Steve Hackett / Broken Skies – Outspread Wings 1984 – 2006

6CD+2DVD Anthology • Some 5.1 mixes • Good price

Steve Hackett / Broken Skies Outspread Wings 1984 - 2006 box set

Steven Hackett will follow up 2015’s (now out of print) Premontions anthology with Broken Skies – Outspread Wings, a new eight-disc package that spans the years 1984-2006.

This 6CD+2DVD set comes in similar artbook packaging (with Roger Dean cover art) and offers newly remastered versions of the following albums: Til We Have Faces (1984), Guitar Noir (1993), Darktown (1999), Feedback 86 (2000), To Watch The Storms (2003) and Wild Orchids (2006).

Of the DVDs, the first contains selected 5.1 surround mixes and some “recent live rarities” while the second is the Somewhere in South America live performance in Buenos Aires, from 2002.

This set includes the 60-page art book with sleeve notes, rare photos, lyrics etc. and will be released on 5 October 2018.

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Steve Hackett

Broken Skies Outspread Wings (1984 - 2006) (Limited Deluxe Artbook)


Disc: 1 / Til We Have Faces (CD)
1. Duel (Remaster 2018)
2. Matilda Smith-Williams Home For The Aged (Remaster 2018)
3. Let Me Count The Ways (Remaster 2018)
4. A Doll That’s Made In Japan (Remaster 2018)
5. Myopia (Remaster 2018)
6. What’s My Name (Remaster 2018)
7. The Rio Connection (Remaster 2018)
8. Taking The Easy Way Out (Remaster 2018)
9. When You Wish Upon A Star (Remaster 2018)

Disc: 2 / Feedback 86 (CD)
1. Cassandra (Remaster 2018)
2. Prizefighters (Remaster 2018)
3. Slot Machine (Remaster 2018)
4. Stadiums Of The Damned (Remaster 2018)
5. Don’t Fall (Remaster 2018)
6. Oh How I Love You (Remaster 2018)
7. Notre Dame Des Fleurs (Remaster 2018)
8. The Gulf (Remaster 2018)
9. When The Heart Rules The Mind 2018

Disc: 3 / Guitar Noir (CD)
1. Sierra Quemada (Remaster 2018)
2. Take These Pearls (Remaster 2018)
3. There Are Many Sides To The Night (Remaster 2018)
4. In The Heart Of The City (Remaster 2018)
5. Dark As The Grave (Remaster 2018)
6. Lost In Your Eyes (Remaster 2018)
7. Little America (Remaster 2018)
8. Like An Arrow (Remaster 2018)
9. Theatre Of Sleep (Remaster 2018)
10. Walking Away From Rainbows (Remaster 2018)
11. Paint Your Picture (Remaster 2018)
12. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (Remaster 2018)
13. Tristesse (Remaster 2018)
14. Sierra Quemada (Demo) (Remaster 2018)
15. Take These Pearls (Rough Mix) (Remaster 2018)
16. In The Heart Of The City (Original Version) (Remaster 2018)
17. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (Demo) (Remaster 2018)

Disc: 4 / Darktown (CD)
1. Omega Metallicus (Remaster 2018)
2. Darktown (Remaster 2018)
3. Man Overboard (Remaster 2018)
4. The Golden Age Of Steam (Remaster 2018)
5. Days Of Long Ago (Remaster 2018)
6. Dreaming With Open Eyes (Remaster 2018)
7. Twice Around The Sun (Remaster 2018)
8. Rise Again (Remaster 2018)
9. Jane Austen’s Door (Remaster 2018)
10. Darktown Riot (Remaster 2018)
11. In Memoriam (Remaster 2018)
12. Flame (Remaster 2018)
13. Comin’ Home To The Blues (Remaster 2018)
14. Fast Flower (Remaster 2018)

Disc: 5 / To Watch The Storms (CD)
1. Strutton Ground (Remaster 2018)
2. Circus Of Becoming (Remaster 2018)
3. The Devil Is An Englishman (Remaster 2018)
4. Frozen Statues (Remaster 2018)
5. Mechanical Bride (Remaster 2018)
6. Wind, Sand And Stars (Remaster 2018)
7. Brand New (Remaster 2018)
8. This World (Remaster 2018)
9. Rebecca (Remaster 2018)
10. The Silk Road (Remaster 2018)
11. Pollution B (Remaster 2018)
12. Fire Island (Remaster 2018)
13. Marijuana Assassin Of Youth (Remaster 2018)
14. Come Away (Remaster 2018)
15. The Moon Under Water (Remaster 2018)
16. Serpentine Song (Remaster 2018)
17. Reconditioned Nightmare (Remaster 2018)
18. If You Only Knew (Remaster 2018)

Disc: 6 / Wild Orchids (CD)
1. Transylvanian Express (Remaster 2018)
2. Waters Of The Wild (Remaster 2018)
3. Set Your Compass (Remaster 2018)
4. Down Street (Remaster 2018)
5. A Girl Called Linda (Remaster 2018)
6. Blue Child (Remaster 2018)
7. To A Close (Remaster 2018)
8. Ego And Id (Remaster 2018)
9. Man In The Long Black Coat (Remaster 2018)
10. Cedars Of Lebanon (Remaster 2018)
11. Wolf Work (Remaster 2018)
12. Why (Remaster 2018)
13. She Moves In Memories (Remaster 2018)
14. The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing (Remaster 2018)
15. Howl (Remaster 2018)
16. A Dark Night In Toytown (Remaster 2018)
17. Until The Last Butterfly (Remaster 2018)

Disc: 7 / Selected 5.1 and live rarities (DVD)
1. Wolfwork (5.1 Audio)
2. Set Your Compass (5.1 Audio)
3. Cedars Of Lebanon (5.1 Audio)
4. Brand New (5.1 Audio)
5. Serpentine Song (5.1 Audio)
6. Circus Of Becoming (5.1 Audio)
7. When the Heart Rules The Mind 2018 (5.1 Audio)
8. Mechanical Bride (Paris 2009)
9. Rainbows (Cologne 2011)
10. Rise Again (Offenbach 2017)

Disc: 8 / Somewhere in South America (DVD)
1. The Floating Seventh (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
2. Mechanical Bride (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
3. Medley (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
4. Serpentine Song (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
5. Watcher Of The Skies (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
6. Hairless Heart (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
7. Firth Of Fifth (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
8. Riding The Colossus (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
9. Pollution (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
10. The Steppes (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
11. Gnossienne #1 (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
12. Walking Away From Rainbows (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
13. Sierra Quemada (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
14. The Wall Of Knives (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
15. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
16. A Tower Struck Down (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
17. Lucridus (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
18. Darktown (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
19. Camino Royale (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
20. Intros (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
21. In Memoriam (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
22. Horizons (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)
23. Los Endos (Live in Buenos Aires 2002)

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klaas brander

Is there also coming a vinyl boxset of this SH era?

Big Nige

Bought the Charisma vinyl box a while ago for next to nothing, 40 quid I think. A couple of Steve Wilson mixes etc…. but the nice surprise was the download code was for the full Premonitions box, so all the bonus tracks too, albeit mp3.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

I have this on pre-order. The thing is I have all the albums, don`t have the DVDs or 5:1 (obviously), I may cancel and wait for a Deal Alert.

Hackett to Bits

A somewhat disappointing and overall half-hearted release lacking cohesion and commitment.

We have remastered content = so expect the usual: the older material is louder the new material a bit quieter in a bid to get it all the same level! Maybe a bass tweak if you’re lucky.

So much missing…. A Doll 12”, Just The Bones; The Well At The World’s End, A Life in the Movies, Riding The Collosus? Single edits of Brand New, Fundamentals and Man in the Long Black Coat there are probably more….. Funny how the South America live DVD is included (not blu-ray?) and not Time lapse (licensing?) No EPK’s or promotional videos?

7 tracks done as surround… did they give up? The first box was worth the effort of outlay but this a poor effort. Only buy if you missed the original deluxe editions or subsequent remasters.

Steven Roberts

I wonder if there’s any possibility of getting the missing mixes/b-sides/edits added before release?


It’s rather puzzling to see a key member of Genesis (because that’s what he’ll always be, no matter what he does from here to eternity) going for a Yes-related artwork.

I sincerely don’t know what to make of this release, neither the artwork, nor the content…

Kris Nelson

Old Grey Whistle Test with Rick Wakeman, GTR with Steve Howe, Squackett with Chris Squire – no, I can’t for the life of me think what kind of connection with YES Hackett might be perceived as having… :)


Til We Have Faces has 2 less tracks than the edition I have.
Feedback ’86 has GTR’s cover “When The Heart Rules The Mind”.
Wild Orchids has additional tracks but the tracks are also moved around.
The selected 5.1 and live rarities probably is under 60 minutes and is probably thrown in because the box set is weak as it is. This doesn’t help.
Somewhere in South America has been re-release but no word if anything has been updated [say maybe DTS].
Overall a weak box set.
I had picked up 5 of the 6 albums in those cardboard 5 CD “box” set for under $25. Somewhere in South America and Feedback 86 can be found cheaply. So it’s just the selected 5.1 and live rarities DVD plus a few bonus tracks.

Steven Roberts

Bit of a curate’s egg, this release…missing a number of (non-rock) albums, for sure.

However, the big let down, as other’s have opined, is that we get only a smattering of 5.1 mixes….

…think I’ll will wait for a price alert, Paul :)


Compared to the first set, this is a bit underwhelming, especially the amount of 5.1 material and live shows beyond the South America concert. I’m assuming there’s a reason related to what was available to work with.

However, I’m all in with this. I have these studio albums as MP3s that I bought through Amazon or iTunes some time back. I’m looking forward to having CDs to rip better quality files for my mobile listening.

And more generally, I’m glad to see Steve Hackett get this sort of treatment with his catalog. I only discovered Hackett within the last decade and he’s an amazing talent. These types of sets put a nice spotlight on an artist.


“obligatory Roger Dean cover art”?

Dean only worked with Hackett once before — on the previous boxed anthology.

Until their 2007 divorce, Hackett’s wife Kim Poor provided the cover art on almost all of his albums.

Dean did provide illustration and lettering for several (though by no means all) of Yes guitarist Steve Howe’s solo albums, and of course for records by Yes and its other members. Dean was essential to creating that band’s visual brand identity. He did not produce art for Genesis or its former members like Hackett.


Wasn’t impressed with the artwork of these albums. Don’t like any except Darktown.

Geoff G.

Not very exciting. The audio DVD is a selection of tracks? Why not release a full album on the DVD like the first box set? And Somewhere in South America has been on DVD for years. If this was a blu-ray, then maybe we got something exciting. Not a lot of care went into this box set it seems, unlike the first box set.


Misses Blues With A Feeling, Genesis Revisited and all the classical acoustic albums… any reason?

Phil Morris

An acoustic/classical set is planned. Not sure about BWAF (and not fussed about it).

Mark Turrell

Blues with a feeling is terrible, that’s one reason. i’ll pass, i have everything bar the 5.1, and that’s not enough to sway me.

wayne Dunham

dvds what region will one be released for us


Hi Paul;
I meant to say UK Price is now 42.65


Darktown is fabulous – Would have loved that on vinyl and/or standalone deuce package with more content focussed on that release.

Could still be tempted….

Phil Morris

There was a vinyl edition of the previous Premonitions set so I’m expecting the same with this one. The continued absence of Just The Bones is inexcusable, however.

Steven Roberts

If memory serves, there was also a 12″ mix of “A Doll That’s Made in Japan” that is also missing in action.

Don’t understand why this and “Just the Bones” continue to languish in the vaults. Certainly not when he saw fit to release “The Caretaker”……

Martin Stacey

I have spent a lot of time with his first 4-5 albums, it is an odd thing to say I guess but it feels like he has almost made too many.