Star Wars: A New Hope: 2LP Gold Vinyl

To be honest, it’s getting quite tricky to keep up with all the Star Wars related vinyl, with different labels releasing different coloured vinyl, picture discs and the like. Here is the latest; Sony Classical are issuing a double GOLD vinyl edition of John Williams‘ original score from the original movie, that is Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

At least this limited edition is relatively affordable. At the time of writing it’s less than £22 in the UK which is decent for a double gatefold coloured vinyl. Put it this way, that’s about £100 cheaper than Friday Music’s 3LP blue vinyl of David Bowie‘s A Reality Tour!

This Star Wars gold 2LP vinyl edition is out on 3 June 2016.


  • 1 Episode IV – Main Title 5:25
  • 2 Episode IV – Imperial Attack 6:19
  • 3  Episode IV – Princess Leia’s Theme 4:24
  • 4  Episode IV – The Desert and the Robot Auction 2:53
  • 5  Episode IV – Ben’s Death and TIE Fighter Attack 3:50
  • 6  Episode IV – The Little People Work 4:06
  • 7  Episode IV – Rescue of the Princess 4:50
  • 8  Episode IV – Inner City 4:16
  • 9  Episode IV – Cantina Band 2:47
  • 10  Episode IV – The Land of the Sandpeople 2:51
  • 11  Episode IV – Mouse Robot and Blasting Off 4:04
  • 12 Episode IV – The Return Home 2:49
  • 13  Episode IV – The Walls Converge 4:34
  • 14  Episode IV – The Princess Appears 4:06
  • 15  Episode IV – The Last Battle 12:07
  • 16 Episode IV – The Throne Room and End Title

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[…] you’ve just invested in the double gold Star Wars vinyl packages, be prepared to be miffed (or delighted!) by this new stunning-looking […]


I’m so desensitized from all the Star Wars crud out there that even the music gives me a sense of ennui… Okay, I’ll buy it. :-)


Oh my childhood……I may weep

Derek T.

70’s DJM, 20th Century and Buddah records were all pressed by Pye. So there’s a reason they’re all the same type of vinyl. I agree that describing these as ‘coloured vinyl’ is pushing it. Have also seen them described as ‘secret coloured vinyl’. Oh, please.


Tempting as a replacement for my beat up second hand copy (although that does have the poster). May also order Jefi as it’s the only original trilogy soundtrack oven ever owned on vinyl.


I think that translucent vinyl thing was pretty widespread in the 70’s, as wadey said. DJM Records Elton releases all seem to have been like that. I see auctions on a well-known auction site describing records like this as being ‘coloured vinyl’ which is stretching the facts a bit!


thing is, 20th Century Fox records were coloured vinyl if you put them up to the light – do it with any 70s PYE or Buddah releases too. A sort of purpley bruised brown

dominic edwards

The pre-order for Return of the Jedi is under £18!, might be worth a long term pre-order.

However, The Empire strikes back, arguably the best due to the Imperial March, is nearer £35.


Empire is now down to £21.99 (19/04/16) pre-order guarantee to lock in now and it may drop to the same as Jedi at £17.50ish?? who knows :-)