Steve Winwood / Greatest Hits Live

Steve Winwood will release Greatest Hits Live in September, a first-ever solo live album with performances sourced from his own audio archive.

The album comes as a two-CD or 4LP vinyl set and Winwood has personally hand-picked the selections from his five-decade career.

Greatest Hits Live features contemporary arrangements of the music he created with the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith, and his solo recordings. It would be interesting to have details about when (and where) these recordings were made, but that information doesn’t appear to be available, right now.

It will be released on 1 September 2017. The quadruple vinyl edition comes with a download card and at less than £30 in the UK right now, is very well priced.


  • 1. I’m A Man
  • 2. Them Changes
  • 3. Fly
  • 4. Can’t Find My Way Home
  • 5. Had To Cry Today
  • 6. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
  • 7. Empty Pages
  • 8. Back In The High Life Again
  • 9. Higher Love
  • 10. Dear Mr Fantasy
  • 11. Gimme Some Lovin


  • 1. Rainmaker
  • 2. Pearly Queen
  • 3. Glad
  • 4. Why Can’t We Live Together
  • 5. 40,000 Headmen
  • 6. Walking In The Wind
  • 7. Medicated Goo
  • 8. John Barleycorn
  • 9. While You See A Chance
  • 10 Arc Of A Diver
  • 11 Freedom Overspill
  • 12 Roll With It

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Steve Price

Hi Paul or Anybody know this = been picking up Steve wineood reissues 180 gram here in UK from arc of the diver onwards 5 IN TOTAL his debut self tittled has NOT been released why not when all his first 6 albums are all on island records

Robert McCabe

The guy is great and always played with great people…Great Album Cover…love it.

David McCallum

The crappy illustration debate is pretty pointless. Everyone’s a critic. Plenty of great music has crappy graphics… and over time the music makes the imagery important and “great.” See Blind Faith. I’d argue that Winwood has never had a great album cover. Just like some visual artists find putting titles on their pieces rather pointless, some musicians find titles AND visuals rather pointless. I imagine hiring a a great illustrator/designer is simply some form of fan service to some musicians.

I’m curious if thoughts on the cover would change if it was learned that Winwood painted it himself. Or his daughter or grand-son. (Film director David Lynch is a pretty mediocre graphic designer but insists on “rolling his own” when contracts allow, I imagine… and those times can be spotted easily. And has become a bit of a “style.”)

tom j

Track info would be very helpful. Very happy it is top loaded with all those great Traffic songs! I always thought SW had a very organic and warm tone to his music, especially with the B3 Hammond. If any of the songs are from the 80’s, expect that stiff non-flowing crap drum sound that was part of that era. I will take the 70’s or 90’s sound over that 80’s sound every time!

Paul Goddard

Back in the 80’s I saw Steve live at the Royal Albert hall and they were filming the show. The seat I had been allocated was behind one of the monitors they were using and as such I had a limited view. I complained to one of the ushers and I was moved to a premium area nearer the stage and was in the same area as his family who were there to watch the show.

For many years whenever I went to HMV (this was before the internet remember) I would look in the music video section to see if it had been released. It never was so to this day I don’t know the story behind the filming as it never appeared on TV (least not in the UK). I look forward to this album therefore.

Julian Hancock

At less than £30 for a four Lp set I will find a way to cope with the cover. And I have seen worse.

Cary A. Wilson

For all of those defending this awful cover as not being an awful cover, please note that it is indeed an awful cover.

Julian H

What a ridiculous comment! All of a sudden art is not subjective anymore?

bob huber

Why is Randy Newman on the cover of a Steve Winwood album?


Good god, I was thinking the exact same thing! You beat me to it, bob.


Hmmmm. Is it just me or unless there are length solos in the 23 tracks that the CDs may not hit 65 minutes? Surely after deciding on a 4LP release they can come close to 80 minutes CDs.
Some tracks I like are missing. Too much of his non-solo work.


8 LP sides for 23 songs. It’s the CD for me.

Stephen E Cohen

Steve Winwood frustrates me! “Back In The High Life” was one of the better albums in the period of 1986-1989, and yet I still have the exact cd from before. He put out fantastic remixes, such as “Freedom Overspill”, “Higher Love”, and “Talking Back To The Night”. Thankfully, I kept the 12″ singles! He refuses to look back and reissue anything. I check quite often, too.


If we’re damning album covers spare a thought for the new Kasabian album… then discard that thought and move on with your life.

As for Winwood, would definately love a SDE of Back in the High Life, seeing as it was a big 80s selling album – cant understand why it hasnt happened?

Warren Mason

The album cover is fine enough, consistent with bargain live compilations which this seems like.

Mark Phillips

How about Winwood meets Westwood? In Norwood.


Still waiting for the day when his other 80’s island albums get the deluxe treatment.

Wayne Klein

Never going to happen.


There was a 2CD set of “Arc of a Diver” released in 2012. Though why we never got a 30th anniversary reissue of BITHL I’ll never understand.


EXACTLY LostTurnTable!


I didn’t know Dr. Seuss did album covers.


How about my three favourite Winwood tracks: Drown in My Own Tears, Every Little Bit Hurts and Evening Blue?


One of his Biggest Hits is Nowhere to be seen! No Valerie ! NO sale !

Jim Cargill

Keep On Running? Somebody Help Me?


Well I love the painting, it has real movement to it. The typography is dreadful though. As for worst cover, I give you Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems. A wonderful album with truly dire artwork.

Oh, and the Hard-Fi cover was a nod to the placeholder graphics used on music players and music sales websites when they have no actual picture to put in place. An idea that undoubtedly sounded better when talked about than when put into practice.

Fat old bloke

You won’t wrong about Leonard Cohens Popular Problem album cover…..now thats bad


I wish he’d make more of an effort to record and release new material. It’s getting on for 10 years since ‘Nine Lives’ (which is still a very good album) and only 2 albums of new material this century(!). His live shows are heavily geared towards the Traffic and Blind Faith tracks which is a shame as he has some great solo stuff.


I really liked the Elton John cover, and I like this one too.


No Valerie no sale.

Simon taylor

Decent track listing. Plenty of Traffic and some Blind Faith.

What the world really needs is a Traffic box set. Alas last I read Winwood was still in dispute with whoever owns Island Records over royalty rates. I read that Steve has loads of Traffic out takes but reissues to date were a long time ago and not really that satisfying. And I suppose a live best of kind of hints that same issues over contract may still apply. Who knows, only speculation from me.

I’ll wait and see when these performances are taken from and check the reviews. Hopeful that more Winwood archival releases will follow eventually.

andrew r

Spot on if ever a band needed curating it is Traffic
One of the most influential bands of the 60’s/70’s
When you see some of the dross that gets the boxset
treatment and a band that arguably contained four musical geniuses
with barely any back catalogue available it makes you weep.

John Dunnebacke

I would love to see a multi-disc box by Traffic – if Winwood is given the freedom to select the tracks himself.

Fat Old Bloke

It’s not that bad (the cover)
Paul….Any chance you know the year and venue of the tracks?

andrew r

Another terrible cover is he playing behind a jet taking off!!
Seriously are there no talented graphic artists left?
Or does it just not matter anymore? Hipgnosis where are you when we need you?
Buckingham Mcvie just lost top spot.

Bassel hassouna

I dont know, i think top spot will always go to Elton John wonderful crazy night.


Painted by the same woman who did the restoration work on Ecce Homo.


Exactly my thoughts! Buckingham McVie, Elton, Queen, and now this – just terrible!

Peter Muscutt

I don’t know…does anyone remember the catastrophe that was briefly-there mid-2000s indie darlings Hard-Fi’s awful album cover (orange with ‘NO COVER ART’ written on it, presumably as some comment on the necessity of art and how they were seemingly above needing it?) That was pretty terrible as well! Mind you, the album was pretty terrible as well, as I recall.


Basically they ripped off Flipper’s Generic Flipper cover art as did PIL.


Andrew R…that’s perfect!


PiL took their generic packaging from Repo Man.