Sleeper / Smart anniversary reissue

Expanded CD & 2LP vinyl offer bonus tracks • Signed editions available

Sleeper / Smart 25th anniversary reissue

Britpop band Sleeper‘s debut album Smart is reissued for its 25th anniversary, with expanded editions available on coloured vinyl and CD.

The 1995 album features the band’s first sizeable hit ‘Inbetweener’ (#16) which created enough interest for Smart to be gold-certified (for 100,000 sales) in the UK. The band enjoyed even more success with 1996 follow-up The It Girl (produced by Stephen Street) although the backlash and toxicity around the ‘Britpop’ label by late 1997 hampered the commercial prospects of the final long-player of that era, Pleased to Meet You.

Smart was originally issued on Indolent (a subsidiary of RCA and BMG) and was reissued on CD by Cherry Red back in 2011. Since then, Sleeper have reformed and returned last year with a fourth album, The Modern Age.

The new Smart reissue offers the album on vinyl for the first time in 25 years, along with 10 bonus tracks. It’s a nifty looking 2LP package pressed on yellow vinyl and is available with a signed & numbered print from the official Sleeper store. A 2LP clear vinyl version (not signed) is also available.

The expanded CD edition includes the same bonus material and is also available signed if you choose to order via the band’s shop. In fact, there’s all manner of bundles and options including test pressings, signed tour posters etc., some of which are listed below.

Both vinyl & CD options include updated booklets/insert complete with new photographs. Smart is reissued on 5 June 2020.

Peruse the official Sleeper store, or see highlights below

Smart expanded CD

1. Inbetweener
2. Swallow
3. Delicious
4. Hunch
5. Amuse
6. Bedhead
7. Lady Love Your Countryside
8. Vegas
9. Poor Flying Man
10. Alice In Vain
11. Twisted
12. Pyrotechnician

Bonus tracks

13. Bedside Manners
14. Tatty
15. Little Annie
16. It’s wrong of you to breed
17. One Girl Dreaming
18. Alice In Vain 7” Single version
19. Hymn To Her
20. Big Nurse
21. Ha Ha You’re Dead
22. Bank

Smart 2LP vinyl

LP 1 – The album

A1: Inbetweener
A2: Swallow
A3: Delicious
A4: Hunch
A5: Amuse
A6: Bedhead
A7: Lady Love Your Countryside

B1: Vegas
B2: Poor Flying Man
B3: Alice In Vain
B4: Twisted
B5: Pyrotechnician

LP 2 with bonus tracks

C1: Bedside Manners
C2: Tatty
C3: Little Annie
C4: It’s wrong of you to breed
C5: One Girl Dreaming

D1: Alice In Vain 7” Single version
D2: Hymn To Her
D3: Big Nurse
D4: Ha Ha You’re Dead
D5: Bank

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Richard Lloyd

I agree with folks that “The It Girl” is easily the best Sleeper album by some distance (I include their latest 4th album in that, which I found a bit disappointing). In fact, it was so good, I bought both the regular CD edition decades ago (one of my favourite 90’s albums and the best Britpop album ever released, IMHO) and also the Cherry Red double CD version much more recently, which had some interesting extra tracks (although their cover of Blondie’s classic “Atomic” was way, way too close to the original).

As for “Smart”, it has a few redeeming tracks like “Inbetweener” and “Vegas” (I have the CD single of this), but a lot of average filler – too much to be bother buying any special edition of it, Cherry Red or not.


Agree with most – IT Girl is superior but this is very like early Blur and so good at the time

Plus it seems my new copy has the track order incorrectly printed

Rare Glam

Can I just say that I think their 2019 ‘Modern Age’ album (also in a gatefold card sleeve, much preferred to clunky old jewel cases) is better than either of their 90s albums and I like both of those. I will lstick with the (jewel cased!) Cherry Red 2x CD reisues from 2011 on these 90s reissues.


Sorry to the fans here but I remember loving Inbetweener but being sorely disappointed by this album. NME warned me the week before that it wasn’t all that but did I listen ? No. Anyway like others have said here The It Girl was much better. A reissue of that might perk my interest….

Louise weners g string

I had all the b-sides but now i got them on cd.

Mark Jensen

The colored vinyl looks cool, and I like the digipak cd, but given that I already own the Cherry Red 2cd editions for Smart and The It Girl, what I’d really get a lot more excited about would be a reissue of Pleased To Meet You with it’s associated b-sides.


Really nice looking items and color choice of the vinyls

Sylent Syd

Hopefully The It Girl is not far behind, but I’ll definitely be grabbing this in the meantime.


I can not believe it is 25 years since I first bought this album. I got it from my local HMV, a first vinyl pressing complete with a copy of the Alice EP 7″. (SLEEPLP 007A). I still have it along with the two 7″ singles Inbetweener and Vegas. So I don’t need this reissue thank you very much. 25 years! Shhhheeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!

Tim Abbott

Interesting – enjoyed this back in the 90s and curious to see if it’s stood the test of time. The Vegas 12″ was a picture disc with a roulette wheel and pop-out casino chips which was pretty smart (pardon the pun).

I’m curious if they’ll have all four members sign this – Diid the original bass player has been out of the band and not part of the reunion and has sort of vanished.

Also of note is that Jon (Sleeper guitarist) is playing in The Wedding Present while their guitarist is on maternity leave, which is possibly the least rock n roll thing ever!

What? 2020? Worry?

Looks good. Nice bundles but will stick to Cherry Red copies.

If this was the 25th of the debut Elastica LP I wouldn’t hesitate.


Wasn’t there supposed to be an expanded reissue of Elastica’s debut once upon a time? I swear I have some memory of rumblings to that effect. I’d be up for that for sure!


I met Sleeper in Dallas back around 1996 when I worked for this music chain. The local BMG reps put on a meet and greet lunch with them to promote The It Girl. The turnout wasn’t that huge, but the label did supply some goodies promoting the band, one of which was a copy of their green 7″ titled Bucket & Spade, picture disk 7″ of Nice Guy Eddie and a U.S. promo CD single of Sale of the Century. I got myself two copies of the green 7″ (even had them sign the actual vinyl of one of them!), as well as the picture disk (think I had them sign that) and promo CD single. Memory is a bit fuzzy from that meet and greet, so I can’t recall if they performed any songs.

stephen king

Cheers Paul, ordered a bundle with lots of signed goodies. I loved this album at the time and had a great time jumping up and down on the tour then. They were still excellent when I saw them live playing some of these along with some new tracks before the Modern Age was released. Just a pity it’s 25 years since it came out as it doesn’t seem that long ago but this is out the day after I turn 50 so it must be…


The Sleeper Store also has signed test pressings for sale. Nice touch for collectors


About the CD version: The Cherry Red reissue had 15 bonus tracks, this one only 10. The only thing this one had that the CR hadn’t is Alice in Vain 7″ version, and also this one seems to be a digipack, but I definitely think I’ll pass and be satisfied with my CR editions


I totally agree and will be doing the same. The Cherry Red edition is much better. It has more tracks and is in the much preferred stronger jewel case, which can always be replaced it ever damaged.

Gareth Jones

Wow, they’ve crammed on the tracks for this. Other artists would do it as a 2-CD set. But then if all 22 tracks fit on one disc, I guess it’s better for the environment! Apart from the singles, I have to say it’s not really a great album (‘The It Girl’ is much better), plus the single version of ‘Vegas’ is far better than the album version, yet they’ve omitted that from the bonus tracks?!