Soft Cell / Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles / new single-disc hits set

New ‘Keychains and Snowstorms’ branded greatest hits • Two new songs

In addition to the forthcoming 10-disc rarities set Keychains and Snowstorms, Soft Cell have announced a new singles compilation which shares the same moniker and cover art.

This 20-track collection presumably uses the same mastering as the box set and features all the hits you would expect, but anyone who has pre-ordered the £75 9CD+DVD package will be unimpressed with the news that Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles features two new tracks – ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)’ – NOT on the more expensive set.

The label are putting this down to “long lead manufacturing times for box sets” but there’s nothing stopping them from creating a two-track CD single with the new cuts and bundling it in with you box set, is there? I”m sure fans would value that more than the ‘Mutant Moments Poster’ that was on offer back via the band’s store back in April.

Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles will be released on 28 September, three weeks after the 10-disc version is issued on 7 September. A 12-inch picture disc EP is also issued on the same date.

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Soft Cell

Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles CD edition


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Soft Cell

Keychains and Snowstorms 9CD+DVD box set


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Amazon jp   2389.00
JPC de   19.99

Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles

1. Memorabilia
2. Tainted Love
3. Where Did Our Love Go?
4. Bedsitter
5. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
6. Sex Dwarf
7. Torch
8. Insecure Me
9. What
10. Where The Heart Is
11. Numbers 12. Barriers
13. Loving You, Hating Me
14. Soul Inside
15. Down In The Subway
16. Divided Soul
17. Monoculture
18. The Night
19. Northern Lights
20. Guilty (‘Cos I Say You Are)

CD1: THE PHONOGRAM 12″ HITS 1981-1984
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go 8.57
Bedsitter 7.52
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 8.56
Torch 8.29
What 6.10
Where The Heart Is 9.46
Numbers 9.49
Soul Inside 11.12
Down In The Subway 7.50

Tainted Dub/Where Did Our Love Go? 8.51
Facility Girls (12″ Version) 7.17
Fun City 7.33
Insecure Me (12″ Version) 8.16
So (12” Version) 8.44
It’s A Mug’s Game (12″ Version) 8.11
Barriers (12” Version) 7.10
You Only Live Twice (12″ Version) 6.58
Her Imagination 5.20
007 Theme 3.27
Disease & Desire 4.04
Born To Lose 2.55

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Dave Ball Lateral Mix) 7.08
Youth (Dave Ball Wasted On The Young Mix) 5.41
Secret Life (Extended Mix) 5.17
Chips On My Shoulder (Extended Mix) 6.14
Facility Girls (2018 Mix) 7.43
Heat (Alternative Version) 6.04
Kitchen Sink Drama (Extended Mix)
The Art Of Falling Apart (Extended Mix) 8.47
Martin (Hallowe’en Mix) 6.14
Barriers (Dave Ball Broken Down Angels Mix) 7.09
Meet Murder, My Angel (Extended Mix) 6.00
Slave To This (Life Of Existence Mix)

The Girl With The Patent Leather Face (Original Version) 4.57
A Man Could Get Lost (Daniel Miller Vocal Edit)
Memorabilia (Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version) 5.21
Forever The Same (Unreleased Extended Version) 10.58
Heat (US 7″ Version) 4.01
Loving You, Hating Me (Special USA Mix) 7.45
Martin 10.13
Hendrix Medley (Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile) 10.22
Numbers (7” DJ Version) 4.26
Down In The Subway (7″ Remix Version) 4.21
L’Esqualita (7″ Version) 4.22
Soul Inside (Demo) 5.21
So (Dave Ball Demo Outtake) 3.16

Memorabilia (Original Daniel Miller Mix)
Persuasion (Original Daniel Miller Mix)
Metro MRX (Flexipop Version)
A Man Could Get Lost (Daniel Miller Demo)
The Girl With The Patent Leather Face (Demo)
Tainted Love (Demo)
Bedsitter (Demo)
Potential (From Mutant Moments EP)
L.O.V.E Feelings (From Mutant Moments EP)
Metro MRX (From Mutant Moments EP)
Frustration (From Mutant Moments EP)
Red Tape, Sticky Tape (Demo – Previously Unreleased)
Martin (Original 1980 Demo)
Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)
Science Fiction Stories (Demo)
Bleak Is My Favourite Cliché (Demo)
Cleaning Fanatic (Demo)
Mix (Demo)
A Man Could Get Lost (Original Version)
Walking Make Up Counter (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
Occupational Hazard (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
Persuasion (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
Dave’s Theme (Previously Unreleased Demo)

Entertain Me (Richard Skinner Radio 1 Session)
Seedy Films (Richard Skinner Radio 1 Session)
Chips On My Shoulder (Richard Skinner BBC Radio 1 Session)
Youth (BBC Whistle Test)
Sex Dwarf (BBC Whistle Test)
Soul Inside (David Jensen BBC Radio 1 Session)
Where Was Your Heart (When You Needed It Most) (David Jensen BBC Radio 1 Session)
God Shaped Hole (Remix)
Divided Soul (Hooker Mix)
Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
Monoculture – Dave Ball Extended Mix
The Night
Darker Times
Last Chance
Together Alone
Caligula Syndrome

Barriers (Dave Ball Broken Down Angels Dub)
Numbers (Extended Dub)
Youth (Dave Ball Wasted On The Youth Dub)
Where The Heart Is (Marcus Lancaster Dub)
Seedy Films (Richard X Dub)
L.O.V.E Feelings (Demo)
L’Esqualita (Dub)
Loving You, Hating Me (Dub)
Baby Doll (Dub)
Facility Girls (2018 Mix Dub)
Little Rough Rhinestone (Solvent Dub Mix)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Dave Ball Lateral Dub)
Bedsitter (Erasure Remix)
Where The Heart Is (The Grid Remix : 2018 Re-Edit)
So (The Grid Remix)

Mr Self Destruct
Soul Inside
Forever The Same
Insecure Me
Loving You, Hating Me
Disease & Desire
Where Was Your Heart
Baby Doll
The Art Of Falling Apart

Hey Joe/Purple Haze
Ghost Rider (with Clint Ruin)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Down In The Subway 4.01
The Best Way To Kill 5.20
Numbers 5.29
It’s A Mug’s Game 8.12
Tainted Love 3.39
Where Did Our Love Go 5.33
Bedsitter 3.43
Sex Dwarf 6.17
Barriers 5.28
Surrender To A Stranger 4.22


TV appearances, promos etc.


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Jussi Pukkila

Some observations:

The CD doesn’t meet red book specs as it’s 81:39 minutes.
Tracks are seriously brickwalled. I compared tracks to earlier releases and better sounding versions can mostly be found on them.

Although subtitled ‘The Singles’, quite a few versions are not the single versions:
2. Tainted Love (2:35) – album version
6. Sex Dwarf (5:20) – new intro?
8. Insecure Me (4:40) – US album version?
10. Where The Heart Is (4:33) – album version
11. Numbers (3:34) – 2002 edit
13. Loving You, Hating Me (3:04) – “special remix”?
14. Soul Inside (4:28) – album version
19. Northern Lights (4:23) – the ‘original’
20. Guilty (Cos I Say You Are) (4:20) – the ‘original’
15. Down In The Subway (2:52) – in mono!

I’m not a Soft Cell expert, so I don’t know how good choices the compiler Chris Smith made (or why)…


I am loving this collection. The remastering on this is EXCELLENT.

Derek Langsford

I have this ordered though I already have the boxed set.

One reviewer on Amazon UK gave the The Singles one star and says it is unlistenable due to being horribly brickwalled. The boxed set is a wonderful collection but I do notice it is painful at higher volumes due to being brickwalled. I compared the 12″ versions with my 3CD 12″ set and the difference is notable. I likely won’t be playing the new releases much on my home system. A huge shame as I find the track selection captivating.

carsten hansen


First of all the 12 inch picture disc are further delayed now the release date will end of october

the keychain and snowstorm —keychain/usb now updatet from one til two exclusive ttracks

“One last time” and “night and the city” .The usbstick are Limited in 1000 ex


So the DVD is broken…. Anyone able to play the BBC section? I can’t.


If the dvd issue does warrant a replacement programme, maybe they should press a cd with those new tracks to include in the dispatch and by way of goodwill for the inconvenience caused?


I’ve had great fun reading your comments about how they keep issuing more product, after we all forked out big on the box set and THE last concert…

To those of you who think there’s been a slight element of, ahem, capitalising on the renewed interest in the band, it will come as a nasty blow that the show will be recorded.

“we are now delighted to be able to confirm that, in conjunction with our friends over at Live Here Now, we will be recording the show for CD, Vinyl, DVD and Blu-ray release.”

Oh how we laughed.


Well, that’s good news for all fans who can’t attend the (last) Show, so what?

eric slangen

WTF !!!!
250 ponds for 2cd / blu ray and 4 vinyls????


Brian Doyle

Why isn’t Amazon.co.uk stocking this?

Neil Kelly

They are. Obviously you tried to early. As if they wouldn’t stock this…

Annabel Lecter

Now the iTunes pre-release album tracks can be seen, since Northern Lights appeared as a digital taster, it states that Barriers is indeed the 5.23 7” edit and Whar is the 2.51 7” edit.


Whar, huh, what is it good for?

Auntie Sabrina

If I read the review in MOJO correctly the DVD runs 4 hours. Or maybe I should have gone to Specsavers..?


Agreed, Paul. Glad they’re putting out new music but since this is the only recent new material from them, definitely seems more fitting to be on a box set focusing on the story of Soft Cell instead of a singles collection. Not sure I’m interested in buying that on top of the box set.


7″ version or Non Stop Excstatic Dancing mix of What?

12″ or 7″ version of Barriers?

Auntie Sabrina

6.10 version of What is the 12″. Barriers is the 12″ version too…


Guilty (Cos I Say You Are) pretty much sums it up

Richard Simpson

CD of all the singles including 2 new tracks – 9.99. 7″ single of just the 2 new tracks – 9.99. It’s a mugs game! lol.


I’m in Germany, so i pre-ordered the cd for just EUR 8 from jpc.de cos’ that’s a deal too good to let go by.

Adam Davis

They have said due to a health issue with Dave Ball he can’t commit to touring or going abroad and that’s part of the reason along with a celebration to do one big final concert. Looking forward to the box set, single and club mixes 12″ (hopefully these mixes will appear on yet another CD release in the future too).

Andy B

I notice that Barriers is included on the new singles collection. Could this be the B-side to the 7” single rather than the longer version off the 12″? If so, this will be the first time on CD. A number of us were bemoaning the fact that it wasn’t in the box set. So fingers crossed it is. Hopefully the powers that be had been reading some of our comments.

Annabel Lecter

It’s a pity that there isn’t a limited double CD, like there was for the Hits And Pieces release. It would have been a perfect opportunity to include that elusive Say Hello, Wave Goodbye instrumental, not to mention the new mixes from the picture disc.

Neil Kelly

Agreed, Annabel

Annabel Lecter

Finally, the 7” version of Barriers will appear on CD for the first time! Yay.


7“ has the two regular versions of both new songs on 45rpm while the cd ep adds two extended/dubmixes of each, making it six in total

Stevie B

This is a p!$$ take! I ordered concert tickets on the understanding it was the FINAL concert. Dave Ball has since said they ‘might do the odd festival’!

I ordered the deluxe CD set. Then limited edition vinyl comes out (only to sell out and then be available again on every Amazon site… Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.uk, Amazon.bloody.universe!

Then posters… now a Greatest Hits, a CD single and more vinyl… all of which I’m happy to buy, what pee’s me off is the drip, drip, drip… meaning endless additional and expensive P&P!

Lexer/Soft Cell get your act together enough of the ‘flogging a dead horse/ EMI Unlimited/ Paint a Vulgar Picture’ malarkey!!!


You don’t know about the limited keychain USB with an exclusive track ?!

Gary Hunter

Looking forward to the singles collection and the track “Northern Lights” sounds great and fits in with that “Soft Cell” sound.


I was a bit angry about this at first, but then, reviewing the track listing for the box, there isn’t actually a “Hits Disc” in there, is there? There are remixes, b-sides, rarities, etc. But I don’t see any sign of a re-tread through the old hits. So, if these are actually re-mastered single versions along with the two new songs, then it’s more of a complement/supplement to the box set than it is an unnecessary double-dip, isn’t it? If anything, it’s kind of like a stand-alone “Disc 11.”


But if a cash in if you ask me
However for completists we will shell out another few quid for the Singles cd and the vinyl
Cause we need them!!!

John 79

I totally agree Paul.


Mark has quite a presence on Twitter- might be worth bringing this up with him there?

David B

Northern Lights is a grower… loving it… if they can produce this sort of quality then I’m hoping for a whole album and a tour.


Can’t they? We’ll see. Yazoo saw fit to supply a cd-version of their upcoming box.
It’s all a question of demand and greed.

John 79

Yes ,Gary Numan did this 1981 ,said he was retiring from live shows ,did 3 sell out shows at Wembley arena to say goodbye,the following year he was back touring the USA, did his credibility no good whatsoever,saying that I was delighted he did. He is the best in his genre.


How many times have both Tina Turner and Cher gone on their “this is absolutely it, I am never touring again, I am totally retired” tours? Soft Cell could tour. People groan and complain about it, but buy tickets and go in the end.


Easy solution , have a poll. Once the fans have voted YES to a tour , you’re covered !


Of course they can! Other bands and artists have returned to the live arena after allegedly calling it quits. I can see the press release now ” Due to the phenomenal demand for tickets…”!

David B

There’s many an artist who have done that final tour more than once.


Like Bowie sold out a world tour in 1990 on the basis that he was never going to play his old hits again, you mean…?

Neil Kelly

I disagree with you all and agree with Paul. Expensive one-off London show clearly stating ‘this is it’. It’s taken them around 15 years just for this. Haven’t i read Marc struggles to reach those Soft Cell notes. OK for a one or two here and there via gigs like Rewind. This is a whole SC gig. I doubt we’ll see them again. He’s 60 isn’t he? Another 15 years he’s 75… Or dead

Dave Butterfield

Are we sure all the singles are remastered original recordings and not the weak later rerecordings


An article in today’s Guardian claims to have the first play of one of the new songs, “Northern Lights”.



The lexer website claims the 7” has 3 songs per side. I’m hoping that’s a mistake otherwise the sound quality will be awful and the £15 usb sticks and keychain only has the new exclusive song on it. It’s implied you fill the remaining memory yourself. I’m disappointed

Auntie Sabrina

The 7″ could be 33 and a third rpm as it’s an EP


17 minutes on one side at 33 would still be horrendous

Auntie Sabrina

Um, the uDiscoverstoremusic store say the 7″ is a doubke A side with just Northern Stars/Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)…


Gareth Pugh

I think I read somewhere many years back that even at 33rpm the maximum run time you can get on a 7” is about 11 minutes or so

Mark Pugh

I think you have misread that,the 7” is a double a side single with original versions of both tracks,the cd ep has 6 tracks 3 versions of each new song

Auntie Sabrina

The 7″ single was listed on the lexurmusic/soft cell website with the same 6 tracks as the CD for a few hours yesterday morning Mark

Anthony James

So that 12″ single…

“These mixes will not be released on any other format, do not feature on the upcoming boxset ‘Keychains & Snowstorms – The Soft Cell Story’, and are available exclusively via the OFFICIAL SOFT CELL SHOP.”


…is now available from Amazon on pre-order even though a few weeks ago the mailing list and FB page told us explicitly that it was nearly sold out and that we needed to order that weekend it if we wanted a copy!?!


I also just noticed this after receiving an email informing me of a delay to the 12”. It’s all leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I’m guessing they’ll announce a uk wide tour after the final goodbye at the 02

Richard Simpson

Yeah that’s annoying. Could’ve got it a bit cheaper via Amazon as I have prime, rather than having to pay Lexer price plus p&p.

Wesley Doyle

A shame the new hits set isn’t getting a vinyl issue – I’d buy it if it was. I’ll go with the CD EP, although of course I’d rather have the tracks in the box set. Blur managed to squeeze Under The Westway – recorded after their 21 box set track listing had been announced and the packaging manufactured – as an unlisted track, so it shows it can be done.

Wesley Doyle

Ah great, I’ll definitely pick that up then. The artwork will look stunning on a 12″ sleeve.

And can I also say, seeing as no one else has so far, Northern Lights is really, really good. If you’ve not heard it The Guardian are hosting it at the moment and it’s a classic piece of Soft Cell pop.


It does exist but in most cases there’s little loyalty from artists towards their fans. They want your money. All of it!

Rob C

This new singles collection looks great – shame it doesn’t include It’s A Mugs Game, a personal fave and probably the reason why I will stick to the previous compilation The Very Best Of Soft Cell as my go to comp.


Such terrible news, they have recorded two new songs…. seems oddly fitting the new material is not there… I recall Blur did something similar when their box came out too. I think it is cool they are releasing an ep for it. They should definitely milk it for all it’s worth. Nice to see them working together again.

Rare Glam

I am assuming this new 20 track singles set is all 7″ single versions? If so, looking at the track listing for the box set, those don’t feature on it anyway.OK, fans are going to already have them from eralier compilations no doubt, but I pre-ordered the box set the day it was announced and I don’t have a 7″ singles collection on CD so I’ll go for that as a nice adjunct to the box set. I agree the 2 new tracks could easily have been added as a CD single to the box though.

Auntie Sabrina

… Or they could offer a bundle at a discounted price as they are doing with the Say Hello… Show Bundle which has a a value of £85 but is on sale for £70.

You’ll make more money selling these direct to your fans rather than Amazon/HMV making some profit. Come on Dave/Marc or whoever runs your website. You know it makes sense…

Darren H

There’s also and Keychain and Snowstorm themed USB stick with exclusive track, doesn’t say what it is, it’s says ‘New’ but my guess is a remix rather than an actual new song, limited to 1000 copies available via Lexer Music

Andrew B

brand new and exclusive Soft Cell track recorded especially for O2.

Neil Kelly

Clearly going to be a new track i’d say

Steven Robertson

Ive ordered the box set. I am not impressed with these 2 new tracks. I agree Paul, no reason why they cant give a 2 track CD with the new tracks. Or even through mail order with proof of purchase. I hope someone from the Soft Cell camp are reading this.

Mark Pugh

Well it seems ‘fan pressure’ made Mute rethink the vinyl only Four Pieces Yazoo set and a CD set is now going to happen,so maybe fan pressure could make the 2 new tracks appear as a new bonus CD in the anthology boxset.

Auntie Sabrina

Northern Stars was played around 8.20am this morning on The Chris Evans Show on BBC Rafio 2 and it’s a great track.

Various bundles, EPs etc. Detaiks at:-


7″ and CD 6 track EP – £7 for the CD, £10 for the 7″ vinyl plus postage.

David Waters

and that Soft Cell pint glass looks classy !

David Waters

This was probably bound to happen – presuming due to the massive interest in the boxset and the single live gig that they felt enthused (and probably given some advance money) to go into the studio and do some new tracks.

Whilst its not ideal for the collector in terms of the boxset – and yes a 2-track CD would have been easy to add, at least I hope they supply a download code to get these extra tracks at hi-res format, if buying the compilation isn’t on your list!

Still, really looking forward to getting the boxset and hearing the new revisited/remixes from Dave Ball.


Naughty – just plain naughty!