Simple Minds confirm that a ‘Street Fighting Years’ box set is on the way

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years box set

Simple Minds have officially confirmed that a Street Fighting Years box set is on the way “early next year.”

Writing on Simple Minds official Facebook page, Jim Kerr says he has been interviewed “for Simple Minds remastered ‘Street Fighting Years'” and even posts a photo of the box set (replicated above), which suggests they’ve already been manufactured. He confirms that it will be “released early next year”.

The 1989 album was produced by Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson and delivered the band’s first and only UK number one single ‘Belfast Child’ (which was the lead track on the ‘Ballad of the Streets EP). Three further singles were all top 20 UK hits.

The size and shape of the box suggests it will be consistent with previous Simple Minds super deluxe editions and fans can therefore expect a four or five disc package.

This hasn’t been officially announced by the record label, and isn’t available to pre-order anywhere, but rest assured that SDE will publish more details on this as they emerge.

The band’s latest release is 40: The Best of 1979-2019 which is out now and available on 3CD, 2LP vinyl and a single CD edition.

40: The Best Of 1979-2019 3CD set

Disc: 1
1. Waterfront – Edit
2. Love Song – Edit
3. I Travel – Edit
4. Glittering Prize – Edit
5. Sense of Discovery – Edit
6. The American – Edit
7. Up on The Catwalk – Edit
8. She’s A River – Edit
9. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) – Edit
10. See the Lights – 7″ Version
11. Jeweller to the Stars – Single Mix
12. War Babies – Bascombe Mix Single Version
13. Belfast Child – Edit                                                                                                                        

Disc: 2
1. Home – Edit
2. Magic – Radio Edit
3. Promised You A Miracle – Edit
4. This Is Your Land – DJ Version
5. Honest Town – Radio Edit
6. Glittering Prize (Acoustic)  Album Version
7. Waterfront – (Acoustic) Album Version
8. See the Lights (Acoustic) – Album Version
9. Let There Be Love – 7″ Mix
10. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) – Edit
11. All the Things She Said – Edit
12. Once Upon A Time – Album Version
13. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Album Version

Disc: 3
1. Chelsea Girl – Edit
2. Cry – Album Version
3. Hypnotised – TLA Edit
4. Stars Will Lead the Way – Single Version
5. For One Night Only – New Track
6. Theme for Great Cities – Album Version
7. Life in A Day – Album Version
8. Changeling – Edit
9. Celebrate – Edit
10. Blindfolded – Album Version
11. Sanctify Yourself – Edit
12. Mandela Day – Edit
13. Speed Your Love to Me – Edit
14. Alive and Kicking – Edit

40: The Best Of 1979-2019 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. Chelsea Girl – Edit [Side A]
2. I Travel – Edit [Side A]
3. Love Song – Edit [Side A]
4. Promised You A Miracle – Edit [Side A]
5. Glittering Prize – Edit [Side A]
6. Someone Somewhere in Summertime – Edit [Side B]
7. Waterfront – Edit [Side B]
8. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Album Version [Side B]
9. Alive and Kicking – Edit [Side B]
10. Sanctify Yourself – Edit [Side B]

LP 2
1. Belfast Child – Edit [Side C]
2. Mandela Day – Edit [Side C]
3. See the Lights – 7″ Version [Side C]
4. Hypnotised – TLA Edit [Side C]
5. Stars Will Lead the Way – Single Version [Side D]
6. Honest Town – Radio Edit [Side D]
7. Sense of Discovery – Edit [Side D]
8. For One Night Only – New Track [Side D]

40: The Best Of 1979-2019 single CD edition

Love Song
I Travel
Glittering Prize
Sense of Discovery
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
See the Lights
Belfast Child
Promised You A Miracle
Honest Town
Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Chelsea Girl
Stars Will Lead the Way
For One Night Only – New Track
Sanctify Yourself
Mandela Day
Alive and Kicking

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Has the tracklisting for this boxset been officially confirmed by Simple Minds yet ? If true, this is very poor indeed,continuing a line of lazy,uninspiring releases. Why Jim and Charlie are so reluctant to open the vaults is anyone’s guess, knowing that this type of product will only appeal to their die hard fan base who will almost certainly have most of this already.So disappointing.


This is very poor. Disc 2 full of edits and discs 3 and 4 supposed to be that live concert yet they have stuck 2 remixes on disc 3 and roughly £52 for 4 discs is daylight robbery.


So, just 4 discs, no 5.1 mix this time, the Verona gig over 2 discs, and b-sides and remixes flesh out the other disc…hmm


Won’t be for me then, what’s the point with no 5.1.

David Johnson

and it’s missing 4 tracks!!!!
3/10 for effort. Worse than Once Upon a Time when they checked in live in the city of light!
also, its the old remaster.

there is a 2LP version though which includes when spirits rise as the final track so about the only redeeming thing for this release.


I can’t find info about boxset but if other posts are correct I’m disappointed with content, nothing from Mandela show 88 or Wembley Stadium August 89, loads of artists have released their Wembley gigs Oasis, Queen, Genesis, Inxs etc. Nae mind!!


I hope they release the Wembley stadium gig from 1989 tour, footage of this gig was on a bbc documentry aired in 1990, now that would be something!!


to me the last great album they made


This is a must have for me. I have never been able to understand why this period of the band’s history attracts so much negativity. Neither SFY nor OUAT are anywhere near as “bombastic ” as the biased music press would have us believe, and to expect any artist to remain in any one genre ultimately leads to stagnation.Of course their early work is sublime, but this was the Minds treading a different path and one for which they don’t get anywhere near enough credit in my opinion. And to think that David Bowie was lauded for his changes in style.


It should include the performance from the 1988 Mandela 70th birthday tribute. “Mandela Day” premiered on that occasion. They also performed Sun City with Little Steven and Biko with Peter Gabriel.

David Johnson

It’s on an LP bootleg called ‘Mandela Day’. 10/10 broadcast quality too. Would be great to see / hear it remastered though and the 1990 gig when Mandela was freed, although that was only 3 songs I think due to some backstage arguments with Peter Gabriel’s people!!
Hopefully, plenty of live material, demos, unreleased mixes and the remastered album across 6 CDs will be great…


A much-maligned album but one which I still remember fondly and have a soft spot for. For me this was the start of the stage where they lost their way a wee bit but still produced some good work, it just wasn’t up there with their previous stuff.

Real Life had some good poppy singles on it and I know I’ll get flamed for this but I think Good News From The Next World is a cracking album, the best of that period. After which they did lose their way until Black & White 050505.

Paul Redman

No flamin’ from me, Mike. ‘Good News’ is an absolute corking album and now, even twenty-five years (almost) on from its release, there’s not a duff track on it. I was proper well stoked when on seeing them in early ’95 on their UK arena tour they kicked off with ‘Room’.


I am a big SM fan and agree with you too Mike on both SFY and RL (really enjoy that one). With SFY, this came out when I was in college and studying overseas in London. The release totally caught me off guard and was excited to see it in a record store one day. So fun checking stores on Oxford Street after that for the CD singles and also picked up a really cool tour t-shirt with that pic of Jim in the field by the old church.

I don’t listen to it much now as some songs seem jarring. Hard to describe this but just the way I feel listening to it. I still like some of it and should give it another listen. Not ashamed to admit that I actually like the Sign OTT cover.

Very glad to see others are very excited for it though and hope it’s all you want. I would like the Verona concert on CD. For those of you who haven’t heard the instrumental B-side to This is Your Land called Year of the Dragon, you are in for a treat. A beautiful instrumental that IMHO is on the level with Somebody Up There Likes You and A Brass Band In African Chimes.

Todd R

I was fortunate enough to get the original “box set” edition with the songbook and BBC recordings (story of simple minds) on cassette etc. I would hope at least some of the book would be re-formated into fitting here. And along with those lost songs – don’t forget the live “Soul Crying Out” that came our way during the REAL LIFE period (now there’s a box set also that needs done) and the live materials on THEME 20 (that only came with the 4th Theme box set)….

Hopefully Tears For Fears will also surprise us with the SEEDS OF LOVE box set we keep hearing is out there….


I would love to hear Real Life remastered in 5.1 for See The Lights only. I think that song alone is worth the price of admission. Very dense production with a wide soundstage already. Reminds me of Thomas Dolby’s The Flat Earth. I’m definitely up for SFY as well though.

Nuno Bento

MASSIVE news. Simple Minds needed two things for 2020: this and the middle years vinyl box. One is done, hopefullt the box comes by the end of the year.

Here’s what SFY Deluxe needs:

Disc 1 – CD: Remaster
Disc 2 – CD: EPs, B-Sides, Extended mixes + a few unreleased tracks from the SFY sessions (we know they exist)
Disc 3&4 – CD: Verona ’89 – Complete concert
Disc 5 – DVD: Live in Verona (video) [very much doubt they will go through the trouble of going back to the original cans of film and restore the compelte concert, although that would be ideal]
Disc 6 – DVD-A: Surround Mix, Promo Videos


Would be nice to get more tracks from the paris bercy omnisports gig on dvd. At the time, we booked to go and see them there, after the fanclub stated it was to be filmed for a “future video release”. In the end they released verona instead, and the only Paris track I’ve seen released to date is sanctify yourself.

Martin Breedyk

This would make for a good collection, personally I’m not bothered about DVD or Blu Ray so will leave others to opine on that

CD1 – original album remastered
CD2 – Bsides

Belfast Child – 7” version
This Is Your Land – 7” version
Saturday Girl – This Is Your Land – B side
Year of the Dragon – This Is Your Land – B side
Waterfront (89 Remix) – Kick It In – B side
Big Sleep (live) – Kick It In – B Side
Kick It In (unauthorised mix) – Kick In In – B Side
Sign O’The Times – Let It All Come Down – B Side
Sign O’The Times (CJ Mackintosh remix) – Let It All Come Down – B Side
Jerusalem – Let It All Come Down – B Side
Street Fighting Years – extended version

CD3 – demos/alternate versions of all songs on album (a bit like A-ha approach on recent Hunting High and Low 4CD set would be really cool
CD4 and 5 – live from Verona


Mandela Day (7” edit)
This Is Your Land (DJ edit #2)
Kick It In (7” version)
Let It All Come Down (7” edit)
Sign Of The Times (7” version)


I wish all versions will be present, as well as the Verona concert video and audio without the annoying interview interruptions…

Anybody and tracklists for the additional CD’s?

Henrik K

I agree
The full verona concert on audio and dvd.
How could they even think on leaving that out.
Gotta have this one.

Timmy the Dog

I’m not greedy but the album remastered, 5.1 surround sound blu ray, all the extras from the CD singles & the Amsterdam EP, Verona concert on DVD or blu ray ( & CD’s ) with any behind the scenes stuff, TV shows ( can’t remember seeing them on TOTP in this period though ) & the videos. Also a replica tour programme & maybe some artwork showing them in their new studio at the time with the scenery in the background. I remember seeing that in a Q magazine from the time & would all be brilliant! Thanks Jim!

DJ Salinger

Well, flawed it may be but I’m glad it’s finally getting the SDE green light after so long in limbo. It’s an interesting moment in the band’s career arc; trying to rein-in the worst excesses of stadium rock bluster in places, but also still create appeal to their enlarged post-OUAT constituency. They got a lot of stick for it of course, and some fans of the early days felt totally alienated by what the band had evolved into by now.

The thing is, Jim and Charlie had ambition, yes, but they also had integrity. Lots of eyes may roll at the ubiquity of rock stars in that period using their position as a soapbox. We see it now as a cliche of the era. But Simple Minds’ championing of human rights effectively ended their career trajectory in the USA. Their stance cost them in that regard because it didn’t conform. Let’s not forget Fox ruthlessly censored political content when the Mandela tribute gig was aired in the States; you can sing and play for us, sure – but don’t mention anything awkward like apartheid or political prisoners, it just spoils the party, right?

But yeah, the Prince cover was ill-advised. I think we probably all agree on that one…


Glad they are reissuing this one too. It’s not as bad nor as good as some say it is. It’s a mediocre album with some nice highlights IMHO. Hopefully this will be issued with a 5.1 mix again, like the other Simple Minds SDE’s. Looking forward to it!

Alison sarah carroll

I bought the album and i very much enjoyed it . i have been a fan of simple minds since 1983


I’m so happy….. I hope I won’t be disappointed with the content, like the weak one for once upon a time


AAAAAHHHH! YYEAAAAH! Can’t wait for it. This is the best musical news for years! “Street fighting years” is, except of U2’s “Joshua Tree” and Prince’ “Purple Rain”, the best album of the 80s. Hope they’ll drop a live album in the box, the maxis (incl. “the Amsterdam EP”) and some demos. THAT IS A VERY GOOD NEWS :-)


Dave smith what are you doing even reading this blog then when it celebrates literally what you are not interested in? Really sometimes I read comments in here and wonder if people even think before typing.

Michael McA

PLEASE JIM AND CHARLIE – do this for Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call.





The album that finally turned me off Simple Minds – it wasn’t until ‘Black & White’ that I got back into the band, with the last album (‘Walk Between Worlds’) putting an end to an excellent late career hat-trick of releases.

Actually only recently brushed off my only played once/twice ‘Street Fighting’vinyl and gave it a twirl. Sounded terrible both sonically (screechy) and musically. I’ll give this an obvious very wide berth :-)

Nuno Bento

I totally understand that SFY might not be for everyone’s tastes, but can’t understand the sonics comment. The album is slickly produced and the title track is a sonic marvel.


Sadly, one I will pass on. Huge SM fan, but this is my least favorite release of theirs. Tried to give it another chance last year, after not listening to it for over 20 years (or more) and had to turn it off. Would love to see something from prior to NGD next on their box set release

Dave H

Enjoyed the previous releases and hopefully the 5.1 surround mixes will continue. Just a pity ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ wasn’t added in 5.1 in the last release, those damn between album / soundtrack releases!
I assume Prince’s Sign O’ The Times will be on this release.


Officially quite excited by this.

Timmy the Dog

A brilliant & very worthwhile album. Great songs ( mostly ) & Trevor Horn really excelled in bringing out lush atmospherics in their sound. I love this album & yes there is a bit of chaff & I could also do without the “Rock with a conscience” bollox that they & a few others championed at the time but the quality of the songs here is undeniable. If this is done to the same standard as the others, this will be an essential purchase for me. For me, one of the best albums of 1989 along with the Tin Machine album! I’m serious!


Rock with a conscience bollox. Hahaha. I know, the nerve of them calling for the release of the unjustly imprisoned Nelson Mandela and the end of racist Apartheid in South Africa. Simple Minds, U2 and others were just terrible people!


It was a load of bollocks for about about five years after Band Aid. SM and South Africa, Sting threatening to get a lip job, Bono on just about everything, etc. I saw SM live at Roundhay Park when they toured this album. I was never a really a big fan and always thought the production on SFY was far too polished. When the follow up was released, they were back to playing arenas after their brief foray into stadiums.


“SM and South Africa” …. OK, so you were totally cool with racism and Apartheid. Got it. The second most preposterous response to this article next to the chap who doesn’t like SDE’s!

Anyway, quite looking forward to this release. Just awaiting the official release date and track list.

Timmy the Dog

I just hate pontificating pop stars! It’s not called the entertainment industry for nothing! I want to be entertained, not lectured to!! It seemed like you had to have a public conscience at the time to have “Rock” success & it was so boring!!

Dave smith

I adore simple minds,and have seen them several time live,brill, but I think in this digital/streaming age,box sets seem dated and a money spinner.
I could make the same play list up on Spotify.

Paul English

With all the correct 7″ edits, B-Sides and 12″ mixes?

Mike the Fish

That’s also a question to ask of physical boxsets too, frustratingly.

Jarmo Keranen

As long as you can’t watch the booklets and record covers on Spotify and other streaming services, physical records and box sets don’t seem dated at all!

Jim Kerr

Do you understand the point of this website???


:-))) Btw, i really whish too that you will do a box for Sons…/Sisters… hopefully incl. the complete concert of the B-side tracks.

Brian Smith

this album isn’t as bad as I remember. Certainly better then the previous album.


Verona concert would be great, there are some outtakes from the album sessions in existance, at least i heard and read of songs like ” people stand up again “, the cover of tim buckley’s ” song of the siren”, which was recorded during the mixing and fixing of live in the city of light, also remains unreleased to this day…..

Maybe some gems awaiting us?

Have not listened to sfy in years, i skipped the ouat box, looking forward to this one, ngd & sitr boxes were class releases.


awesome, looking forward to this.
this will be a great addition, and its one of my favorite albums from them.

i doubt there will be much new on it, but its good to have all the material
in one place.


Ross Baker

Was wondering when this was coming along. It’s been an oddly quiet year that’s made me begin to wonder if super-deluxe boxes are on their way out, as three artist series seem to have come to a halt (Tears for Fears, The Moody Blues and Simple Minds were all due some this year), so it’s good to know this series is continuing. Given the boxset of later albums began post-Neapolis, I reckon we might get these boxes up to that album (although who in their right mind would want 5 CDs of Neapolis I can’t imagine).


I agree Ross. A really dull year for Super deluxe and Box sets in general. Really disappointed We didn’t get Wings Back to the Egg . Although rumours suggest it’s coming in the new year.
Tears for Fears as well. Only positive was that we finally got the MOFI Dire Straits albums after 4 years in the waiting !!!!


I hope they again release a stand alone blu ray again with all the available mixes in high res!

Wayne C

This is for me personally is a special album, I love every track on it and indeed saw them perform it at Roundhay Park with All About Eve supporting. That concert was the best sound quality I’ve ever heard at an open event to this day … bring this on superb !!!

Steve j

Never was a big Simple Minds fan but my cousin was and said you have to get SFY
So I did and wasn’t disappointed
Great songs so will get this


I hope to be wrong but my guess is that the box will contain all we know without any new gems.


If they are going to this I think they may put Verona on Cd, as the b sides and mixed from the period will comfortably fit in 1 disc, so they’ll need something to fill four or five discs

Gary C

Very much the AOR/MOR phase of the career. I always liken this to Seeds of Love and Tears for Fears. Both good albums with good songwriting in places, but lots of filla.
The nadir being those rum cover versions…no one needed a cover of Biko, no one should have to hear Sign O The Times thru the prism of stadium pomp production


Without any extras obviously but i still have an original box set of this,not a good album at all in my opinion.
Sister Feelings call era for me.


Still waiting for „Sons and Fascination“ and „Sister feelings call“. I love these albums since I bought them on the day of release.

DJ Control

Does this mean that SDE did not do the said interview?

John Caddell

I’d imagine we’ll get A DVD with the album in 5.1 And the Verona concert video/audio
The radio documentary from the tapes mentioned above would be great too, along with everything from Themes Vol 4


And a SDE of Alan Parsons’ Ammonia Avenue on Cherry Red Records is also confirmed

Steven Roberts

Surprised that Ammonia Avenue is the next APP box – was convinced it would be I, Robot.

So what’s the story there?

Surprised also that the next APP box is on Cheery Red/Esoteric – weren’t the previous two on Sony/Arista?

So what’s the story there?


I assume Sony is only interested in the huge sellers like Eye In The Sky etc… Ammonia Avenue had “Don’t Answer Me”, which was quite successful in Germany, but apart from that I wouldn’t call it an important album.

Maybe that’s why Cherry Red got it ;-) I like the album though!

Tom m hans

Good news, indeed. However, I could do without Kick It In in all its varieties. Awful song. Somehow it ruins the flow of the record. Are The Silencers still around? They opened when I saw that show in Frankfurt, Germany?
Peaceful Sunday to everyone.


Yes, the Silencers are still around and recording. The band is much a family affair now as Jimme O’Neill plays with sons and daughter mainly…. but the band is still alive.

Mark A

Yet another expanded release by the identi-kit version of Simple Minds. When will “Empires and Dance” and “Sons & Fascination” get the treatment they deserve as the band’s truly innovative albums?


Yeah those 2 really need the sde/5.1 treatment.


Have to say I’m with you on this. I can see the commercial sense in doing Street Fighting Years but it looks like I’m going to have to wait another few years for the SDE’s that I’m interested in.

David Johnson

The silver box and the remasters covered off the 12″ versions and the demos rom this period. Life in Oils was great!


You could say that about New Gold Dream yet they managed to find plenty to put on the SDE that wasn’t on Silver Box or the remasters.

David Johnson

True, the instrumentals of the album tracks and early demo of in every heaven were excellent but it ended up with 9 versions of promised you a miracle over 3 CDs.

Robert Laversuch

Awesome – must by purchase. I do hope that they will include the interview that ran across two tapes in the box set they released at the time

Chris marsh

I’m always baffled by folk wanting interviews as a permanent medium. Even those people who greatly interest me only warrant one or two listens. Why would you want to pay to hear someone talking when a printed report of an interview would be so much cheaper? Genuine question.

Robert Laversuch

Tell you why – for me at least. The tape medium is fragile- dare not play them lest they snarl up. And it seems fun – again for me – to travel back to the time when I first heard it. Just being sentimental


If it were included as one section of a blu ray it would not take up space.


Id like to get a digital copy of this too. It was called the Simple Minds Story and hosted by local DJ and long time Minds champion, (the excellent) Billy Sloan.

When this was issued SM had yet to bring out a ‘hits’ album and thus these tapes served as a great career summary, even containing Johnny and the Self Abusers material.

Thinking back to 89 when this box set came out, it must be the first SDE I bought!

David Johnson

If the Ronald Prent DVD-A mix is used it could be a classic. The SFY release was aborted due to poor sales of the 2005 DVDA releases of NGD and OUAT.
And a 3 hour set from a 1989 live gig would be the icing on the cake!!


I really hope there is a 5.1 surround mix that has been produced for this set. I wonder what the extra CDs would include as the b-sides, edits and extended versions released during that time could all fit on one CD.


Verona 1989 on cd ? And please no Sign O’ The Times


Really looking forward to this release.


THE NEWS WE´VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! One of the best if not the best Simple Minds album. Belfast Child was a belter. One of the best songs of the eighties in my mind. I think this will be one of the best box-sets around when released. I can´t wait for pre-ordering this one.