Simply Red / Stars vinyl reissue


C’mon Warners, Thrill Me.

Warners will reissue the UK’s best selling album of 1991 and 1992 – Simply Red‘s Stars – on vinyl LP next month.

This 25th anniversary reissue is probably happening just to have some ‘product’ to tie in with the 25 Years of Stars Live tour which is coming to the UK in early November. Normally, vinyl issued in the early to mid-nineties has great rarity value to due to small numbers pressed, but this doesn’t seem to apply to Stars, probably because it sold by the bucketload, and even though the CD and tape were the more popular formats, the vinyl must have been still relatively plentiful.

The original vinyl album is certainly easy enough to pick up for not much money on discogs and the like, which does make you question the commercial sense in reissuing this record on the format, especially since there appears to be no extra incentive for fans, such as bonus tracks, a coloured pressing, or similar.


Unless some other information comes to light that turns this into a ‘must buy’ (seems unlikely) then I’m happy enough with my original vinyl and the 2008 2CD+DVD reissue. It’s still a fantastic record and at least this new vinyl is only £13 and not £20+

The pertinent question is why haven’t fans had a proper Simply Red multi-disc rarities set, similar perhaps to the Paul Young CBS Years package? Remixes, B-sides, rarities, ‘deep cuts’ etc. Don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather fed up of Warners trotting out compilations – there’s been at least seven, in the last 20 years, and only Song Book from 2013 had better-than-average content. Even the last album, Big Love, quickly faded as a single disc release and was superseded by a 2CD ‘Greatest Hits 30th Anniversary’ edition!

Stars 25th anniversary vinyl will be issued on 30 September 2016.

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Simply Red

Stars (25th Anniversary Edition) [VINYL]



Stars 25th Anniversary vinyl

Side 1
1. Something Got Me Started
2. Stars
3. Thrill Me
4. Your Mirror
5. She’s Got It Bad

Side 2
1. For Your Babies
2. Model
3. How Could I Fall
4. Freedom
5. Wonderland

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Lenny K.

Has the 7″ remix of “Jericho” ever appeared on CD?


Sadly not for as i know. That’s why i bought a decent 7 inch copy of this single which is way faster and Mick’s vocal are much more funkier than on the album version.

Mike the Fish

The Stars deluxe had it’s dynamics squashed. (Not the worst, by any means though.) Will the new vinyl retain the dynamics of the original album?


Picture Book was also reissued with all other albums by Warner around 2008, came with a DVD of the Montreaux concert but both Picture Book and Men&Women were missing B sides and remixes. Don’t think any of the reissues are out of print, official site has them: http://simplyredshop.com/xcart/Picture-Book-Collectors-Edition-CD-and-DVD-Set.html


And that’s a pity because when it comes to compiling rarities sets i know a thing or two and i would have gladly helped the record company.

Simon F

I’ve seen plenty of vinyl copies of this in charity shops so why bother shelling out for a new one?
I do have Picture Book which I fished out of a. n. other charity shop for a quid a few years ago thinking that it might a rather political record. It’s not, but never mind it still remains their best album before the whole thing turned into the Mick Hucknall Ego Trip.
The original Simply Red was a rather interesting line-up featuring two ex-members of Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias. Now there is a band (plus all their various off-shoots) who really do deserve the SDE anthology treatment but I don’t think that will ever happen. Too many different labels involved etc.


The 3cd version of Stars (I believe it is called “Stars: Collector’s Edition) certainly has the B-Sides and a ton of remixes, live material and videos. It’s the only proper reissue of their catalogue. The other albums were re-issued with a few bonus tracks but nothing like Stars Collector’s Edition. Unfortunately (for those who didn’t buy it) it is now out of print.
My biggest frustration is that Picture Book, their first and perhaps best album, has never been reissued. You can find the remixes scattered everywhere but it would be great to see this album reissued with all the remixes, B-sides and live material just like the Stars Collector’s Edition. It’s a true crime and inexplicable to me that it is still not reissued with bonus material. Picture Book reminds me a bit of Terence Trent D’Arby’s first album. Very high quality debut album but yet, never reissued with bonus material. True shame.


I bought that 3 set version of Stars. It’s pretty great tbh, and I am not a huge SR fan. The Montreaux concert DVD included shows just how good a band they were, with Mick H in stonking form. Worth hunting out second hand. Has a good mix of 12″ mixes and live tracks on the CD’s too.


Have you been living on the moon ? There was a collectors edition of Picture Book released in 2008 with 5 original remixes of the singles released from that album plus a live DVD.


@Kauwgompie It was reissued in 2008 with bonus material and DVD like Stars and 4 more albums.

But I agree with Paul, a box set with B-sides, 12″ versions etc. would be very welcome.

Mic Smith

My interest in Simply Red started when I was in the Montreux Casino in 1986 while on holiday and saw their then recent performance on a large video screen. It was extremely powerful in that environment. I only saw them once (in 1991 or 1992 at Sheffield Arena) but changes in my own situation in the mid-nineties caused me to lose interest in them. So I only know the first four albums and currently only own the third and fourth of those. Reading this post made me put the 2CD Greatest Hits in the car this morning that my partner owns. I haven’t heard most of these songs in years but I was reminded why I liked them so much in that early period. It wont persuade me to get the vinyl Stars but I may now fill those earlier gaps on CD. Have the first 2 albums ever been re-mastered and are they any good?


Mic, I consider their first record the best of them all. The 2nd one has some decent songs but is not up to par with Picture Book – there was a remaster done some years back that has some 12″ but not all of them. Go with Picture book remaster, if you like that then get Men and Women as well.

Mic Smith

Tom – thanks I do know those albums but was wondering if the remastering was good enough to justify getting them. I agree with your assessment of both. I should have replaced Picture Book a long time ago really but I guess it was part of my life that I was distancing myself from at the time. I’ll investigate both.


That’s why i created my own rarities set with all the b-sides, 7 inch versions, 12 inch versions and more between 1985 and 2003. I even included The Frantic Elevators 1982 version of Holding Back The Years.


Sounds good David, I have more or less everything they released on CD, VHS, DVD, BR. Nothing by Frantic Elevators though, It’s hard to get I’m Gonna Lose You on CD, I just have the vinyl rip, I know it’s on the Frantic CD soundtrack, shame they didn’t do great remasters and include every b side and rare track

elliott buckingham

nearly picked this up for the price but thought better of it if it was coloured would of been a no brainer but the 2cd deluxe is fine for me


I went on holiday to Crete not long after this came out and the hotel I stayed in had it on repeat day and night. I was mightily sick of it by the time I got back, gave away my own CD copy and have never listened to it since!


I think this will sell a lot in supermarkets etc. I think people who bought the cd at the time might be tempted if they see it on vinyl now. also there’s a lot of people who are into buying vinyl now
(again from supermarkets/Hmv etc) and would also pick this up. think it will also sell a lot with people buying as christmas presents for the ‘other half’ who used to love S.red back in the day.