Saint Etienne / Foxbase Alpha vinyl box


Saint Etienne will release a special 25th anniversary vinyl box set of their 1991 debut album Foxbase Alpha in January next year.

The box set will be presented as a triple vinyl collection and includes Foxbase Alpha remastered and cut at 45RPM over two records and Remains Of The Day, a bonus album (33RPM) of associated recordings from the era, most of which are new to the vinyl format.

This box will also include a special one sided seven-inch single featuring a previously unreleased demo of Moria Lambert (vocalist for Only Love Can Break Your Heart) singing over a radically different version of Kiss And Make Up, a large format (12″ x 12″) 28-page book and “assorted inserts”, including band photos, original press releases and Foxbase trading cards.

If you just fancy picking up the original album on vinyl without the box set malarkey, then Heavenly are reissuing it straight, as an exact replica of the original UK pressing. This is the first time it has been issued on vinyl since the original release.

The 2CD deluxe edition is also re-available again This comprises the original album plus a disc of 14 associated recordings from the era.

Recalling the constraints on making the album Bob Stanley recalls, “me and Pete were working on a budget made up of our savings. Heavenly was in similar straits. I think it cost about £4,000 in the end, but that was about a year’s worth of recordings…. Once me and Pete started to record we used to buy ‘Loot’ and look for old synths and keyboards – a Roland Jupiter (knackered), a Prophet 5 (great), a Crumar Performer (I don’t think we ever got it to work so we disemboweled it). Everything was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder with an eight-track mixing desk. If we weren’t happy with a song after a couple of days, we’d move on to something new.”

The box set is limited to 2,000 units everything within is exclusive and won’t be made available anywhere else. It will come with a download card. It can be pre-ordered direct from the band’s website from Thursday 27 October, although SDE understands it will be also available via other channels at some point.

The official release date for the box set is 13 January 2017 but the standard vinyl and two-CD deluxe edition are out at the end of this week (see below).

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Saint Etienne

Foxbase Alpha standard vinyl LP reissue

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Saint Etienne

Foxbase Alpha 2CD Deluxe




Foxbase Alpha / Limited Edition Box Set

•    The original 13 track album remastered over two 12” vinyls running at 45rpm

•    A bonus album cut at 33rpm featuring 10 associated recordings from the period (mostly on vinyl for the first time):

•    Associated Recordings: Side One

  • Kiss And Make Up (Sarah vocal)
  • Filthy
  • Chase HQ
  • Sally Space
  • Sweet Pea

•    Associated Recordings: Side Two

  • The Reckoning
  • People Get Real
  • Winter In America
  • Speedwell
  • Fake 88

Foxbase Alpha / 2CD Deluxe Edition

CD 1 – As per the original vinyl edition above

CD 2

  • 1.   Kiss And Make Up
  • 2.   Filthy
  • 3.   Chase HQ
  • 4.   Sally Space
  • 5.   The Reckoning
  • 6.   Speedwell
  • 7.   Parliament Hill
  • 8.   People Get Real
  • 9.   Sweet Pea
  • 10. Winter In America
  • 11. Fake 88
  • 12. Studio Kinda Filthy
  • 13. Kiss And Make Up (Sarah Cracknell version)
  • 14. Sky’s Dead


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I collected my copy from the Post Office yesterday and it’s a beautiful box set and produced to a high standard. I’ve just downloaded the digital tracks and track 5 from the Remains Of The Day album of era-related bonus tracks is missing. Not so much of a big deal for me, as the song appears on the second CD of the deluxe edition of Foxbase Alpha.

The one-sided 7″ single of Kiss And Make Up is gloriously heavyweight. One of the heaviest singles I own, in fact.

Unable to find a decent digital image of Remains Of The Day, for my iTunes album so it looks like I’ll have to take a photograph of the sleeve.

I’m now looking forward to seeing the rest of the back catalogue rereleased on vinyl. It’s been quite a gap between the first one – A Glimpse of Stocking – and the Foxbase Alpha editions.

Thrilled that Bob Stanley dropped by here to share his thoughts with us on this thread.

[…] forthcoming 3LP deluxe vinyl box set of St Etienne‘s 1991 album Foxbase Alpha, which we told you about back in October, is now available for pre-order across a number of different retailers. This 25th […]


Happy to hear 2 cd deluxe releases coming out again. Got all but Sound of Water which seemed scarcer than the rest for some reason.


So excited! I’m thrilled with this! Thanks Bob, if you’re reading this! I love a box set and I’m very appreciative.


Nice of Bob to reply,its a right bargain at 50 spots I reckon,when you consider say the B&S jeepster 12″ collection…another beautiful thing


Yay! Got one

Dean T

Just bagged one …good postage price too so not bad at £55 all in .Having a good day today (see the bits on the Who).

Saar Freedman

Snagged me a copy of the Vinyl box just now. Figure it will be sold out in an hour as usual. so Me happy

Peter Yarrow

I’ll be buying it, even put an “appointment” in my work diary to make sure I’m ready to get my order in!


Hi Peter

Did you manage? I did so am happy!

Website crashed a few times so must be a big demand.

Peter Yarrow

Yes I got it – hurrah!

John Sayers

As usual, some complaining, that was great that Bob Stanley dropped in and said his peace on the matter. : )
You never know who’s reading these forums, especially popular ones like this.
I too have all the 2 cd DE’s that came out back when, and since I don’t “do” vinyl anymore, I’ll have to pass on this box but dang it looks sweet. I’d like a look at that 28 page book, though.

By the way, Bob, if you’re still reading – I vote that you DON’T repress Boxette or any other of the fan club cd’s please – it would make them a bit less special somehow imho. And actually, Boxette WAS a repress of all the fan club singles and albums together in one beautiful package. I consider it to some of the band’s best work!

Looking forward to your new album next year, too. : )

Dean T

Not sure there’s much milking going on here…reissuing a product so it stays on the shop shelf at a resonsble price …..and a very limited vinyl box set to addresse the fan and collector ,if your a fan of the album and vinyl this is a really cool set and a standard vinyl release the first time in years ….if this is milk then make mine a pint …with strewberry nesquick…!


as always with anything no one is forced to buy anything but as much as I love St Etienne I do think they milk every re-issue, anniversary to its death.


I’d personally love to read an actual interview with Bob, and get his thoughts on reissues/box-sets/deluxe editions in general. You can tell from everything to do with Saint Etienne that they are massive music fans and collectors themselves, it would be really interesting to read his opinions on such matters.

Go on Paul, please make it happen :-)

The original deluxe editions of the Saint Etienne albums were ace and i’m glad to say i’ve got the complete collection already. It’s nice that they are being made available again at decent prices for everyone, as some of them are very hard to get now and go for silly money on ebay etc.

Mark Jensen

I’m excited for re-releases of the other deluxe 2cd sets – somehow I missed these when they were first released. I found the first two albums for fairly affordable prices, but after paying $40 for Finisterre and $80 for Continental, I decided I couldn’t keep that up and still need to find Tiger Bay, Good Humor and Sound of Water.

Dean T

Very much like the look of this …an album very close to my heart …the price seems fair for the contents ,will try and bag one I think.

John Hirst

Looks like a fabulous set for £50. I’ll certainly be hovering over the refresh key at 5pm tomorrow.

Jan Burnett

Top marks to Bob for the reply.


Bob, did you ever consider making re-available Boxette and do another volume with all tracks that were not on deluxe editions, compilation tracks and remixes left out of Casino Classics ?


Thanks to Bob for replying.

I completely understand the point about timing releases for Christmas and of course, last year one of the releases was the Christmas LP.

From a personal view, it’s just a little harder to justify the expense when wallets are already being squeezed. Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s a lovely set, I am very excited about the 7″ and if I can find a way to afford it, I’m sure I will.

Bob Stanley

Tom – “re-available” means we’re keeping it available on a new label, after our deal with Universal expired, and we thought that was better than deleting them. We didn’t add anything because that would have been unfair to people who already bought the Universal deluxes. Yes, we’ll be making all the Universal deluxes “re-available” so that people can buy them for a tenner instead of paying silly money on ebay.

Steve – We do have a habit of bringing out exclusives just before Christmas, you’re right, because we think people might want them as Christmas presents. Unfortunately the artwork took too long to finish and we’ve missed the boat this year.

Kiki, Stevie B – it’s the first time the vinyl has been available for 25 years (aside from the semi-bootleg job on Plain), it’ll sound better than it ever has at 45rpm, and the tracks on the bonus album have mostly never been on vinyl before.

Neil – it’s a nice box set for die-hard fans, it’s true. That’s why we’re only pressing 2,000.

Ryan M

Just to add to Bob’s comment, for people like me who first (and last) bought the CD second-hand in 2000, fifty quid for a massive boxset of stuff I’ve never heard is a great deal. Not everyone has heard all this stuff before. I was 12 when the album came out.

Rik Skyline

Sarah Cracknell’s ‘Kites’ 10″ is worth picking up, but again it’s yet another limited edition and it’s sold out. I can not understand making music ‘limited edition’ – why deny your fans the opportunity to own and listen to your music.


I’d go along with this – It might suit the two or three thousand who snap up the limited edition stock most always on the day of release (feeding the eBay flippers) but it just alienates thousands more. There are many, many more fans of St Etienne’s music than that so it seems perverse to pander to a minority by strangling availability with these LEs.

Music should be made as widely available as possible, not be curated like limited edition artist prints. That’s another way of saying I’d like to see Boxette repressed (a copy now on eBay for several hundred pounds!) or is preserving the “I’ve got it and you haven’t” feelings of the 2000 more important?


Yeah – the 7″ is the obvious draw in this set, and though I’m sure the rest of the box will be great, I’m not sure I’m gonna drop £50 on it. 2 days left to decide.

They do have a habit of bringing out these exclusives just this side of Christmas. It wasn’t a box set but they did the same last year with an exclusive 12″ which sold out in minutes.

Hugh Hall

Box Base Alpha?

I’ll get my coat………


I’m surprised they never recorded a version of “Only Love Will Break Your Heart” with Sarah on lead vocals. Seems like that would be the ovbious single tie in for a set like this.


if I understood correctly, the only unreleased material in this box is the 7″…

Stevie B

Some on Kiki, at least all those people who don’t own a CD player and only have a turntable can finally get to buy it!!


“The official release date for the box set is 13 January 2016”
Really ? not 2017 ? laugh…


I’ve already bought this album far too many times.
Actually, I’ve bought most of Saint Etienne’s stuff far too many times.
Time to move on.


Nicely coined word there, “re-available”. That belongs in the word pantheon alongside Stephan Pastis’ “un-died”.


I feel we’ve been celebrating Foxbase Alpha for 5 years now, oh wait we have. This is called ringing the album out to dry. It’s a nice looking box set for die hard fans but in-essential in my view. The 7″ with exclusive demo isn’t going to make me fork out another £50+ postage for an album I’ve already got. Worse, the CD is just a re-press of a re-issue that is already freely available. Lazy town. They could have added the Foxbase Beta CD or something.


But wouldn’t people then complain about a previously (exclusive) release (Foxbase Beta) being available again?


I completely agree with Neil, they could have added something different. I know they’ve recorded the live shows of this album, so expect another version of the album at some point….

They’re just another band who hawk they catalogue around to different labels every few years and take a big check and let the label reissue repackage reissue…

…and now re-available. I suspect this term will cotton on with other labels now as well.


I don’t understand this as a criticism. They are artists who make money via their art. If the opportunity comes to make more money via the art they have done in the past, thereby financing their ability to continue to make new art, then why would they not take it? If I had missed out on the initial round of CD re-issues, I would be ecstatic to know that I have an opportunity to pick it up at a “regular” price once again. For once, this is an artist reissuing a previously available deluxe version without adding something “new” to it to incentivize “yet one more purchase,” so why is this considered a cash in?

Charles K

Yeah, what Carlton said. I have been itching to get these but the previous sets were $60 a piece in the US, glad they are coming back out cheaper. Anyone complaining can simply refrain from buying them.

I wish A Certain Ratio could get a comprehensive reissue as well. Their reissues are sporadic, expensive and usually out of print in seconds.

Chris Squires

ahhh, Fake 88 with the fabulous Mr. Stephen Duffy on Vocals. what a marvellous song.

Looks like lovely set.

On another note Amazon had a flash sale of Quick Step & Side Kick and Into the Gap yesterday and I picked up both double vinyls for under £30. Bargain….


I’m sure I read somewhere yesterday (but I can’t find it again!) that all the Universal 2cd editions will be progressively reissued through PIAS following this one. Good for collectors who missed them or don’t want to pay the inflated prices being sought now for some of them. I’m alright, Jack – I won most of them in a Universal competition a couple of years ago (*smugface*)


I was under the impression the 2CD editions were coming around again but couldn’t find the details and started to think it was maybe just vinyl re-issues. I’m only missing ‘Tales…’ so will be glad to pick that up at a normal price.

Larry Davis

Have em all except for the Sarah Lipslide and 4 disc Casino Classics…

Tom of FIN

Kinda late. The box set already sold out as a pre-order. What a bummer!

Boaz Halachmi

They always do that before sales come alive. Guess it’s a logistics thing.