Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger 25th anniversary super deluxe edition box set


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Soundgarden‘s third studio album, 1991’s Badmotorfinger, is to be reissued as an extensive seven-disc super deluxe edition with an enormous amount of unreleased tracks, two DVDs with video material and a blu-ray audio with a 5.1 surround sound mix.

The four CDs in this package include the remastered album, a disc of studio outtakes (newly mixed from the multi-tracks) and the complete Paramount Theatre Concert from March 6, 1992 (across two CDs).

Of the two DVDs, one features the video of the Paramount Theatre gig, while the other includes the ‘Motorvision’ home video and eleven unreleased additional performance videos from 1992.

Finally, a blu-ray audio includes the full album mixed in 24bit / 96kHz 5.1 surround sound (no confirmation if this also includes hi-res stereo, but seems reasonably likely).

That’s the audio and video, but this set comes with plenty of other ‘stuff’, much of which should be filed under ‘pointless’, including:

• A revolving Badmotorfinger icon box (batteries included)
• 12-inch 3D Lenticular Litho of the Badmotorfinger icon with silver foil
• Four band photo prints (8″ x 10″)
• Five-inch Badmotorfinger icon foil sticker
• 4-inch Triangular Spark Plug Silver Foil Sticker
• 25th Anniversary Badmotorfinger icon iron-on patch.

The super deluxe also comes with a 52-page booklet.

There is a two-CD version but rather than just give you all the demos, this disc includes nine of the outtakes/demos and seven tracks from the Paramount concert of the live audio.

A double vinyl LP edition features the 12-track album over three sides with a 25th anniversary etching on side 4.

All of these are issue on 18 November 2016. Non US links coming soon!

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Badmotorfinger - super deluxe edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Badmotorfinger - 2CD deluxe edition



[CD1: Original Album Remastered]
1. Rusty Cage
2. Outshined
3. Slaves & Bulldozers
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Face Pollution
6. Somewhere
7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
8. Room A Thousand Years Wide
9. Mind Riot
10. Drawing Flies
11. Holy Water
12. New Damage

[CD2: Studio Outtakes]
1. Rusty Cage (Studio Outtake)*
2. Outshined (Studio Outtake)*
3. Slaves & Bulldozers (Studio Outtake)*
4. Jesus Christ Pose (Studio Outtake)*
5. Face Pollution (Studio Outtake) *
6. Somewhere (Studio Outtake)*
7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Studio Outtake)*
8. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Studio Outtake)*
9. Drawing Flies (Studio Outtake)*
10. Holy Water (Studio Outtake)*
11. Cold Bitch (Studio Outtake)*
12. She’s A Politician (Studio Outtake)*
13. Black Rain (Studio Outtake)*
14. Birth Ritual (Studio Outtake)*
15. Blind Dogs (Studio Outtake)*
16. New Damage (with Brian May)

*Previously Unreleased

[CD3: Live At The Paramount (Part 1)]
Previously Unreleased
1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Hands All Over
3. Drawing Flies
4. Room A Thousand Years Wide
5. Gun
6. Flower
7. Little Joe
8. Big Dumb Sex
9. Face Pollution
10. Incessant Mace
11. Rusty Cage

[CD4: Live At The Paramount (Part 2)]
Previously Unreleased
1. Outshined
2. Mind Riot
3. Beyond The Wheel
4. Into The Void (Sealth)
5. Jesus Christ Pose
6. Hunted Down
7. Somewhere
8. Slaves & Bulldozers

[DVD1: Live At The Paramount]
Previously Unreleased
1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Hands All Over
3. Drawing Flies
4. Room A Thousand Years Wide
5. Gun
6. Flower
7. Little Joe
8. Big Dumb Sex
9. Face Pollution
10. Incessant Mace
11. Rusty Cage
12. Outshined
13. Mind Riot
14. Beyond The Wheel
15. Into The Void (Sealth)
16. Jesus Christ Pose
17. Hunted Down
18. Somewhere
19. Slaves & Bulldozers

[DVD2: Motorvision + More]
1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Rusty Cage
3. Outshined
4. Little Joe
5. Mind Riot
6. Room A Thousand Years Wide
7. Jesus Christ Pose
8. Slaves & Bulldozers
Bonus Videos:
*Previously Unreleased:
1. Outshined (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
2. Jesus Christ Pose (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
3. Rusty Cage (Live at Roseland Ballroom 5.09.92)*
4. Jesus Christ Pose (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
5. Slaves & Bulldozers (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
6. Slaves & Bulldozers (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
7. Face Pollution (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
8. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Live in Seattle 7.22.92)*
9. Drawing Flies (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
10. Cop Killer (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
11. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
12. Jesus Christ Pose (Music Video)
13. Outshined (Music Video)
14. Rusty Cage (Music Video)

[Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Surround Sound & Remastered Stereo]
*Previously Released
1. Rusty Cage*
2. Outshined*
3. Slaves & Bulldozers*
4. Jesus Christ Pose*
5. Face Pollution*
6. Somewhere*
7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed*
8. Room A Thousand Years Wide*
9. Mind Riot*
10. Drawing Flies*
11. Holy Water*
12. New Damage*
13. Cold Bitch*
14. She’s A Politician*
15. Birth Ritual*
Bonus Videos:
16. Jesus Christ Pose (Music Video)
17. Outshined (Music Video)
18. Rusty Cage (Music Video)

2CD deluxe track listing (see image below)



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Woudl be great but for that price they can keep it til it has a thick layer of dust on it. Don’t need the pille palle around the muscial stuff.


I had pre-ordered the SDE, but having thought about it for week or so sanity has prevailed and I’ve cancelled it. Even it it dropped to £100 – which isn’t going to happen anyway – it would still be eye-watering and there’s plenty more I could buy for the same outlay.


Pop market US has this for $129.99 until noon today.


This makes Pink Floyd box a bargain


Anyone hear if Louder Than Love is supposed to receive similar reissue treatment?


No. LTL has been reissued on vinyl but no plans for this type of release. Ultramega OK has been remixed by Jack Endino and is going to be released in the new year.


Interesting Endino is actually remixing Ultramega OK when he remastered Screaming Life/Fopp. Do you know if they acquired their masters from SST and releasing it through Universal? I don’t think SST has ever reissued any of their catalog on SST. The only reissues I can think of are when Dinosaur Jr. reissued You’re Living All Over Me and Bug on Merge. I still hope one day I’ll see a Husker Du reissue campaign before I die.

Mark R

Ultramega OK will be released by Sub Pop. Kim Thayil mentioned this on an interview recently. All the legal papers have sorted. I think Endino did a great job on Screaming Life/FOPP so I’m looking forward to it.


They did buy the master back from SST as did Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr previously. I’d love Greg Ginn to get his finger out and do a massive re-release of the SST catalogue.


Cool! It’s be nice to see at least a well-remastered Louder Than Love on CD, though. A deluxe version could have the 1st disc be the CD remaster and the 2nd disc be the DVD for Louder Than Live.


Can anyone confirm if the original album has been also remixed ? I read so on an italian news site. Thanks.


Remastered but not remixed.



Mark R

I’ve pre-ordered the silver vinyl limited edition 2 x LP (1000 copies only) but would love the material on the SDE. The “toys” I’m not too bothered about so £149 is a lot on money. I hope it’s also been remixed as the drum mix was never good IMO.

Mark R

Forgot to add it comes with a bonus 7″. I bought the bundle on Universal’s uDiscover website for £32.

Roberto Zúñiga

Life is what happens while you’re waiting for Roxy Music’s vinyl box set to drop on price for months now… and now massive box sets for both Temple of the Dog and Badmotorfinger. I’m definitely going broke this Christmas season.

Fran Hearley

189 bucks on Amazon USA…Jesus Christ!!(pose?)

Mad Earwig

I was amused to see at the bottom of the Soundgarden article, the ‘you may also like’….
Kylie Minogue!

Have you heard just how heavy ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ is?


Not sure a remaster is warranted. My original pressing sounds great as is. The extra material seems interesting.


Hi, Paul. A week ago I read on an Italian news site that the original album is remasterd and remixed too. Can you confirm this? Thanks.

Paul E.

Great question! Like PJ’s “Ten” and the recent Temple of the Dog remaster. Must they always mess with the original mix and WHY? Are they trying for a less “grungier” sound- this is a frightening thought as I still play this one routinely. Not recommended in the car if you want to OBEY posted speed limits…I do try sometimes


This s.d.e. seems to be much more interesting than the Superunknown one!!!


Went over to the uDiscover store to see if pricing any better or any limited offerings – somewhat suprisingly not listed yet.


It’s on the udiscover store link – https://store.udiscovermusic.com/*/Sound-Garden/Badmotorfinger-Super-Deluxe-Edition-Limited-7-Bundle/5BS80D23000

There’s a 7″ bonus with the SDE but it’s £149.99, I’ll wait and see it it appears cheaper elsewhere


The bloat factor of this super deluxe puts it and the Songs From The Big Chair SDE (for instance) on two opposite ends of the spectrum, doesn’t it?

Any word on the production run qty? Would love to play the waiting game but would also love to know if it’s only going to be 1000 copies worldwide, or less…


You know if there’s any chance for the BR-Audio to get a standalone release ?


XTC via APE would have included all that content on a single Blu Ray disc, and sold the lot for under 20 UKPounds. But people obviously people need the revolving Badmotorfinger icon box (batteries included) plus all the other collectibles, so US$144 seems like an appropriate cash grab. All these single albums coming in massive boxes will surely impact people’s storage space after a while. I know I’m running out.


Yeah, but those batteries are going to run out one day and I need to get some replacement stock in now just in case there’s a run on them


Not particularly a fan, but I’ll get it for the revolving Badmotorfinger icon box. Anyone know what sort of batteries it takes?

Charles K

Been waiting a while for this one, all over this. The 5.1 mix is really getting me anxious, was hoping that wouldn’t be omitted.


They left off some great SOMMS tracks including Girl U Want, Stealth and Stray Cat Blues possibly for legal reasons. Also are missing are plenty of Outshined and Rusty Cage live b sides from the UK.


All those were released on the Echo of Miles compilation.

Paul, there’a also a Mother Love Bone box coming out in November. This is featured in the Pearl Jam webstore and Amazon UK are listing it for £76 currently but if course this will now doubt come down in price.



Any chance of the track listing for the 2CD edition?


Paul, many thanks indeed. Top bloke!