Simply Red / Symphonica In Rosso

Last year Simply Red played ‘Symphonica In Rosso’ the annual Dutch event which sees artists perform on three nights with a full orchestra. These shows will be celebrated later this month with a new audio-video package.

BMG are releasing this as a CD+DVD edition which includes 20 tracks on DVD and 15 tracks on the CD. Additionally, a special three-disc collector’s pack offers 20 track across two CDs (so five exclusive songs), enhanced bookset packaging and a printed signed setlist from the night. To be clear, Mick has signed the original setlist and the record label had these scanned/printed – so you aren’t getting an actual ‘real’ autograph.

It’s a rock solid collection with four hits from Stars, UK number one ‘Fairground’ and much more. The five bonus tracks included on the collectors’ version are as follows: ‘Your Mirror,’ ‘Someday in My Life,’ ‘Big Love,’ ‘You Make Me Smile,’ and ‘It Was a Very Good Year.’ In this instance, ‘Big Love’ is actually exclusive to the CD since that isn’t part of the filmed performance (remember there were three shows).

The CD-sized standard edition is available from the usual channels, whereas you can only pre-order the collector’s set via the official Simply Red store.

Simply Red’s Symphonica In Rosso will be issued on 23 November 2018.

Symphonica In Rosso 2CD+DVD Collectors’ Edition


1. All or Nothing at All
2. Your Mirror
3. For Your Babies
4. Someday in My Life
5. So Beautiful
6. Say You Love Me
7. Big Love
8. Home
9. You Make Me Smile
10. It Was a Very Good Year


1. Picture book
2. Holding Back the Years
3. Stars
4. A New Flame
5. It’s Only Love
6. Sunrise
7. Something Got Me Started
8. Fairground
9. My Way
10. If You Don’t Know Me by Now


1. All or Nothing at All
2. Your Mirror
3. For You Babies
4. Someday in My Life
5. So Beautiful
6. Say You Love Me
7. Home
8. You Make Me Smile
9. It Was a Very Good Year
10. Picture book
11. Holding Back the Years
12. Stars
13. A New Flame
14. It’s Only Love
15. Sunrise
16. Something Got Me Started
17. Fairground
18. My Way
19. If You Don’t Know Me by Now

Symphonica In Rosso CD+DVD edition

Disc: 1

  1. All or Nothing at All (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  2. For Your Babies (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  3. So Beautiful (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  4. Say You Love Me (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  5. Home (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  6. Picture Book (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  7. Holding Back the Years (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  8. Stars (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  9. A New Flame (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  10. It’s Only Love (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  11. Sunrise (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  12. Something Got Me Started (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  13. Fairground (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  14. My Way (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)
  15. If You Don’t Know Me by Now (Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)


  1. All or Nothing at All (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  2. Your Mirror (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  3. For Your Babies (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  4. Someday in My Life (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  5. So Beautiful (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  6. Say You Love Me (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  7. Home (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  8. Smile (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  9. It Was a Very Good Year (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  10. Picture Book (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  11. Holding Back the Years (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  12. Stars (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  13. A New Flame (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  14. It’s Only Love (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  15. Sunrise (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  16. Something Got Me Started (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  17. Fairground (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  18. My Way (Live at Ziggo Dome)
  19. If You Don’t Know Me by Now (Live at Ziggo Dome)

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the concert was filmed in 1080p HD as these clips are available on You Tube. Very strange decision not to release Blu Ray version.

Leopoldo Aguirre

I completely agree…


No Blu Ray! What a pity. I can’t believe it.
By the way, only 7 tracks 1080p on You Tube. Better than nothing…
We’re now waiting for the whole concert and a real Blu Ray disc falling from the stars straight in our arms. I hope they comprehend :)

calum mcgregor

I paid to watch the one-off cinema showing on monday 12th november (aberdeen) … it is a great show … starts slowly / carefully and builds well to great 2nd half …. good songs really well arranged / played …. picture quality was fine (agree that it was not spectacular) but sound etc good. I have preordered the full set as i know i will enjoy it over extended period….


Call me cynical, but by not releasing a Bluesy now, it leaves the opportunity to release one in a year or so with an extra exclusive track, so people will buy twice.


People is going back to cassettes!
why not the DVDs??
may be a next release on VHS or Betamax soon…

no way

Zohar Tal

Sadly I’ll say, no buy from me due to lack of Blu-Ray.


The difference between DVD and Blu-ray is not just picture quality. The sound quality on a Blu-ray is also a lot better than on DVD.

Paul E.

If people didn’t care about picture quality, please explain the sales of 4K television. The folks that can’t see a difference in their monitor is due, in most part, to the source fueling their TV. Standard broadcast television, DVD, etc. are not taking advantage of the technology (upscale or not). The same people not appreciating the 4K benefits are also the ones who don’t know what an HDMI cable is, can’t be bothered to hook up things correctly, and probably settle for using the free pre-packaged ear buds Apple gives away and state low res MP3 sounds as good as CD, FLAC, etc.


“The same people not appreciating the 4K benefits are…”

Simply Red fans!

Paul E.

Touché RJS :)


As a 50yr + Simply Red fan who does own a Blu-ray player I will purchase this as the fan filmed clips on you tube sound & look wonderfull, even if they are not HD. I tend to ‘watch’ DVDs / Blu-ray discs via my hi-fi with the screen off! and there is a sonic difference between CDS to my ears, of course this alters over time.
With the recent Edsel album re-releases I think the simplyfied version of stars is not included, could anyone confirm?


I remember Holding Back the Years was the big sad hit when I was a kid. I guess they must be bigger everywhere but the U.S., like aHa.

Anyhow. i am looking forward to my OMD live album with the Liverpool symphony. I certainly think that sort of performance makes sense for some bands but for others it just feels like something to do when you have no ideas to sell.

Peter Aldous

I’d of had this on pre-order (along with the imminent Coldplay release) but having invested in kit to make the most HD/UHD I refuse to purchase such outdated formats.
Whilst a bluray player can play most formats you can’t even buy DVD player in John Lewis and no doubt soon in other stores!!! Very disappointing and if it continues will just speed up the disappearance of the physical format?

Mike the Fish

As you know, blu-ray players can play DVDs, that’s why sole DVD players would be redundant.


Wonderful OTT cover art… hey don’t be shy, Mick!


It is a pity that the Diana Ross Symphonica In Rosso concerts were not released on cd/dvd due to the fact that the organisation went bankrupt around the time of her concerts.
The last international artist to have a cd/dvd release was Lionel Ritchie.


RE: DVD/Blu-ray. I reckon most people who like Simply Red are the wrong side of 50 and are not the sort of people who will care if its DVD or Blu-ray and a lot of them probably don’t even have Blu-Ray playes. I also rekcon more people will buy this “simply” because it is on DVD than the other way around. The bottom line is economics and I’m sure the marketing department have a good idea of which format will sell more.


Presumably you’re on the “right” side of 50??

Mr X

I bet those of us on the wrong side of 50 know how to spell though………..

Mr X

At last – Charlie Drake’s released a comeback album!!

Spiral scar

Oh my God… that’s funny.

Gary Fowles

Do you think we’ll see the full three nights on this album’s 20th anniversary?


No money too tigh to mention?


Low resolution DVD, WTH that is so 1995.

Scott G

I’ve noticed this a lot recently… Why are a lot of artist (or is it the record companies) only putting out DVDs of concerts and not Blu-rays?
Also I previously got a signed Simply Red fan bundle (http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/reviews/simply-red-home-3cddvd/#more-29594) from the official web site for my wife, a big Mick Hucknall fan, only to be extremely disappointed when the signature on the collection was ‘Simple Red’. Obviously it could have been signed by anyone. Felt totally duped/misled by the website so wont be purchasing any more Simply Red.


Re: DVD/Blu-Ray

It’s usually a cost issue. Blu-Ray mastering/production costs a lot more than DVD mastering currently, so they can keep prices down by using DVD.

Perhaps they’ll do a Blu-Ray at a later date?

Paul E.

@Scott G’s comment “Why are a lot of artist (or is it the record companies) only putting out DVDs of concerts and not Blu-rays?”.

Please include me in on this great question. Two indisputable facts exist: 1.) DVD’s are now two formats behind the current medium Ultra HD Blu-ray & 2.) Both Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray offer improved video + audio in their format as compared to DVD [especially in the case of a recently (2017) recorded concert like this – which is the basis for my comparative].

Even if UHD Blu-ray isn’t anywhere near the popularity of “standard” Blu-ray, at least offer fans the opportunity to enjoy the content in a higher resolution unobtainable by DVD’s 22 year old limitations.

In my opinion, it must be a cost factor that would translate into an increased retail price to consumers. Blu-ray has been around since 2006 – it can’t be a question of people adopting the format/wondering if it will catch on/having players, etc. But then again, those folks who haven’t upgraded from DVD are likely not interested in the visual/sonic upgrades anyway.

Movie studios have annoyed me for years where they combo a film with the Blu-Ray + DVD [and sometimes digital code] – if I desire the Blu-ray than the DVD is unnecessary [a beer coaster at best]. The nerve to continue that practice with UHD now by packaging a UHD disc with a Blu-ray is madness, wasteful, and added rationale why some elect to stream these days.


I honestly think that in general, people don’t really care that much about picture quality etc. Nowadays, DVDs are fine as they are. Sure, there are a lot of people on this board who do care admittedly (people on these boards are passionate collectors), but the average person doesn’t. There is only so much difference between a DVD and a blu-ray anyway.
To second what someone else on this thread said, and with the greatest of respect, the average Simply Red fan *probably* is of a certain age and therefore to produce blu-rays/ultra HD blu-rays of this package just wouldn’t be economical.
I’m 36 and I don’t have a blu-ray player, as whenever any of my mates have tried to convince me with theirs, the difference just doesn’t justify the price difference. DVDs are just fine for me, and I am 99.9% certain that i am fairly average.

*Plus I am a Stones completist – I don’t need to pay an extra tenner to see a few more wrinkles ;)


Symphony, symphony, they’ve all got it symphony? (wink)

Paul Murphy

That deserves a round of applause folks.


Oooh Matron!


This one is special. If artists are allowed on this one it means that their career is really a thing from the past. They also had Lionel Richie a few years ago.

Gary Hunter

Fantastic price for the DVD+CD Set.


Unless you buy the collector’s set which is double the price for 5 extra songs