Soft Cell to play ‘one night only’ concert performance + box set on the way

English synthpop duo Soft Cell will reunite in 2018, for a one-off concert in London.

Marc Almond and David Ball will celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with ‘One Night, One Final Time: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ a show at London’s O2 on 30 September this year. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 23 Feb.

Making the announcement on Chris Evan’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show (does anyone make announcements anywhere else these days?) Almond also revealed that Universal Music will issue a Soft Cell box set this year. No real details on that at this stage other than the fact that it will definitely contain a couple of new studio tracks (I’ve heard rumours of a 9CD+DVD package).

It has been a busy few years for Marc Almond. In 2016 he issued a ten-CD box set Trials of Eyeliner and last year he issued Hits and Pieces a greatest hits that was available as 2CD deluxe edition.

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Marc Almond

Trials Of Eyeliner: Anthology 1979-2016

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Marc Almond

Hits and Pieces - The Best of Marc Almond & Soft Cell


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I don’t think the live release was covered in SDE..? Anyhow, I just thought I’d mention that the CD audio has been edited (I don’t have the DVD/Bluray part). Obviously, some the lengthy chatter between tracks doesn’t work as audio only, so a lot of that has been removed. The tracks “Where The Heart Is” and “So” have also been removed. The “Martin” vocalisations at the end of “Martin” (obviously) are all but in audible on the CD. There was also a false start with one of the songs, some kind of tech issue but that’s also gone from the CD.


Hell I hope they include that nude version video of sex dwarf people have been harping on that for years it been on you tube for a while but it would be nice to include in dvd part. Hope they don’t flood it with heat remixes either

Koen Kroeze

Finally a Soft Cell box-set. It seems they want it to be a 10 disc-set…

It would be great if SDE got involved, we (fans) got involved, so no versions will be left out this time. There are still quite a few versions that haven’t been released in digital quality before, hopefully this time all songs, versions, demos, etc. will be present.


Wow, I’ve been waiting for this! Hope that everything will be there – all albums (including Bedsit Tapes and Demo Non-Stop), Mutant Moments, all 7” single versions, all 12” versions, each and every compilation-only tracks, remixes, live versions, possible outtakes, new tracks, videos… this is a Day One purchase for me! :D
Can’t wait for the final track list. Please, Paul, tell us as soon as it’s available! :D


This is good news.

9 cd’s? Damn. Didn’t think there was that much soft Cell material available. I am only familiar with the four main albums, the “reunion” album, and a couple of “hits” releases.

I hope the DVD contains ALL of the music videos along with some live performances. (like from Top of the Pops)

I wonder if this one off reunion performance will be released on video (DVD and/or Blu-Ray)

Also: If this is the end, I hope all of their studio releases will be released (or re-released) on a 2 cd format with b-sides, non-album cuts, demos, etc..

(The Art of Falling Apart, This Last Night in Sodom, and Cruelty Without Beauty never were. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret and Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing were but are hard to find. Erotic Cabaret was issued 3 (!) times – 1996 – 2002- 2008 but each release had different “extras” on it so it became redundant to buy it again UNLESS it has EVERYTHING on it this time. )

C’mon. One last hurrah would be nice.


“Hits & Pieces” and “Trials Of Eyeliner” were only on CD so I hope they don’t just put the boxset out on CD, that will be very disappointing!

Are you objecting on a point of principle or do you not have a CD player?
I’ve bought vinyl since 1981, CDs since 1986.
I still buy both formats but recognise that multi disc sets like this (and Trails Of Eyeliner) are simply more suitable and affordable on CD. The cost of an 18 – 20 LP set would be prohibitive.

Larry Davis

And also the recent solo covers album “Shadows & Reflections” on BMG…as for the 2 versions of “Hits & Pieces”, I hate duplication, so I’d just get the double and the remainder 1 disc tracks, I’d rather have on the boxsets…the “Trials” boxset is stunning, I don’t have it YET but a now-ex-friend does and showed it to me, and I was both unsure and jealous over it…wasn’t THAT much into his catalogue over the years, worthy of owning it, BUT I recently heard a bunch of his stuff on that “101 Electronic 80s” 5CD set and I was kinda blown away by it, and always thought his voice was kinda pretty-sounding, so if the price is right, I will pounce. The upcoming Soft Cell box I will buy too at the right price…I used to have that triple “12 Inch Collection” before I really appreciated his stuff and SC’s stuff…I regret selling it and now I don’t, with the upcoming box and 2 new songs…as for a Marc & the Mamba’s box, it’s not all in the Trials box?? Thought it covered everything Marc did, post-Soft Cell!! Guess not.

Neil Kelly

One gig in a huge soulless venue in London. That’s very disappointing news. Better than nothing I guess but a real shame IMO. Saw them twice (2001/2003) in great venues. Was hoping for a tour and new album. CWB was great. So was Divided soul and the not quite as great Somebody, somewhere, sometime!!

Interesing to note from my list of concerts they were due to play Brixton academy in 2002 but it got cancelled and moved to Shepherd’s bush empire in 2003 (didn’t sell enough?). I remember it very well as i purchased my tickets early for Brixton yet my new tickets were sky high in SBE. I was fuming and pleaded with the staff to let in downstairs standing as i would’ve been at Brixton. They refused but i met someone who i knew well from Sister Ray (also called Neil i think) and he managed to get me one standing somehow. My then Mrs and her friend were stuck in the skies still and stood up and danced throughout and apparently preceeded in annoying others at the top behind them as i think it was seated up there!!

Out of my 350 gigs it also had the most early call out for an artist i’ve ever heard. Before SC came on some people in the audience started chanting ‘Nuuuman, Nuuuman’. Gary Numan was performing at the same venue TWO DAYS LATER!! I attended Numan the next night in Bristol and again at SBE so i did three gigs three nights in a row!

Justin Isbell

With you on that Neil… it’s horrible venue. Royal Albert Hall on the other hand I’d be the first in the queue. Missed the re-union tour but I saw them at the Hammersmith Palais in 1982/83 but Marc spoiled things at the end by having a strop and refusing to do Tainted Love (coz he hated the record label or some other poor excuse). Still really nice to know that they’ll be performing live again even if it’s not for me :-)


I was there and wondered why people were chanting ‘Numan.’ I thought it might have had something to do with Almond slagging him off on TV in the 80s. The two men are friends now but there was no love lost between them back then. I thought, blimey, these Numanoids know how to hold a grudge!

Tom of FUN

Just maximising the revenue with poor venues. Damn, that I missed the start last Friday. Only seats too far from stage available any more.

Neil Kelly

Just seen these replies which was a surprise as i forgot i commented here. Lol, Wesley… You’ve waited all these years to find out. Yes indeed i would think a lot of the crowd on that Friday (?), we’re coming back on Sunday (?) for Gary Numan. I know it was two days later anyhow. I heard about Almond slagging off Numan in recent years.

Gareth Pugh

One detail being circulated last Summer was that both Manhattan Clique and Erasure are supplying new 2018 remixes of some classic tracks for the box – IIRC I think Vince and Andy are tackling What! It’s the first time they have collaborated together as Erasure on a mix for another artist.


I’’m Soft Cell linked on FB, and they started all this back in April. Looks like they’re doing real deep dives in master tapes, live recordings, and demos. Personally, several of us fans made them swear to include the superior US promo mix of “Loving You, Hating Me”. There was a video of it on you tube that I watched for about 15 years, but it’s suddenly gone…


I would finally like to have the complete 12 inch mix of Say Hello Wave Goodbye (9:20min.) and it’s Instrumental Version (5:12min.) on CD.

This, because all of the previous CD versions of this 12 inch were early faded out before the 9-minute-mark. The instrumental version is still non-existent on CD.

David Culmer

The full 12″ version came out on a compilation album called 12×12 volume 2 second assortment – glad I snapped that up all those years ago!

Paul English

Hits And Pieces 1 disc and 2 disc versions are different – you need both.

The 1 disc version includes four tracks that are not on the 2 disc pressing
Tainted Love
What? (Stereo Version)
I Feel Love
A Kind Of Love (Edit)


Good news. I was expecting both events (box set and live show).
I just checked and tickets are priced between £56.20 – £122.85, plus a booking fee.


Please include 5.1 mixes of all 4 albums on blu-ray. Do it right for once! 9 cd’s if they only released 4 albums? So then there must be a whole bunch of live stuff, remixes and unreleased material? The Marc Almond “Trials Of Eyeliner” didn’t have many remixes at all and Soft Cell already has an excellent 3 x cd titled ‘The 12 Inch Singles”. Curious what they will come up with.


Considering he is about to play as “Special guest” on jools (my jackets don’t fit) holland’s
big band boogie tour .Why one night ?Just reform and do an ABC or HUMAN LEAGUE
I admire Marc as a solo artist but his career is a bit stuck at the moment. Soft Cell are arguably
cooler know than their heyday.


A cleaned up version of 12 Years of Tears DVD please Marc….

Darren Briscoe

Box set …Yes!!!
£120 a ticket…..NO!!!!

Andrew B

up for a box set of material, but the price per ticket, nah…


£125 for a ticket in floor section B via O2 priority… Wow…. think I’ll just live with my memories of the last time they reformed and played Brixton.


Roger That. Terrific Evening, SW9.

Stephen D Conroy

I’m with you! £125 is an insult. No wonder live music is in trouble.

Luckily I saw them for £30 a couple of years ago at UEA Norwich so they are not on my bucket list.

Neil Kelly

Norwich? You sure it wasn’t dream world? SC did not play in 2016 after all a couple is 2 is it not? They last played 15 years ago to my knowledge.

Stephen D C

Crikey! 15 years?…..you’ll be telling me Japan have split up next…

I do remember my friend Chris not believing there was a song called Sex Dwarf.

Martin Soulstew

YES, a box set would be marvellous – as long as it contains unreleased stuff -and the original sex dwarf video ;-)

Metal Mickey

Very good news – I was at 2 of their original comeback shows at the opening of the long-gone Hackney Ocean venue in March 2001… symmetrically enough, that was 17 years since they’d last played live in 1984, and here we are 17 years after that!

As for the box-set, I think a regular poster here seems to have some inside knowledge, and has said in the past there’ll be lots of unreleased material, looking forward to hearing more!

Neil Kelly

No symmetry they played last in 2003…

don cooper

Has Kate Bush congratulated them on announcing a ‘British Tour?’


Ruddy hell! It’s Soft Cell!

Darren Dilliway

Alright Alan?


A box set would be a good plan, as most of the Soft Cell backcatalogue (like, even their normal studio albums) isn’t even bloody available any more.


A Marc & The Mambas boxset next please.


Mambas boxset has been discussed and is being considered for the future I believe.