Songs from the Cool World / new 2LP coloured vinyl pressing on the way

‘Flesh’ coloured vinyl • Full 15-song soundtrack • Etched side four

Warners will release a special 2LP vinyl edition of the soundtrack to 1992 live-action/animated film Cool World in December.

The film, which starred Gabriel Byrne and Brad Pitt, is long forgotten but the Songs from the Cool World soundtrack (“music from and inspired by the motion picture) is probably best remembered for featuring a new David Bowie solo recording – his first since Never Let Me Down five years earlier. That track, Real Cool World came from sessions with Nile Rodgers which would deliver the Black Tie White Noise album a year later. The song shares the same ‘sound’ as that the other songs on that album, but wasn’t actually included, which may or may not be related to the fact that it’s chart performance was lacklustre – it stalled at number 53 in the UK (yes, there was a time when the world simply shrugged its shoulders at David Bowie).

The album also features cuts from Electronic, The Cult, The Thompson Twins, Moby and Brian Eno.

Songs from the Cool World only ever got a very limited vinyl release, in a few territories, and even only featured 10 of the CD’s 15 tracks on the single vinyl record. The full running order is restored this time around, since this is a 2LP package, although side four features an etching! The whole thing is pressed on ‘flesh’ coloured vinyl.

Songs from the Cool World will be released on 6 December 2019.

Side 1
1. Real Cool World – By David Bowie
2. Play with Me (Club/Anarchy Mix A.K.A. “Strage Jane”) – By Thompson Twins
3. Disappointed – By Electronic
4. Papua New Guinea – By The Future Sound Of London
5. N.W.O. – By Ministry

Side 2
1. The Witch – By The Cult
2. Sex On Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Mix) – By My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
3. Ah-Ah (Mix 1) – By Moby
4. Mindless – By Mindless
5. Next Is the E (Long Arms Mix) – By Moby

Side 3
1. Do That Thang (Polite Mix) – By Da Juice
2. Her Sassy Kiss – By My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
3. Greedy – By Pure
4. Under – By Brian Eno
5. Industry and Seduction – By Tom Bailey

Side 4


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Great! I’m glad I hadn’t bought the first vinyl reissue because I hadn’t known that it wasn’t the complete track listing like this one is. Preordered


I bought this cassette and then cd because I am a big Thompson Twins fan and this was the only way you could hear their song Play with Me. What I found to be a bonus for me was the song Disappointed on here. I didn’t know it was on here. The movie on the other hand was forgettable. Kind of the Kmart version of Roger Rabbit. Not surprising that Brad Pitt avoids talking about this film. Otherwise, I would get this vinyl only if it is really discounted.

Steve W

Curiously I bought the cd recently (on my occasional mission to buy all Bowie project cds) and have really enjoyed it. I vaguely remember hearing about the film but wasn’t interested..


I still have this on cassette! I played it crazily through the 90s, then promptly forgot about it. Shame on me – this is a great playlist. I’m not a fan of the three-sided double LP but whatevs. I will buy this nevertheless.

Cristiano Steffe'

Chris I think your second hypothesis may be correct…
Plus I may know one of the suppliers who might have enabled them to lower the prices got fed up with them and quit… That may have left them with more expensive sources.
But in general, even in the retail shops, vinyl/cd/dvd prices are ridiculous. Probably the usual infinite amount of intermediaries/distributors along the line which add each a markup to the source price making it become stellar. That’ s how it works here.


I had to think hard to remember why Cool World rung a bell with me.
And looking at the soundtrack it now brings back great memories.

1) Electronic – was great as I was a NO and PSB fan
2) my first intro to industrial music with Ministry and MLWTTKK
3) Papua New Guinea – a track that still sounds great loud. Great memories if hearing this in a dj store when it first came out
4) And Cult – The Witch. Great track that suits the industrial feel
5) first time I’d heard Moby rave tracks


I remember the shrugging of the shoulders time for Bowie, I had to be dragged along to the NEC by a pal for a show sponsored by Twix, so glad I went because Bowie was magnificent that night, a standing venue, it was the only show of the Outside tour where he did an encore.


I loved David Bowie’s music from all different eras of his career. This song “Real Cool World” was Classic Bowie in my eyes, abd probably one of my most favorite songs by him. It is a bit different from a lot of his other music, but I think it suits him well I think, but I still play it and it’s a great dance track. I love his vocals on it and there’s moments where he sounds like he’s from another world, I feel like it’s classic Bowie but in a whole new genre.

I remember this soundtrack in the U.S. being a hit here and it was great I Thought, I Loved all the bands on it and I still play a lot of their music.

Just goes to show that music and albums can be interpreted so differently in different countries.

Paul Mac

I wonder which marketing wonk thought calling the vinyl colour ‘flesh’ was a good idea. If Twitter gets wind of this….


@Paul Mac: Exactly…ouch.


Being Italian, did you notice the absurd prices that Amazon it always asks as compared to other countries???
I think I know the various Amazons compete against each other, but do they really limit themselves to strangling the suppliers in their own countries? I thought they might have a wider network of providers offering some conveniences… Why is it that Italy is always so expensive? (leaving aside for the moment our scoundrel nature…)

Chris Squires

It’s odd this because, for a long time, Italy was always the home of the amazon bargain. How many of us here have a box set normally beyond our reach that we only got because of an Amazon Italy deal alert. Nevermind 20th SDE, Rolling Stones 45×45, Springsteen Vinyl vol. 01 are three off the top of me head that came from Italy and many more besides. I wonder if they’ve had a change of policy or have seen a competitor off and feel brazen enough to go higher now.

Noel Fitzsimons

Thank you Paul for the shrugging of shoulders . In the late 80’s and early 90’s Bowie’s credibility was sooooo low. In1990 Pretty Pink Rose sank without trace which was a shame as it was rather good. A year later the Tin Machine singles hardly dented the charts. This was also a shame as You belong in Rock and Roll + Baby Universal were also terrific singles. Very few today understand that this could possibly happen to someone of Bowie’s stature but it most certainly did happen. However apart from all this – Real Cool World was absolutely dire and the worst Bowie single of the 90’s – so its climb up the charts was never going to happen. So Paul when Jump They Say entered the top 10 I was over the moon as well – Bowie’s back I thought to myself. A future no. 1 I thought. Wishful thinking!!


But where is the blu ray special edition of the movie?


Brad Pitt is working hard to ensure this movie never sees the light of day again. And god forbid you bring it up in an interview with him…


This is one of my favorite soundtracks ever. Would be nice to get a remastered CD.


Still a bit gutted we’ve had a year off the studio albums box set series. I was intrigued to see what they’d include next.

Brian Smith

and Brian Eno’s Under didn’t make it onto his own album until about 15 years later (Another Day on Earth)


Coloured vinyl is killing SDE’s. I wish it wasnt true but its just the route to an easy buck. I genuinely wish the vinyl comeback had never happened, i have no problem with vinyl (as i have a vast collection) but its stopping proper archival collections being released.

Always enjoyed this album, it was fun in 1992 and most of the tracks are great.


Paul, you are correct sir!
Can’t understand the big deal about etching. I play them once when I get the record and that’s about it. A couple seconds of industrial-style noise does nothing for me.
If you choose to display it that’s side 3 you can’t play + it’s a waste of a side. Think of the demos, outtakes or music that should stay unreleased we could be slagging off.
I prefer the laser etched records from many years ago. Looks kinda cool and you can still play it.

Eric Generic

Paul, I’m sure you know the Bowie album is Black TIE, White Noise…..maybe you’ve been listening to Black NIGHT, White Light by Frankie Goes To Hollywood lately (the album’s 35 today) and got them mixed up! ;)



Is that a clue to the next Deep Cuts selection?

Larry Davis

Love both songs…Electronic’s “Disappointed” & Mylene Farmer’s “Disenchanted”…hear no similarities between both songs, aside from the title…I think of the Electronic track as a lost PSB song…prefer having the song on the Electronic anthology rather than this soundtrack…the movie I felt was pretty good, and a bit daring too…I may get the flesh vinyl tho…


Disappointed is one of the most beautiful pop songs ever made

Phil Morris

They could have used the 4th side to include 20 minutes or so of Mark Isham’s great score. (Mind you, saying that, not doing so avoids the “need” for me to buy this.) This follows the 2015 reissue of an expanded version of Isham’s score on a double CD.


The RCW Satoshi Tomii remixes were some of the best Bowie remixed ever produced


Electronic’s “Disappointed” is such a tune and a great Neil Tennant vocal. This is a must purchase for Pet Shop Boys completists who don’t have that song somewhere already…


There’s a reason the song charted so badly. I’ts average to say the least.
Black Tie is a good album, but SOOO overproduced its just plain messy. Title track is a gem however (probably would have done better with a more known guest like Luther, but suppose he was after street cred using AL.B). I did like Jump! and its mixes though :-)


Yeah – it sounded so fresh and the video was great. Still gives me tingles hearing that song build up to the repeated “got to believe somebody” . . .


Such a great track and video.


Totally agree oh god it’s an awful song just because it’s him and his name on it everyone thinks oh this will be good but it’s not it’s just simply dull just like dishwater so file into the bargain bin for a clearance price of 99p someone will buy it.


This soundtrack is great for two reasons!

Thompson Twins ‘Play With Me (Jane)” and Tom Bailey’s ‘Industry and Seduction ‘.

(If I remember correctly), this was Tom Bailey’s first solo credit since ‘Weather Station’ in 1982.

David C

An excellent soundtrack! A decidedly meh film.


My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. One of the most bizarre and terrifying bands I’ve ever seen live. Supporting EMF oddly.


I never imagined I’d see TKK getting referenced on here!
What next – RevCo (not using full name in case Paul thinks I’m taking the ‘p’)?
Oh the wonder that was peak period Wax Yrax / Wax Trax Europe!!!
For those that are interested in Wax Trax though the recent documentary is well worth checking out!! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6181974/


I’ve been waiting for the Wax Trax doc to get a formal release but it appears to be still doing the rounds at various film festivals across the pond.


@Tim Meh
The doc has been released on DVD and BluRay in America (with additional footage) and there is an accompanying vinyl and CD comp too.
I’ve bought copy of the comp via Discogs and the BluRay via a mate who was visiting the states.
It’s also available to rent on Prime and other platforms I think.


Nice one! Thanks Heraldo my friend. That’s my viewing this evening sorted.


That really is bizarre. They were really rather good in the early days – the first couple of albums and EPs – and then became strangely average/ dull/ uninteresting (bad unimaginitive sort of dance muic, then lame rock), and I lost interest entirely. I looked them up on Youtube a year or so back and it was pretty sad: they’ve gone the way of all third-tier outre bands – tattoos, long hair, and attitude never look terribly good on 60 year olds playing to 10-20 people in what looks like a bar’s back room. It was not dissimilar to some footage of RevCo from the a couple of years back….. the songs went, the sales went, the audience went.

The track that really took me by surprise when this soundtrack was released was the The Cult’s Witch – having followed them since the approx Dreamtime (I’m really not sure – a friend leant me the records) I’d heard them change several times but this was a really unexpected stylistic change – and one I really liked.


Yeah I lost interest in TKK after the first couple of albums (which were excellent) as they went down a sleazy 70’s a exploitation / disco route which wasn’t so appealing than their great Wax Trax output.

I think they were on a Warners imprint (Red Ant??) after Wax Trax folded and the stuff eventually was reissued in Ryko and I picked them all up for about £2 a shot on CD in Fopp in London about 3-4 years ago.

The original RevCo toured Europe last year playing Big Sexy Land (the debut) with the largely original member (Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Paul Barker – by not Al Jourgensen). I was gutted to be away at the time and mates who went said it was really good.

Continuing on this more left field tip I FINALLY saw Negativland play live last night (in London). It’s their first ever shows in UK (with Colchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and some Europe’s ones to follow). If anyone wants their electronics ain’t with wit, politics, intellectual stimulus and challenge (and some noise thrown in for good measure along with amazing live visuals) I can’t recommend them highly enough.


I saw Negativland in the early 90s, not long after the “U2” fiasco. What a trip!! Glad to see they’re still making it great live despite losing a couple of members. Their newest LP “TrueFalse” just showed up in the mail last night – can’t wait to get to it.


In 1992, CDs were delivering more songs as an standard feature to promote the new media. I think that record companies wanted to kill vinyl and the bonus tracks were a way to do it. I do not remember anybody daring to say that vinyls were better than CDs then. On the contrary, the fact that CDs do not scratch (unless you really treated very badly) plus the size, seemed to be all advantages (I recall my friend and I saying that we were missing the artwork of vinyl records). I do not remember neither when those arguments started to flip. I remember in the early 2000’s reading an interview to Neil Young in which he complained a lot about to tin sound of CDs. I celebrate the revival of vinyl but for me CDs are good enough. AS far as CDs continue to be released, the more people happy, the better.


The argument that the CD format sounded lo-fi compared to vinyl records ended in the early 1990s. 10 years after its introduction. By the end of the 1990s there was no doubt that CD had surpassed vinyl records as far as sound fidelity was concern. The resurgence of the vinyl record is largely driven by the now big profit margins. In the 1980s it was the CD that generated the larger profits.


Right now, as “7” says, vinyl is driven by profits. Unsure what the typical LP actually costs but when they start to release “limited’ releases of some vinyls with different colors and charge a premium to get them, the labels are just squeezing money out of the music collectors who want everything.
It can also be said similarly for CD buyers but not as bad. I read of this guy who had like 8 different variations of the Marbles studio album from Marillion. Campaign edition, 2 CD jewel case, 2 CD digipack, 1 CD with a bonus track, 1 CD with a different bonus track, etc.
At least until digital music came out, you can pop a CD into a portable CD player and take it around to listen while you shopped or whatever.
Meanwhile, vinyls are stuck at home only.


Agree to disagree because, you know, science. You will never fully replicate an analog recording to digital. The process samples sections of the analog recording. However aggressive that sampling is executed, it will never be 100%. Agree there’s no difference for digital recordings.


Many cds from the mid-80s on included bonus tracks. They’d usually tack on some 12″ mixes and or b-sides. There weren’t a lot of cd singles available in the US so that was how we got those tracks on cd.
But cds weren’t going to overtake lps any time soon. Frequently, cd release dates were weeks or months behind their lp/cassette counterparts because there weren’t enough pressing plants. Bigger names got higher priority so I would purchase the imports that had a bigger price tag rather than wait.
Then there was the artwork. Front cover, blank pages inside the booklet and back cover. Sometimes it included the cd care instruction page in various languages. Did anyone ever read that nonsense? As cds went on there would be some filler inside, tracklisting, possibly lyrics, a photo, cd care page…


Disappointed is such a great tune. A must add when listening to Electronic’s first album.

Craig Hedges

It’s based on the song Desenchantee by Mylene Farmer, with listening to if you like the Electronic track. The PSBs played it during their stint as radio one DJs in 1991.

Tom Walsh

Thanks Craig for the great info about the Electronic track…you can definitely hear where the PSBs got the inspiration for Disappointed in the Mylene track. Its a great track and brilliant video too. Always good to discover something new