Sought after Paul McCartney rarity emerges in new 10cc box set

This July, Universal will issue Before During After – The Story of 10cc, a new 10cc four-CD box set curated with input from the band to “detail each and every chapter of their musical story”. The box features the band together and apart and therefore features work from artists like Paul McCartney, the Art of Noise, Wax and Godley and Creme.

CD one is basically a 10cc ‘best of’ while the second disc is dubbed ‘What We Did Next‘ and here’s where it gets interesting. Eric Stewart co-wrote six songs on Paul McCartney‘s 1986 album Press To Play and one of these tracks, Pretty Little Head, is included on disc two. However, it’s the single mix that features here, which was radically remixed by Larry Alexander for the seven-inch single. This version has never been issued on CD, so this is a genuine rarity.

The other two discs are ‘And Friends‘ which features collaborations and production work, while the final CD ‘Before 10cc – The Early Years‘ which has work from early beat group The Mindbenders which featured Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman and Hotlegs which was an early incarnation of 10cc.

Before During After – The Story of 10cc is released on 28 July 2017. A two-CD edition called ‘During After’ will featured the first two discs in the box.

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10cc - Before During After - 4CD


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10cc -During After - 2CD


DISC ONE – The Best of 10cc             

  • Rubber Bullets / The Best Of 1972-1978          4.46
  • Donna / The Best Of 1972-1978          2.56
  • Silly Love / The Best Of 1972-1978          3.15
  • The Dean And I / The Best Of 1972-1978          2.52
  • Life Is A Minestrone / The Best Of 1972-1978          4.32
  • The Wall Street Shuffle / The Best Of 1972-1978          3.52
  • Art For Art’s Sake /  The Best Of 1972-1978          4.20
  • I’m Mandy Fly Me /  The Best Of 1972-1978          5.19
  • Good Morning Judge / The Best Of 1972-1978          2.54
  • The Things We Do For Love / The Best Of 1972-1978          3.21
  • Dreadlock Holiday / The Best Of 1972-1978          5.01
  • I’m Not In Love / The Best Of 1972-1978          5.59

DISC TWO – What We Did Next – Post 10cc                        

  • Godley and Creme     Under Your Thumb     3.43
  • Godley and Creme     An Englishman In New York   5.50
  • Godley andCreme     Cry       3.58
  • Godley and Creme     Wedding Bells 3.26
  • Graham Gouldman     Sunburn           2.58
  • Wax     Bridge To Your Heart  4.02
  • Wax     Right Between The Eyes        4.08
  • Eric Stewart    The Ritual Parts 1-2-3            10.4
  • Paul McCartney           Pretty Little Head        3.50
  • Art Of Noise    Metaforce       3.43
  • Art Of Noise    Metaphor On The Floor          2.05
  • GG06   Hooligan Crane           5.38
  • GG06   Son of Man     4.59
  • Kevin Godley   Confessions     3.06
  • Kevin Godley / Luke Mornay   Expecting A Message 4.12
  • Producers        Man On The Moon      04:02
  • Producers        Every Single Night In Jamaica            5.17

DISC THREE – And Friends                 

  • Ohio Express   Sausalito (Is The Place To Go)           2.18
  • Peter Cowap   Tampa, Florida           2.29
  • Garden Odyssey          Have You Ever Been To Georgia?       3.20
  • Tristar Airbus  Travellin’ Man 2.14
  • Peter Cowap   Crickets           3.13
  • Festival           Today  4.18
  • Doctor Father  Umbopo          5.30
  • Peter Cowap   Safari  2.18
  • Grumble          Da Doo Ron Ron          3.04
  • Garden Odyssey          The Joker         2.35
  • Manchester City F.C.   Funky City        2.26
  • Peter Cowap   The Man With The Golden Gun         2.39
  • Doctor Father  Roll On            4.33
  • Peter Cowap   Wicked Melinda          3.29
  • Tristar Airbus  Willie Morgan 2.49
  • Grumble          Pig Bin An’ Gone         4.01
  • Festival (3)      Warm Me       2.01
  • Peter Cowap   Oh Solomon    2.53
  • Manchester City F.C.   Boys In Blue    2.34
  • Crazy Elephant            There Ain’t No Umbopo         3.06

DISC FOUR – Before 10cc – the Early Years             

  • The Mindbenders        A Groovy Kind Of Love            2.02
  • The Mindbenders        One More Time          2.09
  • Graham Gouldman     Bus Stop          3.26
  • Graham Gouldman     No Milk Today 3.13
  • Graham Gouldman     For Your Love  2.31
  • Hotlegs            Neanderthal Man       4.13
  • Hotlegs            Desperate Dan            2.16
  • Rameses         Life Child         6.37
  • Rameses         Quasar One     6.46
  • Neil Sedaka     That’s When The Music Takes Me     3.34
  • Neil Sedaka     Solitaire          4.47
  • Neil Sedaka     Love Will Keep Us Together   3.44

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Practically useless & not meant to satisfy the 10cc fan in the slightest. Though the artwork done by former 10cc drummer Kevin Godley is great, & the version of “Pretty Little Head” from the music video finally makes its way to CD (I’ve listened to it more recently), overall this isn’t worth paying for. Discs 1 and 3 have already been released as separate discs years go, and the 4th disc isn’t really something to write home about, considering there weren’t enough tracks to make that disc worth getting. Pretty much the only reason you’re buying this album is to get the alternate version of “Pretty Little Head”, and, if you haven’t bought the full EP yet, the GG/06 tracks. Godley & Creme, as well as Eric’s solo material & that of Wax, don’t really get the respect they should have. Where’s “5 ‘O Clock in the Morning”? “This Sporting Life”? “Guitaaaraaaaaaaarghs (Rooties)”? “American English”? As for the Producers, where’s “Barking Up The Right Tree”? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s Lol’s only lead vocal for that band!

Besides, most of these tracks, including the alternative version of “Pretty Little Head”, can be found on YouTube for free. Oh, & don’t get me started on Yellow Bellow Room Boom!

Richard PJ

Nothing on disc 4 by Gouldman & Godley’s underrated early band The Mockingbirds? Seriously? What could have been a definitive appendix to 10cc’s discography looks to be a wasted opportunity. A great shame.

Julian H

Ah, now I see the point. I thought disc 4 was partially made up of songs Graham wrote, but now I realize that they are not the “covers” by The Hollies, The Yarbirds or Herman’s Hermits but actually recordings by G.G. himself. Still, “Evil Hearted You” and “Heart Full of Soul” are nowhere to be seen…

[…] the two-CD Eric Stewart Anthology due in mid-July, the Before, During and After four-CD box set a week later, and now Body Of Work 1978-1988, a five-disc Godley & Creme box set scheduled for release in […]

[…] so Eric put out his own version (Macca’s Pretty Little Head is included on the forthcoming 10cc box set for the same […]

Albert Tatlock

Willie, Willie Morgan. Willie Morgan on the wing.

Julian H

No Yardbirds on the final disc!

El Nino

Thanks for flagging this one up Paul. 2 CD set for me.

Chris Squires

Spot on there Seven, if you don’t mind me using your full name.

Something akin to “This Woman’s Work” would be nice. The 11 main LPs, none would need to be doubles, Something akin to Live and Let Live and two or three LPs worth of b-sides, sessions and demos and a decent book with plenty of early 70s info (gossip) and pictures. I would happily put £150 to the Gouldman / Stewart / Creme / Godley pension fund for that little lot.

I am not shelling out a penny for this nonsense.


An interesting collection of music, but I think 10cc fans would be more interested in buying a comprehensive boxset(s) of the albums/singles/radio sessions/rarities/surround sound mixes/videos & a book? Packaged in a similar way to the Bowie boxes.


Interesting approach and it has lots of interesting stuff on it by other acts I like too. The fact it features other artists does not affect the flow too much as 10cc were so diverse they often sounded like a bunch of different acts on the same LP anyway. However, surely within the 10cc archive there would be enough material for a collection of this sort that focussed purely on the band. Or has such a collection been done before? It does not touch upon the bands history after the late 70’s either when they released a few lesser regarded LP’s. Still; interesting approach and it does look pretty good to me.


I want a Steven Wilson 5.1 remix of 10cc, especially Sheet Music, Original Soundtrack and How Dare You. Odds are slim, I would imagine.


Me 2. I Will love 5-1 nix created by Wilson:-)

Wayne Klein

Going to go with During and After even though I have everything th band did. There’s enough one off pieces I don’t have on the second disc. Curious that Eric included McCartney’s version rather than one of his own songs but then that would be double dipping even more with his Anthology coming out featuring most of Frooty Rooties and a couple of tracks from Girls, Girls, Girls.

Steve Scott

Interesting selection but, like the McCartney reissues, a wasted opportunity and so much potentially good stuff not on there!

Ian Street

Given the number of comments from everyone here, its clear that there is still interest in this great band. But, as the majority have said, yet another missed opportunity. There must be demos or outakes, different versions of these songs. And not just the singles, the brilliant album tracks. And what about rare live versions? Nothing particularly new here, just recycled material…again. Can someone please take note….there is a market for the appropriate content if someone fancies putting it together. Please, Don’t Hang Up………

Wayne Klein

As I recall, there isn’t much in the way of alternate takes as they typically would erase something they wouldn’t use (I.e., alternate lead vocalist, etc.). There might be some outtakes but they used most of their material. I’d be curious if Lol and Kevin sang and played on any material that was scrapped when they left for what eventually became Deceptive Bends.

They could have thrown the demos that are on the 10cc website here as an additional disc though.


I’m not a huge 10cc fan, I do like them but never really bought the album’s. For me Tenology was fantastic and I figure I was the target audience. This doesn’t appeal at all though. Disc one seems pointless for the hardcore, and discs 3 and 4 are of no interest to casual fans. I’ll pass because Tenology is all the 10cc I’ll ever need but I can see people like me who don’t own Tenology getting the two disc version The box set seems to have no real target other than absolute completists and they will likely begrudge paying for it


As a big 10cc fan this is the second big missed opportunity at getting a quality box set, bought Tenology out of a combination of loyalty and a couple of rarities but will give this a miss. We know that there are loads of demos knocking about and I would love to see a proper remastering job of all albums with a second deluxe disc, maybe like the excellent recent Crowded House sets.


Why don’t they just go the full hog and put every track on this by every band Godley and Creme directed a video for. What a rubbish box set terrible tracklisting.


This looks like a good deal to me, as disc 3 looks like “Strawberry Bubblegum” with a few tracks missing. I’ve been looking for Strawberry Bubblegum for some time, but prices are too high. Can anyone comment on the tracks missing from S.B. on this product?

elliott buckingham

awful track listing for disc 1 it could have easily have been a dbl just for 10cc tracks I can see why the mov vinyl release ahs been put back its content is far superior

Chris Squires

That has really ticked me off. They have basically withdrawn permission to release what looked like a really good item, the clear vinyl 2LP collected set. I saw the tracklist on the MOV website one day and it was gone the next. This is all to give this steaming pile a clear run.

I know they do an award or the best re-issue of the year, didn’t Slade win it last year? Well they should launch the equivalent of the Razzies.

The worst single re-release of the year
The Heskey award for the biggest missed opportunity
The McCartney award for the most overpriced release at launch.
The Lifetime achievement award for a series of turkeys
The worst track-listing of the year
The worst artwork of the year (Sweet for 2017?)
The worst re-master of the year
The Osman award for the most pointless re-issue.
The Romero award for screwing over the deceased
The “Au” award for the most over-released re-release.
The “Al Gore” award for the release with most attached useless crap.

All to go with their best- of the year counterparts….

Paul – the end of year awards Nov – Nov? 5 choices for each category and an open vote?


Fantastically, Boys In Blue is on there! :-)


This is a truly awful box set overpriced the track selection is appalling, as recommenced above buy the 10cc ‘Collected’ 3cd Universal Dutch pressing track selection and sound quality is excellent. I’m sure you will be able to download the rare McCartney track for 99p or less rather than shelling out £40 for this garbage.

I have collected a number of other similar ‘Collected’ sets Thin Lizzy Robert Palmer Gerry Rafferty which are far superior than the usual churned out greatest hits compilations I’ve picked them for between £10-£12 over the past couple of years on Amazon Market Place & Ebay UK


The price is actually 39,99 GBP…on Amazon UK. To recap from others, this is a strange boxset. For fan CD1 is useless and I’not very interesting hearring 10cc as a backing band for Neil Sedaka…

Adrian Grove

I would have preferred Universal to re-issue Tenology and just issue 10cc material. The other tracks are immaterial

don cooper

I’ll be driving away from home if Universal release any more like this…

Neil Hunt

I’m very disappointed with the tracklist so I think Ill give this a miss and stick with the much better “Collected” 3CD set and “The Very Best of” CD which has the single edits. I was hoping for a more complete 10cc career overview.


This looks like a very interesting set, something different.

I love Godley and Creme… I know Godley is Kevin Godley but I can never remember Creme’s full name lol

Stevie B


don cooper

His full name being Custard Creme de menthe.

Like his lyrics,sweet with a hint of mint.

Chris Marsh

Laugh Out loud.

adam shaw

Big disappointment.
I bought the last box set which was disjointed and that was over seen by the band , to me this is a excuse for another 4 disc set .
I wonder if Silly Love is the single mix ?
The last box had in the singles section but it was the album mix , again !


A bit of clickbait in the headline.

Yes, that particular mix of the McCartney track may not have been on CD before, but it has been released and IIRC, its not even hugely different from the album version.

Rod F

As a massive fan of 10cc I can’t quite get my head around this one. It looks like a very random release. Do hardcore fans need yet another Greatest Hits Collection (Disc 1) as these are the people who are most likely expected to buy the four disc set. Disc 2 is uncomfortably 80’s, Disc 3 hovers between potentially interesting and downright weird while Disc 4 is equally baffling. Should a four disc 10cc collection really finish up with Neil Sedaka tinkling the ivories?!!!


The record companies want our money, so why don`t they give us the songs we want.
All of the fans have the tenology box. Disc one makes only sense, when there is a better remastering. But then some songs like “the worst band in the world” are missing.
Most interesting is CD 2. But where is “H.E.A.V.E.N.” by Godley & Creme and where is “ashes to ashes” by the Mindbenders?
Please give us the original CDs of 10cc in a perfect remastering quality. And give us a best of the Mindbenders, Godley & Creme and WAX.

don cooper

So a Macca track takes centre stage as a rarity selling point for a career-wide 10cc, et al boxset?
Frankly,Universal,How Dare You.
Nobody involved in this gets an “ology” from me…

don cooper

Update:Team Rock.com reckon box includes 40page hardback book.If it is text only-no lyric filler like Tenology-I may give them a- grudging- ‘Pass’
Although,not even the quartet themselves could improve on Liam Newton’s, ‘The Worst Band In The World” biog of 2000. How I would treasure a revised and updated version,as opposed to Dave Thompson’s lacklustre two-edition tome “10cc-The Cost Of Living In Dreams.”


Ashamed to say, apart from knowing the obvious hits, that I didn’t get into 10CC properly until I saw the Beeb Four documentary. I must say I am staggered at how good most of the albums are after collecting them last year. I did have some G&C back in the early eighties. Will be getting the four disc as theres quite a lot of stuff I haven’t heard before on D3 and D4. Also thought 10CC’s current line up on Jools Holland the other week was one of the best performances I have ever seen on the show. The wife said it was the best performance ever!


Interesting that the article seemed to highlight Macca’s one track than the rest of the box.

Auntie Sabrina

CD 1 has the same tracks (in a different order) of the 1979 release of The Best Of 1972-78


Disc 1 is the major disappointment for me – no One Night in Paris? It is the reason my initial excitement has been greatly tempered.


Uhm, “Crème”? I’m pretty sure it’s just “Creme”, without an accent.

Chris Squires

It’s spellcheck, it did it to me the other day luckily I caught it before it posted…. Creme just gets changed to Crème when you hit the spacebar….

Paul E.

@Bert: Kevin Godley and Lol Crème – “Crème” IS correct.

Paul E.

Oops…maybe not.

Chris Squires

Hmm yes, nothing on discs three and four to get a long time 10cc fan salivating.

The discs also seem very light on content, particularly CD1…. 12 tracks…really? Is that the best you can do? CD1 is the laziest thing I think I have ever seen.
Nothing live from any era?
No demos at all?
Nothing past 1978 as 10cc (I always quite liked Windows in the Jungle and saw them three times live on that tour.)
Only disc two holds anything of any remote interest.

I am absolutely gutted…. I usually try to be quite positive but this is a real kick in the nuts.


Seems like a lot of free space on discs 1,3 and 4. But, as the lead guitarist of 80s indie-group “1000 Mexicans” said to an astonished crowd when they ended their gig at a small venue in Dusseldorf after about half an hour: “Quality, not quantity!” ;-))


Not quite the ‘exciting inclusion’ I was hoping for….of course, I’ll have to have it but am disappointed. Only one Eric solo song..and one that is also due to pop up on an upcoming anthology. No Frabjoy and Runciple spoon. Also, only 12 tracks on two of the disks….once again a missed opportunity. Least it’s cheaper than the over-priced “Tenology” set…


Have to agree that CDs 3 & 4 have limited interest (at least for me). In fact the main interests for me are the Paul McCartney track (I’ve only heard this version on YouTube) and also the GG06 material which was previously only available via the internet I believe. Hooligan Crane in particular is excellent. Shame that the rest of the GG06 material could not have been included.

Martin Bouwman

The McCartney track is to find on Press to play… The album McCartney made together with Eric Stewart. And if you like the combination Stewart / McCartney… Eric plays on Tug of war and Pipes of peace also.

Ben Williams

Surprised the McCartney track wasn’t download-only…

Cool looking set though!

Paul Blubaugh


Auntie Sabrina

The 2CD being the first two discs and a great price from HMV…


Like the look of this but £30 for the extra two discs is Beatles like pricing so may just stick to the 2 disc set.