Snowy White / Lucky Star: An Anthology 1983-1994 / six-CD box set

Snowy White / Lucky Star: An Anthology 1983-1994

Six-CD box set featuring the guitarist & songwriter’s solo work

Guitarist Snowy White‘s solo career is remastered and repackaged in Lucky Star: An Anthology 1983-1994, a new six-CD clamshell box set.

White had established himself as an in-demand guitarist for acts such as Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy before he embarked on a solo career with his debut White Flames in 1983. This featured the hit single ‘Bird of Paradise’.

Two further albums (Snowy White and That Certain Thing) followed before White formed Snowy White’s Blues Agency and recorded Change My Life and Open For Business at the very end of the eighties.

After a short hiatus from recording, 1994 saw White return with a new album called Highway to the Sun. This featured guest performances from David Gilmour, Chris Rea and Gary Moore.

For this new box set, everything is remastered and this comes with 18 bonus tracks across the six albums, drawn from rare singles and unreleased sessions. The package includes with a booklet featuring an exclusive interview with Snowy White.

Lucky Star: An Anthology 1983-1994 will be released on 22 May via Esoteric Recordings.

CD 1: White Flames (1983)
1. Lucky Star
2. Bird Of Paradise
3. The Journey Part One / The Journey Part Two
4. Don’t Turn Back
5. It’s No Secret
6. Lucky I’ve Got You
7. The Answer
8. Open Carefully
9. At The Crossroads

Bonus tracks:
10. Broken Promises
11. For The Rest Of My Life (Live)

CD 2: Snowy White (1984)
1. Land Of Freedom
2. Long Summer Days
3. Chinese Burn
4. Peace On Earth
5. The Water’s Edge / Stepping Stones
6. So Breathless
7. Fortune
8. When I Arise

Bonus tracks:
9. Good Question
10. Straight On Ahead
11. I Can’t Let Go
12. Rush Hour
13. Muddy Fingers
14. Sky High
15. Someone Else Is Gonna Love Me

CD 3: That Certain Thing (1987)
1. For You
2. That Certain Thing
3. Lonely Heart
4. This Heart Of Mine
5. I Can’t Believe It
6. Walking Away
7. I’ll Be Holding On
8. Voices In The Rain

Bonus tracks:
9. Snow Blues (B-Side Of 12-Inch Single)
10. Let Go Too
11. Mai Tai
12. Birthday Blues
13. Only Woman

CD 4: Change My Life (as Snowy White’s Blues Agency) 1988
1. Woke Up This Morning
2. The Thrill Is Gone
3. You Know It Ain’t Right
4. Change My Life
5. The Agency Blues
6. Judgement Day
7. Ooh-Wee Baby
8. The Rest Of My Life
9. Parchman Farm
10. The Agency Shuffle
11. Another Man

Bonus track:
12. No Place To Go

CD 5: Open For Business (as Snowy White’s Blues Agency) 1989
1. I Can’t Help Myself
2. Blues On Me
3. Out Of Order
4. When You Broke Your Promise
5. I Want Your Love
6. Out Of My Dreams
7. Addicted Man
8. Open For Business
9. Walking The Streets
10. Land Of Plenty

Bonus tracks:
11. Twister
12. Cat Flea Jump

CD 6: Highway to the Sun (1994)
1. Highway To The Sun
2. Can’t Find Love
3. Burning Love
4. Loving Man
5. The Time Has Come
6. Heartful Of Love
7. Love, Pain And Sorrow
8. Hot Saturday Night
9. Keep On Working
10. I Loved Another Woman
11. I Can’t Get Enough Of The Blues

Bonus track:
12. All My Money

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Angus McPhart

Too bad two of his most beautiful tracks are missing:
– You Can’t Break My Heart
– The Time Had Come

One would expect an anthology to cover all his work.
Leaving out those magnificent songs is a big kiss, IMHO.

Tracy Lloyd

Will this be released on vinyl

Jarmo Keranen

Bird Of Paradise was the first video i saw from satellite tv in 1983. In 1996 Mick Taylor was performing here in Finland at Kajaani Jazz & Blues Festival. Snowy was the other guitarist and i saw him about 6 feet away from me. The concert was in tent and clock was way past midnight. They interrupted concert after three track, because they were playing too loud. Bird Of Paradise is still only track i have heard from him. Of course i know the tracks he did with Thin Lizzy!


I have the “Highway To The Sun” album. It’s outstanding. Of all the blues albums I have, maybe only Robert ‘s Cray “Strong Persuader” is better. Of course “Bird Of Paradise” is a classic.


I’ve not heard any Snowy White before and have listened to a bit of this album you mention and it’s not even in the league of Cray’s worst efforts, let alone Strong Persuader. ‘I Can’t Get Enough of the Blues’? What a ridiculous title!

There’s summat about white blokes playing the blues that just doesn’t sit right with me, no idea why. I get the impression that it’s merely a vehicle to show off their guitar chops and they’re not really feeling it. There were a few who were deep into drugs or drink who seemed to pull it off, probably because they had their demons. Gallagher, 70s Clapton amd SRV are good examples, but it mostly feels like blues by numbers for the rest of them.

“You is a tracer” Chaka Luther King

Jarmo Keranen

You forget two of the best. They are Johnny Winter and Duane Allman!


Also drug and/or drink addled. ;-)

John McCann'

Claptons solo on bad love,is in my opinion the best bit of playing hes ever done,no drugs or drink involved he was straight by 89, Armani suits and Italian models brought the best out of him,

Mark Turrell

This looks like a cracker. He’s been long overdue a large scale compilation like this, he’s so underrated. The gold top comp mentioned was a great intro for the noob back in the day even without POTW.


After a look on the tracklist I assume that my favorite Snowy White track will remain unavailable on CD: the LP version of “Lucky Star”(box sets title track!), a much (much!) superior mix/version compared to the very stripped-down-sounding CD version, which I avoided for this reason.
Maybe there are two different LP versions of the debut album, as on the sleeve of the LP I own it reads: “Bird Of Paradise and Lucky Star were restructured and remixed at Startling Studios and engineered by Martin Adam”, but: compared to what? An earlier LP edition, which was used on all the later CD editions?

Peter Anderson

Hopefully the extended Pigs On The Wing will make the Immersion edition Of Animals – any news on that one?

Peter Anderson

Sadly no sign of the extended version of Pink Floyd’s Pigs On The Wing featuring an additional snowy White solo recorded only for the 8-track cartridge (long redundant music format) version of the Animals album. David Gilmour apparently didn’t have time or inclination to record a solo for the linking piece so asked Snowy to step in and a fine job he did. It’s only other release is on the now deleted compilation CD Gold Top which currently commands prices up to £200 on Amazon marketplace/Ebay.

Vinicios Savio Menêses Barboza

I want this track too.


Fine though it is, Pigs On The Wing wasn’t recorded between 1983 and 1994.

Tom m hans

Discogs has it cheaper, not sure if those are Russion knock offs.


I only know Bird Of Paradise, so I don’t think I’ll bother with this one sadly.

Nick Love

That man has a tremendous blues guitar tone, every time I listen to him I wonder how Les Paul>>>Marshall became the standard over Les Paul>>>Vox


This is one of those where Amazon has put the release date back themselves. Cherry Red are releasing it on April 24th. Amazon done the same with Donald Byrd and other April Cherry Red release dates. Did have this confirmed by Cherry Red.