Signed editions of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s new studio album available

Gilbert O’Sullivan‘s new self-titled album is released today and although it earned a mention in this week’s Out This Week post, it turns out you can buy SIGNED vinyl and CD editions from his official online store.

The legendary singer-songwriter’s 19th studio album is available on CD (signed sadly now sold out) or on black vinyl with a signed 12″ x 12″ print. As is the way these days, there are also plenty of ‘bundle’ options including one that brings signed CD and signed vinyl together.

Speaking about the new album O’Sullivan says “The reason I’ve never lost the joy of song-writing is because you never know where something will lead,” he says. “Once you get into writing a song, you can’t resist taking it that little bit further…”

Gilbert O’Sullivan is out now.

Order signed editions from the official store

Gilbert O’Sullivan

1. At The End Of The Day
2. The Same The Whole World Over
3. Love How You Leave Me
4. What Is It About My Girl
5. I’ll Never Love Again
6. Where Did You Go To
7. Dansette Dreams and 45’s
8. No Head For Figures But Yours
9. Penny Drops
10. This Riff
11. The Mind Boggles
12. For The Record

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Congratulations to Gilbert for achieving his first top 20 studio album in over 40 years…


Certain that I’m opening myself to much abuse here, but I didn’t know that Gilbert O’Sullivan had such an extensive catalog. Here in the states I think he is largely regarded as a one hit wonder. Indeed the top five songs in Apple Music for Gilbert are all Alone Again Naturally. So what is a recommended listen for the uninitiated – best studio album and best compilation album?

Steve F

Pre-ordered a copy on CD from Amazon as soon as it was announced. It arrived on my doorstep on the day of release yesterday. Listened to it last night. Another great LP by Gilbert. Love his music – always have done, always will.

Matt Savine

Thanks for reminding me of this Paul-I preordered the signed cd when I saw Gilbert live in Dartford earlier in the year-haven’t sent it off yet so need to get on with it!
He is still an excellent live performer -really hope he gets his dues with this new album-he deserves it.


I was going to sheepishly admit my admiration for this man and his music in terms of being a guilty pleasure. I’m so happy to see from the responses here that I’m not alone. Perhaps we can dispense with the “guilty”. ;-)

Mike Williams

Oops! My mistake! The CD only link up top goes to the unsigned version, but the signed version is still available for now: https://gilbertosullivan.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=37068&cur=USD


The signed CD only is a bit hard to find. You won’t see it on the first page of merchandising, you have to look around a bit. I got the signed CD and the T-Shirt. This man is unbelievable – always has been and always will be. Thanks for the link to the official store, Paul…

mark turrell

i snagged the signed cd/lp bundle too. Fantastic.

Mike Williams

It looks like the signed CD by itself is sold out.

Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul.
Being the restless music aficionado and looking to snag some deals and what not… when I saw this I immediately had to go for it. I went with the CD, vinyl at art print bundle. I am happy. What an incredible musician and legend. Always loved his music and this sounds very much like his usual classic sound. He sounds magnificent.
Paul, what can I say… thank you for all you do for us passionate people of music and giving us a chance to snag some nifty items at the same time.
God bless you


This is getting better by the hour. I love Gilbert O’Sullivan. He IS top a song writer / artist.
I’m gonna wait whilst the signed editions go up in price, as this is far to affordable ;)

Bagged – £20 signed vinyl is going to be sold out very quickly – thanks to opportunists.

Thanks again for a flurry of top SDE posts

I’m glued to my screen!