Simply Red / Blue Eyed Soul

Simply Red return with a new album Blue Eyed Soul

Simply Red return with a new studio album Blue Eyed Soul.

It’s the 12th album from the Mick Hucknall and friends and will be preceded with a single ‘Thinking Of You’ (to be debuted on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow morning).

All ten songs were written by Mick and the album was recorded at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove studios in London with Andy Wright producing. Blue Eyed Soul is available as a digi-pak single CD, a deluxe 2CD set in hardcover ‘casebound book’ packaging, and on black and limited edition purple vinyl (the latter is in a gatefold sleeve and limited to 1500 units in the UK).

The official store has various bundles and the purple vinyl with a signed print.

The five-track bonus disc in the deluxe CD features remixes and alternate versions of album tracks. There is now also a SIGNED CD edition available from Amazon in the UK.

Blue Eyed Soul is released on 8 November 2019.

1. Thinking of You
2. Sweet Child
3. Complete Love
4. Take a Good Look
5. Ring That Bell
6. BadBootz
7. Don’t Do Down
8. Riding on a Train
9. Chula
10. Tonight

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I noticed that on the signed CD Amazon page there are comments (reviews) from people complaining that they have received an unsigned CD, and they are dated 31st October or 1st November.
If the release date is 8th November, how come Amazon started to ship the signed CD ONE WEEK BEFORE???


I got the Simply Red album on CD last week from Amazon, it was signed on the booklet, although the Rick Astley “Best of Me” wasn’t that came last week too, (it had the signed sticker on, but wasn’t signed), but I just messaged and they sent one out signed and it arrived the day after. I’ve never had a problem with Amazon before but kudos to them they rectified it, and I didn’t need to send the unsigned one back.

Andy Dunn

My gripe is that Simply Red concert tickets were sold on the basis of it being a farewell tour and then within a short amount of time Mick is back writing more songs and announcing another tour. There are just too many artists doing the same these days eg. Cher, Riverdance – they’re all taking us for fools!
Yes I agree that Simply Red is Mick Hucknall – it always has been about him – but he is not trueful and thats the problem.


Correct! The real Simply Red BAND was the first 4-5 albums (with the fantastic Fritz McIntyre). Afterwards it all got a one man show. And these farewells are completely embarrassing. Phil Collins at least did it with humour.

Alan Fenwick

They’re appears to be a signed edition of the standard CD just recently listed on Amazon UK for £9.99


Andy Dunn

I just can’t believe this mad news of Mick’s return as Simply Red yet again. Am I dreaming this ?
He told us that his Simply Red days were well and truly over and that he would be concentrating on solo stuff only , so why the big change? I feel that we have all been conned. I will never believe another spoken word by Mick and I bet many others feel much the same. Cher is another one . Do they think were’re stupid and won’t notice what they’re up to?


Both of Mick’s solo releases under his own name were lazy covers albums. Neither charted here in the U.S. For all intents this new album is another Mick Hucknail project but by slapping Simply Red on the cover sales will be greater than if he released it as a solo. No one here could be fooled by this. It’s a money play, plain & simple.


Heartily agree with you, Paul. I can’t name a single band member over almost 35 years except Mick. Simply Red has always been a vehicle for him and him alone. His face alone has always graced the album covers, and I always thought the name was referencing his hair. What is the big deal?


Oops. The new album is the first to include faces other than Mick.


I think the first 4 (maybe 5) albums were more sort of band oriented. I remember the good old Fritz McIntyre with his fantastic and distinctive keyboard playing. This was for me the real Simply Red BAND. Listen to the intro of “Thrill Me”. This was still great stuff!


Just the fact that so many people don’t like the new Cover… it makes them talk about SIMPLY RED… one of the best Live Acts, still after 30 years career. And still releasing Albums with NEW Material, and not just another Best of, Re-Release, Remaster-Box-Set,….
Great Singer, great Songwriter, great Band, great Voice, great Albums, great Songs, and of course…. great Covers ;-)

Todd Richards

I’m not offended by the cover – clearly the SIMPLY RED albums have always had “soul”.
I’m happy to hear the band stretch a bit even beyond their comfort zone (is that a live drum I hear? even a wee bit?) Horns? backing vocals? wow – it’s MEN AND WOMEN again… gee what’s wrong with that.


Tom m hans

Great song, great cover, even better, I unearthed Picture Book and Men and Women right away. Open it up!!! Good to see he is still alive and kicking. (Dont say goodbye, dont say goodbye. Uuhhh yeah…). That’s what happened in the 80s when vinyl was categorized alphabetically in my collection. Still remember the Red Box 12 Inch next to Alive and Kicking 12 inch.
Peace and Goodnight.


I don’t like Simply Red but this cover is brillant!!!


Great song – great music , like these funky horns……

Tom Walsh

Just heard the single and I can now see why he went for a Blaxploitation parody cover, it’s just not done very well. Am I the only one who can hear the theme from Minder in the horns , especially at the start? Like it though.


The cover’s fine! Simply Red have never gone for the double-gatefold Roger Dean crowd. It does what it needs to do.

The single is good. Hucknall gets a hard time from some people which is undeserved. He’s a great singer who has written some great songs. Most acts would kill for an album as good and big as ‘Stars’. Still a great singer live too.


Nothing wrong w Hucknall at all. He’s had a great career and deservedly so.


What is wrong with people? How is this a bad cover?!!
I do agree though that people who haven’t realised it’s a parody have simply missed the point.


That’s exactly why it is atrocious. Parody would mean satiric or comic imitation wheras in my opinion, this is only an imitation. It’s so bad that ppl think it is satiric or comic.
Furthermore, if they can’t put a proper cover together, I’m not very confident they can put a good album together. It radiates amateurism.


Perhaps there’s a subliminal ‘orange man overload’ factor at play?
I like the song too and even listening to it without watching the lyric video I think the cover style perfectly captures the song!


‘In my opinion’ being the key phrase there.

In mine, it’s good!


Mick’s simply ripped off Terrorvision. Regular Urban Survivors anyone?


The band and music is not my cup of tea, but regarding the artwork. This is obviously a tribute to Shaft and other blaxploitation movie poster and soundtrack artwork from the seventies. In that it succeeds masterfully. People who say it looks dated or simpele are missing the point.


First thought when I saw that cover: I hope the music is better than that cover. Its atrocious. I’m afraid many will assume the music is bad if the cover looks like it was put together by an amateur. Sorry to be harsh, just keeping it real.

Dr Volume

Obviously there isn’t the money sloshing around in the music industry that there was in Simply Red’s long past heyday but surely Mick isn’t short of a few quid?. There are so many hugely talented designers and artists around so it’s an insult to all of them that this dreadful bit of cheap Photoshop tat is considered worthwhile printing on a 12″ Record sleeve by a well known band – presumably to cut a few costs?


Hold on just a minute. Didn’t he do a farewell tour a while back?


Have people already forgotten the hideous cover that is Big Love?

Marilyn Korkis

Your all forgetting what a truly amazing band Simply Red were in their day. Micks voice live could nock spots off of a lot of live playing bands these days…look forward to the release of this album…


Marilyn, I think we’d take your comments more seriously if you could spell ‘knock’…


The cover references the 70s exploitation movies like The Harder They Come, Shaft and Superfly. Artwork would often be bad photo montages or very colourful painted art. This cover sort of references a cross of the two so as to be able to have nice images of each band member. Would have been better with unflattering picture of Hucknel. They took the typeface from “Shaft” thought.
What all three above films had in common for certain is the soundtracks are all in a different league from the actual film and are either Reggae or Soul. I am sure Hucknel would want that part of the equation.
I personally don’t like the cover, should have got Tarantino to do it (probably the music as well).
Very tired title.


Tim, I think we’d take your comments more seriously if you could spell ‘Hucknall’…


A Blaxploitation-esque cover.

Mr X

I was wondering if charlie drake would release another album – about time!

Richard Simcock

… just spat out coffee, excellent.


Is it signed by the entire band or just the ginger?


Can’t recall if I read it on SDE a while back, but doesn’t he sign his stuff as ‘Simply Red’ rather than ‘Mick Hucknall’, or is that an urban myth ?

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

He signs “Simply Mick”….

Tom Walsh

Don’t want to sound like a stuck record but that is one shockingly bad cover. What has happened to cover design in recent years?

Justin Cole

Bad enough I thought it had to be a parody…


I think the cover is fantastic. A lot better than the depressing, “I’m so miserable”, looking covers that so many put out today. Love the color scheme and instruments. Peace


I like it also,especially the band in action shots.
It’s vibrant and eye catching,have to music does the same to the ear!
Having said that….
I’d have put band name at top,shuffled the image lower as a result and perhaps changed purple to blue.

Ken Evans

red and blue make purple?


As a graphic designer, I too was disappointed in the cover design. The font choice is dated, and the “cutout” band members looks amateurish. The Mick Hucknall faceburst is interesting with potential, but overall not that intriguing in my opinion (but better than “Love and the Russian Winter”).

Steven Roberts

@Rhinojack I’m guessing the font choice (ITC Pioneer, if I’m not mistaken) is a deliberate “homage” (or “copy”, if you’re feeling less generous) to 70s soul (in particular the Shaft soundtrack).

(Don’t you just love parentheses?)


Ye Gods, that cover! It’s like Les McQueen from Creme Brulee.


Wow. And I thought “Love And The Russian Winter” couldn’t be beaten for a hilariously bad title/cover double whammy…


And the problem is??


Excuse me?


I’m finding the fact it’s got no blue at all in the design of the cover and you can’t even see his eyes slightly annoying. And purple vinyl. I know it doesn’t matter in the least – it’s just – you know.