Sparks / A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Sparks / A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip / new album

Sparks release a new studio album, A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip in July.

The record follows up 2017’s Hippopotamus and will be supported in the autumn with some European live dates.

A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip is available via the band’s official store, and there’s a wide range of options available, including a double vinyl picture disc, a 2LP coloured vinyl set, a deluxe CD in hardcover book and the usual bundles.

A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip will be released on 3 July 2020 (was 15 May).

  1. All That
  2. I’m Toast
  3. Lawnmower
  4. Sainthood Is Not In Your Future
  5. Pacific Standard Time
  6. Stravinsky’s Only Hit
  7. Left Out In The Cold
  8. Self-Effacing
  9. One For The Ages
  10. Onomato Pia
  11. iPhone
  12. The Existential Threat
  13. Nothing Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  14. Please Don’t Fuck Up My World


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When I bought my Chevrolet Spark last year, I bought an extra logo on Ebay so I could add an “s”. Now my car is a “Sparks”!


Hi,.is someone knows if some bonus tracks will be on Deluxe book cd edition? Thanks.

K P Young

Love Sparks, already booked my ticket for the roundhouse and preordered all the different vinyl plus the cd. They are so unique, always look forward to anything from these guys


music lover since i was 10, seen them all., zep,queen,bob, stones, ect. have all of their records and many more.
must say that after more than 45 years listening to music….THIS IS THE MOST FANTASTIC record ever….my goss..how did they do it….listening all night , headphones on… the music is from another dimension….so am i.

Jerry Murphy

My fave band. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Album and cd already ordered. The Mrs. and I are even considering flying to England to see them. Ron and Russell rule!


I thought FFS and Hippopotamus were terrible and I’m done with Sparks.

Stephen Harland

Really? What was your favourite Sparks period then?

eric C

the FFS album was a wonderful collection of pop songs..
Kimono My House, Propaganda, Indiscreey (Prod T Visconti), N°1 song in heaven and Some others are wonderful , and the humour and second sesn in their lyrics is fun


Ordered a couple of days ago via the bands site.
Hope this will hit the top 10 like the last LP.
Lets face it it’s Sparks and it’s going to be an event !!
Ron & Russell rock.

Timm Davison

That picture disc vinyl looks amazing! Hopefully the finished product stays pretty close to the mockup they have shown.


Preordered this – Sparks albums are always interesting even if they can be a bit hit and miss at times.

The last album Hippopotamus was superb though.

However my favourite albums in their canon are:

– Kimono My House
– Indiscreet
– No1 Song in Heaven (possibly my favourite)
– Music You Can Dance to (the version with Change on it)
– Li’l Bethoven

But every album has great tracks on it and each one sounds different to the previous one.

Mike Williams

I like the fact that if you order the 3 vinyl versions set, you get 3 different covers on each vinyl set!

Michael McA

They are spoiling us.

Hope they’ve done a version of ‘Handcuffed To A Parking Meter’ for it.

The best band in the world. Always have been.

This is not an opinion.


Not a fan of their music, but I think it’s a great set of vinyl and CDs with slightly different sleeve for anyone who collecting


When is the new doc about them by Edgar ‘legend’ Wright out? Spaced meets Sparks, bloomin’ marvellous!


I still think the Georgio Moroder-produced 6 track Lp of 1979 is their best. I just love this record.I literally can’t get enough of No1 song in Heaven,Tryouts for the Human Race and Beat the Clock. For an added bonus they even got the Great and supper funny Peter Cook to record radio adverts for the LP. Sparks with the Donna Summer-like Moroder production was an ace sound they have never really ever recreated since. Just a stand alone LP unique in the Sparks cannon.


They sort of kept the mood going with the follow-up Terminal Jive (co-produced by Moroder) but it wasn’t as effective. I do love When I’m With You and Stereo…


Sparks are also touring this year. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday) “officially” but if you buy at the official store now you can get also buy tickets straight away. I got already tickets for the Paris show.

Toni Nestor

So many formats and bundle variations to choose from but you gotta love Sparks!! I have already preordered the book format cd, the picture disc and coloured vinyl versions, most definitely something for the girl with everything!!

Allan Buchan

They’ve been on a roll ever since 2002’s Lil’ Beethoven – one of the most original albums ever from so called “old timers”. Live they are something else.

Tim Barton

New Sparks is great news, especially considering the recent lengthy gaps between new material. Looking forward to this one!


I love it. For once an album where a ‘splatter vinyl’ would actually make sense and it is released on picture disc. Gotta love those crazy guys!

Sammy Waslow

It’s a great time to be a Sparks fan. Tickets for two shows booked for this tour.


super duper excited, probably the first time Ive decided to ditch the CD format and have pre-ordered the gorgeous paint splattered vinyl and a cassette!
cannot wait to see them tour in October!!

Richard Rootes

I think those are picture discs – and will sound dreadful
I’d go for the coloured vinyl if I were you…..

Tim Abbott

An ever-reliable band who’ve barely put a foot wrong in this century. Last album was terrific, even if it didn’t quite capture the heights of their early 2000s masterpieces, or the incredible FFS album. Looking forward to this one!