Status Quo deluxe editions

Status Quo / Perfect Remedy, Rock 'Til You Drop and Thirsty Work new CD deluxe editions

In March, Universal Music will reissue a trio of Status Quo albums first released in the late 80s and early 1990s. These new CD editions offer a generous amount of bonus material.

Perfect Remedy (1989) and its follow-up Rock ‘Til You Drop (1991) are both expanded to three-CD deluxe editions while Thirsty Work (1994) is a two CD set.

The bonus content includes B-sides, 12-inch mixes, edits, outtakes, live performances and more. All three come with booklets with new interviews with Francis Rossi and members of the band by Quo guru Dave Ling in which they discuss the making of the records.

Perfect RemedyRock ‘Til You Drop and Thirsty Work deluxe editions are all released on 6 March 2020.

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Status Quo

Perfect Remedy - 3CD deluxe


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Status Quo

Rock Til You Drop - 3CD deluxe


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Status Quo

thirsty work - 2CD deluxe


Perfect Remedy 3CD edition

CD 1
1. Little Dreamer
2. Not at All
3. Heart on Hold
4. Perfect Remedy
5. Address Book
6. The Power of Rock
7. The Way I Am
8. Tommy’s in Love
9. Man Overboard
10. Going Down for The First Time
11. Throw Her A Line
12. 1000 Years

CD 2
1. Gone Thru the Slips – B-Side Of “Not at All”
2. Rotten to The Bone – B-Side to 7″ & 12″ of “Little Dreamer”
3. Doing It All for You – B-Side to 12″ of “Little Dreamer”
4. The Anniversary Waltz – 12″ Version (Full) Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / That’ll Be the Day / Singing the Blues / When Will I Be Loved / Let’s Work Together / Keep A-Knockin’ / Long Tall Sally / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock / No Particular Place to Go / The Wanderer / I Hear You Knocking / Lucille / Great Balls of Fire
5. The Power of Rock – Edited Version (B-Side of “Anniversary Waltz”)
6. Fighting for Love – early Version of “The Power of Rock”
7. Blondes Don’t Lie – Outtake
8. The Anniversary Waltz – Spanish Promo Version #1 Rockin’ All Over the World / Whatever You Want / Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock / Great Balls of Fire
9. The Anniversary Waltz – Spanish Promo Version #2 Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / What You’re Proposing / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock
10. Paper Plane – Bray Studios 1990
11. Caroline – Birmingham NEC 1989
12. Roll Over Lay Down – Birmingham NEC 1989
13. Little Lady – Birmingham NEC 1989

CD 3
1. In My Chair
2. Little Dreamer
3. Perfect Remedy
4. Mystery Medley: Mystery Song / Railroad / Most of the Time / Wild Side of Life / Rollin’ Home / Again and Again / Slow Train
5. Hold You Back
6. The Power of Rock
7. Dirty Water
8. Whatever You Want
9. In the Army Now
10. Rockin’ All Over the World
11. Don’t Waste My Time
12. Roadhouse Medley: Roadhouse Blues / The Wanderer / Marguerita Time / Living on an Island / Break the Rules / Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like / The Price of Love / Roadhouse Blues
13. Burning Bridges

Rock Til You Drop 3CD set

CD 1
Like A Zombie
All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)
Fakin’ The Blues
One Man Band
Rock ‘Til You Drop
Can’t Give You More
Warning Shot
Let’s Work Together
Bring It on Home
No Problems
Good Sign
Nothing Comes Easy
Fame or Money
Price of Love
Forty-Five Hundred Times

CD 2
Dead in the Water – B-Side of “Can’t Give You More”
Mysteries from the Ball – B-Side of “Can’t Give You More”
Heavy Daze – B-Side of “Fakin’ the Blues” (withdrawn)
Better Times – B-Side of “Fakin’ the Blues” (withdrawn)
(Brit Awards) Medley – B-Side of “Rock Til You Drop” Caroline / Down Down / Whatever You Want / Rockin’ All Over the World
Can’t Give You More – 7″ Edit
Fakin The Blues – 7″ Edit (withdrawn)
Can’t Give You More – Radio Edit (promo only)
The Anniversary Waltz Part 1 -Barcelona, 25th May 1991

CD 3
Paper Plane – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991
Price of Love – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991
Mystery Medley – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991
Mystery Song / Railroad / Most of the Time / Wild Side of Life / Rollin’ Home / Again and Again / Slow Train
Rain – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991
Rock till You Drop – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
Down Down – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
Roll Over Lay Down – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
Let’s Work Together – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
Little Lady – Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
Whatever You Want -Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
In the Army Now – Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
Burning Bridges – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991
Rockin’ All Over the World – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991
The Anniversary Waltz – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991
Encore Medley; Rock and Roll Music, Sweet Soul Music, Bye Bye Johnny – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991

Thirsty Work 2CD set

CD 1
1. Goin’ Nowhere
2. I Didn’t Mean It
3. Confidence
4. Point of No Return
5. Sail Away
6. Like It or Not
7. Soft in The Head
8. Queenie
9. Lover of The Human Race
10. Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now
11. Rude Awakening Time
12. Back on My Feet
13. Restless
14. Ciao Ciao
15. Tango
16. Sorry

CD 2
1. Survival – B-Side of “I Didn’t Mean It”
2. She Knew Too Much – B-Side of “I Didn’t Mean It”
3. Tossin’ And Turning – B-Side of “Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now”
4. Down to You -B-Side of “Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now”
5. Beautiful – B-Side of “Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now”
6. And I Do – B-Side of “Restless”
7. Democracy – B-Side of “Restless”
8. I Didn’t Mean It – Acoustic
9. Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now – Extended
10. Restless – Orchestral
11. I Didn’t Mean It – Hooligan Version
12. Going Nowhere – Live in Stockholm 1994
13. Soft in The Head – Live in Stockholm 1994
14. Rude Awakening Time – Live in Stockholm 1994
15. Queenie – Live in Munich 1994
16. Restless – Live at Wembley or Royal Albert Hall 1994

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Julian H

I’ve just received all three sets. So, if anybody has a question concerning these, just go ahead… or check out Luke’s pre-listening videos here:

Julian H

Sorry, forgot link! Here’s one for disc 3 of RTYD. Rest should be easy to find too.


I’ll also be posting some of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the deluxe editions on my new blog:


Ollie Carlisle

Perfect Remedy is mostly good, RTYD very good and Thirsty Work still has a few ok ones in there. Whereas the earlier classics had mostly awful quality bonus material it’s the opposite here – all three here have extras that will be more enjoyable than the original albums. Thirsty Work less so but still worth getting, particularly to hear the unlikely cover version of Democracy – Quo singing Leonard Cohen!


Let’s hope the bonus tracks are better quality than previous releases, to issue bootleg quality live shows is a rip off to real fans. Quo a great album was a case in point and Never To Late both had bonus discs of really shoddy quality.

John Main

All the live bonus tracks are high quality taken from source.


Old band ,new band ? The arguments will go on for ever,but at the end of the day, There was a massive magical feeling from the original band Rossi,Rick, John,Alan,Andy,and manager Bob young,
It makes that fine hair on the back of your neck come alive, when this happens you know it’s magic,if it doesn’t it’s not quite right, quo fan since Hello album,

Mr Paul Edward Eaton

hi all Quo fans i have lived quo from day one now in my 70ts and still Rocking they’re still Grt sad about Rick but he did Rock and Roll his live .seen them many times live still put a grt show.new members are all different but good.at the end of the day Quos been Rocking ni on 60yrs so all Quo fans enjoy whilst you can lifes short. But what ever Keep on Rocking.Quo time.?is this the beginning or the End. Paul

Jarmo Keranen

To me only real Status Quo is the Frantic Four and years between 1972-81. After that it was just down down deeper and down (pun intended)!

Julian H

You should listen to Rock ‘Til You Drop then. It was recorded “live” like the classic albums. And I think it’s a brilliant album, the 12 minute re-recording of “Forty-Five Hundred Times” is just the icing on the cake.


Rossi was on morning TV doing an interview last year. He was asked, if push comes to shove, what was his favourite Quo song. Surprisingly to me he said it was a song from Rock Til you Drop – ‘Can’t Give You More’.

Jarmo Keranen

I don’t know what happened to Rossi, but in recent years he seems to say all kinds of things to annoying fans of the Frantic Four years. Just listened the track and to me it was one of the lousiest from the Quo!

Julian H

Ironically and countering your statement, “Can’t Give You More” IS a Frantic Four track. The original version appeared in 1977 on “Rockin’ All Over the World”!!

Jarmo Keranen

Just listened some of it on Spotify and it confirms what i said. I take years 1972-81 anytime and forget the rest!

Dave daffy

The real quo are long gone I.e 84 era ..r.i.p Rick
. Cringe seeing all these compilations with “bonus tracks”. New and would be fans should listen to tracks such as antique Angelina, gentleman Joe’s cafe, what your proposing.. nothing against new quo.. just sayin my piece for a band I grew up too.

David Goldman

For people who didn’t get into Quo in the Seventies or early Eighties, this line up is just as valid as the Frantic Four line up.

Julian H

“16. Restless – Live at Wembley or Royal Albert Hall 1994”

Oooops! Well, let’s hope they have sorted this out… I feel embarrassed even though it wasn’t my job to smooth out the kinks!!


typical…I just got the rare/expensive expanded version of Rock Til You Drop…will wait for the inevitable price drop on these.

Julian H

Worth pointing out that the 2006 remaster, unlike all the other reissues from that series, included NO bonus tracks… just the original CD listing with the tracks that were not on the LP. So this makes the deluxe edition a real “winner” with the b-sides on disc 2 and live event on disc 3, even if disc 2 became regrettably short due to the issues described below.


Fascinating how many concerts they played on 21st September 1991…
Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991
Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991


Yes they did 4 gig in one day. Got them in the Guinness Book of Records. I was at the Birmingham show.


@Holger. I may be misunderstanding your post, but on 21st September 1991 they DID play those 4 venues in one day. It was a promotional thing for their 25th anniversary called ‘Rock Till You Drop’ There’s a fair bit of it up on you tube and some news stories too. I’m not really a big Quo fan but I remember it being a big deal at the time.


they actually did do this…Quo performed four arena gigs in Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham and London in the space of 12 hours, earning them a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Julian H

Also worth pointing out that while the tracklisting mostly follows the VHS (sadly, there has never been a DVD), it actually includes ALL songs that were played at the event. “Paper Plane”, “Price of Love”, “Let’s Work Together” and the Anniversary Waltz medley were all omitted from the video release.

Basically, it’s excerpts from each show in chronological order, but it represents all four gigs pretty evenly and works great as a “setlist”. (In fact, Quo played two different setlists at these shows.)

Simon Taylor

Rock Til You Drop is a very good album. I only have the short single vinyl version so i’ll be up for this, probably the others too. They’re not so hot but i’ll go for them all the same. But being truthful, for all 3, i’ll wait until they inevitably go cheap. No point pre-ordering now.

4 tracks on RTYP from my first Quo show, the 4th of 4th shows on that day of gigs in UK. Imagine the performances might not be quite so polished but nice to have.

andrew R

I have nothing against Status Quo,but this was/is, a god awful period of the band
when Francesco decided to reinvent them as a scampi in the basket dance band.
There must surely be a better period more deserving of being revisited?

Julian H

The classic era was already “deluxed” – not all of the editions have been mentioned by Paul. There are a few nuggets from those imperial years that have been discovered since, though, and I hope we’ll see a release of them (especially live recordings from 1977-1984, so far not particularly well represented).

Quo fans have long debated about this era, but IMO “Rock Til You Drop” is one of the best and heaviest albums after the classic period, and the new line-up developed into a very strong live band. Compare the 1988 gig from the “Ain’t Complaining” deluxe set with these 1989 and 1991 recordings and you’ll hear the improvement.

Francis himself later admitted that “Perfect Remedy” didn’t have enough strong songs, however I think he still loves “Thirsty Work” and doesn’t get why it wasn’t as successful as he had envisaged.


So CD isn’t dead yet. I would have thought the Quo would want to please vinyl fans aswell. I got a recent compilation on vinyl of theirs Rockin’ All Over The World – The Collection

Mark D

Bonus content looks good, which makes the Cds worthwhile purchases


Man those album covers haven’t exactly aged well, have they?


I thought the same thing. It’s all a bit Pontins, isn’t it?

Julian H

This was the direction David Walker, their manager, pushed them into. If you think those covers are bad, look at the covers album “Don’t Stop”, or “Under the Influence”. The latter was HATED by Francis and Rick.


I once worked with a man from Ukraine who regarded Status Quo as a huge band. Before that I only knew they made Pictures of Matchstick Men. In fact that is still the only song I have heard by them.

John McCann

You dident watch live aid then?


Well, 118 million sold records isn’t that bad, i guess. But they were never big in the US. Different story in the rest of the world.

Ozzy Osbourne did a nice cover of “Pictures…” with Nine Inch Nails.

Simon Smith

Did you hear Kasabian doing Pictures of matchstick men?


@Roman – Ozzy Osbourne did a cover of “Pictures Of Matchstick Men” with Type O’Negative and not Nine Inch Nails.

Julian H

“Pictures”, for some odd reason, is the only Quo song that crossed over into the US. They tried, various times, to properly break America, but eventually thought it would be stupid to risk their success in Britain, Europe, Australia etc. by concentrating on a possible US failure.


Nice, this time with good live recordings (soundboard / radio broadcasts) and not these “made from the lad with his tape recorder in the men’s room” recordings! Looking forward to these releases. “Rock ’til you drop” is one of the better later Quo-Albums. “Thirsty Work” isn’t. :-)

Julian H

There were some recordings of the standard you described that were originally planned for disc 2 of RTYD, but they were dropped. Personally, I regret it, because these were rarely played songs and it was too late to organize better sounding versions, at least “Rock ‘Til You Drop” and “One Man Band” exist in pretty good sounding recordings…

Mr. Ska '57

Wish they’d issue their Knebworth 1990 set on CD; that was a real barnburner.

The Wanderer

Tracks 4-12 of disc 3 of Perfect Remedy match their Knebworth setlist (omitting only Caroline), as no information for these bonus tracks is given above, or on any other websites, it seems likely this could be the Knebworth set…

Julian H

No, Knebworth was a much shorter set (although a really great one – one of the best of the then new line-up). The recording included is from the N.E.C. 1989, continuing the concert that begins on disc 2. I know this because I have the test discs. Unfortunately it’s not the full gig, a few things that were edited for the VHS “Rockin’ All Over the Years” back then are still edited, I think. Still, great sound and performance. Perhaps even better than the RTYD recordings, which are also tremendous.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knebworth concert gets released on its own soon; if Pink Floyd could do it, Quo could also do it.

Gordon Cartwright

@The Wanderer – The live tracks on the ‘Perfect Remedy’ set are taken from the Birmingham NEC gig in December 1989 released on VHS at “Rocking Through The Years” and no tracks are from the 1990 Knebworth show.


Quo’s Knebworth gig will (fingers crossed) be released on the next batch of Deluxe Editions…