Simple Minds / Acoustic in Concert

Eagle Rock will release Simple Minds‘ Acoustic in Concert this week, a live document of a special show the band recorded for BBC Radio 2’s In Concert series.

This live event happened on the eve of the release of the band’s Acoustic album and they perform almost the entire album of “reimagined acoustic versions” of classic songs from their catalogue, along with cover versions like Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (when they were joined by Steve Harley).

Acoustic in Concert is being issued on 16 June 2017 as a CD+DVD combo (region 0, NTSC), or as a standalone blu-ray. Both feature 5.1 surround sound.

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Simple Minds

Acoustic In Concert CD+DVD


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Simple Minds

Acoustic In Concert Blu-ray


  • 1) New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
  • 2) See The Lights
  • 3) Glittering Prize
  • 4) Stand By Love
  • 5) Waterfront
  • 6) Andy Warhol
  • 7) Chelsea Girl
  • 8) Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
  • 9) Dancing Barefoot 10) Speed Your Love To Me
  • 11) Promised You A Miracle
  • 12) Don t You (Forget About Me)
  • 13) Sanctify Yourself
  • 14) Long Black Train
  • 15) Alive And Kicking
  • 16) Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)


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Geoff G

I’ve seen this video on YouTube a couple of times. It’s great, imo. I also liked the Acoustic album. It’s nice to get this concert it on DVD and blu-ray over YouTube. And, I agree with the “where’s the CD+blu-ray combo?” That’s the edition that I would buy. So, as it stands, I’m going with the CD+DVD edition, as I want the CD’s. DVD’s are pretty decent nowadays, plus when your blu-ray player converts it to better resolution, they’re not too bad.

btw, Paul the CD+DVD edition link on Amazon.com (US) is:


I’ve had it on pre-order for a few weeks. It states it’s all region. I’m not sure if it’s an import or not (but it does not say import).

Mike Bushell

I bought the original acoustic album and was really disappointed. It was way to “plugged in” and showed no imagination. Disappointing


They certainly know how to fleece their fans do this band.


Look at the mock-up @bertielego… I can almost guarantee you, it is released in one of these standard cheap™ blue boxes….


Looking forward to these releases.

Is the bluray sold in one of these ugly cheap blue plastic boxes, or in a properly designed and manufactured packaging?

peter wolf

Paul can i mention this a complete surprise around 4 weeks ago for some reason the concert appeared on my ultra 4k tv! I kid you not! An excellent laid back concert & well worth it.


HMV aren’t selling either the CD+DVD or the Blu-ray.


You know, you can`t beat some Simple Minds*. They along with Tears For Fears, Talk Talk are some of the few “80`s bands” I can stand. Bands with talent, play good music and have albums that “hold up” today and besides Jim Kerr is a big Bob Dylan fan.

Yeah, I know The Simps first came on the scene in the late `70`s.

Alan Jones

I’m a massive fan from right back to Life in a Day but one thing I can’t do is watch a concert DVD or Blu Ray. Listening in 5.1 would appeal to me but I don’t have a set-up for that at the moment. I of course watched the original broadcast and recorded on my Sky box and then burnt a copy to CD using my old Pioneer CD-R Player. I’m first and foremost a vinyl buyer and the extra tracks on Acoustic are excellent. I’m sure they will surface on CD at some stage. Anyway I’m now looking forward to the release of the new album which was “finished and handed over” as Jim Kerr put it, a few months ago. I have heard one of the new tracks but I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil the impact for the band and other fans.

Paul E.

I purchased the studio “Acoustic” Vinyl for the exclusive bonus songs and haven’t stopped listening to it. This is a nice companion to that release. I won’t joke about autographed exclusives on this one since Amazon.uk botched up my signed CD order with “Acoustic”. I may need to purchase both since the CD isn’t bundled with the Blu Ray – this trend drives me crazy.

Steven Roberts

Yeah, they botched up my signed copy as well……. :(

The Progster

This is great news to have this superb BBC Live in concert finally on CD and visual content
Although 2 things that are a shame and disappointing in my opinion…
1. The stupid person who thinks it’s a clever way of displaying INCONCERT on the front cover when clearly it should have a gap in between like this…IN CONCERT
2. A missed opportunity in putting the 3 tracks that were only available on the double vinyl of Acoustic…”Stand By Love”, “Speed Your Love To Me”, “Light Travels”
Surely these could have either been put on this new CD as bonus tracks or a re-issue of “Acoustic” with the 3 bonus tracks or even better put them on the CD in the first place…There is nowhere else to get these songs no CD no download just expensive double vinyl…so some fans will never never ever get hear these 3 songs in Acoustic style…shame on you record company.
We don’t all own a record deck and why should we…we’ve moved on to CD and downloads not going back to vinyl just because it’s the IN thing or it sounds better…Vinyl is delicate and it wears out every time you play it.


Properly cleaned and cared for records played on a record player with a good cartridge does NO harm to the record AT ALL. The idea that the record ‘wears out’ every time you play it ranks right up there with ‘I’ll respect you in the morning.’


…or the claim once made about CDs that you could smear them with jam, scratch them with a nail and they would still sound perfect. They don’t and I know from experience, although the jam tasted nice.


The `INCONCERT` is intentional as is `SIMPLEMINDS` at the top of the cover.


Why can’t there be a CD+BLU-RAY combo available?

Paul E.

@Morten…you aren’t alone with that question!


the release date is june 16th




Just wish they’d release a Super Deluxe of Sons And Fascination / Sister Feelings Call.

Still, this looks pretty good…


excellent. looking forward to it.

already have it on vinyl, and saw a preview of the concert already.

nice addition, and interesting variations.



Didn’t know there was a live vinyl version of this album, I assume you mean the studio acoustic album?


Right, there is no live vinyl album. Just the normal acoustic one.