St Etienne vinyl box now widely available


The forthcoming 3LP deluxe vinyl box set of St Etienne‘s 1991 album Foxbase Alpha, which we told you about back in October, is now available for pre-order across a number of different retailers.

This 25th anniversary vinyl edition of their debut will be issued next month and includes the album remastered and cut at 45RPM over two records and Remains Of The Day, a bonus album (33RPM) of associated recordings from the era, most of which are new to the vinyl format. This is now available from other retailers such as Amazon and JPC.de, in addition to the St Etienne online shop.

This box will also include a special one sided seven-inch single featuring a previously unreleased demo of Moria Lambert (vocalist for Only Love Can Break Your Heart) singing over a radically different version of Kiss And Make Up, a large format (12″ x 12″) 28-page book and “assorted inserts”, including band photos, original press releases and Foxbase trading cards.

This triple vinyl set of Foxbase Alpha will be released on 17 January 2017.

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Saint Etienne

Foxbase Alpha - 3LP vinyl box set




Foxbase Alpha / Limited Edition Box Set

•    The original 13 track album remastered over two 12” vinyl records running at 45rpm

•    A bonus album cut at 33rpm featuring 10 associated recordings from the period (mostly on vinyl for the first time):

•    Associated Recordings: Side One

  • Kiss And Make Up (Sarah vocal)
  • Filthy
  • Chase HQ
  • Sally Space
  • Sweet Pea

•    Associated Recordings: Side Two

  • The Reckoning
  • People Get Real
  • Winter In America
  • Speedwell
  • Fake 88

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I collected my copy from the Post Office today and it’s a beautiful box set and produced to a high standard. I’ve just downloaded the digital tracks and track 5 from the Remains Of The Day album of era-related bonus tracks is missing. Not so much of a big deal for me, as the song appears on the second CD of the deluxe edition of Foxbase Alpha.

The one-sided 7″ single of Kiss And Make Up is gloriously heavyweight. One of the heaviest singles I own, in fact.

Unable to find a decent digital image of Remains Of The Day, for my iTunes album so it looks like I’ll have to take a photograph of the sleeve.

I’m now looking forward to seeing the rest of the back catalogue rereleased on vinyl. It’s been quite a gap between the first one – A Glimpse of Stocking – and the Foxbase Alpha editions.

Dean T

A cracking little box set …if your a fan get one while you can …still limited to 2000 I believe ..
First time on vinyl for me and it sounds great…the book and presentation are just right.
It’s just really really nice.

Larry Davis

I have all of the Universal 2CD reissues, including “Sound Of Water”, which is pretty great…except for the 4CD box of “Casino Classics” and the repackaged Sarah Cracknell “Lipslide”…I wonder if and when Bob and the band are doing all the sets on PIAS…not sure if I will sell em and buy them over on PIAS…

Larry Davis

I have the 2CD deluxe Universal reissue from a few years ago, and I believe all the tracks (and then much more some) are all on this set, so I don’t need it…I realize they are serious serial reissuers…it’s like a disease to them…like they reissued the 2CD set with some limited edition statue or bookend, crazy. I do have the 2CD “Foxbase Beta” as well…and the 4CD “Boxette” which I don’t see anymore. The very-few-copies-pressed-like-4 compilations they’ve done, like “Now 4”, which is all rarities, and sometimes priced in the hundreds, is pretty ridiculous though.

Dean T

Dispatched today…


Saint Etienne are dreadful serial reissuers and I’m fed up of buying their stuff over and over to get a rare track or shitey demo. Enough already.
Mind you, if they reissue Sound Of Water Deluxe I’m in because I don’t got that one.


So what, all that hurrying and reloading page for 20 minutes was a waste and now you can buy it anywhere? I guess it shows not many are willing to be fooled into buying the same product over and over, not matter its quality.


I love Saint Etienne, but to have to pay AU$100 for an old album is getting beyond ridiculous. I know that no one is forcing me to buy it, but one album for that much money is taking the proverbial. You can buy an artist’s entire studio output with bonus tracks for less than that. The cost of manufacturing this set can’t be more than say $10 or $20, I realise it’s a luxury item, but they are planning on doing this with their entire catalogue, which will send fans broke.

Jan Burnett

Third line under the photo.

Mike the Fish

Paul, I am shocked, saddened, wounded. Please read my open letter: The plural of vinyl is vinyl, or vinyl records. Regards, Mike.


Hi Paul,
I think Mike refers to these lines:

Foxbase Alpha / Limited Edition Box Set

• The original 13 track album remastered over two 12” vinyls running at 45rpm

Mike the Fish

Open letter: Dear Paul, I don’t think it is appropriate to blame others for your cut and pasting. Peace and love, Mike.