Sony to put out their own edition of David Bowie’s Reality Tour 3LP vinyl set


If Friday Music’s wallet-crunching triple blue vinyl version of David Bowie‘s acclaimed A Reality Tour concert audio was too rich for you (current price on Amazon UK £130) then we have good news because it appears that Sony will be issuing their own version later this year and you can get a pre-order in for a fraction of the price above…

Update 15/7/16: Assuming what amazon details is correct, this does appear to be the BLUE VINYL triple edition box set so the current price of £56, while not exactly a total bargain it’s about HALF of what was being asked for the Friday Music version this side of the Atlantic.

At the moment we’ll say this has a provisional release date of 14 October 2016. More news on this, when we get it.

Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

A Reality Tour [VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon de   199.99
Amazon fr   169


Side 1
1. Rebel, Rebel
2. New Killer Star
3. Reality
4. Fame
5. Cactus
6. Sister Midnight

Side 2
1. Afraid
2. All the Young Dudes
3. Be My Wife
4. The Loneliest Guy
5. The Man Who Sold the World
6. Sunday

Side 3
1. Fantastic Voyage
2. Hallo Spaceboy
3. Under Pressure
4. Life On Mars
5. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
6. Never Get Old

Side 4
1. Ashes to Ashes
2. The Motel
3. Loving the Alien
4. Changes
5. I’m Afraid of Americans

Side 5
1. Heroes
2. Bring Me the Disco King
3. Slip Away
4. Heathen (The Rays)

Side 6
1. Five Years
2. Hang On to Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Fall Dogs Bomb the Moon
5. Breaking Glass
6. China Girl

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Bowie Reality tour box set at €32.36 on Amazon Spain right now !!!

Michel Kempes

Price in Spain is up to 71 euro…. But got an email today that it’s on way… Paid 25 euro, so amazon spain honoured all that orders


Received from Amaz.it but no sticker outside that says it’s blue vinyl ! :-(

Jesper Jensen

Picked it today up for €23,90 at FNAC in Portugal. A bargain? I think so :-)

stephen d king

Picked it up at Amazon Spain for 25.28 Euros this morning. Which is about a quarter of the price I paid for the Friday Music US issue a few months ago and hoping the quality is maintained with this version


Thanks for that Alan! They also have the Lazarus soundtrack on vinyl for €20.

Alan Wilson

Now it’s Spain’s turn to have a great price on this one:




Gone now, unfortunately.


shhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s so quite
don’t create a storm or an hearthquake
do not inform the world about the price on Ama….it !!
and it’s so from sept 21 !!!
… it will be honoured ??

PS sorry for my poor english


Current price over at Amazon.it is 26.99€ for the upcoming 3lp reissue.


What is Friday Music? And how can they release a REALLY expensive album when Sony is releasing the same album a couple of months later for less than half the price?
And why didn’t i wait?


I was fortunate enough to see Bowie on this tour and it was amazing. He was relaxed and jovial with the audience, the band was tight, great set list and everyone both on and off stage were genuinely having a good time.

This is one of the best live albums put out by any artist in a very long time in my opinion. Period.

I also saw Bowie in Toronto on his Glass Spider tour years earlier and walked out half way through. That show in comparison was a hot mess.


So why would someone buy the new Sony version if they have the Friday Music one?


My favorite song from Reality is Days, and the only format where this song made it on Reality Tour was as a digital download bonus track. Every time there is news of a new edition my hopes for this song being included are dashed. So, a little bummed again this evening.


*far fewer* (Note to self: re-read before posting.)


So happy I got to see Bowie live during this tour. Opportunities to see Bowie live were far down under. A memorable concert and this album magnificently returns me to it every time.

Clive C

Has anyone thought that the Art Collection could have been in storage (a lot of people do hold art in storage and don’t have it constantly on display) and that they don’t see the point of keeping it if its in storage.

This was the last Friday Music item I will buy, just think in comparison to Music on Vinyl releases, they are cheap and a bit naff.


Bowie has always been the biggest reissuer around, especially when he was alive, so the fact that things are being reissued after his death is nothing new. as for his art collection and whatever else I’m sure this was all set in place also when he was alive. He was meticulous. When I die I hope my daughter sells my record collection and makes herself a tidy sum to do with as she pleases, I’d rather someone got the same enjoyment out of it that I did as opposed to it being stored and gathering dust


They have this showing as Blue vinyl, I’m guessing this will be Black?

People talking about his art collection sale- potentially he may have requested it to be sold, he did leave a will right… reason he was cremated? If my Wife left behind a ton of art I would be inclined to sell it and buy some more records instead.


Specifies black vinyl on the recent newsletter from Spin. If true then that’s something to cling to for those mugs (cough) who paid for the import!


An instant purchase for me. Thanks Paul! Pre-ordered from Amazon with their price guarantee thing and over two months to cancel if I find a substantially better deal. What’s not to like…

Full 1. Outside on vinyl now please…


Oh, no, I take that back. I think I knew he was on Sony (I think.). Its this Friday Music that confounds me.


So is this a territorial issue? I guess I am going to have to just guess on my own that what the deal is Friday Music release the bad versions for the Europeans whilst Sony release higher quality versions? Or do I have that backwards? Or will it all be the same? Who are Friday Music and why are they so cheap? What’s going on?! I thought Bowie was on Virgin?


Friday Music seem to do a horrible job with production. From the extreme lack of quality concerning the front and back covers of Bowie’s “Hours” on vinyl where the photo of Bowie looks like it was blown up too much to the point to where the image is blurry to the Monkees vinyl box set I received called “Mono” where every record cover INSIDE THE BOX has a one inch damaged and torn middle section on the top of it on the side. Will this new Bowie release with Sony include a real booklet this time? Why are those impossible to produce in 2016?! The Monkees “Mono” does not have a booklet either! How dare I imagine that they should come with a hardcover book (that could include (shock!) an essay, photos, liner notes, and artwork!) that would be too much!


If you’ve switched to buying Vinyl then I don’t think you can complain about record labels and what they do with the music, imo. This title is available – cheaply – in 5.1 surround sound for goodness sakes. There is absolutely no musical reason for this Vinyl to exist, other than feeding a public that has decided that they don’t mind paying way over the top for Vinyl, when the next step up from the 5.1 is actually hi-res files.

This is now a legacy release, and frankly it baffles me why anyone cares a jot about it coming out (again) on over-priced Vinyl. Perhaps they need the exercise walking back and forth to the turntable? Hell, the CD of this sounds great too.

Of course, the answer is “choice”, but when it comes to choice it applies all ways around. So if the family decide Bowie’s music works well selling cars – then why not? I consider a Vinyl release and the music appearing in an advert the same thing……..

As for the art collection – please remember that a) This is David’s family we’re talking about, of course it’s their right to do what they want with his things; b) We have no idea what their future plans are, and what they’ll use the money for.

When it comes to life and death, a painting is just some oils slapped on canvas.


still too expensive for a triple LP. There will probably be better prices close to the release.

Mr. Ska '57

Friday Music is expensive. US $40 here for Chicago’s 2-LP debut….

tyrone tudor

Still over priced. A 3LP set can be had for around £30 –

Its a great show never the less – The DVD 5.1 is good and can be manipulated with the surround settings on my receiver, giving a plethora of sound options with lots of information in the rear channels.

Ill consider an AAA pressing, but not a digital one.

Any ideas on the source? Was it an analogue recording?
Sorry if this is a repeated post.

Thanks for the heads up

tyrone tudor

I’ve just realised there are 3 extra tracks not on the DVD.

The last 3 – Fall Dog, Breaking Glass and China Girl.

Le Baron

If I remember well, these bonus tracks were available on the 2CD edition of this set. There were also bonus tracks on the itunes-only version of this live recording.
This 3-LP set remains a bit expensive, compared to the 4LP set ‘Bowie at the Beeb’, available for less than 50 euros at the moment on Amazon.fr.

By the way, thanks for the best website on earth, Paul! :)

elliott buckingham

hope its better sounding than the recent sony legacy elo reissues


well considering its a 3LP that’s not a bad price.


Saw this news a week ago on amazon


Expensive but a lot better than the current price. Am still very thankful I saw him on this tour in Seattle, Wa….

Steve W

Still seems a bit steep – although it is a cracking live album.

Paul Murphy

Someone’s certainly making some loot off of David, with what is looking increasingly like undue respect [selling off his prized art collection in November for strewth’s sake!]. One hopes that whatever ‘affairs-in-order’ steps David took, it was not along the lines of the laxity of Freddie Mercury’s “do what you want with my music”, otherwise we might also be hearing his songs – original versions – advertising any old dross before long.

don cooper

Fully concur.The line fed to the poor punters by the family?
‘They are not selling for the money just lack of space.’
Because we all understand when somebody dies their art collection instantly takes up far too much room.Dahling…

CJ Feeney

What a family do with the departed’s possessions is entirely up to them, it’s a private matter. Why hang onto an art collection that you simply don’t appreciate, when there are plenty of art lovers put there who will want it more. I don’t expect my family to hang onto my music collection for some odd sentimental reason when I pop my clogs.

The musical legacy is a different issue. Bowie knew he was dying, he kept it private but seems to have put his house in order. He also allowed a massive number of coloured vinyl editions of his albums to be released over the last few years, as well as putting out the pic discs of the singles. I can’t see this release as inconsistent with what happened while he was alive.

I’m not buying this stuff, but clearly people are – often at £30 for a single album. Sony have done the decent thing for Friday Music in letting them shift there stock before putting out a cheaper edition. If fans feel cheated they have the option not to buy. As others have pointed out there has been a decent hi-res version of this album available for some time.

don cooper

He could have bequethed it to the Nation’s Galleries,bearing in mind he enjoyed a fully tax-payer subsidised art school education back in the day.
But that wouldn’t have been very rock n’ roll or pretentious enough,I suppose.

Carlton Fisher

“He could have bequethed it to the Nation’s Galleries,bearing in mind he enjoyed a fully tax-payer subsidised art school education back in the day.”

Because, of course, he was the only person to ever have a tax-payer-funded education. And because he never paid any taxes himself. Ever. Apparently.

I’m so very tired of people who take on the attitude that anything that was paid for with “their” tax dollars means they are automatically owed everything unto eternity because of it.


“we might also be hearing his songs – original versions – advertising any old dross before long”

Does it really matter? Surely it won’t impact on your enjoyment of the music?

Paul Murphy

“Does it really matter?” Well, it does to me if it cheapens the legacy of a man I’ve followed since way back in 1972. We all realise you enjoy being contentious – Adele is only bought by women, blah blah, and one might just ask back, re Mike Peters signing your CD, “Does it really matter? Surely [a signature on the cover] won’t impact on your enjoyment of the music?” David was of course notoriously peeved about Mainman licencing ‘Rebel Rebel’ for a perfume advert back in 1975 [although due to his somewhat penurious circumstances at the time, probably more peeved to only receive a fraction of the royalties]. Regarding other comments, David did indeed sign off on the 45″ Picture Discs, and very nice they are as well. They were all quite reasonably priced [I believe I got ‘Jean Genie’ for £3.99 from HMV], unlike some of the post-life on earth releases. Of course, as fans we all want everything, and as consumers we all want it as cheap as we can get it, but any kind of brief market analysis will show that there is around a 14% premium on these Bowie releases, at least initially. I would dispute that there were a “massive number of coloured vinyl editions” released by David in the last 3 years of his life. Regarding his art collection, well a] it does seem to be inordinately hasty, b] as other posters have noted, the given reason of ‘space’ seems an oddity, the painting are unlikely to have expanded, and c] it was something that was extremely personal to David, and – personal opinion only folks, you are more than welcome to your own – as the vendors seem to be in need of neither money or room, it just struck me as a shame that it is being disposed of. For the record, a SDE Exclusive message to my children – when I shuffle off, I don’t want to see quotes from my books advertising beans, even if it doesn’t detract from my readers enjoyment of them! [I also don’t want you getting rid of my Bowie collection kids, because 1] it means a lot to me, and 2] I haven’t thrown away your baby teeth, even though I need the space]. PS, rather than reply folks, please instead pop over to Amazon UK and snap up the McAlmont and Butler Deluxe – only £19 as I write!

CJ Feeney

I count around 20 coloured or clear vinyl LP releases since 2013 on discogs, but only covering a limited no. of albums – Outside onwards, so some (Hours for example) have been released in three different colours plus regular black in the space of three years. I think this is a massive amount – for a narrow part of the catalogue.

My point is that Bowie must have been happy with this schedule, and this current release is a continuation of how he was managing his catalogue, or how he had agreed for it to be managed on his behalf.

The McAlmont and Butler looks lie a real bargain by the way.

Paul Murphy

I see what you mean now – I thought you meant over the whole catalogue. The reason for the focus on the pin-point of his catalogue was simple economics – David owned a larger share of those albums [after 10 years] than of the rest of his work, and a very large chunk of the ISO releases from day one of release. With touring out of the question following the fitting of his pacemaker – he was virtually uninsurable – those albums became a rich seam to mine, along with songs used in films. I mean, his family, and estate managers, can do what they like, presumably with permission – David did not go out like, say, Marc Bolan for instance [we will know for sure should there be a job-lot sale to LiveNation at some point] – but there has been an ENORMOUS amount of ready cash generated from sales in the last 6 months, so one would have wished for either/both a decent ‘grace’ period on asset disposal, and release prices to reflect market value. Having said that, Iman and Mainman, I’m quite happy to pay £120 for an ‘Aladdin Sane’ Super Deluxe Box Set any time you want to release one.

don cooper

It’s generally termed “giving something back,” Carlton.
You misconstrue my argument.Sadly.