Small Faces / Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake SIGNED 50th anniversary box sets

SIGNED • Coloured vinyl • Half-speed mastered • 3CD+DVD

The Small Faces classic 1968 album Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake will be reissued in September as a 50th anniversary box set, with 3LP vinyl and 3CD+DVD variants available.

Issued on Immediate Records in May 1968, the album reached number one in the charts and includes Lazy Sunday, Afterglow, Song Of A Baker’ and Rollin’ Over.

This new 50th anniversary edition is available as a 3LP coloured (red, white and blue) vinyl set. This set comprises both mono and stereo versions of the album plus an LP of rare bonus material. Audio has been newly remastered by Nick Robbins (with the full cooperation of surviving Small Faces member Kenney Jones) and the vinyl has been cut at half-speed (by Matt Colton at Alchemy Studios)! This vinyl set comes with a deluxe booklet with in-depth sleeve notes by Mark Paytress, interviews and rare photos.

 Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake 50th anniversary 3LP vinyl (with limited signed print)

The 50th anniversary set is also available as a 3CD+DVD large format book (earbook) package. This contains almost the same audio as in the triple vinyl set (CD 3 has extra content – see track listing below) but adds a DVD that includes the Small Faces June 1968 TV performance of Happiness Stan (for the BBC’s “Colour Me Pop” programme), along with Peter Whitehead’s promotional film for Lazy Sunday. The hardcover book is 60-pages and features the same Mark Paytress notes etc.

Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake 50th anniversary 3CD+DVD ‘earbook’ (with limited signed print)

Exclusive to the official Small Faces store is a Kenney Jones 12″ x 12″ SIGNED art print available with either the 3LP vinyl, the 3CD+DVD package or the bundle of both items. This print is strictly limited to 500 in total, across all formats. Once all the signed editions sell out the listings on the store will be updated to reflect this.

Standard single LP black vinyl (also half-speed) and casebound book CD ‘art of the album’ editions are also available.

These 50th anniversary editions of Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake will be released on 28 September 2018. Update: The vinyl box has gone back to 19 October.

Pre-orders with limited SIGNED Kenney Jones print from the official store
(signed art prints while stocks last – keep an eye on the listings in the store)

Standard editions via the official store (not signed)

LP 1 or CD 1 (Mono)

A1. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
A2. Afterglow
A3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart
A4. Rene
A5. Song Of A Baker
A6. Lazy Sunday

B1. Happiness Stan
B2. Rollin’ Over
B3. The Hungry Intruder
B4. The Journey
B5. Mad John
B6. Happydaystoytown

LP 2 or CD 2 (Stereo)

C1. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
C2. Afterglow
C3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart
C4. Rene
C5. Song Of A Baker
C6. Lazy Sunday

D1. Happiness Stan
D2. Rollin’ Over
D3. The Hungry Intruder
D4. The Journey
D5. Mad John
D6. Happydaystoytown

LP 3

E1. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake (Early Session Version – Mono)
E2. Afterglow (Alt USA Mix)
E3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart (Alt USA Mix – Stereo)
E4. Rene, The Dockers’ Delight (Early Session Mix)
E5. Song Of A Baker (Alt USA Mix – Stereo)
E6. Lazy Sunday (Alt USA Mix – Stereo)
E7. Every Little Bit Hurts (Early Session Mix – Mono)

F1. Happiness Stan (Backing Track – Mono)
F2. Bun In The Oven (Early Session Mix)
F3. The Fly (Take 4 – Instrumental Version – Stereo)
F4. Mad John (Take 7 – Backing Track – Mono)
F6. Happydaystoytown (Alt USA Mix – Stereo)
F7. Kamikhazi (take 7 – backing track – mono)
F8. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake (Alt Take – Phased Mix – Stereo)

CD 3 (different from LP)

01.  Ogdens‘ Nut Gone Flake (early session version) (mono)
02.  Afterglow (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
03.  Long Agos And Worlds Apart (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
04.  Rene, The Dockers’ Delight (Early Session Mix) ((stereo)
05.  Song Of A Baker (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
06.  Lazy Sunday (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
07.  Happiness Stan (Backing Track) (mono)
08.  Bun In The Oven (Early Session Mix) (mono))
09.  The Fly (Take 4 – Instrumental Version) (stereo)
10.  The Journey (Single Version) (mono)
11.  Mad John (Take 7 – Early Session Version) (stereo)
12.  Mad John (Single Version) (mono)
13.  HappyDaysToyTown (Alternate USA Mix) (stereo)
14.  Kamikhazi (Take 7 – Backing Track) (mono)
15.  Every Little Bit Hurts (Early Session Mix) (mono)
16.  (If You Think You’re) Groovy (backing track) (mono)
17.  Afterglow Of Your Love (Alternate Single Mix) (mono)
18.  Ogdens‘ Nut Gone Flake (Alternate Take – Phased Mix) (stereo)


BBC Late Line-Up Presents Colour Me Pop: Small Faces (original transmission date 21 June 1968)

Presented by Michael Dean: Small Faces with Stanley Unwin

01.  Song Of A Baker
02.  Lazy Sunday (Immediate Records original promo, filmed by Peter Whitehead)
03.  Happiness Stan
04.  Rollin’ Over
05.  The Fly
06.  The Journey
07.  Mad John
08.  HappyDaysToyTown

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What are those lot at Amazon on? 77 quid?! The far more in depth Moody Blues deluxe of ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’ is nearly half that price…. And there’s more chance of a new Stone Roses album coning out than that ‘Autumn Stone’ reissue. ie: no chance whatsoever…

Michael McGreevy

Chalk and cheese.


Got my vinyl and cd bundles with signed print from the Small Faces store today.

Very happy with them and well done to the store for getting them to me on the actual release date. Some other stores with pre-releases that arrive weeks later could take note.


I notice that all reissues are postponed until October, with different releases dates. Some sources (JPC) give October 5 as a release date, but the official Small Faces store has set the release date of all issues (not only the vinyl box) on October 19, which is probably the definitive one?

Stephen Muzyka

I had an email from Amazon stating that the release had been put back to the 24th October but on the actual page it says the 19th so I would go with that. It may still change though. No more info on ‘The Autumn Stone’ re-issue as yet but on a related note it seems that the much anticipated Ronnie Lane box set IS going to be released after rumours of cancellation.

I hope this is the case and if anyone has any more info on this it would be most welcome. Finally listening to Lanes’ solo output this year has been one of the greatest musical discoveries I’ve ever made.

Selina Turner

He wss a genius.

Stephen Muzyka

Indeed he was. I was always a Steve Marriott fan first and foremost and I still think he was the coolest member of the Small Faces but after listening to Ronnie Lane there’s no dispute he was one of the most talented songwriters this country has ever produced.


Rob Caiger. Thank you for the work you do. I find the quotes from the mastering engineer quite uninspiring. It would seem he has just come to the realization that old recordings shouldn’t be made to sound new (“whizzy or whatever” – sheesh). I think for this audience especially it would be nice to give more detailed information about why this new remaster might sound any better. You mention some new tape sources but give no details. Half speed mastering is nice but will it be cut all analog? Has some new digital conversion technology made for a better transfer? It’s only been 6 years. What about hi-res? Thanks.

Philip Cohen

Now Rob Caiger is claiming on Twitter that “The Autumn Stone” is to be reissued one month after “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”. No tracklisting. After more than 4 years of postponements, I’ll believe it when I see it. Undoubtedly some one-dealer or one-website exclusive with outrageously high shipping charges.

Stephen Muzyka

To be fair to Rob Caiger, he did take the time to reply to several posts on here, including mine. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with his answer and posted a second comment querying it but have not heard anything back yet. Fair enough, he’s probably pretty busy.

I take your point on ‘The Autumn Stone’ though. It should have been out long before now. When it does finally appear I hope it’s worth the wait, even though I know the completist in me will compel me to purchase it regardless.

By the way, am I right in thinking that you compiled the Charly Small Faces box in 1995? One of my first SF purchases and without blowing smoke up your backside, still houses the cleanest sounding mono ‘Wham Bam, Thank You Mam’ I’ve heard.


I bought the (excellent) 3cd deluxe edition back in 2012, but the material in this new box is too similar for me to double dip (i also own the “all or nothing” dvd which runs rings round the dvd included in the 2018 set!)
However, bearing in mind that copies of the 2012 deluxe set have actually been selling on ebay in the past, for as much as the price of this new set, i would advise anyone who didn’t get the 2012 version, to buy this new version, without hesitation.
It really is a hugely underrated classic album imho, and deserves to be up there with the likes of sgt pepper.

Mike Grivich

Looks similiar to the release a long while back and that one was packaged in a tin. The Colour Me Pop videos are easily accesible and are circulating freely.

Stephen Muzyka

I just purchased the 1cd version that was released a few days ago and while the sound was slightly cleaner it still had the obvious tape damage at the end of ‘The Hungry Intruder’ that was present on the 2012 release. Why could they not have repaired this from a different source as previous releases did not have this?

I hope the forthcoming re-release rectifies this as it is claimed that the audio has been ‘newly re-mastered’. But I have my doubts.

Rob Caiger

Hi Stephen, This flaw was on the original pressing and master. Sadly. There’s a lot of things we did correct from past editions, noticeably the drop to mono at the end of the stereo Afterglow.

Stephen Muzyka

Many thanks for the reply and info. I take your point but as I pointed out I have several CD issues from both Japan and the UK that don’t have this flaw. While it’s clear that they used inferior masters or multi-gen copies as they all predate 2012 none of them have the tape damage on said track.

With that in mind, I was wondering why those few seconds could not have been ‘flown in’ or patched from one of these sources because as you pointed out ‘Afterglow’ has been repaired in just such a manner and no longer switches to Mono at the end.

andrew R

Has anyone noticed that the signed print version is still available.
If you can’t sell 500 across 3 formats in 3 days? Perhaps they mis judged
the market and its ability to buy Ogdens yet again. Or the format in which it was presented?


I bought 1, so that’s 499 left!

Mark S

Did anyone confirm if this is a different mastering to the just released Sainsbury’s exclusive?


A minor thing, but it would be nice if the DVD included the BBC colour idents and continuity before and after Colour Me Pop. I just about remember it and it’d be nice to see them again… I recall a rather nice continuity thing that was on during the weather announcements of Summer ’68. It looked like one of Heinz Edelmann’s works for ‘Yellow Submarine’. It can be seen in the link below. I also recall that a subtle colour bar test was faded in and out briefly as Mac was in shot during ‘The Journey’ on the original brodacast.


Pete Dooley

Original vintage Small Faces fan, here, just to be clear from the outset.

This is deeply, *deeply* disappointing. Almost an identical tracklist to the last 3CD deluxe edition, and where is that remaining BBC session from 1968 (Rob Caiger says it will not appear on The Autumn Stone deluxe – if indeed *that* ever sees release, four years delayed and counting) ?

If there is truly only a finite amount of material available here, then why not just leave the 2012 deluxe available rather than continually regurgitate this great album?

Oh yeah, silly me, I forgot: £s & $s, £s & $s …

Paul Kennedy

Totally Agree Pete
I have been buying versions of this LP since 1981
Thought they would have pulled out the stops with it.


There just ma be no further stops to pull out.

phil Burford

Totally agree Pete – poor rerelease ,why do it again ? Pity I am 62 and have loved the Small Faces for many years

phil Burford

Ps At least Kenney may get some monies from it -so one positive

Rob Caiger

Catalogue needs to be refreshed in my opinion. For those with long memories, remember how this classic album was treated over the years since the first pressing and subsequent liquidation of Immediate Records…. If you’re happy with the 2012 edition – and its lovely – stay with it. I’m eager to keep the album in the news, to introduce this great music to new generations (hence the coloured vinyls to Sainsbury’s – massive boost that gave the profile of the Small Faces and their catalogue) and to earn money for the band and the company so we can invest in new catalogue projects and keep pushing the quality to the level it deserves. The material is finite – there were no tapes worth mentioning when I started on this in 2008. And now I’m at a 50th anniversary with a definitive 3-LP and 3-CD 1-DVD edition. We did find some additional tape sources and segments we’ve incorporated in the new remaster for all formats and the vinyl was all done at half speed this time.

The BBC session material from the period isn’t here as I’m hoping to produce a complete Decca / Immediate BBC sessions album, restoring long-lost sessions. There’s some nice live things we’ve gathered that haven’t been heard since their original broadcast so that’s on the go at the moment. The Autumn Stone straight after Ogdens’ alongside a wealth of Immediate catalogue deluxe editions.


First let me say I adore The Small Faces. I have bought every single box set and deluxe edition. I appreciate the work that has been done prior to this release. I support Mr. Jones new book too. I like the idea of a deluxe Autumn Stone and a full BBC set if the prices are reasonable. And I agree that it is good if Sainsbury gets the image of the band out to the young people. However, I have to say that with this Ogden release I feel like I am being milked and played for a sucker Mr. Caiger. I don’t mean that in a personal way but since us true loyal die hard fans foot the bill on vanity releases like this you should listen to what I have to say maybe. Since we are being asked to shell out hard earned money yet again…this set should have had an exact repro of the original complex artwork and cover…it should have had 5.1 Surround Mix included, there should have been more audio outtakes i.e. alternate takes and all the demos, studio chatter, a hardback book like the Bear Family box sets maybe, etc. If you want to sell more copies step up your game. Give us something new. Don’t regurgitate the same stuff. We are not stupid. With that being said do you think the full audio of the complete Colour Me Pop Session for Ogden with Stanley will be included in the BBC set so we have it in audio only format? Meant in a friendly honest criticism way from a fan Rob so your response would be most welcome.

Dave H

The ‘Colour Me Pop’ footage has already been released as part of the excellent British Invasion DVD ‘All or Nothing’. If you haven’t got this, it’s well worth picking up.


A pity the DVD doesn’t include the French TV broadcast of Suprise Partie where the Small Faces mimed to three tracks from the album. This was rebroadcast a few years back so there’s good recordings floating around.

Steve Benson

So no part of this comes in a circular sleeve? That seems strange. I am wary of more SF releases which purport to be definitive and from original masters etc. The Greatest Hits singles collection in mono from Charly from 2014 has dreadful sounding versions of Afterglow and Wham Bam .. Mam/Man. And I see Wham Bam isn’t included in this new package. Why include the backing track for Groovy but not the actual single with PP Arnold’s vocals? I’ll stick with my original 1968 vinyl and tinned edition.

Rob Caiger

The track was meant to close side 1 of the original album – and if I could have got the version with Steve singing, it would have vocals… sadly that’s still out of reach on an acetate in a box in an attic. Frustratingly close… the backing track is from the original Olympic session tape reel.

Dave Rose

Will give this a miss, and hold on another few years for alleged Autumn Stone deluxe release

Philip Cohen

To underscore the absurdity of the four year wait for “The Autumn Stone” is that you could create your own disc containing the 23 original selections from existing CD’s mastered by Rob Caiger…..and I long ago burned my own CD-R.

Rob Caiger

You could Phil… but then again, good things come to those who wait…


Already up to 5 versions of this now !


Too much on this one for me.

Is there a recommended version of this album on CD?

I’m not bothered about mono but I am discerning about mastering – ie, not too loud and compressed.

Rob Caiger

From Ogdens’ 50th anniversary book. Nick Robbins, remastering engineer, Soundmastering Ltd: “As well as the restoration process, there’s quite a lot involved with EQ’ing, compressing if necessary and various other processes I might use to bend
and shape the sound. At this point on a reissue project I’m not concerned
with how it might sound in the context of a modern recording. I think that’s
a mistake. I think it’s much more important to bear in mind the context of
its period rather than think to myself: “well, most records these days are
really whizzy or whatever they are so I should make this the same.” No, you
don’t do that, that would be a mistake. The records have their time and
sound has its time. And it’s important to remain true to that.”


Will get this for Colour Me Pop alone… I just hope that alongside Ogden’s and (we think) The White Album that Beggars Banquet gets the anniversary treatment too.


After the Sainsbury’s coloured vinyl in stereo, the mono RSD a few years ago and various CDs in round tins (one which included beer mats?!?) I am completely ‘Flaked’ out.

Mark Hubble

Got as far as ordering then saw £13.50 postage – think I’ll wait for Amazon free delivery

Nigel Croft

35 bucks to ship the bundle to the US. I’ll wait for Amazon and pay 3 bucks postage.


So for the purist, mono or stereo? Is this a Beatle-esque mono/stereo decision?


It’s Ogden’s possibly one of the 10 most influential records ever released . I would have liked something like the pepper box set, more not less I say !

Philip Cohen

The issue that precludes a Pepper-style boxed set, is that a fairly small amount of “Small Faces” multitrack tapes have survived, and it was largely the group’s decision. Kenny or “Mac” openly stated that they made some of the tapes “Disappear”, so that, for example, only one take of “Itchycoo Park” would exist.
As you know, the UK rights to the “Immediate Records” catalog reside with BMG/sanctuary, while the ROW(Rest of the World ) rights reside with Charly….but Charly holds all of the existing “Immediate” multitracks and masters. If this Small Faces “Ogden’s” set is actually released it will end a 4 year moratorium on Charly issuing CD’s from “Immediate” material. Charly’s motive seemed to be to stop BMG/Sanctuary from getting access(in a digital, clonable format) to unreleased songs, versions or mixes by “Immediate” recording artists, so as to render BMG’s UK rights worthless and un-usable. If the Ogden’s CD set is actually released in September, Charly will have found a way to end the CD moratorium without permitting BMG to have access to unreleased material: issue CD’s that have no unreleased material. This is not good news for collectors who want unreleased material…and Charly definitely does have unreleased material by other “Immediate” artists. Charly still does release an occasional limited edition vinyl record with one unreleased alternate mix per record, but they are expensive “Record Store Day” releases or one-dealer exclusive (such a Humble Pie compilation L.P. sold only by a dealer called “Pie & Vinyl”, who charges $45 to send it to North America). Charly is confident that that not being digitally clonable that BMG won’t copy from these vinyl releases.
I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that Charly will issue CD’s with unreleased songs, versions or mixes by “Immediate” artists. If Charly executives hoped that rendering BMG’s UK rights (to the “immediate” catalog) worthless, would force BMG to sell the UK rights to Charly, this hasn’t worked.

Paul Kennedy

Thanks for the
heads up Phil !
To be honest this is really disappointing
There has to be more unreleased stuff in the vaults or has the well run dry ?
CD 3 seems to mirror the deluxe edition from 2012
Think I will save me money for the forthcoming Kinks and Beatles boxes..

Philip Cohen

Smart move Mr.Kennedy, because I’m doing the same thing. This Christmas shopping season will be a fantastic, unprecidented one for Classic Rock archival product, including unreleased material by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Doors, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Wings, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and surround sound materials by The Band, The Doobie Brothers and Pink Floyd. And perhaps more artists. With a limited budget, why waste money for products that have nothing new to offer?

Paul Kennedy

Hi Phil
Are they going to be releasing the rumoured Super Deluxe of The Who Sell Out ?
if they are I am going to start saving now ….

Philip Cohen

In answer to your question concerning “The Who Sell Out”, one Who album (though it’s not yet known which one!) will get the deluxe box treatment later this year. A friend who helped negotiations between Shel Talmy & Universal Music (to permit access to the 1965 multitracks and their remix for stereo) and who supplied the Shel Talmy DAT mono rough mixes for the “My Generation” boxed set, is again involved in the next boxed set. Last year, that friend bought a clean condition acetate of an early mix of “Whiskey Man” which contains the deleted harmony vocals during the passage “Two men dressed in white collected me two days ago. They say there’s only room for one and whiskey man musy go”. That harmony vocal (by Keith Moon) has not been accessable until now, because the multitrack for the song was mislaid/misplaced decades ago.

Paul Kennedy

Hi Phil ! Surely not a super deluxe of A Qiuick One ?
Would not think there is enough material to fill 4 or 5 cds From 66
Would love it though if they did have !!

Philip Cohen

To Paul Kennedy,

In reponse to your question as to whether there could , someday, be a boxed set edition of of The Who’s second album “A Quick One”, I should note that there was a Japan 2-CD edition of the album. There’s other material could be added including demos, and perhaps broadcast material (audio & video), so, yes, a boxed set is potentially possible.

Andrew r

“I” didn’t know, actually ,that it was that complicated. I thought rights were split along
Decca/ immediate lines only . That explained the different treatment of the 2 box sets that came out .
Obviously it is considerably more complicated if what you say is true . Steve Marriott and Ronnie lane
Had productive but somewhat cursed lives , it continues to bedevil the small faces memory unfortunately.
Very interesting anyway .

Paul Taylor

The Humble Pie album is available directly from Immediate Records website, Pie & Vinyl had the exclusive for one week. I’m sure Immediate will charge less than $45 for shipping

Philip Cohen


I checked the “Immediate” store that links to “Burning Shed”. The Humble Pie RSD L.P. is long gone.

Rob Caiger

Hi Phil, I label manage Immediate Records on behalf of Charly and BMG UK. We all work together – as you’ll see for the events planned around Ogdens’ launch. Your comments are wide of the mark and have no basis in fact. There is no moratorium. In fact, I’ve charged BMG with driving a major project for all Immediate artists that will see the digital catalogues upgraded and available properly worldwide, tied into what’s planned physically. We’d love things to move faster but sometimes they just can’t, for many reasons. But unlike past releases, we know these will be correct and the best they can be.

Just to reply to some of the comments you make…

“Kenny or “Mac” openly stated that they made some of the tapes “Disappear”: I’m not ware of these comments but anyway, don’t take things at face value! In a lot of cases, Immediate multitracks were re-used (its why I’ve got no session material for The Nice). Then there’s the order from the liquidator in the 70’s to destroy tapes.

“Charly definitely does have unreleased material by other “Immediate” artists”: Yes we do and many lovely things will be appearing simultaneously worldwide on Immediate Records via BMG UK and Charly. Hope that answers the wild theories…:-)

The Humble Pie LP retailed here for £19.99 – expensive for an RSD limited edition? It was a one-off release – we’ve never done it before and we won’t again (something else is planned for next year). It involved Peter and Jerry, the Southsea and Portsmouth communities together with generating business for a local vinyl pressing plant and a wonderful record store, which was also my intention. And it had a great story, one that the RSD organisation felt they could support, albeit it bucked the trend by being available in one store. But that was because of the story of how the LP came to be… And the mix of ’79th Street Blues’ has been wiped so its only available on this LP.

Lots of Happiness coming…:-)

Philip Cohen

The events (as they occured) did constitute a “Moratorium”. The last Charly CD from “Immediate” recordings was “There are But Four Small Faces”, which was released in 2014. That’s a long time ago.

Philip Cohen

But, having seen the list of Multitrack tapes that Charly received in 2002, quite a bit of “Immediate” multitrack tapes DID survive, including the complete set of multitracks for P.P. Arnold, Warm Sounds, Billy Nichols, Excelsior Sping(AKA Finesilver & Kerr), Nicky Scott,Apostolic Intervention & Duncan Browne. And small quantities of multitracks by Chris Farlowe., Twice as Much and The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra. Caiger claims to have found further Chris Farlowe tapes. And there are multitracks for artists who recorded for the “Immediate” label but never had anything released.(such as the London-based psychedelic group “One One Seven”, whose two songs were produced by Mick Jagger). Clearly, there is archival material from which expanded album reissues or various artists discs could be created…….hopefully, within our lifetimes.

Jeremy K

Paul, do you or anyone know what a cd/DVD earbook is? I.e. What sort of size package are we looking at here? Standard cd size/10″,12″?? Is it like a large cardboard book without the outer sleeve? Sounds a lot of cash for very little new content musically but would still like one…..as many of you I have more than enough copies of th.is album to last a lifetime though really.

Chris Squires

Correct, I have the Police, Status Quo and the Jam as an Earbook. They are brilliant (IMHO). Slightly smaller in height / depth than an album.

Jeremy K

Thanks Paul, i know what you mean now, not a bad set that, I have the earlier thinner style one…


Does anyone know if this version is a newer/better remaster than the one recently released on Red vinyl through Sainsburys? That was the stereo mix so I was hoping for a stand-alone Mono vinyl version, done with the same level of love and care to the Beatles remasters – this music certainly deserves it. And WHY dont they re-create the iconic circular fold-out cover/packaging?

Paul Wren

It’s bound to be better as it has been half speed mastered for optimum sound results.


Interesting. Now I’ll finally get to listen to this album. Vinyl box set with signed print ordered!

Matthew James

Is the single LP stereo or mono?

Paul Wren

Right, that’s the triple vinyl/signed print ordered.

Rob Deighton

They could of put these in a round tin, if they reduced the book down a bit. Missed a trick there.

Rob Caiger

The original plan was a round box – until the costs came in. Would have doubled the price, it was ridiculously expensive…


I’ve got the 1997 vinyl reissue on Castle Communications (part of their Original Recordings re-issue programme) which came in the original circular sleeve, plus the the 2006 3xCD Sanctuary/Castle reissue in a tin box featuring mono and stereo mixes and a third CD featuring a 1989 BBC Radio One documentary about the making of the album. And that’s enough to be going on with. What would be far more welcome is a complete Immediate Years collection like Universal did with The Decca Years a while back. Bloody wonderful album btw! Up there with Sgt. Pepper, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and David Bowie as one of the few still listenable Brit psych albums from that 1967/68 period.


Where are the Amazon preorder links? Would to support SDE with the click-through.


Hello, Paul

I saw this LP available on July 27th here: https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=123733

and also available on August 3rd on amazon.ca (also on CD):


It looks like the same edition as the one described here (on 1 black vinyl and 1 CD)…

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

Just ordered the LP & CD S.E.`s , must be mad. I already have mono & stereo LPs both round cover. The 3xCD tin and at least 2 more versions on CD.

However I`m not precious over these things, I`m gonna copy CD3 from the tin and if you`re interested nip over to eBay or Discogs or the Steve Hoffman Forum this evening. The 3CD tin will be up for sale.

Hope you don`t mind me giving this a mention Paul, if you do just delete the message.


Hi Paul.

Do you know if this product https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CPK4SFW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_14?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1

is the “art of the album” CD?

Best Regards,

Mark Kirk

On June 29th the Daily Mail had an article with Kenney Jones http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5887679/My-haven-Kenney-Jones-drummer-69-living-room-14th-century-Surrey-country-house.html where he states “For the album’s 50th anniversary we’re releasing a special edition and I’m doing a full-length animation film of it.”
I’m really hoping this will be included on the DVD as well, as that – along with the signed print – is what convinced me to further damage my bank account. This, Loving The Alien and the Nazareth box all in the last couple of days – Ouch!

Pete Dooley

Kenney has been talking about making an animated film of Happiness Stan since the 1990s.

David Olstein

Why not include the entire Colour Me Pop performance? This is ridiculous.

Paul Thomson

Having bought the Immediate SDE Box (with autographs) and the Immediate albums mini box from Charly as well as the individual CDs before that, I just can’t spend another £50 on this. A 10-minute DVD does not do it for me either and I have Kenney’s signature on the poster for the first album that came with the Decca Years boxset too….Oh, hold on, I see you’ve updated the DVD info…I saw this programme years ago and really enjoyed it…..and I guess I would like a print of Ogden’s that I could frame………………Oh dear.


Makes a nice change not being forced to buy vinyl in a box set pleased for vinyl lovers they get the bonus track in their chosen format.


GREAT NEWS, thank you Paul!!!
I ordered the LP set.

Gary Shaw

Am I reading it correctly, that the DVD is JUST two promo videos?
If so, what a wasted opportunity. Surely there’s more video in the vaults than that?

Dave Horn

They’re saving it for the 60th anniversary edition.


If they wait much longer, all the band’s original fans will be dead.

Vicente Olaso Sendra

So same audio content than the 2012 edition on Charly, and only two performances on the DVD. Um …

Jorje Chica

Yes, the rarities CD here includes all 14 tracks from the second CD to the 2012 deluxe edition, plus 4 tracks from the Here Come The Nice box set. I already have the 2012 CD and vinyl reissues, so I’ll pass on this one. Still waiting to see what rarities will be on the reissue of Autumn Stone.

Philip Cohen

Reportedly, the reissue of “The Autumn Stone” will contain (amongst its bonus tracks) one unreleased instrumenta;l jam, however, I doubt that will it appear in the finished released product. Other record companies release product that provides good value (and rarities) for fans, while Rob Caiger just plays games. I’ve had enough of this music biz B.S. artist.


Was the recent Sainsbury’s ‘exclusive’ coloured edition half-speed mastered …?

Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

Doubt it, just a cash grab.

Geoff D

@suedeHEAD67 – No, it wasn’t.