Slade / Feel the Noize: The Singlez Box!

10 seven-inch singles in a box set

Next month, BMG will issue a Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box! a new Slade vinyl box set filled with seven-inch singles.

This is a ‘strictly limited edition’ vinyl box which features ten ‘internationally released’ seven-inch singles with the artwork from the respective European country where it was released.

The singles start with the band’s first UK number one, ‘Coz I Luv You’ which was issued in 1971 and in fact five of the first six singles in this box set all hit the top of the UK chart (‘Gudbuy T’Jane’ peaked at number two) which is a reminder, if one was needed, at the phenomenal popularity of Slade in the early 1970s.

The next three songs included here – ‘My Friend Stan’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Far Far Away’ – were all top three singles and the seven-inch box then skips forward six years to recreate the rare 1980 promo single of ‘Night Starvation’. This was one of three new songs on the Six of the Best EP of the same year (the B-side of this promo single ‘When I’m Dancin’ I Ain’t Fightin’ was also a new track that featured on the same EP).

Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box!  will be released on 31 May 2019. Best to ignore the Amazon UK price for now and opt for the German price which brings this in at about £46 plus shipping.

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Feel the Noize [VINYL]


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When Slade Rocked The World box set

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Amazon de   299.99
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Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box!

1. Coz I Luv You / My Life Is Natural
2. Take Me Bak ‘Ome / Wonderin’ Y
3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Man Who Speeks Evil
4. Gudbuy T’Jane / I Won’t Let It ‘appen Agen
5. Cum On Feel The Noize / I’m Mee, I’m Now, And That’s Orl
6. Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me / Kill ’em At The Hot Club Tonite
7. My Friend Stan / My Town
8. Everyday / Good Time Gals
9. Far Far Away / O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
10. Night Starvation / When I’m Dancin’ I Ain’t Fightin’

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Michael Van Overstraeten

Ha Slade!!!!!
You can’t knock Slade!!!!
Seen them live loads of times in original format and the later format with just Don and Dave. Met them several times before and after gigs. Even backstage with the original format i e Nod ,Don, Dave, & Jim. I will never forget SLADE as long as I live!!! I was fortunate to live in Europe at the time of Slade’s Fame and got all their singles in picture sleeves. I have all their 45s & LPs. Great to see this box set to see the light of day. This box Set should be in every SLADE Fan’s record collection. Fantastic set indeed!!!!
I hope that one day we all will see the rerelease of Slade’s more obscure 45’s & LP’s. You never know!!! This is from a Belgian Slade Fan since 1970/71

‘Keep on Rockin’

Michael Van Overstraeten


I’ve ordered this from Amazon Germany and this morning received the world’s longest email, in German. I don’t speak German.

Having picked a few key words and put them in a translator, looks like this has been delayed until September.

The Amazon UK page seems to agree

Keith Lambert

Yes, I just spotted that too (having just pre-ordered from Amazon.de).

Kevin Hughes

Terribly designed cover. The photo is really poor – very blurry and not sharp and clean with a nasty white outline around the photo – a very bad scan and poor Photoshop work. Plus they’re not using the official Slade logo as used on Slade in Flame/Nobody’s Fools, etc.,
badly re drawn. The ‘S’ looks ridiculous.

‘Coz I Luv You’ is spelt ‘Coz I LOVE You’ on the back of the box.

Been a lifelong Slade fan since 1971 and have every original UK 45 and LP, plus many European 45s and the 2006 Union Square expanded CD editions, so I doubt I’ll be buying this.


Yes picture sleeves were very much a rarity in the UK up until around 1978/79 when the craze for coloured vinyl kicked in.
But hey, the records still sold in their -literally-hundreds of thousands.
The generic T Rex blue and red sleeve was my favourite-and the one off red and white version issued for Children of the Revolution .
Just as an aside the Wizzard single Rock n Roll Winter was issued in a picture gatefold sleeve back in April 1974.
A sign of the times was the fact that due to the 3 day week and energy crisis this single was delayed and should have been released in January.
Just dusted off my copy and on the label was the message “Sorry.The word Spring wouldn’t fit.RW.
Those were the days!


Szegyenletes magyar forditás!
Figyeljunk már oda emberek!
A Slade-rol annyit: szerintem minden idok legjobb egyuttese, a Queen es az Omega mellett!


Ordered. Hopefully further volumes will follow. Slade are simply the best band I have seen live and I have seen the likes of Floyd, Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Queen, Guns’n’Roses, Status Quo and Deep Purple live to name just a few.


First record I ever bought was Look Wot You Dun by Slade. What a great band they were.

Mike Larson

No Run Runaway? I still remember that video being on MTV constantly :(

Jim O’Donnell

No “Merry Xmas Everybody” Their most famous single?


A truly great band but honestly Paul, your spelling is atrocious on some of those track listings!

Georgina Cox

Hello.I am a fan from 1972 also. The spelling is how Slade wanted it


Thanks for the clarification. None of the rest of us knew that.

hendry doran

Luv it


You’re a gent, I’ve been after something like this for a very long time.


Picked up the excellent ….Rocked The World box set a few years ago as a Black Friday deal for £78 inclusive and this new set would make a very fine companion piece, even though it is missing a few singles. Decisions, decisions…

Kevin Henry

The Sweet were my favourite band when I was at school (and I still love them now), but I also loved Slade. Gudbuy T’Jane is my favourite. Feel The Noize – Slade’s Greatest Hits is a good a compilation as you can get.


If only Nod would relent… surely they’d be a shoo-in for the Glastonbury ‘Legends’ slot.

paul crook

Might have to get this. Great band and the album tracks and b-sides from their back catalogue are superb. They may have been ridiculed by the likes of Vic and Bob but I suspect it was homage to a seriously good band!


It was absolutely a homage – Vic and Boby became friends with Sir Nod and he appeared in the original pilot of Shooting stars.

Rare Glam

Also, do we know how many copies this singles set is ‘strictly limited’ to? The LP box was numbered, this one doesn’t seem to be (on the outside anyway).

Rare Glam

So, is Marc Almond right, are BMG giving up on CDs? It looks like it from this. Nice box as is the ‘Ruled The World’ set but that was mainly vinyl again (notwithstanding the two CDs with four LPs on them). Anyway, good to see a Slade box that doesn’t have the ‘Merry Christmas’ single in it for once. I have all the Slade albums as Japanese mini LP CDs but these vinyl boxes are very attractive and tempting. Slade were a more versatile band than often thought. Just take a listen to the ear-worm friendly pop of ‘My Friend Stan’ which sounds like benevolent older popsmith Noddy Holder with his glasses on and it’s football terrace stompin B side ‘My Town’ which sounds like something that could easily have appeared on ‘Slade Alive’ or ‘Slayed’. I may even buy this set, they’re all great songs, just wish there was a CD singles box set version as well.

Phil Cohen

I don’t think that BMG have much enthusiasm for any “physical product”. They started a fine 2-CD expanded/remastered Uriah Heep series, then halted it after the group’s first 5 albums, they bought (outright, from Dave Clark), the “Ready Steady Go” films then did nothing with them, and BMG/Sanctuary, who own the UK rights to the “Immediate Records” catalog, may, in fact, be the cause of the situation with Charly Records (who has the “Rest of The World” rights to the “Immediate” catalog) which has halted all “Immediate Records” archival activity; a situation that may not be resolved within the original fans’ lifetimes.

adam shaw

Nice to see them in their international sleeves . When I bought them in the U.K. in the 70s you were lucky if you got them in a generic Polydor paper cover .
I can remember going on holiday to Europe and seeing all my favorite bands singles in picture sleeves , felt right hard done by !


Totally agree Adam – picture sleeves in the uk were rare as hens teeth back in the 79’s so it’s great to see them reissued with picture sleeves.

Kevin Barrett

One of the best glam rock exponents. Done some GREAT songs


for me it’s a necessity to have EVERYTHING by Slade. They were my first favourite band way back in 1972 and are so until today


Nice! That reminds me that, although I like Slade, I don’t have a single CD or record from them.
Time to buy a best of, I think.

hendry doran

I like Slade and similar to you I don’t have a cd or record by them in my collection. Sadly I missed the boat on the offer price