Steve Miller Band: Welcome to the Vault

Deep dive into the archive for this new 3CD+DVD anthology

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Steve Miller opens his vault to share unreleased recordings, alternate versions of classic songs, live performances and more with a new four disc deluxe set called Welcome to the Vault.

This career-spanning 3CD+DVD Steve Miller Band collection contains 52 audio tracks of which 38 are previously unreleased, while the DVD features 22 performances, including rare footage from the Monterey Pop Festival 1967, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1973, ABC In Concert 1974, Pine Knob Michigan-1982, Steve and Les Paul at Fat Tuesdays-1990 and Austin City Limits 2011.

Welcome to the Vault package includes poster, book, guitar picks and more

Welcome to the Vault comes presented as a 70- page hardcover book which, as well as housing the audio/video content, features Steve’s personal photos with a 7,000 word essay by David Fricke. This set also comes with a poster and ten guitar picks (aka plectrums) with Steve’s Pegasus logo on them.

Welcome to the Vault will be released on 10 October 2019.


  1. Blues with a Feeling (Live)* (1969) (10:41)
  2. Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around – Alternate Version* (1969) (4:08)
  3. Super Shuffle (Live)* (1967) (8:59)
  4. It Hurts Me Too (feat. Steve Miller Band) (Live) (1967) (4:53)
  5. Industrial Military Complex Hex – Alternate Version* (1970) (4:54)
  6. Living in the USA (1968) (4:04)
  7. Kow Kow Calculator – Alternate Version* (1973) (4:05)
  8. Going to Mexico – Alternate Version* (1966) (2:54)
  9. Quicksilver Girl – Alternate Version* (1968) (2:50)
  10. Jackson-Kent Blues – Alternate Version* (1970) (8:32)
  11. Crossroads (Live)* (1973) (7:22)
  12. Hesitation Blues* (1972) (1:57)
  13. Seasons – Alternate Version* (1973) (2:42)
  14. Say Wow! * (1973) (4:27)
  15. Never Kill Another Man – Alternate Version (Live) * (1971) (2:10)

*Previously unreleased


  1. The Gangster is Back (Live) (1971) (2:30)
  2. Space Cowboy – Instrumental Version* (1969) (1:22)
  3. Space Cowboy – Alternate Version (Live) * (1973) (3:40)
  4. The Joker (1973) (4:26)
  5. The Lovin’ Cup (1973) (2:12)
  6. Killing Floor* (1975) (3:06)
  7. Evil (Live) (1973) (4:37)
  8. Echoplex Blues* (1973) (2:39)
  9. Rock’n Me – Alternate Version 1* (1976) (3:13)
  10. Rock’n Me – Alternate Version 2* (1976) (2:49)
  11. Tain’t it the Truth* (1976) (3:29)
  12. Freight Train Blues* (1976) (2:50)
  13. True Fine Love – Alternate Version* (1975) (3:02)
  14. The Stake – Alternate Version* (1976) (4:28)
  15. My Babe – Alternate Version* (1982) (3:07)
  16. That’s the Way It’s Got to Be* (1974) (5:41)
  17. Double Trouble* (1992) (5:18)
  18. Love is Strange* (1974) (3:45)
  19. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) – Alternate Version* (1992) (3:44)

*Previously unreleased


  1. I Wanna Be Loved (Live) * (1990) (5:49)
  2. Fly Like an Eagle – Alternate Version* (1974) (6:31)
  3. Space Intro (1976) (1:10)
  4. Fly Like an Eagle (1976) (4:45)
  5. The Window – Alternate Version* (1974) (6:09)
  6. Mercury Blues – Alternate Version* (1975) (4:43)
  7. Jet Airliner – Alternate Version* (1976) (4:23)
  8. Take the Money and Run (1976) (2:50)
  9. Dance, Dance, Dance (1976) (2:18)
  10. Swingtown – Alternate Version* (1976) (3:27)
  11. Winter Time (1977) (3:13)
  12. Who Do You Love? (1984) (2:57)
  13. Abracadabra (1982) (5:09)
  14. Macho City – Short Version (1981) (3:25)
  15. Take the Money and Run – Alternate Version (Live) * (2016) (4:30)
  16. Bizzy’s Blue Tango* (2004) (4:42)
  17. Lollie Lou (T-Bone Walker) (Live)* (1951) (3:05)
  18. Lollie Lou (Steve Miller) (Live) * (2016) (6:37)

*Previously unreleased


  1. “Mercury Blues” (Monterey International Pop Festival – 1967)
  2. “Super Shuffle” (Monterey International Pop Festival – 1967)
  3. “Kow Kow Calculator” (The Fillmore West – Dutch TV Show El Dorado (Pik-In) – 1970)
  4. “Space Cowboy” (The Fillmore West – Dutch TV Show El Dorado (Pik-In) – 1970)
  5. “Star Spangled Banner” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  6. “Living in the USA” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  7. “Space Cowboy” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  8. “Mary Lou” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  9. “Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  10. “The Gangster is Back” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  11. “The Joker” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  12. “Come on in My Kitchen” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  13. “Seasons” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  14. “Fly Like an Eagle” (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  15. “Living in the USA” (Reprise) (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973)
  16. “Just a Little Bit” (ABC In Concert w/ James Cotton – 1974)
  17. “Abracadabra” (Pine Knob, Michigan – 1982)
  18. “I Wanna be Loved” (Steve Miller and Les Paul at Fat Tuesdays – 1990)
  19. “CC Rider” (Steve Miller and Les Paul at Fat Tuesdays – 1990)
  20. “Fly Like an Eagle” (Live from Austin City Limits – 2011)
  21. “Living in the USA” (Live from Austin City Limits – 2011)

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Alex Howe

I am most disappointed to note the omission of “Baby’s House” from “Your Saving Grace”. 8 minutes and 54 seconds of utter bliss, with WONDERFUL piano from the late Nicky Hopkins. I had a girlfriend called Kate back in 1973 and it was “our song” that year. “Wild Mountain Honey” from “Fly Like An Eagle” would also have been welcome.

Oh! and if Phil Vellender happens to read this comment, “HELLO!” Been a long time since our paths last crossed…….

Neil Wilkes

Where are the surround/Quad mixes in these retrospectives please?
We know they exist but when can we get to buy them – in lossless surround preferably, not the dreadful Dolby Digital version we were fobbed off with on the 30th anniversary edition of “Fly Like An Eagle” – the aC3 encoding sucked the life out of it, and it is the surround equivalent of mp3 because even at 448kbps the frequency response is unidirectional above 14.5/15kHz.
Please, archive managers – include lossless surround mixes where available.


I am most interested in Fly Like an Eagle – Alternate Version and some other hits. Hopefully this makes it to amazon .mp3. My knowledge of his music is nearly only as deep as the radio took me.


Looks good but I’m not paying nearly £80 for it. Hopefully will drop in price substantially

Phil Cohen

At this point (4 months before the release date) dealers may be just guessing at what the price will be. Yes, I know that purchases via Amazon links on SDE create revenue that supports SDE, but I urge fans who are interested in this set to shop around. Lower prices CAN be had.
By the way, it is not unprecidented for Capitol to set a high price for a CD boxed set housed in a 12″ x 12″ hardback (hardcover) book. Remember “The Beach Boys-Made in California”? (though in that instance, it was a 6-disc set).
Miller is a skilled businessman, and in the 1960’s, he received the highest record company advance of any San Francisco group.
As enticing as this boxed set’s contents are, Miller is not exactly emptying his vaults. For example, no outtakes from Miller’s first 7 albums are included. As for the DVD, while it includes a performance of “Abracadabra” from the Pine Knob Theater in Detroit, the nearly 3 hour show was video & audio recorded in its’ entirety.

Phil Vellender

Worse still I bought all of the recent coloured vinyl reissues only to find that Recall the Beginning a Journey through Eden, my favourite Miller cut of his 1967-72 period had been hacked to bits. The original cut was 6.50 or so in length. The version on the reissue was slashed, or rather, hacked down to under 3 minutes. The musical and lyrical coherence underpinning this brilliant conclusion to what is still overall his most well realised album was completely lost. The editing seemed totally pointless. Fortunately I still have my original vinyl so can enjoy it as it was originally conceived. I have hardly played the coloured vinyl discs since I concluded Miller treats his material in a wholly cavalier fashion and shows little respect for those who have appreciated his work from before the beginning. I interviewed Miller in 1973 for my fanzine, Trailing Clouds of Glory, and I think the only rational explanation for why he never gave this wonderfully achieved album a CD reissue, along with his other Capitol albums,was because the subject matter might have been just too personal. The blue cover hinted at the mood!
Very sloppy and shoddy. I won’t give him a penny wore of my cash since he treats his work like trash.

Phil Cohen

“Recall The Beginning:a Journey From Eden” was an album which was forced out of Miller’s hands before it could be completed. Miller was obligated to a European tour and had not been able to complete all of the guitar solos to his satisfaction, so a session guitarist was brought in to complete the recordings. On the way to the airport to depart for the European tour, Miller was injured, and performed the European concerts in pain, until he couldn’t continue. He cancelled a scheduled U.S.A. tour and went home to his parents house in Texas to recuperate for 8 months.

Phil Vellender

Thanks very much for that background Phil, some of which I was aware of, although we are still no nearer solving the mystery of why a 2007 (?) edited lash up of the title track of RBJTE was substituted for the original version on the recent coloured vinyl release. Neither why the lyrics for the original cover were not edited to reflect the version they put out on the coloured vinyl release. The fact is it amounts to miss selling because at no stage in the promotional process, or on the packaging, was this important edit/ change made flagged up. Oddly, the other capitol LPs were released in the coloured vinyl set as they were originally created. Oh, and RBJTE didn’t receive the Capitol reissue on CD accorded to Capitol albums 1-5 reissues in 2012. Its release kept being put back until it was eventually pulled (I never found Rock Love or the Joker either!). Whether he played on it or not he promoted it in 1972 at the Rainbow

Alex Howe

Hi Phil. Been a long time. Hope all is well with you these days!

Phil Cohen

Correction: Outtakes from “Number Five” are included, but no outtakes from albums 1,2,3,4,6 & 7.

Graham Piazza

It must cost a lot of money to open these vaults. The price for this package is crazy.

Paul Taylor

I’m sure this is provoking the arguments about whether an optical disc-only product should command a premium price. I used to be quite cynical about these things but when you look at how this package is put together it puts up a reasonably convincing case. The book couldn’t have been too cheap to produce and the content isn’t run of the mill stuff. It’s a good bit under £100 (Roxy Music anyone?) and seems to be a pretty average price.
I’m a vinyl buyer but it’s good to see well presented bundles and packages for digital-only consumers

Jarmo Keranen

Shame he doesn’t settle to years 1968-77. Then Steve Miller was in his prime!


Reminds me a bit of The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998 box conceptually — some different variations on songs you’ve heard 1,000 times. Definitely interested in this.

adam shaw

Very nice , but how about a remaster of the Abracadabra album first .

Phil Cohen

There was a Japan SHM-CD of Abracadabra” released in 2018. It’s deleted now, but track it down if you can. That disc, and the entire series, sounds superb. The series covers the albums from “Rock Love” through “Living in the 20th Century”


Halve the price and I’d snap one up! Sounds great, almost essential. But £78.59? Too much.

Charlie Waffles

Hey, Stevie Guitar Miller. The price is too much. I am still waiting for the album box set reissues on cd. I am tired of waiting!


Damn {snap}! No marbles!


Looks ok, but the lack of any Surround material (whenits known to exist) is just unacceptable.


Nice but too much still for me


I’m getting it. Obviously the $99 price point on Amazon will go down. Thanks again Paul!!


Most interesting SDE-release in quite some time for me as a non-vinylist and a nice addition to the “Remastered, but No-Nonsense”-re-releases of several original albums some years ago and the 2-CD “Greatest Hits”-release from 2017 (IIRC) but, as written by other commenters, i’d happily go without poster, guitar picks and even the essay if it was about half the price. So i’m gonna wait on one of Paul’s fabulous Deal Alerts. It’ll also be interesting to see how much it will go down pricewise even before release date because there will be less pre-orders on Amazon referring to their new policy of taking the money shortly after date-of-(pre-)order


Only 10 guitar picks?

Tom m hans

99 USD is far too expensive.


Agreed and 10 guitar picks?

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I think I’m gonna buy this one. Though I’m sorry tbere are no souvenirs from Eden. At least, I don’t recall them.


Minor point, wording accompanying the video says it’s a 9,000 word essay.

Axel Jungkunst

Half the price would have been enough. One is powerless against greed. Must stay in the store.



I just saw the “Welcome To The Vault” video. Are you sure that it is a 70 page hardcover book ? In the video they said a 100 page hardcover book and a 9,000 word essay.

Or did they make a mistake in the video.


Would just like to purchase the CD’s without all the extras.


I’m settled with what I’ve got now