Sparks / No. 1 in Heaven / limited edition blue vinyl + CD combo

Sparks‘ 1979 album No. 1 in Heaven is being reissued as a new limited edition coloured vinyl pressing next month.

The album (produced by Giorgio Moroder) has been remastered and 1000 copies of this new blue vinyl pressing will be available, with the vinyl cut at Abbey Road. This release comes with a CD of the album, which also adds bonus tracks. Details on the CD bonus tracks are scant at the moment, although this appears to be a release from Repertoire in Germany and back in 2013 they put out a CD with the following bonus tracks:

  • • Tryouts For The Human Race (Single Version) 3:17
  • • La Dolce Vita (Single Version) 3:48
  • • Beat The Clock (Single Version) 3:46
  • • The Number One Song In Heaven (Single Version) 3:53
  • • Beat The Clock (Canadian Single Version) 4:21
  • • Tryouts For The Human Race (Extended Version) 7:56
  • • La Dolce Vita (Extended Version) 5:57
  • • Beat The Clock (Extended Version) 6:40
  • • Tryouts For The Human Race (12 Inch Short Version) 3:58

So there is a reasonable chance that they may well repeat those on the CD included here, although I should stress that this is not confirmed at this stage.

Although not a big hit itself, the album delivered the hit singles The Number 1 Song in Heaven and Beat The Clock – both top 20 hits in the Britain.

No. 1 in Heaven on blue vinyl has a release date of 19 May 2017. Angst in My Pants and Terminal Jive also available in similar package.

Side 1

1. Tryouts for the Human Race
2. Academy Award Performance
3. La Dolce Vita

Side 2

4. Beat the Clock
5. My Other Voice
6. The Number One Song in Heaven”


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Ok, so after the delay to 21st July, finally received No 1 in Heaven LP. Nice package with new inner bag and LP replica CD slip card. Even the CD is printed as a blue vinyl replica. For the price, the inner bag could have been a bit thicker as mine has slight transportation tear where the record has ripped through at the bottom. Also would have been nice to have some better liner notes, not much info on LP liner which actually lists the CD tracks and versions (nice touch that it states the country and catalogue numbers and A side or B side for each of the extra tracks). Sound wise the LP is an improvement on my ‘fame’ repress which weirdly seems to have the right and left channels reversed (seems the new release is correct having checked several versions on you tube). Vinyl is flat and quiet with very minimal noise. Bit pricey for what it is but sorely tempted to go for the other 2 LPs now. Cheers

Kevin Allen

Amazon have now revised the delivery date for No. 1 In Heaven to June 27th – June 29th.

Auntie Sabrina

Ian, aren’t the title track and the 12″ version one and the same..?

Ian McJannet

EXTRA TRACKS …… But they couldn’t get the title track 12″ on there ….. OH PLEASE !!!!!

Auntie Sabrina

Ants, a little more expensive from


They also ( so far) are going with the tracklist from 2013


Are these releases available to buy anywhere else do you thing? All i can see is Amazon selling them and there is nothing mentioned on repertoire records website.

Billy Dojcak

Btw, the US Amazon priced has jumped $9.00


That Noel album SCREAMS for a reissue on CD, and not a crappy vinyl rip either!

Auntie Sabrina

Checkout Dancing Is Dangerous at youtube…


Auntie Sabrina

Discogs has a release of No1 1 In Heaven with bonus tracks by someone called “Noel” who may/may not be one of Sparks



No.1 in Heaven is one of the best Sparks albums (in amongst a great set of albums) and the 12″ releases were things of beauty – great coloured vinyl, great designs, superb remixes and the Peter Cook sketches were wonderful even after the 100th listen).

Terminal Jive is slightly less good (and Angst is average Sparks).

Still have my original vinyl copies but might be tempted to get these as my copies get played so much.

Hopefully you will be able to confirm the CD track listings for us at some point Paul.

Looking forward to seeing Sparks at Shepherd Bush in Sept (seems ages away)


They signed with BMG for new album, but who knows who actually has control of which parts of their back catalog.

As one of my favorite bands, I would love a really good remastering of the stuff from No. 1 forward, especially as it was more synth based and there is a lot going on in the background that you can’t always hear. Especially as we get older! LOL

Whomp-Angst-Outer Space especially could use some work. This was the peak of their US popularity so it would be nice to see.

Also would love some actual clean live stuff from the early-mid 80s.


Like to hear Blank & Jones’ take on a Sparks 2-CD set – they would get the sound right.


@Michael – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range_compression#Limiting for a discussion of “brickwall limiting”. Releases with this degree of limiting are often referred to as having been “brickwalled”; they’re unpopular because they throw away all of the dynamic range of the original recording.


Yes, it’d be great if they included the Peter Cook sketches from the 12″ single B sides.


I wonder if we’ll ever see any unreleased stuff relating to this LP. I’d love to hear some demos, early versions or unreleased tracks from my favourite Sparks album.

Auntie Sabrina

Yes, Repertoire have re-issued some of their CDs because of sound faults and/or mistakes with the wrong tracks being used, Giorgio Moroder and Sparks spring to mind. I guess you pays your money and take your choice…

Billy Dojcak

Reissued, but not replaced the discs with wrong tracks. I was so fed up by then I didn’t buy the remedy.


Ordered No 1 in Heaven! I couldn’t resist this gem. The other two don’t hold the same appeal. I can’t wait for the Sparks tour in September.

Limited edition of 1,000 copies in blue vinyl plus enclosed CD of same content + bonus tracks. Remastered for vinyl + CD. Vinyl cut at Abbey Road, London. 180g vinyl.

Sounds promising.

Mr X

They should have included the b side of no. 1 song, as it had a weird peter cook monologue mixed in.
very strange!


With this being released by Repertoire i would avoid it like the plague as they are notorious for using vinyl rips and brickwalling CD’s for example both those Icehouse 12 Inch Versions & Remixes compilations.


No separate CD to buy?

Matthew McKinnon

Those tracks are all on the 12″s CD collection from a few years back aren’t they?

Alan Jones

Barward as I recall they weren’t picture discs embedded into the colour vinyl, they were oversized picture labels. I’ve got Beat the Clock and Tryouts like that plus No 1 Song in 12″ red vinyl. Thanks for the link Paul what with Fleetwood Mac earlier today that’s over 50 quid spent in a flash on top of the £496 for RSD!

Alan Jones

Paul – Unusually I managed to get all 24 items on my list. Serves me right for joining the 25 peeps already in the queue at David’s Music Letchworth at 2:35am. But I’m a lightweight compared to the first and second in line who joined at 8:50 and 9:00am on Friday morning!


Scott, wasn’t ‘Whomp That Sucker’ on a different label to both Terminal Jive’ and ‘Angst in my Pants’? If so, then maybe that’s why, they seem to have had a different label every month back then.


Whomp has also been released by Repetoire on CD more than once, along with everything from Heaven to Rabbits. That’s why it is odd it’s not in this batch.


Love this album but please, not another blue one! 4 out of 5 of my recent purchases have been on blue vinyl. Still, I’m looking forward to this Moog Mayhem gem.

I’ve still never seen a ‘picture disc embedded in a coloured vinyl record’ like they did on the original Virgin 12″s of ‘Beat The Clock’ and ‘Tryouts’.

Roman Totale

Much as I love this LP, I shan’t be bothering, I already have the yellow vinyl 1979 pressing (not to mention the accompanying coloured vinyl 12″ singles. Three different Beat The Clocks in fact!)


There are 7 different beat the clock colours, plus a black one.


Well eight if one counts the lime green translucent vinyl, and ten if we’re separately the opaque and transparent orange and yellow versions


The same treatment, out the same day, for Terminal Jive (white vinyl) and Angst In My Pants (red)


I love Sparks and I loved this album when it was first released. I could never understand why it wasn’t a big hit. It had two hit singles and was promoted heavily at the time by the label with picture disc albums etc


They are also reissuing their 1980 LP Terminal Jive on white vinyl and their 1982 LP Angst in my Pants on red vinyl. They are listed on Amazon UK. Though it’s puzzling why they’ve skipped the 1981 LP Whomp That Sucker. Be warned that the previous Sparks CD bonus tracks were all ripped from vinyl and generally brickwalled in volume. I expect these are the same CD’s. The LP’s are very tempting but I do agree they are a bit costly at the moment.


May I ask? What do you mean by “brickwalled”?


Brickwalled is when they flatten the dynamic range during the remastering process–the quieter parts are brought up in volume, and the louder parts are reduced in volume, making a uniformly “loud” track (which is why the rise of the practice as an industry standard is referred to as “the loudness wars”). This is also fairly standard practice on many new releases. The practice began because it was felt that songs that oscillated between loud and quiet passages (think “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) were less likely to attract listener attention on the radio, so labels began jacking the volume on tracks to make them sound more noticeable. It’s kind of like the practice of the sound on commercials being set louder than the actual program, so you can’t draw your attention away from the life insurance policy they want to sell you on in the middle of Big Bang Theory.

Many consumers, especially any concerned about fidelity, find brickwalling to distort the nuanced effects of a track, and sometimes even create “noise.” Companies have argued that brickwalling is also “necessary” in our MP3 heavy culture, as it combats some of the sound lost in compression, but then seems to, essentially, be a load of bullshit.

At the same time, more casual listeners probably don’t notice the difference.

If you do an internet search for brickwalling, you can see side-by-side comparative soundwaves between vintage release tracks, where you will see lots of peaks and valleys in the playback of the song, versus tracks from remastered editions where brickwalling has been applied, which tends to looks like a solid bar of sound (or a brick wall, hence the name).

Hope this was helpful.


Immensely!! Cheers CJ.

Billy Dojcak

They can do whatever the hell they want with mp3s, but leave my lps and cds alone. At the very least there could be a high fidelity version available via HDTracks or similar online entities. Most current cds sound terrible.

Philip Guest

Looks great but good God, isn’t May already wildly expensive?!