Split Enz / Coloured vinyl reissues

Newly remastered from the original tapes • 180g Coloured vinyl

New Zealand new wave band Split Enz‘ second and third albums, Mental Notes and Dizrythmia, have been newly remastered and will be reissued as coloured vinyl pressings in May.

The band were formed in 1973 by Tim Finn and Phil Judd, and included various other members over the years, such as Neil Finn and keyboard player Eddie Raynor.

Slightly confusingly, 1976’s Mental Notes featured re-recordings of four songs from their debut of the same name (which is why it’s called Second Thoughts down under). It was recorded in London as the band were joined in the studio by Roxy Music‘s Phil Manzanera.

Mental Notes remastered white vinyl comes in a gatefold presentation

The follow-up, Dizrythmia was issued in the following year (1977). The third album was the point where Neil Finn joined his brother in the band (and Phil Judd and Mike Chunn left) and the record is notable for being co-produced by Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick.

Both Mental Notes and Dizrythmia have been newly remastered from the original tapes and are receiving their first vinyl release in three decades. Mental Notes is a gatefold package with the inside gatefold featuring the alternative artwork when it was issued (as Second Thoughts) in Australia and New Zealand.

Both coloured vinyl pressings are released on 22 May 2020 by Demon Records and I’m pleased to say we are making these available via the SDE shop.

Mental Notes white vinyl gatefold

Side A

1 Late Last Night
2 Walking Down A Road
3 Titus
4 Lovey Dovey
5 Sweet Dreams

Side B

1 Stranger Than Fiction
2 Time For A Change
3 Matinee Idyll
4 The Woman Who Loves You
5 Mental Notes

Dizrythmia 180g red vinyl

Side A

1 Bold As Brass
2 My Mistake
3 Parrot Fashion Love
4 Sugar And Spice
5 Without A Doubt

Side B

1 Crosswords
2 Charley
3 Nice To Know
4 Jamboree

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Cecil Meulenberg

Apparently True Colours will be released as a double CD, but still do not know about these:

Never released as an A-side (although it was a B-side), Neil’s “Missing Person” is an almost forgotten gem. Tucked away on side 2 of Split Enz’s “True Colours” album, it’s just been given a remix by Eddie Rayner Music for the album’s 40th anniversary edition. If you’re in Australia or NZ, you can hear the new version on coloured vinyl, double CD and streaming services. There’ll be a slightly longer wait for the other side of the world.

In the meantime, here’s Split Enz performing “Missing Person” at the Pinkpop festival, which Crowded House had been due to return to this year. You can also hear Neil playing an acoustic version on his Fangradio broadcast for Monday 23rd March at https://www.neilfinn.com/fangradio

Team NF

Murray Mac

The Eddie Rayner CD remasters are excellent and well worth tracking down. I haven’t checked them for brickwalling but suspect that he did not brickwall, thank goodness, because they are a pleasure to listen to and are not fatiguing.

He is a hand to be trusted on the controls.

The essential Split Enz release is, in truth, the Rootin’ Tootin’ Luton Tapes in its 2 CD fan club format. It’s often the way that when a band faces its last throw of the dice they come up with something wonderful. The Luton Tapes were that moment. It has edge, a good thing with the Enz, because they aimed for sonic perfection and didn’t tolerate any publication of mistakes in their releases. Nil duff notes, bad beats, etc. The Luton Tapes aren’t duff, but they don’t quite have that Roxy Music Avalon sheen of excellence. At times you can smell the sweat, which is a good thing.

But Warners decided they wanted only a 1CD edition. The Fan Club members got a special 2CD release.

Actually, let’s look at that positively: Warner Music wanted a 1 disc version only but fortunately allowed the 2 disc version to be released through the fan club, albeit in limited numbers.

Ralph Chapman’s comment has it right about Mental Notes.

Michel Bendichou

The coloured vinyl debate.

In theory there is no reason that coloured vinyl should be inferior in terms of audio (looks is another matter) than standard black. Indeed, we have all suffered variances in black too ranging from
– the vinyl quality itself
– to the thickness (remember when the greedy record cos. started making them so thin, they were practically flexi-discs?)
– the pressing quality

And the last is the rub (or not). My experience with coloured is a much higher propensity for lazy/poor pressings. Most recently with Gerry Rafferty and Stealers Wheel Collected on yellow vinyl which was an abortion and from the normally reliable Music On Vinyl.

My advice. Stay away.


Need Split Enz on CD

Edward Fitzgerald

Don’t want to be too negative but Colored Vinyl is like Spam.
Reissues on colored vinyl mean ZERO to me.

Paul I really like your interviews (especially re: Tear for Fears) more than I used to enjoy reading LP covers and liner notes (even cd booklets). You dig in and cover more ground.

Until additional songs are offered on colored vinyl Big Audio Dynamite summed it up best in “Just Play Music!”:

I don’t need to see your face
I don’t need no autographs
I can’t play your interviews (though Paul I read every word of your interviews)
Can’t hear your photographs
You don’t need to be profound
In fact don’t speak
Just play that sound
Just play that music

Any shot of you interviewing Mick Jones?


Times have changed regarding colored vinyl. There is no comparable with these made in the 70s and so on. Welcome in the 21st century. I have a lot of colored vinyl (Universal, Sundazed, Rhino, Sony) and no complaints. And clear vinyl sounds superior to me. Read this : https://blog.discogs.com/en/true-colors-black-or-colored-vinyl/

John Tempest

Very interested in getting a copy of Mental Notes to replace my cassette copy. Are there albums released with a download card!


Some ex-Split Enz members have gotten a new project together, initially called Forenzics (but as there is already a band with that name it may be changed). They have already recorded a new album, and have released a video for a new single called Walking (which is based partially on the original Walking Down a Road).

Check out the video for Walking at this link:

Paul Taylor

Re True Colours 40th Anniversary
Personally, I’d prefer they did something like the box set for Ian Dury’s Do It Yourself; one coloured vinyl album of the remix, some extra CDs/DVDs of the remixed album/demos/ extras & a live show, and put 12″x 12″ cards of all the sleeve variations in a slip case to let you choose what one you want to display. I’d rather spend £75/£80 for something like that instead of four different colours of exactly the same thing. If you know someone at Demon, Paul, have a word in their ear.


Paul Taylor, I agree on all your good suggestions. But, if I may, instead of a flat color vinyl record for the 40th Anniversary SDE of “True Colors” I would prefer the inclusion of the original iridescent laser etched geometric pattern featured on both sides the 1980 release of the record. The ever changing bright prism color patterns that popped out of the black vinyl as the record spun around on the turntable was mesmerizing! I’m surprised record companies didn’t make more prism laser etched records after that.

Paul Taylor

Michael, I think only A&M did it. I have etched copies of Styx ‘Paradise Theatre album and ‘Best Of Times’ 7″ single.
I suspect it was probably a labour-intensive process that couldn’t be justified commercially on a mass scale. That said I’m sure they could’ve done something with a limited reissue

Paul Taylor

I did buckle and ordered both from your shop!
Looking forward to getting them

Simon Taylor

I know not relevant to this reissue but worth mentioning for any Enz fans. The history of Split Enz podcast/radio series can be downloaded from Radio New Zealand. All past members interviewed, very detailed and recommended to that who haven’t heard before.


“Enzology is Radio New Zealand National’s ten-part series covering the history of New Zealand’s most iconic band – Split Enz. From their beginnings in Auckland as an acoustic ensemble in 1972, to their final concerts as an Australia-based, internationally acclaimed pop band in 1984.“

Spiral Scar

Many thanks, Simon for that link. I’m going to enjoy that series quite a bit, I’m sure!


Thanks so much. This doc series is made so well. Lots of rehearsal tapes, live stuff and studio chatter. Really good!

Glenn Bearup

Yes I am also keen to get these new pressings of these classic split enz albums and in particular the very soon to be released 40th anniversary edition of true colours which is my favourite album,I have been a split enz fan since I obtained afew of their songs on compilation music albums and then I set about buying all their albums which I have including the rootin tooting Luton recordings and most of their music videos ,I prefer the 1977 to 1984 albums ,one rarities album that I don’t have is the one called -rear enz and would love them to release this again as i have got afew of the songs from it and they are gems and should have been released on their main albums.


Pity we don’t have a full program for the Northern Hemisphere on CD and Vinyl. Many have never seen release on these or European shores. The rerecorded Mental Notes (Second Thoughts in Australia) was mostly weaker for Tim’s over mannered and somewhat staccato vocals; thus the original Australian release is king. It’s probably a licence thing as both of these releases were originally came out through Chrysalis here. A missed opportunity then.

Cécil Meulenberg

Any chance these will expanded CD releases as well?


Agree, CDs please!



For anyone who’s interested, I’ve just realised that the 1976 international Mental Notes track listing you show includes 5 songs from the 1975 NZ version (not 4 as you stated, although the fifth may not have been re-recorded), and doesn’t not exactly mirror the Second Thoughts track listing. Second Thoughts does not include the song Mental Notes (having only 9 songs in total). Also, I concur with Jon that the interior picture in the gate-fold is not the Second Thoughts cover but, what must have been, an alternate photo taken at the time.

Tim Abbott

For clarification the four songs from the original Mental Notes re-recorded for the international version are:

Walking Down A Road
Stranger Than Fiction
Time For A Change

Re-recorded from other earlier versions were:
Lovey Dovey (earlier version is on the Beginning Of The Enz compilation)
Matinee Idyll (previously titled 129 and released as a single, also on Beginning Of The Enz)
Late Last Night (releases as a single – this earlier version hasn’t shown up anywhere since, but accompanies the official video on YouTube)

Which leaves Sweet Dreams and The Woman Who Loves You as the only ‘new’ songs.

Spiral Scar

I love this band. True Colours was the entry point for me in the 80s. I sought out the other US albums and a couple Tim Finn and Neil Finn albums over the years, but just a couple of years ago, my interest in them just exploded. It was a continuation of enjoying all the Crowded House deluxe editions. Split Enz is a fairly different animal from Crowded House but by Conflicting Emotions and See Ya Round, that line begins to blur quite a bit. The early period took some time and a clearing of expectations to get into but I return to the 70s stuff the most. The talent in this band is enormous. Every album is a keeper. I wish Beginning of the Enz was more than nine tracks! Right now, many of the CDs are damned expensive. I’m glad I jumped when I did and got a sweet deal on both of the 90s box sets with the extra disc of rarities in each. Too many great songs to mention, but “Dirty Creature” “I Hope I Never” “Ghost Girl” “For You” and “Message To My Girl” hit me just right. And “Charlie”… now there’s a stirring song. These LPs are very tempting. This is not easy for me to be self-disciplined about spending money on music in light of what’s happening now, but I don’t indulge in anything else. God, that was honest! When there’s a sign that money is not endangered, I think I’ll be picking these albums up, and maybe they will all be reissued.
Anyone who has little familiarity with this band, find some video of them on YT, especially to see how they once appeared in their earlier days. Even after the makeup and costumes were phased out, they still remained colorful, adventurous and unique.


The ‘True Colours’ up and coming Australasian release looks excellent and is less than GBP20 here in NZ. It was of course their commmercial breakthrough with ‘I Got You’ making the UK top 10. Not a dud on this classic.


I have all nine (ten, if you count The Beginning of the Enz compilation of pre-album recordings) of the original NZ Split Enz albums released on vinyl, but only one on CD, so I’ll likely pass on these new ones. I was tempted by the forthcoming June releases of 4 different multi-coloured True Colours vinyl releases though (I would put links to them here, but every time I put links in a post on this site it never gets published). Personally, I like Frenzy the most of the first four NZ release albums. The hard-to-get “lost” album, Rootin’ Tootin’ Lutin’ Tapes is an interesting listen if you can find it (and comes either in a single CD edition, or a double CD that also included demos of songs that ended up on Frenzy). All of the Split Enz albums are worth dipping into, although the last, See Ya Round, is the weakest.

Ben in Colorado

Now let’s get former Enz Phil Judd’s Counting the Beat on CD!
Or did I miss it?


Ben in Colorado – If you mean the only album by Phil Judd’s Swingers, yes, it was released on CD in Australia. Once as Practical Jokers (the original Australian), and a reissue as Counting the Beat (the U.S. title). There are copies on eBay.

Simon Stokes

Chris Marsh was your mouth out with soap :)

Split Enz just got better and better after Neil Finn joined. Check out True Colours if you dont believe me.

Paul not sure I would call them new wave. The first album is definately prog rock. I guess some new wave elements in the next two albums but after that not at all I dont think.

Being a Kiwi I have seen them countless times. Many times before thier first album and when they were so theatrical. It is little wonder that they caught the attention of Roxy Music who they opened for.

Anyone interested should search out the NZ edition of Mental Notes which has a different tracklist than the UK one although as Paul says a number of tracks were re recorded.

I’ll be getting these for sure

John Elliott


Totally agree with you. The Enz were great before Neil, but became legendary after he joined! :)



The gatefold inner isn’t the artwork for Second Thoughts (the image is very similar) but is a replica of the UK release gatefold sleeve.

Shame the far superior original Mental Notes album isn’t being reissued. They were all released on CD a few years back, remastered by Eddie Rayner…brickwalled.

Phil’s new stuff is on bandcamp. Give it a spin.

Chris Marsh

A pity if these don’t come out on CD for those of us (still a vast majority) haven’t fallen for poppadoms.

I feel about Split Enz almost the way I feel about Roxy Music. One superb, fresh original album, one slightly smoother and slightly less interesting (though still superb) album then a rapid plummet to mediocrity and blandness.


Time and Tide is an amazing album, hardly bland.
Just my view of course:)


I wish they weren’t coloured vinyl

Tim Abbott

Why? It’s a myth that there’s any appreciable difference in quality with coloured vinyl.

Paul Taylor

Dizrythmia was my entry point for them. I’ve got the two studio CD box sets that cover their history from a few years ago, and got the majority of their albums on vinyl. Tossing a coin about these, nice to look at but will they they get played much? That said, at the price they’re pretty hard to resist.
They were certainly pioneers, and got ripped off a couple of times by other bands’ music videos, mainly Live It Up by Mental as anything, and The Cars “You Might Think” stole heavily from “I Got You”.
I’m a big fan so will probably buckle!

Tim Abbott

Two absolutely incredible albums. Real favourites. I have the original NZ/AU Mental Notes as well as the international version mentioned here (AND also a LP copy of Second Thoughts from NZ for good measure!), and the international version is a shade better than the original, though both are worth tracking down.


Nice! Bought Mental Notes in the late seventies in a charity bin for about 2 Deutschmarks/ 1 Euro. Didn’t really understand it at the first listening (I was 13…) but I bought Dizrythmia too which I really really liked. And there was this new but very talented guy in the band……


Not bad. If there’s demand for these, then would it be a stretch to reissue the post True Colours albums in the UK/Europe? The last album ‘See Ya Round’ didn’t get a UK release at the time, and the 2006 CD reissues didn’t make it here either.


WOW! WOW! WOW! INCREDIBLE! I thought this great music was lost forever. Now, I just hope that « Frenzy », « True Colors », « Corroboree (Waiata) » and « Time and Tide » will receive this kind of vinyl release. Thank you, Demon Records.


Absolutely! „Waiata“ is one of my favourite albums with two of the best Neil Finn songs (One Step Ahead & History Never Repeats).

There is a wonderful version of One Step Ahead from 2015, played live with strings: https://youtu.be/UldU5eyIiEU

adam shaw

Always loved the track Charley.
Great band , they had an English drummer for while called Mal Green . I worked with a mad New Zealander who introduced me to them . He had all the original Mushroom label versions . IMO the band got better once Neil joined . Corroboree / Waiata is my favorite.


It’s a real shame that the original, and superior Aus / NZ version of Mental Notes is not being reissued as well as it is a minor prog mastepiece. I picked up a vinyl copy of it on a recent trip to Melbourne. Still nice to see these albums getting a re release as both are pretty decent.


Exactly what I was thinking in terms of the original version of Mental Notes being superior and a minor prog masterpiece. I discovered it about fifteen years ago after reading a review of it on planetmellotron.com.. An album I go back to over and over. The pseudo-remake had 1/5 the charm and excitement.


True Colours will be reissued as a 40th anniversary edition in June this year in Australia (presumably elsewhere also). Remixed (not remastered) by Eddie Rayner from original tapes. It will be released in 4 coloured vinyl editions – yellow with purple sleeve; orange with blue sleeve; green with red sleeve and blue with yellow sleeve – replicating the original colour combinations.

Mike the Fish

Interested in the remix for True Colours!

Alan B

There is also an exclusive picture disc version of True Colours available from the Warner Bros Australian Store. Hopefully this and the 4 coloured vinyls will be available in the UK.

Simon Stokes

Alan B

I can find the picture disc of True Colours on the Warner Bros Australia website. Are you able to provide a Link?

David Bly

But what about a “laser etched” version of the album?
This version was first released by A&M in the US in 1980, and also released by A&M in Canada, Europe & Japan.

It was ultimately also released by Mushroom in Australia and NZ. At bottom is a link to Discogs showing that version and which shows a promotional sheet mentioning the process. Note that the matrix numbers of that version include the US A&M matrix numbers which likely means they used stampers sent over from the US – the label says “made in Australia” but also mentions it was mastered by MCA in the USA.

I have two American copies of the album, both etched, one with a red cover, and one with a blue cover – one of them is a promo copy, but I don’t remember which cover that is.
The etched version was the first version released in the US, and I don’t know if a non-etched version was actually ever released, presumably as the album did not sell that well, and never warranted a second pressing.
One of the listings on the Discogs page claims a particular US version is non-etched, but when you look at the pics of the labels, you can see the etching on the vinyl.

It may be that they will not release this in an etched version as this new version is being remixed and would therefore require new vinyl masters, and perhaps no-one is doing this laser etched thingy any more.

After the link to the above-mentioned Aus/NZ version is also a link to the Discogs master page where you can see all cover variations and which ones are etched.



Brian K

True Colors was reissued (USA) in 1980 & 1984 with standard A&M labels without the etching.

1980: https://www.discogs.com/Split-Enz-True-Colours/release/4189717

1984: https://www.discogs.com/Split-Enz-True-Colours/release/7681058

Just thought I’d mention it :)

David Bly

Ah, I didn’t look at each and every iteration on that list (sometimes there are just too many!),
but I’m a bit surprised at a 1984 reissue. While “True Colours” was certainly their biggest seller in the US, it’s not like they were that big here like they were in practically everywhere else.

I did note that there was also a Canadian audiophile edition, pressed in Japan, seems to be unique to there…


Alan Robinson

‘Mental Notes’ is a magnificent album. I have it several times over! ‘Dizrhythmia’ is more commercial- but if you’re after the kind of stuff they did around ‘True Colours’ then it may be a little difficult to digest!