Steven Wilson announces new studio album: The Future Bites

Pre-order the limited & exclusive deluxe box set

Steven Wilson / new album The Future Bites

Steven Wilson returns with The Future Bites, his sixth studio album, in June.

The nine-track album follows 2017’s To The Bone and is available across a number of physical formats, including coloured vinyl, blu-ray, CD and the traditional deluxe box set (exclusive to Wilson’s online store).

The box set will include three CDs, a blu-ray and a cassette. The first three offer the album, instrumental version of the whole album and a disc of bonus material, including additional songs and a 19-minute version of the song ‘Personal Shopper’, which you can preview below.

The Future Bites deluxe box set is a ‘high concept’ affair but offers a great deal of audio.

As you might expect, the blu-ray in the box features a hi-res stereo version of The Future Bites, and a 5.1 mix, but for the first time we also get a Dolby Atmos mix of a Steven Wilson album as part of the offering. Two promo videos are also included. The cassette tape features four exclusive demos.

The deluxe box set boasts “high concept packaging” and comes as a 12″ x 12″ laminated lift-off lid box and includes “multiple inserts”.

The blu-ray is available separately and the album is also being issued on cassette, although that’s not to be confused with the tape you get in the limited deluxe box set, which is exclusive, with the demos.

The Future Bites also comes as a black vinyl gatefold edition and there is also a limited edition red vinyl too. There’s plenty of SW store bundles on offer, if that takes your fancy, but the key piece of information to impart is that Steven’s store is  the only place you can secure a deluxe box set AND THESE ALWAYS SELL OUT.

The Future Bites will be released on 29 January 2021 (was 12 June 2020).

Steven Wilson official store The Future Bites pre-orders:

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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - vinyl LP


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - blu-ray


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - CD edition



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mark browne

Were lucky that the bluray and high res mixes are sold separately…in most cases this is only included in the SDE set, as with the beatles releases so I concur with Paul Sinclair this is a great thing and should be encouraged by other artists, and us as consumers should buy it…

Stevie B

Assai have a white vinyl version with obi strip, a signed print, limited to 250. Also similar specs for the new James Yorkston album (Green Vinyl).

[…] Steven Wilson / The Future Bites (new album) […]

lee sharp

Anyone know anything about this edition ?
Exclusive UK Tour Vinyl Edition – Steven Wilson – LP2
The new release date is 29 January 2021.

Barry Greig

Does anyone know is the vinyl an analogue transfer or just a press of the hi-res files? For someone who used to bang on about the fidelity of vinyl he gives precious little info to help fans make a decision.

paul wren

I still have a cassette player in the loft but don’t know if it will work. So another cassette offering is in the super deluxe edition but what is the point when virtually no-one can play it?


CD and bluray bought from Burning Shed and I can save on postage by picking up from their warehouse. Really looking forward to another of his albums, as I am the concert in Nottingham

Marty G

The CD and maybe the Blu-ray for me. Big fan, but would need to hear a lot more before committing to the SE (which will be sold out by then, anyway). I do like how SW keeps moving forward with his sound, but listening to Personal Shopper – as with a couple of tracks on the last album – I’m not sure I am as enamoured of the falsetto vocals as he obviously is.


I don’t want to go looking for a problem on the inabsentia blu-ray, but what is the problem on 1st pressing? I haven’t been through the whole thing yet but if they’re offering a replacement I’d jump on it.


@A-Lo This is from Burning Shed:
Please note that there was an omission from the original Blu-ray disc. It should have included the audio from CD2 in high res (24/96) but does not.
We will be sending out replacement discs to all original customers in due course. You do not need to do anything.


JPC Germany got the red limited vinyl for around 22 Euro…pre order…


Good to see some humour in the Steven Wilson merchandise. Society doesn’t laugh enough at the moment. News is so dramatic, normally in a negative sense, and doom is the harbinger of depression. So good on Mr Wilson for poking fun at whoever.

The previous deluxe sets have been great, so I’m happy to have bought this. Hopefully there is a book included, as the last one made for interesting reading. Why oh why did Natasha Khan not respond to the requests to perform on the last album? What a shame.

I’m steadily working my way backward through his solo catalogue and am enjoying Insurgentes and Grace For Drowning currently. I just need a concert in the north east to attend. It’s hard to begrudge Steven his step up to arena venues, but large venues lack so much atmosphere, especially if you’re near the back watching a video screen. Please come back to The Sage.

Derek Langsford

After being impressed with his 5.1 work on several SDEs I’ve been slowly getting into Steven Wilson’s own material, having picked up Insurgentes and Hand.Cannot.Erase, plus the Tim Bowness albums, and most recently, No-Man’s Love You to Bits. Very solid material. Have yet to dip into PT.

I like Personal Shopper on first listen and knowing there’s a Dolby Atmos mix on the blu-ray makes it very attractive. Will likely pick up the blu-ray and maybe the CD and thank him for making a variety of options available.

eric C

The isntrumentals and bonus tracks should have been included in the blu ray really.
Blu ray is more expansise than a CD , so really bonus is welcome.

Time to change the masters???


@Eric C:
Like the previous BR releases….

eric C

Yes but not because it was like that in the past means ity has to continue. OK I’ll doesnload the other tracks for free!

Mathew Lauren

Thumbs up!

Ken Moore

I will buy the regular CD, knowing that down the road, he will issue a “special edition” containing the bonus tracks. I have already been guilty of buying his albums multiple times in the past, so Steven knows a sucker when he sees me.


That’s never happened before. The only later editions seem to be the CD album and Blu-ray bundled together later down the line. No extra tracks on them, though…


A cassette included with the new SW box set? Who on earth owns a cassette player anymore? So I guess the exclusive demos will not be able to be heard by a mass majority of fans — well, that certainly “bites.”

Although I’m sure the 12″ x 12″ deluxe package for “The Future Bites,” is delightful, my main interest is in the 5.1 mix, so I’m going to opt for the Blu-ray and perhaps the gate-fold vinyl edition, if only for the graphics. BTW, I happen to like the severe simplicity of the cover art for Mr. Wilson’s new release, as it feels powerfully direct and reminds me a bit of the great album cover done for Joe Jackson’s “I’m the Man.”


Looks like two photos merged into one. I’m getting a bit of a David Sylvian vibe circa Japan’s dying days with it…


Estimated Postage:€13.00 to Germany!


Another really annoying release by Mr. Wilson. Why does he continue to yank our chain with this playing around of releases and this useless teasing crap that he announced. If he is trying to get publicity, he maybe. But judging from some of the comments, he’s p?ssing people off more.

Phil Morris

It’s hardly unusual for acts to tease new releases in this way. And I admire Wilson for seemingly choosing to do so again via divisive material. I vividly recall the similar reaction when he issued Perfect Life. Now H.C.E. is often held up as his finest moment. How short people’s memories seem to be. Fans, huh? Who’d-ave-em?


SW just loves to stroke controversy.
A very expensive box set. A BR without any extra music content and no stereo version?
The obligatory really exclusive tracks [4 tracks of demos on a cassette?].
Let’s hope they don’t botch up the cassette like they did with No-Man’s Love You To Bits [they forgot some extra tracks on the first cassette release and had to re-issue the cassette with the extra content].


I am suspecting most people will only listen to the version that works the best and not bother with the others. Previous albums had instrumentals and/or other tracks.
APP’s Ammonia Avenue BR is way cheaper on Amazon and on the label’s web site.


Unlike a £12 CD where you are limited to 80 minutes of audio, a BR can handle quite a bit of audio and video. He should be trying to come close to matching his previous BR releases.
Meanwhile for £12 https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/the-alan-parsons-project-ammonia-avenue-blu-ray-high-resolution-audio-edition/
It has roughly the same material as TFB.

Mathew Lauren

I’m with you, Paul (again). Although “Personal Shopper” doesn’t leap out at me, it’s one song as part of an ALBUM — and not only does NEW SW (always) grow on me, he always presents a great (MUSIC) value proposition IN DISCRETE SURROUND, as you rightly point out! I’m betting we (finally) get a proper ATMOS (studio album) experience (front to back – as opposed to moments), now that Steven has waded in. All for ~ a dub (double-sawbuck)? Sold!

Phil Morris

Getting a free extra copy of the No-Man cassette was rather welcome: I now have a still-sealed spare of the “rare original mispress” to offload at some point.


I’m thinking of selling my two as a bundle. I wonder how limited the cassette was?

Dan T.

@ Gisabun: at $95 USD before shipping, I think this is his most affordable deluxe edition in a long time, potentially ever.

Normally I am a SW purist but the singles released on TtB made me cancel my deluxe edition. The album didn’t so it for me. I liked it more when he was emulating prog. The Shopper song is okay, but just line Same Asylum as Before, the falsetto vocals are distracting.

I’ll probably pick up the standalone Blu-ray.

Cassette tape: ha! So awesome. I love Steve for stuff like that.


Box set: €91.
Shipping to Sweden: €51.

A bit much, isn’t it?


Yep – similar here….. £75 for box set and £39 for postage to Singapore. Unfortunately as this is only available from his shop, you are stuck with only expensive DHL for shipping.

I’m quite happy to pay the £75 for the box set, but not half again for postage. I’ll get the Blu Ray and hopefully all the extras on the CDs will be available via download somewhere.


C’mon who bought the bog roll at £200???? Or the Cans of Artic air for £500 !!!!!

Tom M

I’m sure they’re just a gag. I don’t think they were ever really for sale. I’m curious about the predominance of the color red, though. Red lettering, red vinyl and even red bluray case.


I guess ‘Personal Shopper’ is the Wilson take o rabid consumerism and that 75 quid for a a box set is just him being ironic

Geoff K

Yikes, based on that “single” just not roonblown away with the direction. A as long time PT/SW fan I’ve been less and less enameled with his output but I give him credit for going full on techno/synth alt pop here. Will be waiting to hear it all before making a decision but the Deluxe doesn’t interest me that much if it’s in the vein.

Roberto R

Remember the times when, with a couple of euros more you get a digibook with a dvd/a 5.1, remember the time when a blu-ray includes lots of instrumental & demos, now … 90 euors, the Future really bites… and I have an In Absentia box with a faulty blu-ray and no response from KScope…

Tom M

KScope has repressed the faulty bluray, keep trying.

Roberto R

yes, waiting for a reply since I did not buy directly from Kscope

Ken Moore

I bought the In Absentia box directly from Kscope and they sent out an e-mail regarding the faulty Blu-ray. They are correcting it and sending it automatically to those who ordered from them. I assume they will eventually respond to your inquiry. They indicated they would make it right. We shall see, but the were up front about the errors at least.


Single LP? This album is obviously shorter that SW’s usual offerings.

He’s done some lovely SDEs in the past (e.g. Hand. Cannot. Erase.), but this doesn’t look like one of them. I think I’ll stick with the CD.


No-Man’s Love You To Bits was 35 minutes. Not enough to have a double LP really.


I love a box set as much as the next person but I really don’t get the increasing number of cassette releases. They don’t even look very good.

Steven Fincham

I bought the LP when I purchased concert tickets but have heard nothing more about it do you have any information regarding this matter?

Murray Robbins

Hi Steven,
See my comments below. Did you get the ticket pre-sale email?

Steve Burke

Dolby Atmos? Hell yes, way to go Steven!

Murray Robbins

The T-Shirts are very Frankie 80s and a little lazy for me. Hate to think what the unit mark up is on those “designer” garments.

Furthermore, the whole parody of supermarket style generic product seems somewhat derivative of Banksy’s pop up shop installations of a while back.

I like the track, as I posted earlier, but some of the words I’ve used here are not ones I’d usually associate with SW.

I’m looking forward to the O2 show in September …… incredible to think of the well-deserved progression from some of the tiny clubs I saw him play in in the 90s.

There was a downside to booking for the gig however. Buyers of a limited tour edition LP (pic disc) were promised an email link to allow ticket pre-booking privileges. This email never arrived on the morning of ticket availability. I’m letting folk know about this as the Tour Edition LP does not seem to appear in the Webstore. At the time in October, I emailed SW’s management about the non-arrival of the pre-sale link but heard nothing. Disappointing really, particularly as the promise of the email link was made on condition of purchase of physical product.

Murray Robbins

Before anyone jumps on my comment I realise that a Tour Edition, by definition, should logically not be available as a pre-sale item. I just want people to know that such an item will exist and was available to order in 2019.

Sorry for being a little dumb!

Phil Morris

I also pre-ordered the tour edition vinyl and gained access to the ticket presale. However, it should be noted that there was no requirement to buy the album to do so. There was a clear “no purchase necessary” indicator on the site to sign-up for advance tickets.

Murray Robbins

Now you mention it I do recall that so apologies. I still can’t understand the lack of the email particularly as I DID buy the Tour Edition. As for the lack of response from the management…..


The slogans remind me of U2 zootv tour, the phrases and words that would be projected on screens during the fly. Its all very retro and sparse


Listen to the song, especially 5:38 – 5:40 before ordering SDE !! LOL


I heard 180g vinyl mentioned in that list, too. I wonder how many other things will be derided in the 19 minute version?

There’s an interview with SW on YouTube where he states that CD has all the sounds you’re ever going to hear with human ears on it and implies that hi def music is for mugs…


Lee R.

I am a little disappointed as well there is no additional audio in the blu-ray, and it’s those tracks I’m mostly interested in, which means I have to get the box set only.

Unfortunately to Canada, the box with s+h is $140.99 US which is roughly $194 CDN plus the additional 15% duty.. this is a $225 CDN purchase. Looks like I’ll just be getting the CD this time.

Tom m hans

$136 for SDE to the US?
36.00 Shipping?
Last time the To The Bone SDE came only wrapped in a bag… crazy.


Damn, missed out on those multi-vitamin supplements. Fortunately, I didn’t need the dot generator as I’ve already got one.

Neil Thompson

Usual BS about “limited edition” without stating just exactly how many that is.


Could be the case that they haven’t decided yet. If you don’t want to miss out, buy it. I personally don’t like the work in general.


£75 excluding postage?… Ouch!!!


That’s what I thought. Clicked the link to buy the box thinking it’d be about £50-60, saw price, thought that’s a bit rich, saw branded toilet rolls, thought that’s stoopid and then closed the tab.

Murray Robbins

Thanks for the great coverage you give SW Paul. Hope you can get an interview soon.

On first listen this appears to be more promising to these ears than the To The Bone project which was a low point for me.

The thing with Steven is he has never stands still.

Few artists of his calibre around these days.


Is that the final cover art? Ugly.


Good to sell BR separately. On the other hand, the BR has the 5.1 and Dolby Atmos version. Nothing else. It seems to be a bit empty of content. I mean, for instance no instrumental version, no 2.o version, no bonus tracks… just two videos. That’s a bit strange


No 2.0 version? What does ‘high resolution stereo’ stand for in the contents description then?


I’m assuming it means 2.0 94KHz/24Bit LPCM at the very least.


2.0 is stereo. That one is free.


Why would anyone buy the box set if everything was on the BD for a third of the price?

On the subject, the best Blu-ray I have for content is the live Pineapple Thief one that has the studio album Your Wilderness and the 8 Years Later disc from its own SDE included as bonuses, along with some acoustic alternative versions, in 5.1 and hi res.

Dan T.

@ SimonP: because it’s not just about the music. The physical product is also important.l, and SW’s deluxe editions are among the best in the industry.


Well if all the SDE content was on the BD, as Louis would like, I know which version of the album I’d be buying. The one that costs 17 quid!