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Sheryl Crow releases a new album Threads at the end of August.

It’s an all-star duets album with contributors who include Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sting, Joe Walsh, James Taylor, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson St. Vincent and more.

Crow has been vocal about how this might be her last album, even if it isn’t her last recording. This is actually only her third record that has been issued on vinyl, after 2017’s Be Myself and the RSD/Black Friday red vinyl version of Tuesday Night Music Club.

Threads will be released on 30 August 2019.

Threads 2LP vinyl


  1. Prove You Wrong (featuring Stevie Nicks and Maren Morris)
  2. Live Wire (featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples)
  3. Tell Me When It’s Over (featuring Chris Stapleton)
  4. Story Of Everything (featuring Chuck D, Andra Day, and Gary Clark Jr.)


  1. Beware Of Darkness (featuring Eric Clapton, Sting, and Brandi Carlile)
  2. Redemption Day (featuring Johnny Cash)
  3. Cross Creek Road (featuring Lukas Nelson)
  4. Everything Is Broken (featuring Jason Isbell)
  5. The Worst (featuring Keith Richards)


  1. Lonely Alone (featuring Willie Nelson)
  2. Border Lord (featuring Kris Kristofferson)
  3. Still The Good Old Days (featuring Joe Walsh)
  4. Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (featuring St. Vincent)


  1. Don’t (featuring Lucius)
  2. Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Emmylou Harris)
  3. Flying Blind (featuring James Taylor)
  4. For The Sake Of Love (featuring Vince Gill)

Threads CD

  1. Prove You Wrong (featuring Stevie Nicks and Maren Morris)
  2. Live Wire (featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples)
  3. Tell Me When It’s Over (featuring Chris Stapleton)
  4. Story Of Everything (featuring Chuck D, Andra Day, and Gary Clark Jr.)
  5. Beware Of Darkness (featuring Eric Clapton, Sting, and Brandi Carlile)
  6. Redemption Day (featuring Johnny Cash)
  7. Cross Creek Road (featuring Lukas Nelson)
  8. Everything Is Broken (featuring Jason Isbell)
  9. The Worst (featuring Keith Richards)
  10. Lonely Alone (featuring Willie Nelson)
  11. Border Lord (featuring Kris Kristofferson)
  12. Still The Good Old Days (featuring Joe Walsh)
  13. Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (featuring St. Vincent)
  14. Don’t (featuring Lucius)
  15. Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Emmylou Harris)
  16. Flying Blind (featuring James Taylor)
  17. For The Sake Of Love (featuring Vince Gill)

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Favorite songs –

Live Wire, Tell Me When It’s Over, Still The Good Old Days, The Worst, BorderLord

cheslyn van wyk

Its to be said words of truth be spoken Praises written for one of the greatest that ever lived .
Threads well all i have consumed thus far im not disappointing as i was with “Wildflower “

CJ Feeney

Sheryl Crow has confirmed that her master tapes were destroyed in the Universal fire. So no future deluxe of Globe Sessions or TNMC, all demos and unused takes are gone.

BBC News – Sheryl Crow: Universal Studios fire destroyed all my master tapes


Redemption Day is one of my favourite of her tracks. This version is like a new song and is brilliant.
Somehow the fact that she is touring oassed me by and I fear I’ve now missed my last chance to see her live. In a week when I finally saw Bon Jovi live after 33 years seeing Sheryl’s Hits show would have been cherry on top. :(

Also her second album is one of the very best of the 90’s in my opinion.

cheslyn van wyk

I so agree my Favorite album of all time by any artist ever released is the 1996 self titled “Sheryl Crow ” album .
With that said Sheryl Crow is my favorite artist of all time as well this being for the last 21 years

Simon Stokes

The Worst gets my vote for best Stones treack ever!

Daniel Whiteley

“This is actually only her third record that has been issued on vinyl” – Actually her fourth: ‘Home For Christmas’ was issued on LP last Christmastime on its 10th anniversary [Originally only released on CD in 2008]. I am surprised that A&M/Universal haven’t at least released ‘The Very Best Of’ as a double-LP [LP1 on cream coloured vinyl, LP2 on brown vinyl??]…


Interesting her website lists one track like this;

Cross Creek Road ft. Lukas Nelson (digital/physical) / ft. Margo Price (vinyl) | Writers: Sheryl Crow, Jeff Trott

Wonder if this is a vinyl exclusive


I wonder if there will be a Japanese bonus track edition for this release?


According to CD Japan..YES an exclusive Japanese only bonus track….no indication of the bonus track’s title.


The listing has been updated with no bonus track.

Nick Love

Pleasantly surprised to see a duet with Keith Richards, so many are focused on his riffs that his delightfully roadworn vocals don’t get their due. Bet they will sound great together.


Good performance on Graham Norton last night.


Coloured Vinyl available to pre-order at thesoundofvinyl.com 10% discount with code RECORDDAD1 it worked for me tonight, don’t know how long for. They also have Linda Mccartney’s Wide Prairie Re-release on coloured vinyl to pre-order.


The latest episode of the Song Exploder podcast breaks down the duet track with Cash.

Also, I’m sad she didn’t record a duet with Neil Finn, with whom she’s collaborated in the past.

george glazener

Is that cover a photo of her butt in faded jeans???


I will guess Beware of Darkness is the George Harrison edition and not Spock’s Beard [who had to give George some credit]. :-)


There’s a really great Song Exploder episode on the Cash duet. http://songexploder.net/
I’d also love see a vinyl release of her self-titled from ’96.


I’m very interested to hear the studio version of The Worst – one of my favourite Stones tracks. Seen them perform it together a couple of times live on youtube, but I’m looking forward to hearing this version.
Beware of Darkness with Sting and Eric Clapton should be good too. Seems like an interesting album!


Still hoping for vinyl issues of her other titles. She has a strong back catalog.

Bob Romano

Perhaps the lack of vinyl is due to the fire?


I read that article too and thought the same thing.

Mathew Lauren

Thanks for mentioning that fact, Paul. I, totally, agree that her S/T ‘96 album is the best, though any of her first 3 are a great listen.

I’m down for a “proper” 5.1 mix/remix in 1 case of all 3, but especially “SC” – that would make me happy!


I thought everyone knew that the Globe Sessions was the best album?

I’ve grown out of Sheryl’s stuff because of her leaning towards country music. Some of the collaborators on this tell me this album won’t be to my liking.

cheslyn van wyk

Globe sessions is brilliant i say flawless ,yet S/T 96 remarkable


There are some exceptional collaborators here ..
It would have been great to hear a duet of Mississippi with Bob Dylan, a song that she released (few years before Dylan himself) on Globe Sessions in 1998.

Paul Murphy

It’s surprising that Bob didn’t return her call for this, they were quite chummy at one point, and while we can’t advocate bootlegs in any way, if one WERE to accidentally buy ‘Even After All These Years’ then there are two rather wonderful duets with La Shez on there, ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ and ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’.
Good though the Globe Sessions ‘Mississippi’ is, I reckon the live version on ‘Rockin’ The Globe – Live’ [bizarrely, now out-of-print], takes the cake and toppers.


At first glance this looks like a great collaborations album with some exceptional names included.

I’d be particularly interested to hear:

Live Wire (featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples)
Beware Of Darkness (featuring Eric Clapton, Sting, and Brandi Carlile)
Border Lord (featuring Kris Kristofferson)

Roll on August!

Tony O

powerful track, loved it, thanks for the update