Star Wars / The Force Awakens 2LP vinyl with ‘3D Hologram Experience’


No one can accuse Disney of not ‘working’ their investment in the Star Wars franchise, and they’ve come up with a very interesting 2LP vinyl edition of John Williams’ soundtrack to The Force Awakens that boasts a “3D hologram experience” as you play the vinyl on your turntable.

How this work is that you shine a light source on the vinyl as it spins and on record one you’ll get see a 3D Millennium Falcon and on the second vinyl you’ll see a 3D Tie Fighter.


You still do get the full soundtrack to the film on 180g vinyl (it’s a Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) pressing) and the video below shows how the whole thing in action.

This Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2LP Hologram Vinyl is released on 17 June 2016

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John Williams

the force awakens 2lP hologram vinyl


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Robert Morgenstern

Jpc announced the release date now for 26th August.


£50.33 on Amazon UK! Where did they get that price from? I would have thought it would drop to around about half that.

Mike T

Universal’s Sound of Vinyl website is showing in the UK (less postage as £29.99



This is fantastic. It’s the same like Rush’s 2112 Vinyl with 3d holograph of the Star Man. It’s totally nerdish, but who cares?


As Star Wars fan and vinyl enthusiast, can I resist this?
I’m afraid I can’t!


Everyone’s saying that with Lay a Princess but that would probably entail PAYING someone (i.e.: HER the actress) (sorry I just awoke from a nap) and I’m not sure how well that would necessarily have worked, but maybe.

Oh, meant to say “Episode VII” at the end of my last post…AND if I may ask, Andrew, you enjoyed seeing a remake of “Episode IV”?! Nothing wrong with that but it wasn’t supposed to be Star Wars’ “Greatest Hits” (HELLO, Jim?). I’ve never had an actor in the middle of the film make fun of you for seeing a film that he was also making fun of it for being “the same thing, only bigger” when Han is talking about the new Death Star (again, and again, and again, and again. Jesus.) I’m 38 and desperately waited twenty five years for it to be this new movie moving the story along. WHAT HAPPENS?! I can only imagine….answer: The same things! I DO think especially now it should be rebooted though it does seem they might be moving in that direction to be honest with these upcoming spin off films thank goodness but that does not change Episode VII from being as bad as “Avatar”.


I have no problem at all with The Force Awakens being a Star Wars Greatest Hits. I expect the later sequels will have more of their own identity. I’ve impulse pre-ordered this. I may cancel of good sense prevails.


I completely loved ” The Force Awakens.” Haven’t bought the soundtrack on CD as I have been waiting for the vinyl issue. This looks fantastic. Obviously a bit of a gimmick but so what. Just a shame that they didn’t use the hologram creatures from the chess set aboard the Millennium Falcon from the original “Star Wars.” Such a missed opportunity! ;) Hopefully, an Amazon UK listing will appear very soon.


This is so 2014! :) Jack White did this first with “Lazareto” that year! Have you all heard about VHS?! I swear it’s going to be HUUUUGE and the next great best thing! I kid! I kid! Lol! This is WAY cool and very exciting! I LOVE Star Wars but too bad this movie SUCKED donkey balls! It (Episode VII) was just “Episode IV” as a variant politically correct version! Pathetic! It also used story details from some of the other films as well! With all of that said I THINK the next Star Wars film coming out later this year which is something like “Anthology” or what have does look promising….hopefully they will do this type of thing for that…and the music won’t be a carbon copy of the same theme music through and through like “Episode VI” was…