Small Faces / Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake 3CD+DVD unsigned edition

Small Faces / Ogdens' Flake Gone Nut 3CD+DVD

The forthcoming 3CD+DVD 50th anniversary edition of the Small FacesOgdens’ Nut Gone Flake is now available on Amazon in the UK.

This was previously announced as a signed edition available only from the official store. That version retails at £50 but fans do now have the option of opting for an unsigned edition for £37.

The 3CD+DVD set comes in large format book (earbook) packaging and includes some extra audio, not in the coloured vinyl edition. It also adds a DVD that includes the Small Faces’ June 1968 TV performance on the BBC’s ‘Colour Me Pop’ programme. This is important footage because the band never attempted Odgens’ Nut Gone Flake live and this was the one occasion where they performed it, albeit just seven tracks. This footage has been cleaned up and presented alongside Peter Whitehead’s promotional film for Lazy Sunday.

The hardcover book is 60-pages and features the same Mark Paytress notes as in the vinyl set. This should be released on 5 October 2018.

Pre-orders with limited SIGNED Kenney Jones print from the official store
(signed art prints while stocks last – keep an eye on the listings in the store)

CD 1 (Mono)

1. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
2. Afterglow
3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart
4. Rene
5. Song Of A Baker
6. Lazy Sunday
7. Happiness Stan
8. Rollin’ Over
9. The Hungry Intruder
10. The Journey
11. Mad John
12. Happydaystoytown

CD 2 (Stereo)

1. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
2. Afterglow
3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart
4. Rene
5. Song Of A Baker
6. Lazy Sunday
7. Happiness Stan
8. Rollin’ Over
9. The Hungry Intruder
10. The Journey
11. Mad John
12. Happydaystoytown

CD 3 (different from LP)

01.  Ogdens‘ Nut Gone Flake (early session version) (mono)
02.  Afterglow (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
03.  Long Agos And Worlds Apart (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
04.  Rene, The Dockers’ Delight (Early Session Mix) ((stereo)
05.  Song Of A Baker (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
06.  Lazy Sunday (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
07.  Happiness Stan (Backing Track) (mono)
08.  Bun In The Oven (Early Session Mix) (mono))
09.  The Fly (Take 4 – Instrumental Version) (stereo)
10.  The Journey (Single Version) (mono)
11.  Mad John (Take 7 – Early Session Version) (stereo)
12.  Mad John (Single Version) (mono)
13.  HappyDaysToyTown (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
14.  Kamikhazi (Take 7 – Backing Track) (mono)
15.  Every Little Bit Hurts (Early Session Mix) (mono)
16.  (If You Think You’re) Groovy (backing track) (mono)
17.  Afterglow Of Your Love (Alternate Single Mix) (mono)
18.  Ogdens‘ Nut Gone Flake (Alternate Take – Phased Mix) (stereo)


BBC Late Line-Up Presents Colour Me Pop: Small Faces (original transmission date 21 June 1968)

Presented by Michael Dean: Small Faces with Stanley Unwin

01.  Song Of A Baker
02.  Lazy Sunday (Immediate Records original promo, filmed by Peter Whitehead)
03.  Happiness Stan
04.  Rollin’ Over
05.  The Fly
06.  The Journey
07.  Mad John
08.  HappyDaysToyTown

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Stephen Muzyka

Has anyone else received a copy with some of the pages glued in upside down or is it just me? It’s from pages 35-46.


Just received my boxset from the website ( with signed art print ) and as I’m giving the set as a present I can’t open it, can anyone tell me if the art print is inside as I haven’t received it separately, cheers

Dave H

Considering how many recent Small Faces re-releases there’s been, is this really value for money?
The 2012 3CD deluxe edition covers the Stereo, Mono and 14 tracks from CD3.
The 2014 Here Comes The Nice box set includes the other 4 tracks from CD3.

The DVD I’m assuming is an as broadcast version of ‘Colour Me Pop’ which has been circulating for years on the bootleg market. The tracks have also been available on the British Invasion series DVD ‘All or Nothing’.

The DVD doesn’t include the end of year three song mimed performance on French TV programme ‘Surprise Partie’ which would have added Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, Song Of A Baker and Rolling Over.

If you own all of the above, the real selling point of this release is in the earbook format. The plus point of this format is that the text is easily readable without the need of a magnifying glass and the photographs are large. I imagine there’s a good selection of photo’s included in this edition.

Stephen Muzyka

The release date has been pushed back yet again. Now it’s apparently being released on 24th October. Doesn’t bode well for ‘The Autumn Stone’ either but I guess us SF fans are used to it now.

John Barleycorn

I picked up an Art of The Album version recently. Sounded good to me.

Can someone enlighten me what an “ear book” is? I’ve never heard of this before.


@John Barleycorn:

An earbook is a hardbound book usually LP-cover-sized (about 12″x12″) that includes several audio-cds, which are usually fitted in plastic cd-trays in the inner sleeves of the book.

I first came to know them when German record company Edel did several of these as new editions for formerly released box sets, like e.g. “Message In A Box” by The Police, “Direction Reaction Creation” by The Jam or “At The Close Of A Century” by Stevie Wonder.

While these were bookwise just blown-up versions of the original 6″x12″-box sets, Edel began to produce original sets later on, like e.g. “Blue Guitars” (feat. 11 cds and a dvd) or “The Return Of The Fabulous Hefner Bluenotes” (feat. 3 cds & 2 10″-vinyl-records), both by Chris Rea, recommended if you’re into blues rock.
The format is now common and also used for coffee table-books about cities, which add music from the city or country the book is about to broaden the experience from watching to listening. Some of the original releases on Edel are currently available for really cheap prices from several German shops incl. Amazon.de. Just type in “earbook” (one word, not two) as a search perimeter and you will get several results.

John Barleycorn

@ Klaus, thanks for that.
I do like Chris Rea but haven’t heard those releases.
It seems I already have ‘ear books’ for the Peter Gabriel ‘Back to Front’ and ‘Live Blood’ deluxe releases. As you said, hardback, approx 12×12″ with the discs embedded into the cover and a book stitched inside. I just didn’t know that they are ‘ear books’.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

Another recommendation for those Chris Rea `Blue Guitars` & `Hefner Brothers` sets. Which you can pick up cheap and all full of good stuff. I`m not a fan of Chris Rea`s `pop` output but I love his blues material and other SE non-pop releases.



Do you know if the 3LP vinyl box set will be housed in an actual box (i.e., with a lift off-lid or an open slot containing the LPs in individual sleeves and/or jackets), or will it be a triple gatefold package or some other configuration? It’s not clear from the descriptions I have read or the images I have seen to date.


At least the Lazy Sunday promo is included… That (and the Get Yourself Together ‘coppers’ promo) are missing from the otherwise excellent All Or Nothing DVD. Will also be nice to see Colour Me Pop without it being split and without any of those ‘British Invasion’ captions on each song.