Simple Minds / Acoustic


Simple Minds have recorded an acoustic album of some of their best-known songs, for release in November.

The appropriately named Simple Minds Acoustic sees the band put away the synths for “stripped down and re-imagined” reinterpretations of hits such as Someone Somewhere in Summertime, Alive and Kicking and Don’t You (Forget About Me). Promised You A Miracle features fellow Scot, KT Tunstall.

It’s available on CD and LP but rather unusually, the heavyweight vinyl 2LP version features three bonus tracks. It also comes with a download code for all 15 songs. That Amazon UK price is nonsense, and we can expect that to come down dramatically.


There were 100 signed copies on the band’s website yesterday, but they sold out within minutes, unfortunately. Simple Minds Acoustic is released on 11 November 2016.

Update: The official Simple Minds site currently links to a SIGNED version of the CD on Amazon UK. I have now included this below, along with the original CD and vinyl links.


CD Edition

1. The American
2. Promised You a Miracle
3. Glittering Prize
4. See the Lights
5. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
6. Someone Somewhere in Summertime
7. Waterfront
8. Sanctify Yourself
9. Chelsea Girl
10. Alive and Kicking
11. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
12. Long Black Train

Vinyl LP Edition

01 The American
02 Promised You A Miracle
03 Glittering Prize
04 See The Lights
05 New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
06 Someone Somewhere In Summertime
07 Waterfront
08 Sanctify Yourself
09 Chelsea Girl
10 Alive And Kicking
11 Don’t You (Forget About Me)
12 Long Black Train
13 Stand By Love*
14 Speed Your Love To Me*
15 Light Travels*

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[…] In Concert series. This live event happened on the eve of the release of the band’s Acoustic album and they perform almost the entire album of “reimagined acoustic versions” of classic […]

Paul E.

My signed pre-order still hasn’t shipped. Amazon UK support gave no insight into the delay and was basically no “support” whatsoever. Several early reviews claimed discs were sent with no signatures…those purchasers stated the booklet was checked thoroughly. Hoping this finds its way to my US mailbox soon but loosing hope after noticing ALL comments have been deleted on the site. Paul, have you heard any reports of delays? Thanks in advance.


Opened, and yes indeed it is. Thanks Paul!


Does anyone know if the signed copies have the signatures on the inside or booklet?
I’ve received my copy which I ordered via the amazon link and received a copy that is sealed. So should I open and check or contact amazon right away?

Paul E.

@lee…not sure about the Bowie scenario, but this is a case of record companies trying to push vinyl sales. The three additional tracks are not on the vinyl set – they are available on a download card. I’m not sure if I’d be as dismayed if they were on the actual vinyl pressing- but including them only in this format, not publishing the audio format (i.e. lossy MP3, lossless FLAC, etc.), not issuing a deluxe 2 CD set w/them included, all equates to nonsense in my book. Let’s not forget the autographed “sell out” issues…they are sold out…no, wait, they are available. The band should be better represented and marketed. They are one of my favorites and SM deserve more than this.

CJ Feeney

Back in the eighties albums often lost tracks going from 2 LP to 1 CD – eg Absolute Beginners soundtrack, 20 years of Jethro Tull , History of Fairport Convention. At the time a double CD tended to cost twice the price of a single CD regardless of the length of the contents, and single CDs were up to twice the price of an LP, so most fans baulked at buying a double CD at 3 to 4 times the cost of a standard LP.

Julian H

The bonus tracks ARE on the vinyl LP.


In terms of “vinyl featuring more than CD”, should I recall right I am certain that the 1990 Bowie best shenanigans, ChangesBowie, did the same trick? I seem to remember, for example, Starman was on the record, but not the CD or tape version?

Alan Jones

Paul, the official site is currently providing a link to pre-order the signed CD via Amazon UK for only £13.99. Maybe you can do the same?


Sorry this has zero interest for me, the acoustic section of their last tour was redundant in my view. It jst feels wrong. Appreciate others may feel differently. Can’t imagine there ever being a need for a version of Promised You a Miracle involving K T Tunstall. This joins the list of Simple Minds albums that won’t find their way into my collection.


Mandela Day would have sounded nice acoustic.


I usually think these albums are the last resort of the artistically redundant but, having listened to the acoustic version of Promised You A Miracle, I think this really adds to the song. It is one of my favourite Simple Minds tracks and this version gives it a great twist.

Matthew Holbrook

The vinyl on Amazon has also reduced – by £15.

Garry Dickson

Amazon have now dropped the preorder price to £9.99..! Far more sensible..


Just listened to Promised You A Miracle


It is actually Simple Minds with KT Kunstall (she seems to be doing more of the singing!). So I wonder whether Jim is singing by himself or there are other artists singing along with him!

As mentioned above, listed to Jim on Radio 2, new material will hopefully be released next year (this will be the official follow up to Big Music).

Here is the big BUT, Jim mentioned that the next album, could be the final Simple Minds physical album


I wish they had included some acoustic versions from their Big Music album as well!

Koen Kroeze

Grrr… I got the newsletter after the first 1000 copies already had been sold.

@ negative1: I don’t see your solution as ‘win, win’… buying, downloading, burning, selling. It could’ve been easier to put 15 tracks on the CD/direct download. Who’s interested in secondhand vinyl anyway?

“Promised You A Miracle” sounds promising, not miraculous…

alan hansen

@Christophe your passion is quite well understood here. i’ve not decided whether to purchase this or not. i still own a substantial piece of my collection on vinyl (mostly due to items never released on cd, superb artwork, or sentimental reasons), but i do not currently purchase vinyl (with very few exceptions – among which this will not be counted). i take no issue with offering the consumer a choice, but this type of marketing is offensive to audiophiles like me.


Love the sample song. I actually think acoustic albums can be quite good in some cases. In fact, there are times when the acoustic album has been one I enjoyed more than the standard albums. Bon Jovi’s This Left Feels Right comes to mind on that front.

I haven’t been as excited by orchestral albums. I think there is the potential that an orchestral album can be wonderful–you can pack a ton of energy and “space” into an orchestral arrangement of a song. But too often it seems that the artists instead opt for doing the “elevator music” arrangement and suck all of the life out of their selections.

Alan Jones

If you keep up to date with JKs posts on FB he’s mentioned about working on two projects. One has turned out to be the Acoustic album which you could guess reading into his words. The other is new material which was handed over a couple of weeks ago. I have a demo of one new track which is excellent but I won’t say more as I don’t want to spoil the impact for fans when the band make their official annoucemement in due course.


And the question is why….


The sample track linked above sounds tremendous. Count me in, no matter what the label or band or fans might be thinking with this one. I don’t care what they think, I just like what I hear…


Well said!


looking forward to this.

especially the vinyl, with the extra tracks.

so, if it’s a problem, just buy the vinyl, download the tracks,
sell it, and get the cd.

win, win.



30 years after the bonus tracks to have us buy CDs, we have the bonus tracks to have us buy vinyls…

I – won’t – buy – any – vinyls.

I – won’t – buy – a – CD – with – missing – tracks.

And – I – won’t – let – record companies – claim – that – illegal downloads – destroy – their – industry.

They destroy it by themselves….

I’ll buy it when it will be a CD edition with all the tracks. Even though I’ve been a fan since Alive and Kicking!




And to add insult to injury, I’ve just seen it in stores, the cardboard sleeve is so cheap!


It seems a little bit ‘stop gap’ for me, record companies know the ‘old stuff’ sells probably more than ‘new stuff’ so would rather have acoustic / orchestral versions than the follow up to Big Music, which personally I thought was better than their once upon a time rivals (see what i did there?) U2’s Songs of Innocence.


Why compare? There`s plenty room out there for both bands.

`Songs Of Innocence` is a fine album, if it`s not a favourite why waste time giving it sh!te.

Paul E.

Unhappy that I missed out on the autographed copies. I’m already sold on this release and am excited to hear more acoustic versions of these tracks. With all their SDE releases recently, they should have at least released a 2 CD Deluxe version with the three bonus tracks included. Again, the vinyl does nothing for me and the site mentions nothing of the download quality (MP3, FLAC, etc.). I’d probably buy the Vinyl [never play it] but enjoy the 15 FLAC tracks if that’s the route they take. Artists and their respective label should know that download detail is an important consideration these days. A release occurring in November should have that well reported by now – this is too common and a bit annoying.



Acoustic versions seem to be a bit hit and miss for me.
I think I will have to get to hear some of it before buying.
I do like the track selection though…


Is it a part of the contract that musicians over 50-55 must do an acoustic/orchestral album?
How boring are those albums, they’re only good if you have insomnia.

Paul E.

I’d give Ian McCulloch’s 2012/2013 back to back releases a shot. “Live At Liverpool Anglican Cathedral” & “Orchestral Reworks from The Union Chapel” are both very good. This certainly validates your first point well as he released two in two years. But I’d politely argue your second comment as most of the acoustic stuff is welcome [especially when you’ve been listening to the same renditions for 20 something years].

Alan Jones

Hi Paul,

Just to advise according to the official site there were 1000 signed copies if the CD I still missed out though still happy with the vinyl anyway. Keep up the excellent work!


Already sold out though

Gary C

Sounds good that, so far removed from 5X5, which for me was the benchmark of their recent history


I already love this new release from a very recently active band which decided not only to produce new material but also deliver new live recordings, compilation, 5×5 and now a great acustic set! Keep going guys!

Ben Williams

Heard Jim Kerr and the new single ‘Promised You A Miracle’ yesterday on Ken Bruce, very good.

November 11th has to be the busiest release day ever!