might’ve been then. Now that album is a masterpiece that thoroughly deserves a SDE (no vinyl please!).

Alan Blevin

I want this but the JPC price for the Bluray combo is giving me pause.These combos are just about never released in Australia.We don’t even get the Stones From The Vault combos anymore.Hoping importscd are more reasonable.