Simple Minds / 40: Best of 1979-2019

Universal Music will issue 40: The Best of 1979-2019 a new Simple Minds compilation that celebrates four decades of music from the Scottish band.

This will be issued as a three-CD set, a 2LP vinyl package and as a single CD, with all three featuring a new track For One Night Only. “Compiled and sequenced by Jim Kerr & Charlie Burchill” the triple-CD set features 40 tracks, in total, while the vinyl offers 18. Audio has been remastered at Abbey Road.

The track listing on Amazon reveals lots of edits, although the official press release doesn’t actually specify this. The artwork is by long-time collaborator Stuart Crouch.

40: The Best of 1979-2019 will be released on 1 November 2019.

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Simple Minds

40 The Best of 1979-2019 - 3CD set


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Simple Minds

40 The Best of 1979-2019 - 2LP vinyl


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Simple Minds

40 The Best of 1979-2019 - single CD edition


40: The Best Of 1979-2019 3CD set

Disc: 1
1. Waterfront – Edit
2. Love Song – Edit
3. I Travel – Edit
4. Glittering Prize – Edit
5. Sense of Discovery – Edit
6. The American – Edit
7. Up on The Catwalk – Edit
8. She’s A River – Edit
9. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) – Edit
10. See the Lights – 7″ Version
11. Jeweller to the Stars – Single Mix
12. War Babies – Bascombe Mix Single Version
13. Belfast Child – Edit                                                                                                                        

Disc: 2
1. Home – Edit
2. Magic – Radio Edit
3. Promised You A Miracle – Edit
4. This Is Your Land – DJ Version
5. Honest Town – Radio Edit
6. Glittering Prize (Acoustic)  Album Version
7. Waterfront – (Acoustic) Album Version
8. See the Lights (Acoustic) – Album Version
9. Let There Be Love – 7″ Mix
10. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) – Edit
11. All the Things She Said – Edit
12. Once Upon A Time – Album Version
13. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Album Version

Disc: 3
1. Chelsea Girl – Edit
2. Cry – Album Version
3. Hypnotised – TLA Edit
4. Stars Will Lead the Way – Single Version
5. For One Night Only – New Track
6. Theme for Great Cities – Album Version
7. Life in A Day – Album Version
8. Changeling – Edit
9. Celebrate – Edit
10. Blindfolded – Album Version
11. Sanctify Yourself – Edit
12. Mandela Day – Edit
13. Speed Your Love to Me – Edit
14. Alive and Kicking – Edit

40: The Best Of 1979-2019 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. Chelsea Girl – Edit [Side A]
2. I Travel – Edit [Side A]
3. Love Song – Edit [Side A]
4. Promised You A Miracle – Edit [Side A]
5. Glittering Prize – Edit [Side A]
6. Someone Somewhere in Summertime – Edit [Side B]
7. Waterfront – Edit [Side B]
8. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Album Version [Side B]
9. Alive and Kicking – Edit [Side B]
10. Sanctify Yourself – Edit [Side B]

LP 2
1. Belfast Child – Edit [Side C]
2. Mandela Day – Edit [Side C]
3. See the Lights – 7″ Version [Side C]
4. Hypnotised – TLA Edit [Side C]
5. Stars Will Lead the Way – Single Version [Side D]
6. Honest Town – Radio Edit [Side D]
7. Sense of Discovery – Edit [Side D]
8. For One Night Only – New Track [Side D]

40: The Best Of 1979-2019 single CD edition

Love Song
I Travel
Glittering Prize
Sense of Discovery
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
See the Lights
Belfast Child
Promised You A Miracle
Honest Town
Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Chelsea Girl
Stars Will Lead the Way
For One Night Only – New Track
Sanctify Yourself
Mandela Day
Alive and Kicking

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Martin Sanchez

I am quite disappointed in the Track Listing. I know this isn’t for true fans unlike Live In The City Of Angels was, but it would’ve been nice to see King is White…, This Fear Of Gods, Boys From Brazil, even Dolphins or One Step Closer be included.

David Robinson

From a quick look at just the track times and a short listen the following are different to the Celebrate greatest hits and other single edits.

War Babies is the Bascombe Single Mix
Mandela Day is the Unrealeased Edit from the cancelled american single (4:09)
Cry is a remix of some sort that lasts for 7 minutes with hardly any vocal in it.
All The Things She Said is the Promo Edit (4:00)
Stars Will Lead The Way is a to me unknown Extended Mix (4:31)

There may be other differences with the newer material, but as far as I can tell these are the major differences.


Sadly, I don’t think “Street Fighting Years” (nor the next albums) will ever have its own boxset, but maybe “Street Fighting Years + Real Life + Good News from the Next World + Néapolis + Our Secrets Are the Same” could share a reissue with additional content à la “Rejuvenation” earlier this year? It could be a way to complete the discography, after “5×5” and the three individual boxsets.


Apparently the release has been pushed back 3 weeks here in the states… oh well. I can wait. But I think bands just want us to order from the UK to boost the chart entries, since they aren’t going to chart in the U.S. anyhow…

Stephen K

I did some thinking about this and I thought I came up with a solution… to the fact that they previously released a definitive, chronological, and more comprehensive singles compilation a few years back.

Want to do a 40th anniversary celebration? Drained the well dry of career-spanning bonus material? Consider doing a singles tour. And then your ‘anniversary release’ becomes a live CD of the tour. A period of singles (even just the first ten years would be fine), played in order, without skipping over any singles. Viola, you’re welcome.

Except… Simple Minds already has a live album out this year. And… it’s not related to the 40th anniversary! And this new compilation, which is, is to support a 40th anniversary celebration tour… which doesn’t kick off until next year! Have I got this right?

I mean, maybe I can spare some other band some logistical hurdles.

Immensely enjoying the new OMD boxset though!


Given how this “resurgence” is running on fumes fueled by Andy Gillespie and Mel Gaynor, I’ll pass given JK and CB’s obvious lack of loyalty to their band mates and weak current lineup. What a terrible unnecessary release.

Neil Parr

I wish they could have included the Gary Numan and Ade Fenton remix of Summer, it’d be nice for that track to get an official physical release. If it wasn’t for the new track this release wouldn’t be of much relevance to anyone other than a casual fan…


Pardon my ignorance, but what does “Edit” mean on each song? Has the track been edited to fit on the LPs?


A very strange decision. Was convinced there would be a SFY box. I’d love a pro-shot or soundboard of an ‘89 show.
Still think they could surprise us with something.


I totally agree. I saw them at the bercy omnisports In paris on that tour. The fanclub advertised it as “to be filmed for a future video release”, unfortunately they chose to release verona instead :(


There is some pro shot Paris footage out there. Wall of Love and Kick it In, I believe.

Wolfgang Mintrop

Absolutely unnecessary issue. One new song is no argument for buying this compilation. Would be an interesting one if one cd would contain stuff not being published up to now. The band should start some kind of ARCHIVE- or FROM THE VAULTS-series … I am sure that there is still a lot of interesting live stuff waiting for making every fan happy …


I like the many edits on this compilation. But I’m sad about that “Sign o the Times” is missing.

@Paul: Thx for this page. SDE is definately one of the internet pages I visit most often.

Thanks a lot


I agree. As a fan and a huge collector, it’s good to get many of the radio/7″ edits in one collection. It’s also a good starting point for younger fans who like their music but want a broad overview. Sure the SFY box set would be nice or a DVD reissue, but let’s give credit to a band still recording good music, touring AND coming to the States. Look around at their few contemporaries (doing this level of work) and then maybe offer a critique.

Alan Baldock

This looks like the sort of compilation you can pick up for a fiver in Sainsburys. I think I’d pass on it at that price.


At least their murderous take on ‘Sign O’ The Times’ isn’t on it.
Worst cover version of all time.


Muse did a proper rock cover of Sign O’ The Times : https://youtu.be/OZOrIHeEN3s


For people waiting for the Street Fighting Years. There is still hope, although ‘faint’ hope.
Remember last year, 4 October, you sent Pauls website into meltdown, when he announced the Kate Bush boxsets. They were released end of November/beginning December.

The Blondie boxset which was promised. Faint hope.

Honestly, if nothing is announced within 2 weeks, its not going to happen for December


I’m disappointed that they didn’t release a deluxe edition of “Street Fighting Years” this year. This album celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year. I don’t think that anyone is waiting for this greatest hits album.


I completely agree with you Robert. To announce another greatest hits album and tour on the back of a totally unnecessary live album is just hugely disappointing. In fact Simple Minds at the moment seem to be hell bent on giving us anything except what we really want.The contempt they are showing for their loyal fan base at the moment is truly staggering.

The JoKerr

What an awful new track. This is not like anything SM Sound like. Thanks but no thanks.


The new track could simply be have been called ‘For One Play Only’.

It’s truly dreadful, with a video just a cheap reminder of what a great band they were decades ago.


I will never understand non-chono track listing on compilations (like the shuffle options didnt exist) bur for collectors, edits are a chance to finally own versions usually relegated to the 7″ singles, which never get reissued digitally. Unless these are new edits!?

Charlie Waffles

There are too many single edits on this. The cover is awful. Pass.


Are those “edits” even single versions or are they new edits for this compilation? I assume the latter since some tracks are explicitly labelled as “single edit”.


As I already commented way below these are all previously (7″) single and promo edits. ALL their previous compilations use these edits except the very first one in 1982, Celebration, which used album versions.

Alan Blevin

I would be a prime market for this.Casual Simple Minds fan owning 3 or 4 of the “classic” albums and would buy a good compilation covering their whole career.However this is not it because
1Single edits are a joke.Do they think we have short attention spans or are racing towards the next ad break?
2I get they have been going for 40 years but that is hardly a reason to restrict it to 40 tracks and leave 60-70 minutes of unused space across the 3 discs.
3The sequencing is bewildering.Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the band than me can work out the pattern or logic of it.
When I saw the heading this morning first thought was “that’s a definite buy”.After having a look at it there is no way.A better title for the compilation would be “Simple Minds For Dummies”.

Chris Squires

It’s like the desire to have a certain number of tracks to tie-in with the anniversary is overwhelming. It’s the 40th anniversary, let’s have 40 tracks. But we’ll spread it over 3 CDs instead of 2.
Can somebody remind the people who make these things that the idea of limiting the time of a disc to keep the quality high only counts for Vinyl. You CAN cram a CD to the brim y’know. It’s also happening in SDEs, which I can kind of forgive where on a 4 / 5 CD edition they limit the first disc to only the original album. But it is so wasteful, particularly if the album in question comes from the vinyl era and is only 38 minutes long. It would be an interesting exercise to take 20 or 30 multi-CD SDEs from the last 5 years and see which has the highest percentage of blank space. Mr. McCartney is a prime suspect. A 4 CD set with 150 minutes of material is not really on. In the modern, resource conscious age it should form part of their thinking, not all, just be part of the equation.

Paul English

Single edits are essential and ideal for compilations like this.

You want album versions? Then listen to the album.

Dr Volume

I assume the mixed up timeline of the tracks is meant to be Jim and Charlie’s ultimate SM playlist. They’re putting old tracks and new tracks together in a way that they would do with a live set, so the newer tunes aren’t just relegated to CD3 and are meant to stand their ground alongside Love Song, Waterfront and Someone Somewhere in Summertime. – that works live because they’re an excellent band with a charismatic frontperson – but that probably works less well as a CD or a stream as you’re bunching together tunes recorded decades apart in different places with different musicians. Either way this oddly timed best of (they already have a new Live LP due next week don’t they?) to be fair is just a bit of promo for Enormodome dates they’ve got for next year so not for the hardcore Minds fans I guess

Todd Richards

I’m excited by the news of new studio music by Simple Minds anytime. Regardless if it’s Charlie N Jim noodling, or full band bombast (ala BW555, Graffiti Soul, or Big Music) but I was bummed by the unfortunate timing of planning this “news” on the same day LIVE IN THE CITY OF ANGELS was arriving in stores (what better proof of how good the forthcoming tour will be in Europe?) Regardless, on my holiday list :)


John McCann

By the look of the cover burchil and kerr could easily have retired on the revenue that they made from selling badges,


Excellent! :D

Stephen K

For a chronological survey of all their singles from the 70’s into the 00’s, get the 3CD version of Celebrate (well, all their singles you would logically need… you don’t need all the multiple versions of Love Song, etc. from remixed re-releases, right?).

Less tracks, jumbled play order for 40? The best thing about this compilation is the cover art… which is indeed nice.

When Celebrate came out in 2013, I couldn’t dump the Glittering Prize 81/92 compilation quickly enough! The same would be true with 40.

Not only did OMD give us a more comprehensive and up-to-date singles compilation this year, but they added in extra content (demos? please! early live sets? yum! video content? great!).

Not that there’s much for the band to do here. They’ve already put out live CD’s, acoustic CD’s covers LP’s, a great singles compilation, videos, demos… sure 40 years is worth celebrating, but in the end, age is just a number. I could certainly go for a reissue of their music videos, though. Their last video compilation is way out of print, isn’t it?

Alas, this compilation seems a bit simple-minded.


This is the music equivalent of half and half scarves seen at football matches- utterly pointless, jarring to real fans to the point of annoyance and aimed at tourists or in this case, the Christmas gift purchase because someone remembers you like SM.
They unfortunately bring these out every few years just as a Spurs or Everton do a DVD to celebrate one win or Harry Kane’s greatest dives. Will be in the reduced section and flooding the ‘pre-owned ebay section in January.
Such a shame.
Now go and check out OMD for how to do it!

John McCann

So not vinyl then,,,100 percent accrlic like the scarves

Alan F Jones

This release is obviously to support the world tour also announced today and as a lifelong fan / collector / hi-fi enthusiast, I’m just looking forward to hearing more Minds tracks with the Abbey Road treatment. The full version of the single For One Night Only has a great intro and sounds very good streamed and played loud on Tidal, albeit I would prefer more keyboard than orchestral synth. Ordered the silver vinyl for now (sorry Paul).



What a missed opportunity to have LIFE IN A DAY, REAL TO REAL CACOPHONY, STREET FIGHTING YEARS as deluxe boxes. Not a word anywhere about it so it seems it won’t happen anymore.

Someone said: “I’m waiting for 2020 and 2021. The fortieth anniversary, super deluxe box sets for Empires And Dance, and Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call.”

I thought about it sometime ago. What a dream !!!
It seems Universal or Simple Minds itself do not mind to the unavailable material in the shelves.

Simon Markham

When I heard this was a Best Of album I thought “That would be short” – not 3 CD’s!


I’m a big fan but they could have done something special for 40 years. Missed opportunity.


Surely you can fit more than 18 songs over 2 pieces of vinyl. Not as bad as the Editors though who managed to “stretch” 16 tracks over 2 pieces of wax on their soon to be released best of.


Instead of this there should have been a 30th anniversary deluxe version of SFY maybe with the complete Verona concert on CD and DVD as a super deluxe version. I’ll opt for the single CD version of this because of the new song but wouldn’t have needed another greatest hits/best of.


Well I wonder who sequences their studio albums then because the order of these tracks is awful. The flow will be awful.
I’m usually a completist but for this it’ll be a 99p download of the new song (which is ok but disposable) and that’s it .
Don’t want to get too down on SM though as compared to their contemporaries they are still producing and touring regularly. This will pay for the next studio album I’m sure

Steve Hill

I’m a big SM fan so always look forward to new releases especially Super Deluxe packages. The 3 separate album box set reissues they did were fantastic! Packaging always on point. Was happy with the OMD 40 year anniversary release…if this is SM’s package for theirs it’s a missed opportunity. I don’t want edits. 12” versions, B-sides, demos, more unreleased live versions. Fingers crossed for SFY boxset or something for fans to enjoy they don’t alreacurrently have…

Derek Langsford

The 3 SM SDEs were very good in concept but each had their faults. NGD used the same 5.1 mixes as the 2005 DVD-A with 2 tracks sounding much different than the others (apparently no multi-track master but they didn’t try very hard to make them sound similar to the rest), SiR initially had a mono instead of a 5.1 mix on the DVD-A and had to be replaced, and OUaT had a couple of tracks that sounded like mp3 versions despite better-sounding versions elsewhere.


I’ll probably hold off getting this and go with the 3 CD version of Celebrate for any of the edits that I’m missing.
Does anyone know if the tracks on Celebrate were remastered?

The differences between this and the 3 CD edition of Celebrate as far as I can see:

Included on Celebrate but omitted from 40 (excluding the 2 then exclusive tracks):

Sweat in Bullet
Ghost Dancing
Promised You a Miracle (Live)
Kick It In
Let It All Come Down
Stand by Love
Real Life
Dancing Barefoot
One Step Closer
Stay Visible

Other singles omitted from 40:

Love Song (Glittering Prize ’92 Single Mix)
Let the Day Begin
Midnight Walking


For the defence: all the edits are (7”) single versions/edits. Celebrate, the previous comp from 2013, had all these same edits. So on that account it’s not worse…


Wonderful! FINALLY a Best Of. The last “Best Of” was released a very long time ago … 5 years ?

Robert Laversuch

Seems superfluous barring that new track. And maybe the edits, whether needed or not. Will probably get it for the sake of having it. Would like to say something positive about the acoustic album, especially the live album with DVD. Didn’t think so before release but thought it worked very well. While I agree that the first seven or eight albums were the business I am glad they are still going and hope they will be around for many years to come.

DJ Salinger

One person who’s probably going to be a bit happier about this compilation is Mr Kenny Anderson.

New track ‘For One Night Only’ is a King Creosote cover. Royalties ahoy.

Joe Mac Pherson

I’m waiting for 2020 and 2021. The fortieth anniversary, super deluxe box sets for Empires And Dance, and Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call. What this band released, just in those 2 years, is astonishingly good. Also, in many instances, remarkably innovative. I’ll be disappointed if Simple Minds fail to honor these marvelous productions, as they deserve it.

Tom from FIN

Excellent point, Joe. Their saturation point, however, was definitely New Gold Dream. Unfortunately there seems no remarkable bonuses left. The 2016 deluxe box covered their peak I guess completely.


This is merely biting off Celebrate 3CD set, and badly at that. Looks like a money grab.

Jph Wilts

Surprised no one has mentioned what a terrible cover this is. I love the original by King Creosote, such a beautiful song. Check it out!


Really dreadful product – missing classics, edits and so out of order chronologically to the point of jarring.

Overall, I really never understand these kinds of lacking compilations. Most fans have all of the albums and probably prefer to listen to them in their entirety. When a compilation is desired, we can make our own with today’s digital options.

I’ve been enjoying SM’s output for the most part. One of the groups I most look forward to hearing about. Please just give us a new album of some quality material instead of a half-baked cash grab that I really doubt works.

thomas solimine

Utterly unnecessary. Do not need to hear anything by this band post 1983. Edit it down to that
and you merely need to purchase Early Gold cd for $5 in a used bin.


What two ‘waterfronts’, two ‘see the lights’, no ghost dancing? Should be called “40 reasons to cash in on your fans with a not very best, best of” but I guess that’s not so catchy ….

David Johnson

Ghostdancing, Glitterball, Sweat in Bullet, Kick it In, Home (probably others) – all missing?
And a Greatest Hits Tour in 2020.

As other have said, 81/92 and Celebrate are much better as there’s no acoustic versions on those.
Looks like a pension pot booster to me!


What is meant with the ‘album version’ of Don’t You as in my view it never appeared on a studio album.
Do they refer to the 12” version?


It was on the soundtrack of The Breakfast Club.

Steven Campbell

It means the album version as featured on the soundtrack album of The Breakfast Club, the film for which it was written. Granted it didn’t feature on a Simple Minds album but this is the album to which it refers I’d say. I’d very much doubt if it was the 12″ version which I have on vinyl and also have an excellent remix of by Jam and Spoon on another CD.

Henrik kirkegaard

I Think We need the Sfy box and not again a greatest album with rekord Breaking edits.

Paul you know if We ever Will see the sfy box which i hope Will include the verona soundtrack.


Bit disappointed with this. As has been mentioned below they haven’t released that much new stuff since the ‘Celebrate’ 3CD compilation (which is an excellent set).

I think they lost momentum after the ‘Big Music’ tour. I loved that album. The acoustic thing did little for me and ‘Walk Between Worlds’ had some great tracks but weak singles (especially the first one). And now another greatest hits. Wish they’d get the ‘Big Music’ line-up back together again and do some new music.

John Young

Ffs yet another greatest hits compilation how about a new album and one that doesn’t feel like it was turned out over a weekend


They have been recording a new album. I imagine though that doing the “40th anniversary” thing means holding off on that for the moment to do something like this… Obviously not too exciting for fans who have most of the stuff already, but not surprising given the anniversary idea.

Auntie Sabrina

The udiscoverstore also have an exclusive silver 18 track vinyl edition for £27.99 plus p and p



waterfront and see the lights are there twice because they added the acoustic ones.
It’s a shame they put that package before the SFY one… if it ever gonna be released. But I think it’s a good excuse to go on tour.