Simple Minds / Rejunvenation 2001-2014 box issued on CD

7CD collection • Bonus tracks • DVD with promos • Large format

Simple MindsRejuvenation 2001-2014 box was originally issued on vinyl last year, but in March comes to CD as a large format 7CD+DVD package.

This set contains the same five albums – Neon Lights (2001), Cry (2002), Black and White 050505(2005), Graffiti Soul (2009) and Big Music (2014) – but this time they all feature bonus tracks. Additionally you now get including the rare album of covers Searching For The Lost Boys (now including a cover of T. Rex’s ‘Children Of The Revolution’).

Big Music actually gets its own bonus CD, which includes most of the tracks on the original two-CD deluxe along with some additional remixes of Big Music album tracks. ‘(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)’, with The Stranglers, also features on this disc.

The DVD includes promo videos, interviews and behind the scenes footage and this comes with a 12 x 12″ book of photos with album-by-album notes written by Jim Kerr.

The 7CD+DVD edition of Rejuvenation 2001-2014 will be released on 29 March 2019.

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Simple Minds

Rejuvenation 7CD+DVD box set


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Simple Minds

Rejuvenation 6LP coloured vinyl box


CD 1

1. Gloria
2. The Man Who Sold The World
3. Homosapien
4. Dancing Barefoot
5. Neon Lights
6. Hello I Love You
7. Bring On the Dancing Horses
8. The Needle And The Damage Done
9. For Your Pleasure
10. All Tomorrow’s Parties

11. Being Boiled
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart
13. The Man Who Sold The World [White
Spaces Main Mix]
14. Homosapien [Vince Clarke Mix]

CD 2

1. Cry
2. Spaceface
3. New Sunshine Morning
4. One Step Closer
5. Face In The Sun
6. Disconnected
7. Lazy Lately
8. Sugar
9. Sleeping Girl
10. Cry Again
11. Slave Nation
12. The Floating World

13. Lead The Blind
14. For What It’s Worth
15. The Garden
16. New Sunrise
17. Where Is The Max?

CD 3

BLACK & WHITE 050505
1. Stay Visible
2. Home
3. Stranger
4. Different World (Taormina.me)
5. Underneath The Ice
6. The Jeweller Part 2
7. A Life Shot In Black And White
8. Kiss The Ground
9. Dolphins

10. Too Much Television
12. Bird On A Wire
13. Mighty Joe Moon

CD 4

1. Moscow Underground
2. Rockets
3. Stars Will Lead The Way
4. Light Travels
5. Kiss And Fly
6. Graffiti Soul
7. Blood Type O
8. This Is It

9. Shadows And Light


CD 5

1. Rockin’ In The Free World
2. A Song From Under The Floorboards
3. Christine
4. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
5. Let The Day Begin
6. Peace, Love And Understanding
7. Teardrop
8. Whiskey In The Jar
9. Sloop John B

10. Children Of The Revolution

CD 6

1. Blindfolded
2. Midnight Walking
3. Honest Town
4. Big Music
5. Human
6. Blood Diamonds
7. Let The Day Begin
8. Concrete And Cherry Blossom
9. Imagination
10. Kill Or Cure
11. Broken Glass Park
12. Spirited Away
13. Blindfolded [Reprise]

CD 7

1. Swimming Towards The Sun
2. Bittersweet
3. Liaison
4. Riders On The Storm
5. Dancing Barefoot

1. Swimming Towards The Sun
2. Bitter Sweet
3. Liasion
4. Riders On The Storm
5. Dancing Barefoot
6. Blindfolded (Original)

6. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) [single version] (with The Stranglers)

7. Blindfolded [Johnson Somerset Remix]
8. Midnight Walking [Johnson Somerset Remix]
9. Honest Town [Johnson Somerset Remix]
10. Big Music [Johnson Somerset Remix]


1. Dancing Barefoot
2. Cry
3. Home
4. Rockets
5. Stars Will Lead The Way
6. This Is It [clip]
7. Blindfolded
8. Honest Town
9. Let The Day Begin
10. Midnight Walking
1. Neon Lights EPK
2. Black And White 050505 EPK
3. Black And White 050505 Interview
4. Graffiti Soul EPK
5. Big Music: Behind The Scenes
6. Big Music: Band interviews
7. Big Music Clip Medley: Human / Let The Day Begin / Midnight Walking

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Steve Hill

Big fan of Simple Minds and have most of their Deluxe Editions (love the New Gold Dream / Sons & Fascination / Once Upon A Time etc sets) and the Live in Glasgow set. This one is a bit pricey for what it is. Have got all these albums already and there’s not much extra for the price. FYI They’ve also not included the Malcolm Duffy remixes of “Homosapien”. A Street Fighting Years Box or their earlier albums with extra material would be great!


Shama Amazon.it is now 99,79€!!
Lets hope the price drops down soon


Now a box set with “Street Fighting Years”, “Real Life”, “Good News from the Next World”, “Néapolis”, “Our Secrets Are the Same” and as many bonus tracks (b sides, remixes…) as possible, would be a good idea.

I sadly don’t believe in individual boxes for these albums…


Personally, I would have liked to have seen Our Secrets Are The Same included in this set rather than the pointless Neon Lights.However,as others have remarked,this collection does represent good value for money and I will be very interested to read Jim’s comments in the book on what was an intriguing chapter in the band’s history.

Never Enough

Unfortunately in my opinion this period of Simple Minds was abysmal. A severe pass for me, although Big Music was very listenable and a strong return to form. I am on the other hand still hoping and waiting for the super deluxe edition of Street Fighting Years.


I wish that they’d release their early LPs on SACD, remastered.


I answered my own question by zooming in on the picture on Amazon – the DVD is NTSC.


I’m looking forward to this IF they are mastered well not like the crap mastering of the last album where it was brick walled and compressed so much it made it a difficult listen. The loudness wars are over folks! Loudness largely lost but evidently not everyone got the memo.

Julian H

I wish you were right. Sadly what I’m hearing on the pop charts seems to get more and more compressed each day, and bands/managers/labels think they have to compete with that.

Henrik Kirkegaard

I must be old.
12×12 box….why not the same as 5×5.
Thats a shame i think.
Great with the bonus track.
Why do they skip the middle period…Weird.
I prefer the sfy boxset
Hope for the verona dvd and full live audio From that.
But ok Box….


Great box-set! Nice to have some bonus tracks.

Still hoping for (Super) Deluxe Editions of each album as there is enough material like remixes, (promotional only) radio edits, alternate versions, live tracks, etc. which is not presented here and hard to find.

A bit strange to put a non-Simple Minds track as bonus on ‘Cry’. ‘Where Is The Max?’ is by Planet Funk. It’s the original instrumental version of ‘One Step Closer’…

The tracklisting of Disc 7 is a bit messed-up… are there 10 or 11 tracks… Track 6 is ‘Blindfolded (Original)’ or ‘(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) [single version] (with The Stranglers)’?


That’s great to see there will be some bonus in these reissue… Not too expensive also!

To me, “Neon Lights” and “Cry” were the renewal of my interest in Simple minds after a decade … let’s say less than average !
Finally , if “Big Music” was one of their best album ever made, I was rather disappointed by the recent “Walk Between Worlds”… In that one, their probably best song was not in ! (“Direction of the heart” is simply awesome)

Now my hope goes to a complete studio + remix sessions of the “Lost boy” project ! Presented as a Jim Kerr solo album, it still totally fits in the SM discography ! (Remember that “Broken glass park” was supposed to come from that era !)


I would get this set only when it comes down in price.

mark hughes

i just want Street Fighting Years on vinyl


I wish we’d get Our Secrets are the Same in this. I haven’t been able to find a copy of Silver Box that was in an acceptable condition at a price I could afford, and it’s the only studio albums I’m missing. I’ll be buying this set regardless, but I think they’d guarantee selling many more units if they included that one album.


Depends on what you consider ‘acceptable’, there are 2 from the UK, and 1 from Australia on sale at Discogs, for about US$120.



excellent. glad to see rare tracks, and remixes brought out.
along with the videos.

sure, there can be a ton more tracks. but for now,
good enough.

Ross Baker

I just realised that this leaves Neapolis as the only SM album not to feature in a box set. You could now buy their entire studio catalogue in three boxes (X5, Classic Album Selection, Rejuvination) with Neapolis as a standalone disc.

I wonder if this suggests that all the albums up to Neapolis will get deluxe editions? There are certainly enough remixes and b-sides to give them at least 2CD issues each, although I can’t imagine that many people are clamouring for the ’90s albums as standalone deluxe versions.

David Johnson

They’ll package up the ‘middle period’ as a box if this sells well I assume.
SFY (89), Real Life(91), Good news (95), Neapolis (98) and Our secrets (1999).
Possibly include Glittering Prize 81/92 but that’s been superceded by various ‘greatest hits’ releases.

SFY deluxe due this year though….


When I saw the email with “New Bonus Content Simple Minds”, I was convinced it was the announcement for the Street Fighting Years SDE. Slightly disappointed but still excited to read this box is now available on CD with additional content…for a lower price. The albums are a bit hit and miss (Big Music and Graffiti Soul are quite good) but it’s great to have this box with the bonus tracks. A bit like X5. Hopefullty we will still have an SDE of Street Fighting Years this year.

Graham C

I am sure the ‘Searching for the lost boys’ was part of a two disc Graffiti Soul. For me it is fitting that Big Music (great LP) ends this ‘Rejuvenation’ period as I felt the Minds were back making good music, playing in big venues with a settled band line up, only to undo the good work with the mass line up changes surrounding Acoustic and Walk, perhaps that box will be called ‘back to square one’

David Johnson

Bought the vinyl box last year so won’t be bothering as the bonus tracks are mostly B sides. However, the Johnson Somerset remixes are superb. He did War Babies back in 1998 and he ‘gets’ the backbone of the songs.
I was hoping his latest remixes might make it to a 12″ pic disc.

If you don;t know the albums then well worth it but i;ll stick with the vinyl

SFY super deluxe due later this year too…. 30th anniversary!


would have been perfect if they had included the ‘our secrets are the same’ album and the surround mix of ‘Cry’ but there is enough thwre to merit a purchase in time.


Big fan of the X5 box (covering their five albums 1979-1982) here! Decent remastering, great bonus tracks, nice packaging. I hoped for a similar box, covering their five albums 1984-1995. 2001-2014? Not so much …


Do we know if the DVD is NTSC or PAL?

elliott buckingham

we must be due a sd reissue of street fighting years


A further reason to return to the road this year!

Joe Mac Pherson

Oh! When I saw the headline, before opening the email, my immediate thoughts were Empires And Dance, as a Super Deluxe Edition, and Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call, getting the same treatment. How long will I have to wait? The first album I bought from Simple Minds was Empires And Dance. It was 1980, absolutely new, an expensive British Import and worth every dollar I paid. That album is still amazing. And the follow-up! Brilliant! I hope Simple Minds gives a lot of people what they really wish they owned, from their older catalogue. I am so ready to buy.
Meanwhile, Thank You Paul, for this article!
Trivia: October, 1981, The Whiskey A Go Go, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. To my great joy, the marquee had New Order, with Simple Minds as the headliner. For 1 incredible night! How the world has changed.


@Joe Connelly:

There is already a 5-cd-set bundling the 6 albums from “Sons And Fascination” up to “Street Fighting Years” just called “5 Album Set” (Sister Feelings Call” included as a bonus on the Sons And Fascination”-disc) that was available as a part of Amazon.de’s 3 cds for 25 Euro-offer several times in the last two years. No other bonus tracks and only cardboard-sleeves and no booklet but musicwise absolute value for money.

On the other hand i’m really curious about how many of these boxes they can shift at 60 £ because the regular 5 albums in here are musicwise nothing to compare with their better times and actually all on their own available for small change.

“Neon Lights” (in several versions, including the “Deluxe” feat. “Being Boiled” and “Love Will Tear Ja Apart” on an additional disc as bonus tracks) and “Cry” are even more often available from charity shops and cheapo-bins in stores than R.E.M.’s “Monster”, and musicwise rightly so because these are really lame albums.

“Black And White 050505” is slightly better and with “Graffiti Soul” and “Big Music” they got some ground back under their feet, leading to “Acoustic” and “Walk Between Worlds” who i both found astonishingly good.

My history as a listener to Simple Minds goes back to the 80s, discovering them with “Don’t You” and after enjoying album and concert of “Once Upon A Time” i researched their back catalogue discovering that i even more enjoyed the three and a half records they made before OUAT, today loving most “Sons And Fascination” and “New Gold Dream”.

“Street Fighting Years” was okay but after that things went really downhill for quite some time.

So i think it’s a brave move to do this box on a 12″x12″-basis which undoubtedly raised the asking price a lot. And having only some additional tracks and a few video-clips as a bonus leaves me afraid that there was a reason for not releasing “Searching For The Lost Boys” before. It might even be worse than “Neon Lights”.

So, as i wrote before, i’m not holding my breath for this but if it comes down in price i might be tempted to buy it for completist reasons, but what i’d really like would be an SDE of “Sons And Fascination / Sister Feelings Call” or maybe “Street Fighting Years” like the ones they made for “New Gold Dream”, “Sparkle In The Rain” and “Once Upon A Time”, including b-sides, demos and surround-mixes.

Ross Baker

Not their greatest era, especially the first couple, although I’ve been meaning to pick up the much better Graffiti Soul and Big Music, so once the price has dropped I might well grab this and give myself an opportunity to revisit my less favoured records here in a comfortable context.

Neil Kelly

Wasn’t some of their classic hits remixed during this period? I’m thinking Waterfront for a start and the great Jam & Spoon being involved. Some of these mixes were superb. Had they have been included and maybe a few more bonus tracks (anything missing? no demos) I’d have taken the plunge. I have most of these albums so won’t be bothering but congrats on the price. More than decent. I may actually go for it and cancel in the future as the price could be wrong lol?


The Jam & Spoon and Fila Brazillia mixes of their older songs were on the singles released from Néapolis.


If this is a similar format of box to the X5 box that I have already then I’m tempted by this. I have these albums except Neon Lights and Graffiti Soul but I think the bonus tracks might win me over with getting this.

That leaves Street Fighting Years up to Néapolis (possibly Our Secrets Are the Same as well) to be reissued.


Agh. I have all of these albums but those bonus tracks are tempting. Dang. Just FYI Paul, the track list for Disc 7 looks screwy with some repeated titles. Is the Stranglers track on Disc 7 or Disc 5? It’s listed on both.

Nik Yeomans

Disc 5 version is by Simple Minds, disc 7 version is by Simple Minds and The Stranglers together.

John Murray

Like Joe, I know nothing from this era of the band. I was a massive fan back in the early and ‘big hits’ days, so this is a neat way to catch up.

Personally, my favourite album is the Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call set, so I’d be straight in for any deluxe version of that.

Gary Shaw

What a lovely change to see a band offer great content without needing a mortgage to pay for it. A lot of acts nowadays should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat their loyal fans, all in the name of squeezing out as much money as possible.

Kai Steinemann

Released on 29 March 2019??? Oh dear….

Jarmo Keranen

What’s wrong with that? There’s 31 days in March!

joe connelly

Sweet! I haven’t heard any of these albums, but I’m in. I am a big fan of the X5 box set. Have been writing that I hope that Simple Minds will do the same thing for their middle period and later period albums. This covers later period. Hopefully we get middle period not too soon down the road.