Spandau Ballet / Through The Barricades: two-disc deluxe edition


Sony Legacy will issue a two-disc deluxe edition of Spandau Ballet‘s 1986 album Through The Barricades in September.

After a split with Chrysalis, the album was the band’s first on the CBS/Epic and their fifth overall. It had been almost two and a half years since Parade and their old label had wasted no time in issuing two greatest hits sets The Singles Collection and The Twelve Inch Mixes, in 1985 and 1986 respectively.

With an extensive world tour planned, the album saw Gary Kemp and bandmates adopt a harder edged, ‘rockier’ approach and to facilitate this, they moved on from the Jolley & Swain production team, that had successfully delivered the pop of True and Parade, to employing the services of engineer and Art of Noise member Gary Langan to produce Through The Barricades.

It’s probably fair to say that more was expected, commercially, of ‘comeback’ single Fight For Ourselves (the first track recorded for the album) which stalled at number 15 in the UK charts, but the album delivered one bona fide big hit single with the title track (#6 in Nov ’86) which while not rivalling True and Gold in the public’s affections, is still an anthemic signature tune, of sorts. How Many Lies was a minor hit in 1987.

In terms of this reissue, it’s a CD+DVD package. The album has been newly remastered (at Air Studios in Hampstead) by Gary Langan and includes seven bonus tracks. These comprise the 12-inch versions of all the singles including the rare extension of Cross The Line which was only issued in Spain. A previously unreleased version of Fight For Ourselves B-side Fight… The Heartache also features, along with a recently unearthed demo of the title track.

The DVD element includes the promo videos and an hour-long documentary created especially for this release. Through The Barricades: Remastered / Revisited tells the story of the album from the new material’s first outing at Live Aid to rehearsing in Ireland and through to the band recording in France and Germany before undertaking a yearlong tour in support of the album. The film features previously unseen home movies as well as a wealth of rare, unseen and newly recorded footage.

Gary Kemp told SDE “I feel that this was the era that the band was really in its pomp. This was our biggest tour and when we were at our best – I wanted to really capture that whole era as much as we could, in terms of getting as many videos and films from the time, that hadn’t been used in the Soul Boys Of The Western World film, on the reissue.”

Specifically referencing the remastering, Kemp added “We got the first generation masters digitised and and without any doubt, this sounds SO much better than the original CD. We’ve got more ‘air’ into the vinyl and certainly more bottom end”.

The vinyl comes with a replica of the original poster and a limited red vinyl edition is available exclusively from the Spandau store. The CD+DVD package includes notes by Daryl Easlea featuring new interviews with band members, previously unseen photographs and outtakes from the album photo shoot.

Through The Barricades deluxe edition will be issued on 22 September 2017. SDE will have more from Gary Kemp and producer Gary Langan on this reissue, closer to the release date.



  • 1. Barricades (Introduction) (Remastered)
  • 2. Cross the Line (Remastered)
  • 3. Man in Chains (Remastered)
  • 4. How Many Lies? (Remastered)
  • 5. Virgin (Remastered)
  • 6. Fight for Ourselves (Remastered)
  • 7. Swept (Remastered)
  • 8. Snakes and Lovers (Remastered)
  • 9. Through the Barricades (Remastered)

Bonus tracks

  • 10. Fight For Ourselves (Extended Remix)
  • 11. Fight… The Heartache
  • 12. Through The Barricades (Extended Version)
  • 13. Cross The Line (Extended Version)
  • 14. How Many Lies? (Instrumental)
  • 15. Fight The Heartache (Alternate Version)
  • 16. Through The Barricades (Original On Track Vocal Guide Demo)


  • 1. Fight For Ourselves (Video)
  • 2. Through The Barricades (Video)
  • 3. How Many Lies (Video)
  • 4. Through The Barricades Remastered: Revisited (Documentary)

Through The Barricades – vinyl LP

Side 1

  1. Barricades (Introduction) (Remastered)
  2. Cross the Line (Remastered)
  3. Man in Chains (Remastered)
  4. How Many Lies? (Remastered)
  5. Virgin (Remastered)

Side 2

  1. Fight for Ourselves (Remastered)
  2. Swept (Remastered)
  3. Snakes and Lovers (Remastered)
  4. Through the Barricades (Remastered)

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We needed more from Tony in the docu: “Now I´m Sweeeeeeept…”. What a volumen, what a vorice…

Stephen E Cohen

My copy arrived yesterday and I am very pleased! The original cd that I had from 1986 was so low and hard to hear at times (a common complaint that I have had from my of CBS/Sony cd’s from that period of time–Wham! “Make It Big” and Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel Of Love” immediately come to mind). Love the extended versions of “Through The Barricades” and “Fight For Ourselves”, since I had never heard them before. Shocked that the dvd works on my North American player! …and Amazon took a couple of bucks off the price! win-win!


I received my copy today. The documentary is great.
I noticed there is no extended version of ‘How many lies?’. Can anyone confirm this is the same as the album version? The single version is 4:33 and the extended version 5:23, so I guess it could be the album version…
Because of the grey line on the left of the picture on top of this page, I thought the packaging would be a casebound book, but it’s a three panel digipack. I don’t know what I would have prefered: a casebound book is of better quality, but it’s easier to take the cd’s out from a digipack without getting scratches on them.


My (replacement) Red Vinyl Barricades album arrived this morning and it is back in stock on the bands Digital Stores Website. Triffic!


Had a mail back from customer service today telling me the red is sold out (hard to believe given I ordered it the day it went on sale and how long it took the coloured versions of True & Journeys to sell out). Also seems looking on the Spandau FB page that so far nobody who ordered a red actually got a red – unless anyone knows different? They have at least offered a refund, but I’d be interested to know if any copies of the red vinyl actually exist.


Hi Colin (great name!), see my reply to Andys comnent above. Digital stores are in the process of rectifying the errors regarding the Spandau Red Vinyl. Looks like its going to cost them this little hiccup! All the best, Colin.

Andy Vizor

Well, non existent customer service….. mailed twice, mailed head office… nothing…. now sold out! Took to Twitter, guy responded very quickly, but said he didn’t deal with that account and they were slow to respond. So looks like I’ve missed here – thanks Record Store – that’s the FORTH time I’ve had issue with their fulfilment “partner” – Blondie Store, Holly Johnson & Elton John vinyl…. ALL messed up… ahhhhh REALLY peed off!

Andy Vizor

GUTTED! Order Red Vinyl via Official Store, paperwork shows Red – got sent black! Ahhhhh Anyone else the same?


Hi Andy, you should have got an email by now to say Digital Stores are aware the Black Vinyl version was sent out in error and the correct ‘Red Vinyl’ copies will be sent out to those who got the wrong ones week commencing 2 October 2017. Hope this helps, Cheers, Colin.


£12.99 on base.com with free postage.


I see this has totally vanished from amazon uk wonder what’s going there ?


It is now up again at Amazon for £13.52

Auntie Sabrina


http://www.spandauballetstore.com/spandauballet/CD/Through-The-Barricades-Special-Expanded-Remastered-Anniversary-Deluxe-Edition/5FKZ0E0T000 says

“This beautiful deluxe package is rounded out by liner notes by Daryl Easlea featuring contemporary interviews with band members, previously unseen photographs and outtakes from the album photo shoot, which were taken by the world-renowned photographer Nick Knight.”


Buying this for the remixes and I’ve always loved “Swept”. If you ever see me singing a Spands song in the car-it’s that one.

Paul English

The Japanese 2CD Twelve Mixes is amazing.

No 7″ of the title track on this.


Paul, do you know anything about the cd/dvd packaging? Judging from the pic above i’m assuming it’s a digipak ?


Agree with Simonf about the twelve inch mixes lp, great stuff….I especially like the 12 inch of Communication, a proper lets throw in the kitchen sink job.


Always thought of ‘through the barricades’ as a new romantic update on ‘stairway to heaven’
Not in lyrics but just the great acoustic intro. Still do , a great song.


Thank you Paul. I’m very excited about this. Hope their next album will get similar treatment as well. I’ve been waited very long for this (& the other) to come out. I just hope those vinyl-rarities are from the master and not lifted from the vinyl. I checked the times/durations with discogs. I would prefer the missing 7″ on here as well. But then they won’t fit on a 80 mins CD. With those SB compilation CD’s we can do our version of this reissue. I just listened to Fight…The Heartache (not the instrumental of FFO) on the internet. Why would we want 2 versions of an instrumental? Glad they didn’t include the live tracks (I’m not into those)!

01. Barricades – Introduction 1:16
02. Cross The Line 4:09
03. Man In Chains 5:55
04. How Many Lies? 5:20 / 7″ 4:33
05. Virgin 4:21
06. Fight For Ourselves 4:20
07. Swept 5:50
08. Snakes And Lovers 4:30
09. Through The Barricades 5:55 / 7″ 5:19
43:36 (+2×7″ 53:28)

10. Fight For Ourselves (Extended Remix) 7:30
11. Fight… The Heartache 4:10
12. Through The Barricades (Extended Version) 7:08
13. Cross The Line (Extended Version) 6:15
14. How Many Lies? (Instrumental) 5:23

74:02 (without 2×7″)

15. Fight The Heartache (Alternate Version) ?:??
16. Through The Barricades (Original On Track Vocal Guide Demo) ?:??

(These 2 should be under 6 mins then)


It’s posts like this that make me love this and keep me checking it out daily.


The website has the red Vinyl release a week earlier on the 15th September. Also cheaper than Amazon UK even with P+P at under £24. of course Amazon price may fluctuate between now and release date!


UPDATE. The Red Vinyl release date on the bands website has been changed to 22nd Sep. The lowest I have seen the black vinyl on Amazon is around £16.85 + P&P (free P&P if spending over £20). Depends on weather you want the red or black vinyl and you do get a free rip on Amazon too, but I went for the red one on the website! Choice is yours!


Got to get this. I was quite a big fan of Spandau Ballet and I just love that song ‘Through The Barricades’.


Glad this is getting expanded treatment as thoughtvthis and ‘Heart like a Sky’ their best two albums.
‘Heart’ was criminally overlooked by most and has some terrific tunes.
Frustrates me like mad that the lazy radio stations play ‘True’ and ‘Gold’ to death and forget ‘Barricades’

Deffo on the ‘to buy’ list

No, hurry back and get ‘HLAS’ done too!


Tony Hadley has always called that last album ‘Heart Like A Piece Of Shit’ lol


The Twelve Inch Mixes is a great album. Picked up a second hand vinyl copy (2xLP), although it is missing Glow (but I do have the 12″ of that also – another stunning charity shop find) for a quid a few years ago!


The Japanese 2cd is even better, has slightly longer versions of some tracks than the 1cd UK one.

Scott Truelove

Got the Japanese 2 cd edition as well,got it off eBay a few years ago,still sealed from new and at a bargain price! Worth quite a bit if you can even find a copy nowadays.

Dan T.

I’m a big “fandau” myself, but surprising to most, I can’t stand their radio hits. Their deep tracks are really good, and their 90s material is spun quite regularly in my home. Absolutely I’m picking this up. Thanks for the update, Paul!


They never released anything in the 90s ?


I favour their 90s material too ;)

don cooper

Spandau sans Hadley?

To Cut A Long Story-

Mike the Fish

– short I lost my vocalist.

Mike Williams

Any word on if the DVD will play in the USA (NTSC format)?

Larry Davis

It will…it seems everything video is getting released in the NTSC format, as it could play worldwide…foreign players have both formats these days…I haven’t seen anything released in the just-PAL format in years!!

Mike the Fish

I didn’t love the album when I had it, but I’m interested in the documentary. For those that haven’t heard the 12″ of Barricades, don’t get your hopes up as it’s pretty much the first track of the album segued into the last one. Was How Many Lies a live performance on 7″ or was that just the video?

Mike the Fish

This was on CBS in the UK, Paul.

Larry Davis

Epic/CBS as opposed to what it became, Epic/Sony in 1991…pretty amazing it came out in the US at all, in the face of so much ignorance and adversity. I’ll get this too, as I got to like the band, having seen them for the first time in Westbury, Long Island, NY on the “Soul Boys” tour…and I like the tracks from it that are featured on the 2CD “The Story” compilation…kinda like a hybrid of powerpop, sophistipop and proto-Britpop…not at all like sub-Bon Jovi American hard rock arena rock style, as many reviewers were throwing at this record in the late 80s.


Been wishing for this for years! Great compilation, includes everything I could have wanted (shame about the missing live B-sides, but hey).

Stephen E Cohen

I preordered this without any hesitation, and thank you for the “heads up”, Paul. I always considered myself a pretty big fan of Spandau Ballet in the 1980’s. However, here in the US, due to the zero publicity that the band got here, and American radio and MTV failing to play anything by them, I did not even know of the existence of “Through The Barricades” until about 1988. This was before we were using the internet, and the only thing I knew was that some song named “How Many Lies?” was charting in the UK (back when Rolling Stone magazine used to sometimes put chart information on its back page). In fact, I even remember buying this album at a used cd shop back then! It just shows you how times have changed.


Will get this for sure. Still, there are a few things missing. The 12 inch mixes are all there but the B-sides are missing. “With The Pride (Live 85)” (B side of Through The Barricades), “Communication (live) (B side of “How Many Lies”) and “Virgin (live)” (B side of “Cross That Line” are all three missing. Why would they leave that off? Maddening.


The live tracks are available on Live at The NEC arent they?


Was there enough material for two cd’s? The only thing missing perhaps is How Many Lies (7′).

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Haha paul. Queen has no problems with 2 “half”-filled cds with their re-releases ;)
for example: “hot space” from 2011
cd 1: 44 minutes
cd 2: 23 minutes
what an embarressment!


Will be ordering this the best era of Spandau ballet .totally love the album.


Quite like this album so will get this. Saw a busker on the weekend doing a good acoustic version of the title track so it has cut through in a way most of their other tracks have not. The ‘Soul Boys…’ doc is brilliant. Wish they’d get it together with Tony and do a new album though…


I’m definitely getting this, purely because of the 12″ mixes. Hopefully they’ll remaster and re-release the band ‘s last proper album Heart Like A Sky (1989) too.


Brilliant! This will go nicely with the other expanded reissues from 2010. Hopefully the album”Heart Like A Sky” will also get a similar release.

Auntie Sabrina

Bloody hell Tony Hadley has only just left, then this gets re-released. I wonder if he’s in the documentary?

Tom of FIN

OMG, this terribly overproduced record, back then and still is, is getting the treatment!

I wonder, if first proper synthpop albums could get expanded edition rerelease. Diamond and True are musically much better and were more succesful. Clearly for a reason. Maybe that is behind different immaterial right owners.


TTB however has never been remastered before

Paul Mac

I was never a fan, and I absolutely despise True and Gold (mainly due to too much radio play), but I always had a soft spot for the title track on this one….

andrew r

The ad seems to cut away from Tony Hadley quite quickly
whenever he is about to feature? Band politics?

Marc Bijlsma

It would be interesting to buy this, even if just for the documentary.