Spice Girls / Greatest Hits picture disc

Limited to 2,500 copies • Features all the hits

Later this month, Universal Music will issue a limited edition picture disc vinyl LP of the Spice Girls‘ 2007 Greatest Hits album.

This hit-packed collection features an impressive nine UK number one singles including ‘Wannabe’, ‘2 Become 1’, ‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Viva Forever’, ‘Goodbye’ and er, ‘Holler.’

This edition is limited to 2,500 copies and comes packaged in a die-cut sleeve with an insert and also comes with a digital download.

This Greatest Hits picture disc is released on 31 May 2019.

Side A

1. Wannabe
2. Say You’ll Be There
3. 2 Become 1
4. Mama
5. Who Do You Think You Are
6. Move Over
7. Spice Up Your Life
8. Too Much

Side B

1. Stop
2. Viva Forever
3. Let Love Lead The Way
4. Holler
5. Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
6. Voodoo
7. Goodbye

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Ok so I’m now on my THIRD copy hoping that there are no skips on it. The quality is crap as well. Super disappointing that they would release such garbage. Its basically awful and the fact that they now have the audacity to now charge $54 for this is beyond reprehensible. Thankfully I only paid $24 on the pre-sale through Amazon. Regardless this is really a complete slap in the face for fans that have waited for this. Especially following their recent disastrous sound issues on tour, you’d figure they’d at least ensure that they’d put effort into a release such as this.


I received my Amazon.fr picture disc on Saturday. Nothing to indicate it was sold as a “limited to 2,500 copies”.


And what about the sound?, because there have been reports about a poor pressing, with pops, cracks and low volume.


Not expecting a great, audiophile sound, but at least a decent one. Picture discs doesn’t have to sound bad “per se”… it’s a good looking thing anyway. Let’s see when my copy arrives.


It sounds like absolute garbage. The sound of your needle going through the vinyl is louder than the music in a lot of places.


The Release Date for Spice Girls Greatest Hits Picture Disc has been put back for a second time. Now to be released on July 5th 2019.


Mine showed up on the 28th. Sticker on the back says Made in Canada. Though my suspicion is they were all pressed in the same place.
North American copies allegedly don’t have the download code. I haven’t yet opened mine to find out.
My copy was $32 from Amazon. One of the few times something I preordered hasn’t gone down in price before release.

Stevie B

As of 9th June this is back on sale at Amazon. Supposedly a limited edition of 2,500, can anyone explain how over a month later there are still copies for sale and why Amazon have removed the ‘Limited’
from their sales blurb? £20 for a limited edition of 2,500 fair enough £20 for an Unlimited Supply (E.M.I.) not so!!!! So what’s the story!?


It’s the cover shot from the Spice Up Your Life single, which does look very bold and bright on the bigger canvas.

Another good Spice Girls vinyl release would be the single that isn’t included on this album. Step To Me was never available in the shops, only as a special offer they did with a soft drinks company, and only on CD. Perhaps it’s being saved for a future RSD.

Alan B

I think we can safely say more than 2500 copies are now being pressed. Release date pushed back a month to allow more to be pressed and suddenly everyone has it available again to pre order.


It is a complete success, actually. For those who purchased the vynil and were delayed is kind of annoying, but as a whole it means The Spice Girls are selling music in 2019, merchandising, tour tickets, etc. It seems we are living the 90’s again, dare to dream.


Now back in stock with Amazon at bargain price of £20.40 and release date is showing as June 28th! Estimated delivery date is Wednesday, July 3 – Thursday, July 4.


Same mail from Amazon UK here, july 3 to july 8.


E-mail received from Amazon;

Release date for this item has been changed by the supplier… quoting 2nd July now.

Not fussed as it was an impulse buy, though has anyone received the same (I got my pre-order in quite quickly).


Yes I got the same July 2nd message. Suggests that they massively underestimated how much interest there might be?


Same email received from Amazon. Paul, please can you investigate whether this release remains limited to 2,500?

Alan B

Now back in store with Recordstore (for a 3rd time) and a revised release date of June 28. That original issue of 2500 copies ain’t half being stretched out……


Agreed Alan…why state a ” limited edition of x-amount ” when this is clearly not the case. Con springs to mind especially with the new revised release date…time to get the presses fired up. Lol.


Never understood why they would need a “Greatest Hits” album. They only had 3 albums. Not really worth it if you have those albums/cds.

Chris Squires

What about those people that have never bought a Spice Girls album but just fancied getting the hits? You can get what matters for £7 a single “hits” album instead of £20 – £25 for three LPs with many tracks you might not care about.

Back in the day, even before the Spice Girls I would say three albums is about right. Three / Four singles per album, maybe even a non-album single or two which was quite frequent in the 70s or 80s. Most singles groups or artists, and the Spice girls were a singles, not an album, group would do the same.
I have many greatest hits albums where I also have all the associated albums, sometimes it’s all you want for the Car. Prime examples The Police, Abba or Queen. However I can’t abide The Whole Story by Kate Bush, it ruins the flow so much and Wuthering Heights (New Vocal) Ack!

Finally… many Pop groups or artists are done and dusted by their third album if not their second anyway. They might release a third or fourth or fifth but commercially they are toast.

Perfect two album bands? Frankie, King and Wham! to name but three. Artists who had 90% of their success with first two albums, Paul Young, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Alison Moyet. It doesn’t matter how good the artists are or how critically acclaimed the third or fourth albums might be, sales dry up. Very few artists keep on growing commercially after the third album if the first two were commercial successes.


Hi Paul
Is it possible that the record company have realised the demand for this and are no longer just limiting this release to just 2500?
The evidence being that Amazon still have copies (even though it was a best seller) and no longer refer to the limited status, nor do other online shops. Recordstore.co.uk were sold out yesterday and said be quick, but now have copies and no longer refer to the 2500 number.

Paul Taylor

Amazon now sold out

Paul Taylor

That said, Universal have a habit of ‘finding’ copies when it suits. I remember they advertised a red vinyl reissue of Kiss’ Destroyer a while back as being limited to 250 copies. It sold out rapidly. It then briefly appeared again and I managed to nab one. Basic research showed the actual reissue number was around 3000 although most were sold through the official store and their Sound Of Vinyl US site. In fact, if you look at the coloured vinyl section of that site you’ll see things never sold in their UK sites but were available in HMV’s national album day!!
I suppose what I’m basically trying to say is treat their initial marketing splashes with a pinch of salt.

Dave Pattison

Still available at Sound of Vinyl site

Gareth Jones

I guess it’s less about the sound quality and more about the novelty of the picture disc, but won’t 8 tracks crammed onto one side of vinyl sound bad? Just a thought!


It’ll sound bad even if it’s just one track on each side, a) because it’s a picture disc and b) it’s the Spice Girls!


Gotta feel for all those foot fetishists :'(

Larry Davis

Can do without this…cheesy junk…Girls Aloud were way better…

Chris Squires

I recall that discussion a few months back. The jury is still out. Must be a close thing…..
I imagine both Greatest Hits albums would be a pleasant enough way of passing an hour.


How can I say “no”…it’s the Spice Girls!!
…don’t care about their shoes…gotta see that smile.

Mark Goring

Sorry, it had sold out on the Universal vinyl store & panicked. Glad it’s still available on Amazon.

Mark Goring

Sold out already!

Stephen Rickard

Hi Paul thanks for the info, ordered. 2500 worldwide isn’t that many so will sellout pretty quick. There are planks on eBay selling this for £70 at the moment.

Chris Squires

My last purchases were David Sylvian, The Twisted Nerve soundtrack and Japanese City Pop! All will be sitting nicely with a Spice Girls Picture disc that will go nicely on my wall next to my equally unnecessary, but beautiful Out of the Blue Picture disc. It’s cheap art and I couldn’t find a decent picture I’d like to go on the wall for less than £20 so a picture disc of part of my history is just as valid. Display shelf space currently occupied by Songs from a Room, The Boatman’s Call and The Hounds of Love.

As Eamonn says below only on SDE do such genres get so mixed up.


Ordered for € 18 on FNAC.be.

Paul Taylor

2500 is a fairly sizeable number, but I suspect not all will go to vinyl enthusiasts
I suspect the area outside the circle will be representative of the die cut sleeve: the shoes will be on the cover!


NINE number one’s… and all physical sales… those really were the days!


Spice, Eno, Bowie and Shakespeares Sister all featured within 24 hrs at SDE Towers. Where else would you get it folks?


Instant buy esp given the limitedness and that it will sell out quickly. Thanks Paul

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Is there a picture of what the ‘picture disc’ looks like?

The Golden Age Of Shoe Feteshism

I hope pre-press adjusts the diecut LP artwork cause: No shoes, no sale.

Glen Buchanan

I agree. Their shoes ushered in a new age of platforms for guys and girls. No shoes, no sale for me too.


Really? I don’t recall all the fellas down the pub sporting platform shoes back in the late 90s!


Again same materials… Boring


No bonus… Without me…