Simple Minds / Rejuvenation 2001-2014 / 6LP coloured vinyl box

Simple Minds / Revjuvenation 2001-2014 / 6LP coloured vinyl box

6LP coloured vinyl studio albums box set • Some on vinyl for the first time

This December, Demon Records will issue Rejuvenation 2001-2014 a collectors’ coloured vinyl box set that brings together the studio albums of Simple Minds spanning the era that delivered covers album Neon Lights (2001) through to 2014’s Big Music.

The albums in this set are Neon Lights (2001), Cry (2002), Black and White 050505 (2005), Graffiti Soul (2009) and Big Music (2014). The first three in that list make their first appearances on vinyl in this box, with specially-created outer and inner sleeves, and include some bonus tracks from the CD releases.

Rejuvenation 2001 – 2014 (click image to enlarge)

All the albums are pressed on different coloured 180 gram vinyl (see the image above) and the rigid slipcase features a brand new note by Jim Kerr.

Rejuvenation 2001-2014 is released on 7 December 2018.

LP 1 – Neon Lights

1. Gloria
2. The Man Who Sold The World
3. Homosapien
4. Dancing Barefoot
5. Neon Lights
6. Hello I Love You
7. Bring On the Dancing Horses
8. The Needle And The Damage Done
9. For Your Pleasure
10. All Tomorrow’s Parties

Bonus tracks

11. Being Boiled
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart

LP 2 – Cry

1. Cry
2. Spaceface
3. New Sunshine Morning
4. One Step Closer
5. Face In The Sun
6. Disconnected
7. Lazy Lately
8. Sugar
9. Sleeping Girl
10. Cry Again
11. Slave Nation
12. The Floating World

LP 3 – Black and White 050505

1. Stay Visible
2. Home
3. Stranger
4. Different World (Taormina.me)
5. Underneath The Ice
6. The Jeweller Part 2
7. A Life Shot In Black And White
8. Kiss The Ground
9. Dolphins

Bonus track

10. Too Much Television

LP 4 – Graffiti Soul

1. Moscow Underground
2. Rockets
3. Stars Will Lead The Way
4. Light Travels
5. Kiss And Fly
6. Graffiti Soul
7. Blood Type O
8. This Is It
9. Shadows And Light

Bonus track

10. Rockin’ In The Free World

LP 5 & 6 – Big Music (2LP)

1. Blindfolded
2. Midnight Walking
3. Honest Town
4. Big Music
5. Human
6. Blood Diamonds
7. Let The Day Begin
8. Concrete And Cherry Blossom
9. Imagination
10. Kill Or Cure
11. Broken Glass Park
12. Spirited Away

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[…] Minds‘ Rejuvenation 2001-2014 box was originally issued on vinyl last year, but in March comes to CD as a large format 7CD+DVD package. This set contains the same five […]

joe connelly

Although I’m no longer a consumer of vinyl, I am very pleased to see this release come out. I have posted here and in other places that Simple Minds’ “X5” CD box set was one of my favorite music purchases a few years ago. I had never heard their first few albums, knew their name that’s about it until a college friend gave me ‘Sparkle’ to listen to. Then of course the big hits shortly after that, who didn’t know of this band in the mid 80’s? When X5 was released it caught my eye because NGD has some of my favorite songs of this era – plus they aren’t overplayed like a lot of the bigger hits of that period by U2, The Cure, INXS. So picked up X5, LOVED IT!! I can appreciate how they started out. The first 5 albums aren’t my favorites of all time, but they’re solid and I like that they’re so different from the hits years that I’m more familiar with. I also found the Silver Box on Ebay and picked that up, but it’s some odd CD format that doesn’t play well on most of my equipment (“copy control” or something like that). Frustrating!

I’ve been lobbying for “X5 part 2” and “X5 part 3” CD packages to cover their middle and later years. I don’t have a lot of hope that those will ever happen, but logic seems to dictate that they will. Seeing this vinyl set gives me hope that this band and their management is open to further archival releases, so I will remain hopeful.

Using the “6 albums per set” concept, X5-2 would be 1984’s Sparkle up through 1998’s Neapolis. This is the arena years and beyond. The X5-3 would be 2001’s Neon Lights up through this year’s Walk Between Worlds. I would leave Our Secrets Are The Same out of this, as it seems to me to be more a part of the Silver Box than their sequential album releases. I would also leave out 2016’s Acoustic as that isn’t new material. But if they wanted to include those I wouldn’t complain either.

I will remain hopeful.


This is not aomething I will get, but I am glad to see it and to see a band giving such treatment to more recent records, and not just the same old big sellers all the time. I would wish for bands like Duran Duran to do similar for their later albums.


I, for one, welcome this nice boxset of SM in the 21st century. I really like both Cry and Black & White 050505 and I’m looking forward to having them on vinyl.

My only worry is that there’s no word on remastering and well, these albums could do with a mild makeover, as the originals sound very compressed and even a bit muffled. So will these sound any better that the CD versions, we’ll have to wait and check for ourselves…

Jack olvera

Thanks for this great albums that so much to bring memories to everyone .they started as a punk band Johnny and the self abusers later well know….


Missing ‘Our Secrets Are The Same’ (2000) and ‘Searching For The Lost Boys’ (2009)… as well as ‘Remixes’ (2002/2003) as bonus album…

Henrik Kirkegaard

The last vinyl box ended with new gold dream or…..
Why do they move to this period


Just give me ‘Street fighting years’ i have been waiting and waiting for that album to be re-done for a long time, my first ever SM concert when i was 16 in 89 in Dortmund Germany before i left, so many memories associated with that album.


I loved the stuff they did with John Leckie, that guy is is such legend. I think he was at the Posies gig the other night in London.


Wow, what happened to the amazon uk overseas shipping charges? The amount increased is ridiculous.


Looks a beautiful set. Pity there doesn’t appear to be a download available with it though.


Any idea if there will be a US/Amazon US release?

Joe Mac Pherson

Will I ever see the day when super deluxe box sets get released for Sons And Fascination / Sister Feelings Call, AND, Empires And Dance? Both of those music sets are amazing, and quite adventurous. Then again, that’s how Simple Minds were, between 1980-1984. Then, Don’t You Forget About Me absolutely slammed the U.S. airwaves, and suddenly they wanted a Big USA Rock Amphitheater Sound. Believe me, I noticed the difference right away. I live in North Hollywood, in L.A., and I couldn’t believe how this innovative, wondrous band forgot about all they’ve learned between 1980-1983! Many of you on this site wouldn’t remember, but the UK music press, Melody Maker, NME and Sounds, had no shortage of journalists who were quite dismayed the abrupt change/sell out this band did. NOSTALGIA: Autumn, 1981, The Whiskey A Go Go, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. On the marquee, Simple Minds were headlining, New Order were the opening band!


I agree their early years are best but that is a long time ago now. I also think Derek Forbes bass was integral. I do like the new album a bit though it is not in comparison with New Gold Dream. Few records are, though.


I liked Simple Minds a lot during the 80s but Street Fighting Years was the master album I bought. After that opus, they went downhill IMO. Not interested by this box but reading this post I found out they made a covers album (Neon Lights), I wasn’t aware. I’ll check that out, especially the cover of Love will tear us apart. Interested, Lots of good songs (Doors, Velvet, Roxy Music, Them, etc.) so I wonder how good (or bad) are those covers.


well they did a lot of covers (there’s a second album that came with graffiti soul called searching for the lost boys). The neon lights one is a poor cover album. It was done in that time where the band was in a lack of creative flow. It came after the neapolis album and is really something you should listen carefully, it’s not really worth of anything. The lost boys is way better in terms of the band playing good music. Neon lights is filled with beats and more electronic stuff (which by essence is what SM was in the beginning) but without McNeil and Forbes…… that should be a good enough statement to tell you how bad it is.


I just googled Searching for the lost boys and the tracklisting seems promising. I’ll add that album to my list. Thanks for the infos.


Completely agree with you on Neon Lights being a pass. Just an uninspired effort. I listen to SM a lot and forgot they even made this. Probably have listened to it three times after buying it upon release. Frankly don’t like any covers they have ever done and would prefer they just did their own material.

Like most, I love those early to mid 80s albums – so bristling with creativity. They really were on another level. While some pan the overdone sound, I really enjoy Sparkle. The second side really grew on me over the years.

Kevin Galliford

Spring 2019 will hopefully bring us the 30th ( Shit I feel old ) anniversary of Street Fighting Years. A brilliant amazing album which will hopefully be done as well as all the other boxsets. That will definitely be a purchase!!


A total rip off at £92 for an inferior format…what is this obsession with vinyl? I just don’t get it…The best formats for crackle free pure sound that will never wear out and always sound top notch is CD and MP3 files it’s a no brainer…It’s the actual music that counts not another marketing ploy by the record company to get you to buy the music again that most fans already have on CD and have long since moved on from the over priced resurgence of vinyl.


Paul, in the words of Mr Meat Loaf: you took the words right out of my mouth.

peter chrisp

You summed it up Paul definitely and at times it’s too expensive i hate vinyl why can’t they put it on cd i don’t like this format, i am just happy getting these new editions.


I like vinyl, therefore I want to own music I like on vinyl, a lot of people also thankfully feel the same way, therefore the record labels kindly make albums I like available on vinyl. I don’t see a problem here.
Go listen to your compressed MP3 files if that’s what you want, I won’t question it.

Julian H

The problem is that, likely, the vinyl editions will once again sound better than the (often horribly compressed) CDs. And that is something to be angry about, as technically there is no reason why CD should sound worse…

John Archbell

I love vinyl because my eyesight is not as good these days. I also happen to appreciate the album cover artwork – something you cannot do with a stupidly small CD or a distorted image on your computer screen / tablet / phone.


In the mid 80’s as CDs were first coming out, I helped finance my initial CD purchases by selling my “obsolete” vinyl. I liked very much how I didn’t have to clean grooves, flip sides, worry about bumping the player, inevitable scratches or warped records, but the CDs just didn’t sound as good as the vinyl did, plus the artwork was microscopic. I just wrote it off as me being finicky and I convinced myself I was OK with the tradeoff. I did keep vinyl that was not re-issued in CD and over time I realized that I had really short-changed myself by letting the vinyl go (especially my new order blue monday 12″ cut-out floppy disk sleeve dumb dumb dumb). Fast-forward to a few years ago, lo and behold vinyl was getting reissued, I’ve now been able to replenish most of what I had previously let go.

So am I a record-company nostalgia marketing sucker? Perhaps so, though I do have my limits (all those david bowie vinyl box sets), overall I’m more than happy to have the chance to get and play these again, go through the liner notes, cover art, etc., all while also downloading the digital versions. For me the MP3 is fine for the car or on the bus or plane or whatever, but that’s not the same as having the vinyl spinning in an otherwise quiet room.


Interesting , but I’ll save my money for a SFY super deluxe treatment.

peter webb

Very nice but very expensive. Can single copies of the vinyl albums be bought?

Paul Taylor

Six discs for £90-£95 is not expensive. It’s cheaper than the cost of most single albums
Try buying Paul McCartney or Beatles albums.
Original prices on Amazon:

White album deluxe vinyl – £99 for 4 discs
Concert For George – as above
G Harrison ‘All Things Must Pass’ – £99 for 3 discs
Even older reissues of White Album and blue compilation 67-70 were £50 for two discs in HMV
This is a nice package at a fairly reasonable price


Always happy to have anything to add to my collection, but a street fighting years boxset is a long overdue I think


Why this? Where is the 1985-1999 box?


I just really want a vinyl copy of Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call but they’ve not been available outside the other vinyl set SM issued a while back.
I hope that is remedied soon.


I could post this anywhere on your wonderful website (to call it a blog would be a criminal understatement), probably more appropriate on your recent in-depth review of the Bowie ’80s box set or on your personal feature on National Album Day, but I’ll leave it here, where it doesn’t have to strive for attention amidst 100+ other comments:

I am absolutely excited about your work, the choice of topics (not just the usual big names, you’ll cover niche artists like Felt as well), the mass of knowledge and background information you deliver (I can’t think of a music magazine or website in Germany that would go anywhere nearly as deep into detail like you do), the personal note you add (without talking down artists, albums or genres you don’t click with) and the up-to-dateness of your newsfeed (it doesn’t happen so often that I read your news somewehre else first).

The thing that baffles me the most is that you do all this by yourself – I read that you even posted the Dead or Alive albums in person. I bet you didn’t have a glimpse of how popular this project will become when you started the site in 2011(?), and I’m as well sure that you couldn’t foresee how much news there will be for SDE these days, with lots of artists having to cash in on 40th anniversary editions and the vinyl revival (as it is doubtful that their audience will be still active consumers when it comes to a 50th or 60th anniversary).

I hope you’ll preserve your enthusiasm and I hope you stay in good health, to keep up your good work for many a year (and I hope that this site somehow manages to fill your fridge). The whole idea of SDE will apply for a limited period in time only – I doubt that there will be physical reissues of the collected works of Drake in 2048 – and this era deserves to be chronicled in Super Deluxe way!

Thank you so much for your work!

Paul E.

Hear, hear! @ Christian – a very nice summation of my thoughts on Paul Sinclair/SDE as well. Couldn’t have said things better and your comments + posting strategy did the trick as I see, the man himself, got your message. Wonderful!


But what happens if Paul is disposed for an indefinite period? I hope he’s training the kids up on all things deluxe and super.

Chris Squires

^cold turkey and Amazon’s profits hit the pan…..

Mark Nicolson

Tend to agree, their output up to New Gold Dream is superlative.


Neapolis and Our Secrets are the Same would have been better included in this set.

Henrik Kirkegaard

The last vinyl box ended with new gold dream or…..
Why is some lps in between missing

Isaías Carvalho

It wouldn’t be bad if Universal release Simple Minds deluxe boxes of Real to Real Cacophony, Empires and Dance, Sons and Fascination, Sisters Feelings Call, Street Fighting Years, Real Life and Good News From The Next World. These are still missing and we’re (diehard fans) looking farword to it !!!!!


It’s £76.91 at checkout…happily ordered!

Artur Carvalho

Gorgeous, but expensive. But I have no alternative than buy it. Poor me.

Gary C

they did a lovely bit of vinyl for Graffiti Soul. I’ll need to dig it out and see if it was 2 discs, albeit with some cover versions they were doing at the time


I didn’t mind GS but this period for Simple Minds is pretty dire. To be honest most things post 82 are.