Status Quo / The Vinyl Singles 1984-89

Universal Music will release The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984-1989, another Status Quo vinyl box set, next month.

This twelve-record collection continues with the eighties single releases, following on from May’s 1980-1984 collection. It features five top ten hits including Rollin’ Home, The Wanderer and In The Army Now. This box also includes the unreleased-at-the-time single Naughty Girl (eventually issued as Dreamin’ – the follow up to In The Army Now).

As with previous box sets, this features remastered audio with records pressed on heavyweight vinyl and presented in their original sleeves (picture and house bags). The box also comes with a booklet.

The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984-1989 is released on 4 August 2017.

The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984-1989 – seven-inch box set

1 The Wanderer / Can’t Be Done
2 Naughty Girl / No Contract
3 Rollin’ Home / Lonely
4 Red Sky / Don’t Give It Up
5 In the Army Now / Heartburn
6 Dreamin’ /Long Legged Girls
7 Ain’t Complaining / That’s Alright
8 Who Gets the Love? / Halloween
9 Running All Over the World / Magic
10 Burning Bridges (On and Off and On Again) / Whatever You Want
11 Not at All / Gone Thru the Slips
12 Little Dreamer / Rotten to The Bone

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Julian H

Paul, wouldn’t it be good if you made a post on the Live at the N.E.C. deluxe and its problems? Some people with faulty CDs (only the CDs have this error) won’t know that there will be replacements, posting it on this site would reach more people I think…

[…] Status Quo / The Vinyl Singles 1984-89 […]

Peas and Love

I can understand repressing something hard to find, and I’m all for keeping things ‘in print’ so we don’t have to resort to paying over the odds…but not sure the earths finite resources and the limited capacity of Vinyl pressing plants are being put to best use in reproducing late 80s Quo singles. There are stacks of the bloody things everywhere!
I don’t want to knock ‘ver Quo or their fans, but they should have offered an option to just buy the empty box and booklet and then you can either put your own copies in there, or go round charity shops and 2nd hand bargain bins and complete the set for next to nothing …which sounds quite fun actually.

Steve Benson

Cheesy yes, but Little Dreamer sounds great cranked up.


$100 for 24 songs? This vinyl resurgence escapes me, I’m afraid. Somebody please explain.

Ben Williams

Reasons for the vinyl resurgence…

A revolt against an increasingly more digital world.
The sound quality is better.
Collectors like collecting.
You feel like you own the music. Like, really own it.
The packaging is amazing (99% of the time!)
MP3 is not good value for money.
It had been out of the mainstream for so long that for the likes of me born in 1992, its like a new format.


What Ben said, plus, a release like this shouldn’t be used as the example of the vinyl resurgence. Most of the new vinyl pressings I get are $20 to $24. All of the Bowie and Beatles vinyl were in this range as is Jimi, etc. You do have greed coming in to play though, Pink Floyd and until recently Neil Young should be ashamed of what they charge for vinyl.

But as with any trend you get a few ridiculous releases like this one.

Chris Squires

I think some are using Vinyl (because they don’t have a deck or just don’t like it) as a whipping boy. It’s an easy target. There are just as many over-priced, non-essential and non-sensical releases on CD. If you look at the storm around Flowers in the Dirt, what would have happened if it was a vinyl only release? Some here would have had to have a good stiff Pimms and a lie down. £130 for 4 LPs, a book and some downloads? Human League got the same treatment at £80 for their last effort (bought for £36 from Am.it – Thanks Paul)

So yes, there are some things beyond the Pale, but from analogue and digital sides both. I have picked up all of my recent Bowie and some Floyd from Paul’s side widget at about £10 a slice. In the same way that some have said that £17 is too much for a 3CD + DVD Purple Rain, anything other than free is too much for some.

Rather like the good folks of the Hillman Imp society or Humber club must feel, there is beauty to found in Vinyl that some will never try, or want, to understand and if we are being made a mug of, surely that’s our choice without forever being told by those “in the know” that we are all “gullible fools”.

Matthew North

Im a big Quo fan and I did rather like in the Army Now album and singles from it. Though they took a MASSIVE nosedive after and just got worse (Ugh Don’t Stop anyone!) . Most of these singles you can find in decent condition for no more than £1 a go, other than hard core collectors I really cant see how this box set will cover the pressing costs to be honest!

andrew r

Correct title quo 84-89 “the chicken in a basket years”

Colin Harper

I think you’re being a little insulting to the chicken, there. And the basket… :-)

Ben Williams

That’s some nice artwork, I like that. Would make a good Status Quo album collection box cover.

Not my favourite Quo period, but cool all the same!