Spandau Ballet to unveil new singer next week at intimate London show

Spandau Ballet will perform for the first time with a new singer in West London, next week.

Last year, Tony Hadley announced that he was leaving the band and a few months earlier, a frustrated Gary Kemp had told SDE that “there’s still grudges from the past that no one can get over.”

Actor and singer, Ross William Wild has been revealed as Tony’s replacement and he will perform as part of the band at a now sold-out show in London’s Subterania on 6 June. Ross played Elvis Presley in the West End Musical Million Dollar Quartet back in 2016, a show that also starred a certain Martin Kemp (as record producer Sam Phillips).

Spandau Ballet chalked up 15 top 20 hits during the 1980s (including number one True), before they split at the end of the decade. In the 1990s, recriminations over royalties lead to an acrimonious (and unsuccessful court case) but the band successfully reformed for a tour in 2009/2010.

Three new songs (produced by Trevor Horn) featured on 2014 compilation Spandau Ballet: The Story, and two of them (not the one written by Tony Hadley!) have been added to a vinyl reissue of the Gold compilation which is due on 8 June 2018.

SDE will be at the show next week and publish a full review on Thursday 7 June.

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Spandau Ballet

Gold [VINYL]


Spandau Ballet / Gold 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Gold
2. True
3. Only When You Leave
4. This Is the Love*

Side: 2
1. Lifeline
2. Communication
3. Instinction (Edit)
4. Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)
5. To Cut a Long Story Short
6. The Freeze

Side 3
1. Musclebound
2. Paint Me Down
3. She Loved Like Diamond
4. Round and Round
5. Highly Strung

Side 4
1. Fight for Ourselves
2. Steal*
3. I’ll Fly for You
4. Through the Barricades

*new additions


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I liked it when big Tone joined PM Dawn for a bit.


Could never stand SB. Always thought they were cabaret at best.


Isn’t there a spare Hadley brother in the cupboard?? That’s what UB40 did when Ali Campbell left to embark on his spectacularly successful solo career!!

[…] by design or coincidence, Tony Hadley releases his new album on the week that Spandau Ballet unveil their new singer. Talking to the Moon is being sold as a ‘proper’ album, not a jazz/swing, covers or […]

Stan Butler

I may be wrong but I don’t think Tony ever got over Steve and Martin signing for Roy Race’s Melchester Rovers in 1984. At the height of their fame it was a strange decision to go off and play professional football for a year, when they should have been touring the world. Tony being the consummate professional realised this and it seemed to irk him thereafter.


I always read the band was not allowed to release new material in 1985 due to issues with their parent label Chrysalis. It makes sense some of the members looked out for an interim career.


Sorry,but when a band loses their lead voice it is no longer “the band”
The writing talent may have been with the krays ( oops Kemps) but Tony is the the voice of the band.


In the summer of ‘85 Power Station played at Jones Beach. Damn I’m getting old, I was only 15! Robert Palmer couldn’t tour because he was finishing up his ‘Riptide’ album. Michael DesBarres filled in nicely but he was no Robert. Spandau Ballet was supposed to be the opening act. Saxophonist Steve Norman broke his leg if memory serves correctly. I always thought that tour, even as an opening act, cost them dearly. I knew about them but the rest of America missed out on their talent. Funny thing is in American magazines ABC, Spandau Ballet, etc… had been picked to be huge. This was before Duran2 blew up! I’ve been a durannie since ‘82 and damn proud. They still release great music and have a strong fan base. On a final note, sad that 2 of the 4 Power Station members passed away so young.

Chris Squires

3 out of 6 if you include Bernard Edwards…..

Working with the Taylor boys would seem to be mathematically bad for your health.
Simon only just got out with his life after the “Drum” episode.



I was going to include Bernard but it was depressed enough. Really Chic and Power Station got caught in half, age wise, too early.

De Jesus

Hear! Hear! We must be the same age! My sentiment exactly about that tour costing Spandau Ballet states-side. I remember I was disappointed about Steve Norman, and actually changed my mind about going to see Power Station, which already was minus Robert Palmer. I’m not to jazzed about a 30-year old, musical theater/actor kid filling in for departed Tony. Somehow, if you weren’t even born in the heyday of the band’s success, something is missing. It’s got to be an organic match, with someone what least made their way gigging through the same period.

wesley mc dowell

lets give the band and the young lad a chance.Tony has been very nice about it so why can,t we?
Paul,s review should prove very intresting.I think what could really make it work are new songs.If they have got any,that is.And for all those slagging them off I am not afraid to say that I think both Spandau and Duran have something special.Lets all us Quality pop fans stand up and be counted!!!!


I would never put SB and DD in the same camp. DD, despite lineup and label changes have always looked ahead, put out new new material and improvised. SB were great to begin with but it was over for them come the 90s. DD put out one of their best with All You Need IS Now and continue to be relevant. Soon DD take over BBC 4 for the night too!

Rik Skyline

Mike Patton replacing Chuck Mosley as the singer was the best move that Faith No More ever made. (And then letting Jim Martin go after that was the worst move they ever made).

Kevin Galliford

No dignity left for Queen!! Revolving door of singers & licensing their music for crap adverts have seen to that! Freddie would be turning in his grave at all that shit they’re doing now. John Deacon had the right idea “It’s over, let it go, time to move on”

Paul Spurgeon

100% agree

De Jesus

Hallelujah! My sentiments exactly about ‘flavor of the year’ kids filling in for legendary singers. Although, many great bands went on to be greater with the new voice (Iron Maiden, Genesis, Chicago, Doobie Brothers), there is something so ‘cabaret’ about what Queen is now. And, the dramatic age contrast is more like a kid playing in his grandparents band! The Queen + Paul Rodgers was more in the essence of the right balance. Oh well, I feel SB has done the same with their new one.

Chris Fahey

So lame… I tour managed the Celebrating BOWIE dates in the US on the West Coast and Tony H. sang ‘Let’s Dance’ like it was his song. These guys should just call it a day. So horrible… Whats next a TV show to cast someone to write some songs that aren’t total crap!


the bass was too low in their recordings
john taylor – now that’s a bass !

Dr Volume

Ah but Check the bass on Instinction, right up front in the mix.

Nigel Day

That’s down to Trevor Horn I suspect


I don’t think Martin would ever call himself a bass player, he was there as a ‘face’ and to look after Gary. I believe Gary had to teach him every note of every track. It is good on Instinction though, and Paint Me Down.


Good luck to them. Why should they be held hostage by foghorn on his egotrip. Like if anyone loses their lead singer, itll be odd, but you cant just give up and i am a duranie!


Really? We would never have guessed you are a duranie…


Astley and Hadley updates on the same day?! Strewth, someone pour some Clash and Pistols into Paul’s veins…even Kajagoogoo will do…

elliott buckingham

they weren’t very good to begin with the best thing the kemp lads have done was the krays. cant fault gary kemp as a writer though


Round and round they go, but ooh don’t they know…. They’ll never replace Tony Hadley though…..

Sorry, could not resist. I’ll get me coat and let myself out…..

Kevin B.

Duran Duran were always the better band in the 80s, much more talent than these jokers.

I won’t be holding my breath.

Stephen DC

Losing the lead singer means you effectively become a tribute band. Good luck at the holiday camps lads.

Tony Hadley may not have written the songs but he defined them by his voice [and whatsisname Norman on the sax].

[Do I have to declare I am a Durannie?]


The only successful replacement of a lead singer ever was Andy Bell replacing Alison Moyet. Of course the band name changed from Yazoo to Erasure but that switch was amazing. One uniquely voiced singer replaced by another with an almost identical sound. Unheard off.
To this day I’m a huge Moyet and Erasure fan. Two of the strongest voices in pop.
As far as Spandau ballet, that gig is over. No one wants to listen to Spandau without Tony Hadley. I remember reading in John Taylor’s book that very early on Duran Duran decided to always share the songwriter credits, otherwise it just wouldn’t work and the band had no longevity. That’s one thing DD was right about.

Dr Volume

There are loads of examples of successfully replacing a lead singer …Fleetwood Mac changed singers and indeed half the band and did pretty well out of it. Genesis were bigger than ever when Peter Gabriel left (and Collins voice is similar in the same way Bell is like Moyet).Pink Floyd didn’t do too badly after they decided Syd Barrett had delighted them long enough. Bruce Dickinson wasn’t the original singer of Iron Maiden… I could go on.

Difference with the Spands of course is this is happening in the tail end of their career (and the aforementioned Genesis for instance didn’t do so well when they got him out of Stiltskin in to replace Collins)…and the fact that the lad is a musical theatre hack rings a few alarm bells, but looking forward to reading Paul’s verdict.

Albert Tatlock

Most successful replacement of a lead singer? How about Rod Stewart who filled the great Steve Marriott’s shoes as Small Faces became Faces? Or Mike D’Abo replacing Paul Jones in Manfred Mann? And, although in sadder circumstances, Bernard Sumner becoming the frontman as Joy Division morphed into New Order… And not forgetting Brian Johnson who replaced the late great Bon Scott in AC/DC…

De Jesus

Absolutely, Doc. These musical theater / signing contest types have nothing organically credible about their craft, placed within a venerable band. I think I read SB wanted to follow Queen’s lead to gain anew audience (I assume younger), but this is not the best method. My 10 year old kids likes Spandau though me, not because the new guy. If the intent was to re-energize their fan-base, then a singer in the same experience bracket would have been cool — say Rick Astley (no joke intended), or even a lesser known voice of their same area. It’d be organic, and even admirable.

Nigel Day

Andy bells voice makes my cats pack their bags whenever it appears on the radio

I.e once a year

Matthew North

I’d give the band a chance. you still have 4 great musicians and a top songwriter. They may surprise you and pull out all the stops. Do something different, who knows. Having seen Gary play brilliantly last week with Nick Mason anything is possible.

If they need a support anytime, I’m always available :)

Chris Squires

I thought the chap who stood in for Holly Johnson a few years ago on the Trevor Horn special for the Prince’s Trust was really good. Frankie were on top form that day. It can work. It can also be a disaster mind you. No names.

David roberts

There is no denying it will be very odd seeing them with a new singer but I think they should try and continue if they choose to . Why should one person stop four other people from continuing a career they enjoy really. Will be interesting to hear if it’s a revelation or a car crash.


Well actually, whilst you have a point it also works both ways.
In the early 90’s it was Gary and Martin Kemp who didn’t want to carry on with the band. They had signed up to The Krays film for which they unexpectedly received great reviews. Gary went on to star in The Bodyguard and Martin in EastEnders etc. They were both very vocal at that time about how Spandau would never work together again. That is a fact as I was around the band at this time.
Then came the court case and the fall out, plus the dwindling acting careers of the Kemp brothers, and eventually Gary wanted to reform the band.
Tony eventually agreed to the first reunion tour and as I recall always stated in interviews at the time that afterwards they would each go back to there seperate careers.
Of course they did eventually do another tour.

I wish them all the best, but I really don’t blame Tony for wanting to carry on as a solo artist.
Would you want to go back and work with the same people under the same boss as you did 40 years ago?
From what I can see Tony has a solo career that he is happy with and is successful enough for him to live well and be his own boss. Of course he doesn’t have hit records, but neither does anyone from that era these days.

Yani P

Once the lead singer leaves it should be the end of it – smacks of flogging a dead horse..


Hi Paul
I will look forward to your review of this concert. Whilst there is no denying that their new singer has chops, I just cant see how he will blend in visually given how much younger he is than the rest of the band. Anyway, good luck to them.
By the way Tony Hadley releases his new album next week so they are obviously going head to head with this one.

Kevin Galliford

The poor man’s Duran Duran. Not interested! Groups always lose something when an original member leaves & when that member is the lead singer it”s game over. Dignity gentlemen!

Nigel Day

They made DD sound like PIL

Johnny Buck

I second that, Kevin. When an original member leaves, the music is never as good. I felt the same when R. Taylor and A. Taylor left DD, when Joe Leeway left Thompson Twins, and when Alan Wilder left Depeche Mode. The list goes on and on.


I was done with Depeche when Vince Clarke left!! #neverthesame


I would have thought its April The 1st once again, if I hadnt known better…..

Regardless of the fact that they parted ways with Tony once again, its hard for me to believe that they are even considering going public with a new singer……its just one of those things that shouldn have been done IMHO…..


Queen got away with it…


Love SB – but not at all interested in them without Tony.


Depends who you ask. As a die-hard Queen fan, I hated pretty much everything they did without Freddie. Their album with Paul Rodgers was appalling and you could not pay me enough to see them with Adam Lambert.



Absolutely right. That’s the prime example of a band that really should have stopped after the Freddie tribute concert. John Deacon, though, was the only other band member who understood that. Sure, Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert both are excellent singers but they’re not Freddie and without Freddie it ain’t Queen. Full stop.

I agree though that it IS possible to change the singer without making a fool of yourself and still have a decent career. That can be said IMHO with references to AC/DC or Marillion.

Nigel Day

Really ????

De Jesus

…Queen barely got away with it with Paul Rodgers a few years back — striking the right balance of age and experience. The current line up is a cabaret mess, sorry to say. Even Freddie’s on-stage antics back in the day were more organically driven by rock-n-roll than music theater.