Steve Miller Band / Ultimate Hits

Deluxe edition of new hits set offers 8 previously unreleased tracks

Capitol Records recently struck a deal with Steve Miller which will see Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) issue back catalogue projects. The first one of these, Steve Miller Band: Ultimate Hits is issued in October and is available in no less than four different physical editions, including a 4LP vinyl package.

Ultimate Hits features 40 tracks on the 2CD or 4LP vinyl deluxe editions or 22 tracks as a single CD or 2LP package. Both feature classic hits such as Abracadabra, The Joker and Take The Money And Run and both versions include a smattering of unreleased material (more generous in the deluxe).

Three previously unreleased studio tracks are included in the deluxe with just one of them (Seasons) on the standard version. This new set also includes four unreleased live performances on the deluxe, two of which (Space Cowboy and Living In The USA) are included on the standard CD or 2LP vinyl. Exclusive to the deluxe is the unheard demo ofTake The Money And Run

Ultimate Hits will be released on 20 October 2017.

Ultimate Hits / Deluxe Edition (2CD or 4LP)

CD 1

  1. Steve Miller at age five talking to his Godfather Les Paul
  2. Gangster Of Love (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  3. The Joker
  4. Baby’s Callin’ Me Home (Previously Unreleased)
  5. My Dark Hour
  6. Little Girl
  7. Living In The USA (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  8. Space Cowboy (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  9. Seasons (Previously Unreleased)
  10. Journey From Eden
  11. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
  12. Going To Mexico
  13. Kow Kow Calculator (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  14. Come On In My Kitchen (Live)
  15. Sugar Babe (Live)
  16. The Lovin’ Cup (Live)
  17. Dance, Dance, Dance
  18. Take The Money And Run
  19. Rock’n Me
  20. Space Intro
  21. Fly Like An Eagle

CD 2

  1. Wild Mountain Honey
  2. The Window
  3. Take The Money And Run (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
  4. In The Midnight Hour (Previously Unreleased)
  5. Jungle Love
  6. Threshold
  7. Jet Airliner
  8. The Stake
  9. Swingtown
  10. Serenade From The Stars
  11. True Fine Love
  12. Heart Like A Wheel
  13. Abracadabra
  14. I Want To Make The World Turn Around
  15. Italian X Rays
  16. Don’t Cha Know
  17. Cry Cry Cry
  18. Stranger Blues
  19. Behind The Barn

Ultimate Hits / standard single CD or 2LP edition

  1. Harmony Of The Spheres 2
  2. Steve Miller at age five talking to his Godfather Les Paul
  3. Take The Money And Run
  4. Rock’n Me
  5. The Stake
  6. Threshold
  7. Jet Airliner
  8. The Joker
  9. Abracadabra
  10. Jungle Love
  11. Swingtown
  12. Dance, Dance, Dance
  13. Serenade From The Stars
  14. Space Intro
  15. Fly Like An Eagle
  16. Wild Mountain Honey
  17. Living In The USA (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  18. Space Cowboy (Live – Previously Unreleased)
  19. Seasons (Previously Unreleased)
  20. I Want To Make The World Turn Around
  21. Winter Time
  22. The Window

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[…] year’s Ultimate Hits offering was the initial project that marked the start of a new Steve Miller Band licensing deal […]


Paul what does Er..mean?


The MP3 is also listed as this Friday

Michael Fortin

Hi Paul, Amazon USA is showing a release date of September 15 for the CD versions, with the vinyl coming October 27. Your article mentions a release date of October 20. Just wanted to confirm which date(s) are correct. Thanks!


Why call something “Ultimate Hits” or any other title with “Hits” in it when it features unreleased material? This stuff has never been a “hit” if it has been sitting on a shelf in some vault for years (or even decades)!!

*rant off*

Sorry, Steve Miller fans, I just had to get this off my chest. Concerns many other releases/artists as well,

Philip Cohen

Let’s be happy that Miller is finally willing to offer some vault material. I’ll be buying the 2-CD edition.


At least there’s one Boz Scaggs song on here. Shame to miss out “Dime-A-Dance Romance” though.

Stephen K.

Please, Capitol Records, don’t mess this reissue program up!

This greatest hits package is notable only for the unreleased tracks. There is still *NO* comprehensive Steve Miller singles collection CD. Hopefully future album re-releases will get the single edits added to them, but it looks like there’s not a deep well of Steve Miller rarities out there. The reissue of Fly Like an Eagle from 2006 only had 3 demos added to it. Just straight remastered releases of the bare-bones albums would be something, I guess, as long as you don’t skip any (like the often neglected Rock Love and Recall the Beginning).

Is it so hard to release a faithful singles compilation? At least 5 of his singles are solid staples of classic rock radio. You would think his music would warrant something a bit more ambitious.

And you know what? Yes, I am a stickler for things like using the single edits and remixes, but I’d settle for the album version of each song released as a single, if they could all be found in one place!

But seriously, can’t I hear the single version of Fly Like an Eagle at least once before I die??

Steve Woodward

The problem with the UK hit version of Abracadabra is that it was a re-edit with the chorus repeated at the end.

This was not the 45 version elsewhere (most notably in the USA) which was just an early fade of the LP version.

Assuming all the Steve Miller reissues are going to be compiled by Capitol USA, it’s likely the UK re-edit will continue to be overlooked.


Looking forward to this – good tracklisting but would have preferred a third disc with more of his earlier stuff. It seems his career pre Fly like an Eagle has been given a bums rush over the years.

Michael Sippie

Anyone sure if Capitol Records is supplying the edit versions as they have done so many times on previous GH’s . Swing town is short enough (Edit Vers:3:27) as oppose to 3:59 Album Version….I am also interested in Steve Miller “LIVE” 10 Songs is quite short just under 35 minutes. It has been remastered but a more songs are needed. The Laser Disc has at least 12.

Mark Phillips

Steve miller is another of the artists where they consistently use the wrong version of tracks on greatest hits releases.

Especially Jet airliner where the “Funky Kicks” single version rarely makes an appearance as they tend to use the album track “Funky shit” extended version instead. As I came to the SMB via the singles I practically fell off my chair when I first played Book of Dreams!

The other one is the single version of Abracadabra, which should end in the proper chorus being repeated to fade, instead of the (weaker?) Album version where it sort of peters out.

If it’s a greatest hits compilation surely the single version should be used, unless the album track is very similar or identical?

Both Fly like an Eagle and Book of Dreams are superb albums and would be on my desert island ipod!

Larry Davis

Surprised “Wide River” is missing completely…it was a comeback hit of sorts from 1993, it was a good tune and was released thru Universal… So it’s absence is pretty puzzling…

Paul Corser

Really surprised that neither Keeps Me Wondering Why or Circle Of Love make it to at least the 2 CD set.

Charlie Waffles

This has been WAY too long of a wait. His back catalog has been sorely ignored.


I am relieved to see they didn’t do a 3-minute edit/butcher of Macho City ) not that it was ever much of a hit.)

Steve Miller’s deluxe version of ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ is still one of the best value CDs you can buy I think, with its remastered album, the whole album remixed for 5.1 and a 2-hour live concert film.

don cooper

Considering the cover, Father Ted’s ‘My Beautiful Horse’ would be a nice addition…

Mark Phillips

It’s My Lovely Horse, he said pedanticly…


It’s not a fecking horse. It’s Pegasus.

don cooper

and very correctly.’Twas a long day.

Bruce Padgett

Also, “Winter Time” is only on the standard, and “True Fine Love” just on the deluxe.

Mike Williams

So, if you buy the deluxe 2CD/4LP versions, you don’t get the track “Harmony Of The Spheres 2”? And I think the cover art is just fine for The Steve Miller Band.

Danny hero

Will they ever release the far superior UK single version of Abracadabra. It has yet to see a CD release

Stevie B

My Dark Hour features Paul McCartney on bass, guitar and drums. It was recorded on May 9th 1969 shortly after Paul had argued with John, George and Ringo during a Beatles session. They left the studio but he stayed on and walked into Miller’s session and was soon co-writing the song with Steve. Macca’s credited as Paul Ramon on the original album release and it’ll be interesting to see what name they use for this release.


I thought there were some other unreleased tracks he recorded with Paul McCartney around the time of Flaming Pie. Or are they to appear on a Deluxe Flaming Pie ?

Edward D

Seems like they did everything right here: Just enough exclusives on both standard and deluxe to warrant considering a repurchase, and the die-hard fans holding out for DE/SDEs of albums get a taste of what kind of extra tracks the individual-album reissues will likely contain.


The main flaw with this set is it should have had the studio version of Living in the USA, not some live version.

Richard Cosgrove

Oooh, might have to get this. His Greatest HIts 1974-1978 is one of my all time favourite albums, and it looks as though all the tracks are present and correct here with a wealth of other good stuff.

Mike B

Why Steve Miller’s incredible run of albums on Capitol from 68 to 73 have never been afford deluxe treatment with 5.1 mixes beats me. Those albums from Sailor to The Joker have been shoddily packaged with lacklustre sound quality.

Jeffrey Michael

Just glancing over the tracks included with both CD editions and noticed Harmony Of The Spheres 2 is missing on the 2-CD collection. Another release with awful cover art.

Philip Cohen

Miller tends to not put photos of himself on his album covers, and when he does, they’re blurred, distant, solarized, slightly painted over or Miller is hidden behind a mask or dark sunglasses. An article about Miller that ran many years ago in Rolling Stone magazine was titled “Steve Miller:The Faceless Rock Star”, and stated that even Miller’s most avid fans wouldn’t recognize him if they saw him walking d0wn the street. Miller said that he wants to be unrecognizable if he goes into a grocery store. Hence, non-photo “awful” artwork. In those songs from the “Steve Miller Band-Live” video program where Miller isn’t hidden behind sunglasses, Miller does indeed look somewhat different than how you would expect.

adam shaw

Nice collection. There’s been so many greatest hits from him that are more or less the same that this stands out .
I hope Capitol remaster Abracadabra, it’s needs it .

Ray Lucas

Earlier Today, I Recall Reading Via The Music Website Ultimate Classic Rock That The Release Of This Steve Miller Band Compilation Begins A Reissue Campaign Of Miller’s Back Catalog Which Will Include Expanded Reissues Of All Of His Albums…

Ray Lucas

Yes…Having Read Many Years Ago That Steve Miller Is A Perfectionist, I Have Every Confidence That These Back Catalog Reissues Will Be Treated With The Utmost Care & That They Will Be Presented In The Highest Possible Audio Quality & Hope That The CD Editions Are Packaged In Jewel Cases As Opposed To Cheap Packaging(Mini LP & Digipak)

John Mason

I would hope the future reissues are along the lines of the Edsel packages, with more content and more extensive artwork including historical essays of some kind.




Classic comment, Eddie, my hat goes off to you

Randy Metro