Simple Minds / Walk Between Worlds

New album: three vinyl editions, two CDs & signed bundles

Simple Minds will release, Walk Between Words, their 18th studio album in February.

Like 2014’s well received Big Music, the new album has been produced by the band with Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg and it’s is refreshingly short – 42 minutes long, with only eight songs, although the deluxe CD edition does offer three bonus tracks.

The band have described the album as having “two distinct sides” with side one more guitar-y with ‘new wave dance grooves’ while the second half is more cinematic with some songs (the title track and Barrowland Star) featuring orchestrations recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

As well as the bonus tracks, the deluxe CD offers enhanced packaging in the form of a hardcover casebound book (see image to the right).

The official Simple Minds store also has some exclusive editions and bundles such as a coloured double vinyl pressing that includes the deluxe CD bonus tracks (and features an etching on side 4), and single vinyl LP picture discThere are a couple of SIGNED bundles too, one of which includes every format and an exclusive seven-inch single for £75.

The double coloured vinyl with bonus tracks is exclusive to the official Simple Minds store.

The album is due for release on 2 February 2018 and the band will undertake a short European tour in February to support Walk Between Worlds.

Shop for exclusive editions and special bundles at the Simple Minds store.

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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - deluxe CD


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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - black vinyl LP


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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - standard CD


Walk Between Worlds CD edition

1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and the Noise
5. In Dreams
6. Barrowland Star
7. Walk Between Worlds
8. Sense of Discovery

Bonus tracks on Deluxe CD

9. Silent Kiss
10. Angel Underneath My Skin
11. Dirty Old Town (Live)

Walk Between Worlds vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and the Noise

Side 2
1. In Dreams
2. Barrowland Star
3. Walk Between Worlds
4. Sense of Discovery

Walk Between Worlds deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl (exclusive to the Simple Minds store).

Side A:

1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal And The Noise

Side B:

1. In Dreams
2. Barrowland Star
3. Walk Between Worlds
4. Sense Of Discovery

Side C:

1. Silent Kiss
2. Angel Underneath My Skin
3. Dirty Old Town (Live)

Side D – Etching

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[…] spanning set it features songs from the band’s Empires and Dance album through to last year’s Walk Between Worlds.  In total, 40 tracks are presented on 4CD deluxe edition (in hardcover book) and 4LP vinyl sets […]

Koen Kroeze

A shame the SuperDeluxe Edition has not a proper box, all items are seperate…

Koen Kroeze

And no downlowd code for “Direction Of The Heart”… :-(

Henrik K

Lets have the sfy album with the full verona show. The 3 track live ep was outstanding.
I will buy the new album also.
The single magic is not the best single from sm

Music Maniac

I really really wish Simple Minds would do a proper tour of America, or at least the big cities, man just can never get to see them here in the USA. Come to America after the European Tour! Pleeease ;-)

Jenna Appleseed

@Peter Muscutt & @Trash – iirc those not very special UK releases stickered as Special Editions just meant it was the standard UK cd but had at least one extra track/slightly altered track listings to the a lot cheaper import versions sold online by site like cd wow. (was like a less good version of Japanese releases having exclusive extra tracks to force people to buy expensive local issues).


While I like the Simple Minds and all that, I can’t bring myself to buy one of the super deluxe editions (cos I really like colored vinyl and all that). I could understand doing that if I were an ardent fan of the band, but shouldn’t these artists bring out these super deluxe editions after the album has been released (say on CD and / or digitally) before doing up these sets? I mean, not all bands produce great albums, so there’s a chance the album might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. I’m a huge Duran Duran fan, but couldn’t bring myself to by Red Carpet Massacre when it was released on red vinyl (not a very good album) or Paper Gods on white vinyl (it was an ok album, but they didn’t issue the super deluxe vinyl version until well over a year later – and by that point it’d gone past it’s sell by date).


Interesting. I hated Big Music so hopefully this one redeems.

Day one for me, regardless. Their 90s material is some of my favorite rock music of all time, so they’re always auto-buy for me.

Thanks, Paul!

Music Maniac

Big Music was just that …Big Music and one of their Best! Might want to get your ears checked…


Nice to see Simple Minds still making new music. I thought Big Music was good although it didn’t live up to some of the hype that was going around, it was still a solid album. Acoustic was great interpretations of some of their best tracks and to me really demonstrated how good some of those songs are.
This will be a purchase for me, I’ll get the blue vinyl version from their site and CD version separate when it’s released if it’s good.
Are there more box sets coming Paul? I though I saw something about Street Fighting Years getting the deluxe treatment.


Sad. Street Fighting Years is my favorite SM album. I really hope they accelerate the timeline.

Music Maniac

Street Fighting Years is one the the great albums from Simple Minds, this album was the one that sealed my love for the band, whereas their newer music has heighted that love for their music even more, they have some really good newer music that IMO outweighs their older work by far.


hope Simon Cornwell is still involved in this, SFY deserve a deluxe treatment with the full Verona show

Gary C

They’ve managed to make production mistakes on the 1st of two planned vinyl boxes, New Gold Dream SDE, was their issues with Sparkle SDE too? I think their was.

If they are making costly mistakes in production and having to take returns from retailers, or reissue new booklets and new DVDs then that’ll be what’s holding up anything else happening. Simon from The website said as much recently that it was poor sales, but of course we have little confidence in the product if it’s fudged all the time.

I can’t see the point in buying an SDE of a new album unless their is lots of extra musical content. Multiple formats of the same thing doesn’t cut it for me.

Peter Muscutt

I also seem to remember a time around 2007-2008 when CDs came out with a ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ hologram style sticker on the case, but no obvious indication as to why they were special…anyone else recall them? Might have just been a UK thing!


@Peter Muscutt – yes I do indeed recall them and I have a few… and still have not worked out what made them ‘special editions’ (maybe it was the sticker itself??).

I’m also based in the UK… maybe it was a UK thing…


I think the “Special Edition” stickers often meant there was CD-ROM content, usually a music video that would appear very small on your computer screen. And would take several minutes to load! How far we’ve come…

Mike the Fish

Wasn’t it when the supermarkets were getting cheap euro imports so the UK editions would often have an extra track two (or maybe the international versions technically had a track or two missing.) Take the international versions of Keane’s first album which had an altered running order and a track missing, for example.

Peter Finnegan

Absolutely. From one Peter to another. I bought Keanes Hopes And Fears on CD with exactly thst sticker. And go this day have no idea what’s different or special about it.

Peter Muscutt

Personally I absolutely hated the process where the ‘standard’ version came out then an all-singing, all-dancing ‘deluxe’ version 6-8mths later to cash in. Made me not want to support an artist I liked by getting the album immediately because I knew a ‘special edition’ would more than likely come out later. Cynical and disrespectful to true fans, especially when the bonus tracks had obviously been recorded at the same time as the album. I can kind of see the logic if the album was re-issued with tracks that came out AFTER the album (anniversary editions, or if a later live concert was included etc.), but to have the option of the deluxe edition at the same time is how it ought to be. Then we can make an informed decision over whether we want to pay an extra £4 (or £40 for some ‘super deluxe’ versions!) or so for the flashy packaging or bonus tracks if we think it’s worth it. I guess a lot of the time it’s the record label and not the band/singer who make the decision to force people to “double-dip”, and is just the way of the world…it also seemed to be the more ‘pop’-oriented artists favoured by the younger generation as well who had the ‘deluxe’ versions come out a couple of months later, forcing the kids to raid their piggy-banks a second time!

Music Maniac

“to have the option of the deluxe edition at the same time is how it ought to be”…I completely agree! Amen


I couldn’t resist to order the ultimate bundle… based on the very cool artwork!


One thing I still don’t understand, is why bands keep releasing regular edition albums the same day as the deluxe ones with extra tracks.
It always used to be that a band would release the album, let everyone buy it, and then release the deluxe edition a few months later so that completists had to buy it again; crafty, but sensible in terms of business.
Releasing them the same day makes absolutely no sense whatsoever – I mean, who on earth opts for the one with less songs when the one with more is already available?!

Alan B

Also I think that in the old days when artists released physical singles they needed B sides and they usually used the tracks recorded at the album sessions that didn’t make the final track list. Now they just put them on a “deluxe” edition. There are way more “deluxe” (i.e. album plus 3 or 4 additional tracks) than there used to be.


But that’s the thing – if that were the case, it would be better to do it the way they used to do it and release the deluxe editions later – that way they would sell more, surely?
Not arguing with you – I just think none of it makes sense!


Isn’t this new habit of putting out several versions of an album (standard, deluxe, different vinyl versions, cassette, …) also an attempt to create more sales for a higher chart ranking? As some fans will buy every version of the release the album will have a pretty first week chart position that will generate visibility in the shops (physical and online).

Mike the Fish

It breeds ill will, and if first week sales figures still really count then do you really want people who have wised up to wait 3 months before they buy?


I’m on board, Big Music was outstanding, still play it regularly.


great news. good to hear some new material coming from them.

will be getting at least the deluxe version.


Alan Jones

I’ve been a fan and collector since 1979 so the £75 deluxe was purchased instantly on Monday from the official site which also enabled me to purchase tickets today for The Roundhouse gig in Feb. I think the tracks on the bonus 7″ are likely to be two of the tracks from the deluxe CD, but hopefully not. I may be slightly biased but the packaging and artwork presentation look excellent. There were also 50 “white label test copies” of the album available signed by Jim & Charlie for £75, but seeing as you already get two signed items in the deluxe package I decided to skip on that one.


I know that Jim & Charlie are the only original members, but surely the others have contributed to the LP?
It seems a little ‘off’ to only include these two signatures. A kind of ‘yeah, you’re in Simple Minds, but nobody really cares about you’ attitude to the other members.
I’d much rather have an LP signed by all members. Maybe that’s just me.

To use a similar example, the New Order ‘Music Complete’ signed box sets contained all five signatures; even the newer members.
And rightly so, as they co-wrote and played on the LP.

Maybe Kerr and Burchill did all the writing and that might be the reason? I don’t know.

It just seems a little odd.

Albert Tatlock

I agree. Mel Gaynor has been Simple Minds’ drummer since 1982’s ‘New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)’. And Mel is also on this latest album. Surely he is a proper member of Simple Minds?

Dave H

Unfortunately, Mel Gaynor hasn’t been the Simple Minds drummer since 1982, he has left the band three times, the last time in 2016.
He isn’t playing drums on the current album.

Alan B

There is another vinyl version available from Townsend Records (probably an indie stores version i.e. everybody except Amazon or Sainsbury’s) on fuschia (whatever that is) vinyl


No it isn’t. Good value if you’re a fan who collects.

This multi buy includes: Walk Between Worlds Double Gatefold Coloured Vinyl (Exclusive)
Walk Between Worlds Picture Disc Vinyl (Exclusive)
Walk Between Worlds Vinyl
Walk Between Worlds Deluxe Casebound Book CD Album
Exclusive 7-Inch Single
12 x 12 Album Artwork Print (Signed by Jim & Charlie)
Official Full Band Photograph (Signed by Jim & Charlie)


Not sure about this…

I’m a big Simple Minds fan but the last album of theirs I can say I really liked was Neapolis.
Big Music (for me) was pretty patchy…

However, it being a short album is a good thing I think…
One of the things about vinyl is that it forced artists to make their point in 40 mins (or so) and then leave. The advent of CDs meant that artists felt they had to fill the extra space which often just meant adding sub-standard tracks as padding.

Anyway, minor rant over, back to The Minds :-)
I’ll have to hear some track previews before deciding.


Are you supposed to guess the 7″ track titles?

Tom of FIN

Exactly, how stupid marketing! “Exclusive 7 inch” bundle listed and track listing is nowhere to be seen; extras or the same is in other formats?

José Ramón

The SuperDeluxe Bundle is missing the regular CD also available in the store (10 pounds).