Signed Brett Anderson boxes available

Alert for fans: Amazon in the UK have (for some reason) some stock of the sold out SIGNED EDITION of Brett Anderson‘s Collected Solo Work vinyl box set.

The four-LP box features Brett’s four solo albums (Brett Anderson (2007), Wilderness (2008), Slow Attack (2009) and Black Rainbows (2011)) and comes with the signed print pictured above. It features in the SDEtv unboxing video which you can view below.

Not sure how many they have left, so don’t be surprised if they’re not available by the time you read this!

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Jim R.

not sure if the price has changed around, but this morning when Amazon themselves had it in stock the price was around £64. Has it been the same or changed from 52->64?

Jim R.

There was one signed in stock this morning, I was just looking the page at AmazonUK and verified here that it had the correct item-code (ASIN), then someone bought it as only the marketplace seller has it only available.
Have to keep following if it comes back again.

Boaz Halachmi

In stock again. Price a bit higher.


Got mine Monday – sadly all sleeves were split at the top where the vinyl had knocked against the sleeve. On its way back and hopefully an undamaged set on its way (fingers crossed one was put on an order for me before it “sold out”!)


I don’t see any bank accepting that signature.

Boaz Halachmi

Sold out.

Neil McL

Got One 4.23pm!


Do you know that Brett Anderson will publish his memories soon in 2018? Looking forward to it, I’ve recently rediscovered my fascination with Anderson…


I’m confident that Mr. Anderson memoirs will be interesting and way better than the official Suede biography by David Barnett released years ago. That was terrible.


I wonder what’s the appeal of a signed thing when it’s not signed at the moment of meeting your favourite singer/actor/writer/whoever. At least these items are signed on purpose, to create an exclusive, but still something impersonal. Even sadder is when people buy signed stuff off Ebay.


Is it really so sad? Good luck meeting David Bowie, or Ian Curtis, John Lennon or Jack London. Signatures have their place and have a coolness that may not be your thing. To each his own. I am sure you like something that other people would pass judgement on. Granted, I met Brett Anderson in the 90’s and he was a complete jerk, so being there does not equal getting or even wanting their autograph, granted the other guys in Suede were cool, perhaps Brett has mellowed a bit since, however, I still love the music. So just buying the signature may be the way to go if that is your thing. I.E. Phil Collins may have been better advised to just buy Sir Paul’s signature….


I personally don’t need signed stuff, but if I had the chance to meet, say, David Bowie, it would be cool to have something signed to remember such a moment. That’s the value of a signature, for me. But then if people is ok to buy off Ebay (most of the times at crazy prices) stuff that’s been signed to other people, then fine. I think it simply lose all of its value. Regarding those signed items that are sold as exclusives, it is a different matter, but still impersonal to me cause it is nothing more than a trick to sell the thing at an increased price. As long as there’s a market for something like that it’s ok, just not my cup of tea and I don’t get the appeal, as simple as that.


Come on. What’s the reason !


Paul, you’re a worry. At that price, signed by Anderson and with virtually zero shipping to Oz, I simply could not resist. Thanks!

Michael G

One left at 12.06 pm