Sisters of Mercy: Vision Thing vinyl box

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Having reissued  first two albums: First And Last And Always (1985) and Floodland (1987) as vinyl box sets last year, The Sisters of Mercy continue with their extended 30th anniversary celebrations and will reissue a new set (due out this summer) centered on the group’s third 1990 studio album, Vision Thing.

The Vision Thing Vinyl Collection follow the pattern of the previous boxes and along with the original album, it includes the 12-inch singles from the long-player, in this case More, Doctor Jeep and When You Don’t See Me. Across the three singles you’ll find non-album B-sides, remixes and live cuts.

These are all pressed on 180g vinyl and are packaged in a slipcase. The Vision Thing Vinyl Collection is released on 29 July 2016.


Vision Thing

Side One
1. “Vision Thing”
2. “Ribbons”
3. “Detonation Boulevard”
4. “Something Fast”

Side Two
1. “When You Don’t See Me”
2. “Doctor Jeep”
3. “More”
4. “I Was Wrong”

More (12″)
Side One
1. “More”

Side Two
1. “You Could Be The One”

Dr. Jeep (12″)
Side One
1. “Doctor Jeep” (Extended Mix)

Side Two
1. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” (Live 1985)

When You Don’t See Me (12″)
Side One
1. “When You Don’t See Me” (Remix)

Side Two
1. “Ribbons” (Live, November 1990)
2. “Something Fast” (Live, November 1990)

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Hopefully last of the unimaginative, stupid, boring TSoM vinyl box sets. No new alternate versions, not even the ones of the new CD versions, no session recordings, no live recordings…no booklet…just putting some old records together, every fan already has.
If doing boring things, leastwise do a double album with ALL of the b-sides on record 2, so we don’t have to turn the 12″es every time again!
Ah, no…I forgot – with a double album you can’t press 40-50 euros out of the cash-cows, called fans.
Shame again on the greedy record industry! Complaining about hard times in the internet age, but fooling people, who have the will to pay for music products!

Mark Reed

Shame that the Power Mix 12″ of More isn’t included.

Matthew North

Same old same old, we all but this on multiple formats at the time, as the poster above said, the bootleg tracks from the 2nd Dr Jeep 12″ (with the poster) not included. if they really did have this as ‘super deluxe’ you would thing the rest of the 1990 Hamburg Docks gig as imho 1990 the sisters were at their absolute best live.

Stuart Graves

Is the 12″ of More any different to the album version? I really hope they release Some Girls, that’s where the real
gems are and should sell incredibly well.


I wrote to Rhino on May 7, 2016 to ask when Vision Thing would come in the deluxe vinyl box? The response came from a Dr. Rhino. Response was the following;
“We do not have current plans for this release, but thank you for your input. I will forward your message to our suggestion box.” Dr. Rhino
Go figure.
Separate topic. After all these years would still like to see ‘Afterhours’ on an official cd release. One of Eldritch’s most dark and dramatic songs ever from the original line-up.


You can buy a CD-quality FLAC of “Afterhours” at 7digital, no need to wait for a CD release.


Would be nice if “Some Girls…” (with Alice, Reptile House and Temple on 12″ and an LP with the tracks of the three 7″) and “Slight Case” (as a double-LP + Temple 92 and Under the Gun on 12″) will continue these rereleases.


Sadly misses the 2nd 12″ that was released for Doctor Jeep, though. That one had liveversions of Burn and Amphetamine Logic (both recorded in Bremen 1985).

Big Steve


One of the best opening lines to a song. Fantastic album, thanks for the info


Awesome, getting this one immediately.

Robert Morgenstern

Oooh thank you for Information. Hoped they make it a trilogy.


Brilliant… I’ve been waiting for this one… The two previous boxes were sublime. :D